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Gaming In The Wild

By Gaming In The Wild
A chill video games podcast about interesting and creative games, from indie to AAA. Your host: Iceland-based journalist John Rogers. You can also find me chatting about games on Twitter and streaming games live on Twitch - search @gaminginthewild to join the party.
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27: Playdead's INSIDE
Is INSIDE a horror game? Find out this episode, when I delve into Playdead's LIMBO follow-up (and conduct a Twitter poll about whether this qualifies as a Halloween episode). Also featured: the oddities of playing as a child protagonist, the enjoyment of piecing together narratives from environmental cues and clues, the game's stunning sound design, and more. (Note: story spoilers are behind a well-demarcated break, so you can listen to most of it without fear if you're yet to play it yourself). If you enjoy the episode, you can support the show on Patreon to get patron-only episodes and other fun benefits at  You can follow the show on Twitch, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram via And as always, thanks for listening!
October 15, 2020
26: Outer Wilds
This latest episode covers the fabulous, original, challenging sci-fi exploration game Outer Wilds. It's dizzyingly ambitious, and can be both glorious and maddening. It's a true original.  This spoiler-free episode covers the gameplay and the first passage of play, with a spoiler break to talk about some of the central concepts and late-game stuff, so you can listen safely if you're yet to play. And I stress that this is a game best experienced with as little advance info as possible. Don't even watch the trailer or read the Wiki!  If you enjoy the episode, you can support the show on Patreon for as little as $3 a month, and get access to Patron-exclusive episodes and more fun perks. I really appreciate it!  You can also say hi on Twitter, or come join the party at Twitch, Instagram and YouTube via And as always, thanks for listening!
October 9, 2020
25: The Stanley Parable & The Beginner's Guide
The Stanley Parable and The Beginner’s Guide are two deeply unusual games by US developer Davey Wreden. This week's show takes a dive into the alternately surprising, hilarious and disturbing waters of their bizarre metafictional stories. Also covered: the troubled release of Lost Ember, and some first thoughts on Ori & The Blind Forest and Ori & The Will Of The Wisps. You can join the Gaming In The Wild Discord community – and help fund the show – for as little as $3 per month via our new Patreon page. Find out more at  I always love to hear from listeners - you can find the show on Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and Twitch via The music on this episode is from the featured games, by Yiannis Ioannides (The Stanley Parable) and Ryan Roth (The Beginner's Guide). The outro music is from Night In The Woods. Thanks for listening!
September 30, 2020
24: Virginia
Many games are described as cinematic, but few have gone as far in that direction as Virginia. A BAFTA-winning 2016 narrative 'walking simulator', it's a surreal and fascinating game that recalls Silence of the Lambs as much as Firewatch, and it's the featured game of this week's episode. Also covered: the launch of the Gaming In The Wild Patreon (which you can join at if you so desire!), a northern lights sighting as Iceland's dark season arrives, a difficult experience playing Ori & The Blind Forest, the latest No Man's Sky update, and more. You can follow the show on Twitter, Instagram, Twitch and YouTube via  And, as always, thanks for listening! Articles mentioned in the episode: MCVUK interview: One of Virginia's directors interviewed:
September 25, 2020
23: The Last Campfire, Superliminal, PS5 & X-Box Series X
This week’s show has the novelty of being about actual new games! First, we dive into the forlorn underground of The Last Campfire, before engaging in some optical illusion trickery in the Portal-influenced Superliminal. Finally, there’s some chat about the PS5 and X-Box price reveals, and the ensuing Twitter flop-off from fans of each console. Find the show on Twitter, YouTube, Twitch and Instagram to let me know if you have any game suggestions, or dis/liked these games: Hear The Last Campfire soundtrack by Paul Weir at: Find the lo-fi mix of the Superliminal soundtrack at: And thanks, as always, for listening!
September 17, 2020
22: The Unfinished Swan, Fujii PSVR, Gorogoa
This episode is about three games that all share a sense of wonder and fairytale mystery. First is The Unfinished Swan, a celebrated 2012 PS3 title that has just been released for iOS and Steam. Next up is Fujii, a mellow, nature-oriented VR journey. Then it's time for enigmatic dimension-shifting 2D puzzle game Gorogoa. We round things off with some chat about The Secret of Dank Mountain and Sky: Children of Light. Feel free to come say hi or find additional content relating to the show on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Twitch via Find The Unfinished Swan soundtrack at: Find the Fujii soundtrack at: Find the Gorogoa soundtrack at
September 11, 2020
21: Road To Guangdong, Battle Chef Brigade, Far From Noise, One Line Coloring
This episode centres coincidentally on games featuring Chinese food: indie visual novel and family saga Road To Guangdong, and brawler-puzzler-anime-story Battle Chef Brigade. Also covered: surreal visual novel Far From Noise, and finally, easy going tactile puzzle game One Line Coloring. Follow the show on Twitter, Twitch, YouTube and Instagram via Thanks to Switch Indie Fix for providing a review copy of Road To Guangdong: look out for my review there soon. More thanks to Mythic Owl for providing a copy of One Line Coloring. And, as always, thanks to you, for listening.
