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Games Explained - A Board Gaming Podcast

Games Explained - A Board Gaming Podcast

By Games Explained
Let's chat about board games!
What's new? What's fun? Let's discover together!
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Episode 11 - Cards-Only Games
No dice, no tokens, no board: What's the best cards-only game?
August 09, 2020
Episode 10 - Games With Few Pieces
52 cards? That's way too many! Can you have a game with only ... one piece!?
August 02, 2020
Episode 9 - Action Queue Games
Queue up your actions, and watch what happens! We talk about our favourites, then ask: "What if...?"
May 21, 2020
Episode 8 - Online Board Games
Playing games with friends who are far away! But how?! We find out. :)
May 14, 2020
Episode 7 - Topology
Let's talk about board games, and topology! "Topography?" you say. "No, my dear person" I reply, "Topology. Like from math." "?", you inquire. ":)", I agree, only with myself.
May 02, 2020
Episode 6 - Randomness
Shuffling cards or rolling dice? Can you choose your odds? Choice vs Chance? Let's talk about randomness in board games!
April 25, 2020
Episode 5 - 80s Electronic Board Games
Expensive, strange, fascinating. We visit the word of electronic board games from the 80s.
April 02, 2019
Episode 4 - Dexterity Games
Flick 'em, stack 'em, throw 'em; we discuss our favourite dexterity games!
August 21, 2018
Episode 3 - Games For People Who Don't Play Games
Can't get your friends into your favourite games? Try these new favourites. :)
July 31, 2018
Episode 2 - Video Game Adaptations
Let's chat about apps, games, and other digital ways to enjoy board games. A new way to play, or a pale image of the original? Let's find out!
March 23, 2018
Episode 1 - Legacy Games
The very first episode of Games Explained - A Board Gaming Podcast!
February 24, 2018