September 4, 2020
20: Thomas Was Alone, Pikuniku, Assassin's Creed Odyssey
This episode begins with two wonderful indie games: the BAFTA-winning minimalist platformer Thomas Was Alone, and jelly-legged capitalism dismantlement simulator Pikuniku. Then, it's a trip to Ancient Greece for big-budget blockbuster Assassin's Creed Odyssey, with a segment about how the game is being used as a communication tool by modern day historians. Finally, I run through some essential bargains in the current Nintendo Switch eShop sale.  You can also follow the show and see additional content on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Twitch via  And as always, thanks for listening.
August 29, 2020
19: Fe, Bleak Sword, A Dark Room
As summer ends and night returns to Iceland, this episode is about three dark games. Fe (pronounced, roughly, Fay-uh, from the Swedish for "fairy") is a mysterious exploration game about animals singing to each other in a forest ecosystem. Bleak Sword is an Apple Arcade title by Spanish solo dev More 8 Bit that will thoroughly test your swiping skills. Finally, A Dark Room is a compelling and creative text adventure that begins with lighting a fire, and takes some pleasantly and unexpected narrative swerves.    Follow the show on Twitter, Twitch, Instagram and Youtube here. The episode is soundtracked by the gorgeous Fe OST, by Joel Bille. Buy it here:
August 21, 2020
18: Alan Wake
This week I visited the picturesque Pacific Northwestern town of Bright Falls for a psychologically horrorifying and thrilling vacay via 'Alan Wake.' It was like a step back in time, not only in the town's atmosphere, but in terms of the console itself, because I borrowed an Xbox 360 solely to play this game. Sure, it's a lot of effort for one game... but the thing is, 'Alan Wake' is the only other game set in the Remedy universe that also contains 'Control' (see episode 2 for more on that). Alan Wake is a spiritual prequel to that game, and it was a lot of fun to talk it over. Also, the second part of the show covers my non-review of 'Bleak Sword', a chat about the wider Xbox 360 catalogue, and the story of my puppy-sitting travails. You can follow the show on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Twitch via The outro music is 'Possum Springs' from Night In The Woods - but it at And as always, thanks for listening!
August 13, 2020
17: Firewatch, Bastion, Okami
It's been a quiet spell for new games lately, so this episode takes on a few indie classics. Firewatch was on sale recently, so it's doing the rounds once more – I take a spoiler-free stroll through the beautiful Wyoming forest with main characters Henry and Delilah. Next up, some first impressions of Supergiant's Bastion and the Japanese-mythology-inspired action-adventure Okami. Finally, I round up some some DS and 3DS titles I've been enjoying, and talk about A Mortician's Tale from the recent Itch Bundle for the BLM movement, and recommend some other games podcasts. You can come say hi, recommend games, and follow the show on Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Twitch at Thanks for listening!
August 3, 2020
16: Hyper Light Drifter
Action-RPG-adventure game Hyper Light Drifter is something of a legendary indie game. It's a gorgeous pixel-art world, drenched in neon and pastel colour and soundtracked by a haunting ambient synth score. It's also famously difficult, with intense wave-based combat arenas and some hard-as-nails bosses, leading to a lot of understandable bounces and ragequits. We talk about all this and more in a spoiler-free half-hour look at a contemporary indie classic. Find the game on Switch, Steam, iOS, PS4 and Xbox. Soundtrack by Disasterpeace. Follow the show on Twitch, Twitter, Instagram and elsewhere:
July 26, 2020
15: The Last Guardian
This episode is about Fumito Ueda's The Last Guardian. Nine years in the making, it's the follow-up to Shadow of the Colossus – only this time, the colossus in question is Trico, a remarkable giant cat-dog-bird hybrid with a mind of its own. Playing as a young boy in a vast, abandoned, labyrinthine city, you must bond with this fascinating beast to solve puzzles, defeat enemies, and travel ever upwards towards the mysterious white tower at the city's peak. It's a game with glorious highs and regrettable lows, all of which are discussed in detail. There's a spoiler break around the 30 minute mark, after which some plot details are revealed. If you enjoy the show, feel free to come say hi on Twitter, Twitch, Youtube, Instagram and elsewhere via Music by Takeshi Furukawa and the London Symphony Orchestra.
July 21, 2020
14: The Last Of Us 2 (Spoilercast Special)
The Last Of Us 2 is a game that's ignited discussion across the gaming community. It's an emotionally gruelling journey that takes some unexpected swerves in both narrative and game design. It's an emotional whirlwind that, much like the original, leaves the player blinking at the screen in disbelief. To try and untangle "what just happened", I invited Dani, aka gamer, Twitter personality, streamer and YouTuber Girl With Box, to sit down for an in-depth spoilercast that discusses the themes, characters, plot twists, scary moments and dizzying story decisions of this landmark PS4 title.  Follow Girl With Box on Twitter at Follow the show on Twitter, Twitch, Instagram, YouTube and elsewhere at:
July 13, 2020
13: Ruiner, Left Behind, The Last Of Us Part II
Our featured game this week is 'Ruiner', a twin-stick shooter with light narrative/RPG elements in a dark cyberpunk world. It’s a 2017 game published by Devolver Digital that's getting a second life as a fresh Switch port, and we discuss the ups and downs of the game, and whether it could could “do a Hollow Knight” and blow up because of its Switch release. Secondly, following on from last episode, we talk through the 'Left Behind' DLC, which fills in some blanks of the story of 'The Last of Us', and sheds light on Ellie’s past in some flashback sequences. (Note: there are, necessarily, some plot spoilers for the first 'Last of Us' game in this section). Thirdly, we through some spoiler-free first impressions of 'The Last Of Us Part II', including the vastly upgraded visuals, the improved combat, upgrades and skill tree system, and some other tweaks and differences that stand out. Finally, as we just passed the halfway point of 2020, we talk through the main game of the year contenders so far, and some games that could still come along and snatch the crown. 'Ruiner' is out now on Steam, Switch, X-Box and PS4. 'Left Behind' is available on PS4 (currently on PSNow) and comes as part of 'The Last Of US: Remastered' package. 'The Last Of Us Pt. II' is out now on PS4. Find the show on Twitter, Twitch, YouTube and Instagram:
July 7, 2020
12: Katamari Damacy, Coffee Talk, The Good Time Garden, the last of The Last Of Us
Hey hey! In this week’s episode, I serve up an eccentric-game sandwich, with Katamari Damacy: Reroll and The Good Time Garden as the very weird and possibly-poisonous bread, and Coffee Talk as the… tasty mocha visual-novel filling. Because this metaphor is going so well….for dessert? A 20-minute spoiler-laden tableside monologue on my *complex feelings* about the finale of The Last Of Us: Remastered. You’re welcome. Free hand sanitiser on the way out. Tips accepted.  Timestamps: 4:36 - Katamari Damacy 13:23 - Coffee Talk 17:25  - The Good Time Garden 22:11 - The Last Of US: Remastered *SPOILER WARNING* Come say hi on Twitter, Twitch and Insta: Get Katamari Damacy: Reroll and Coffee Talk in the Nintendo Switch eShop. Play The Good Time Garden: Play The Last of Us: Remastered on PS4. Outro music from Mutazione. Buy the soundtrack here. And as always, thanks for listening!
June 26, 2020
11: The Last Of Us, Neo Cab, Paper Mario, The Itch Bundle For Racial Justice
With The Last of Us 2 and Paper Mario: Origami King about to drop, I decided to backtrack and play the last entry in each series for the first time. With no spoilers beyond basic early-game plot points, I discuss my experience at the halfway point of The Last of Us, praising its world building, character development and notable cohesion. Neo Cab is praised for its intimate and well-rendered nocturnal taxi driver story. Paper Mario: Sticker Stars comes in for some critique for falling foul of basic point 'n' click tropes. Finally, I discuss the downside of Jedi: Fallen Order's Metroid-inspired level design.  The Last Of US Remastered is available to play on PlayStation 4, and free for PSNow subscribers. The soundtrack by Gustavo Santaolalla is here: Neo Cab is currently on offer on Steam. Get the soundtrack at Check out to discover the titles discussed in their Bundle for Racial Justice. Paper Mario: Origami King comes out on Nintendo Switch on July 17th. Join me for chats and streams on Twitter, Twitch and Instagram. 
June 17, 2020
10: Manifold Garden, Death Stranding, Fallen Order, Apple Arcade
Hi everyone! In this episode I taken on some BIG GAMES like Death Stranding and Jedi: Fallen Order, having played the first three hours of each game side by side. I also dip into the indie wonderland of Apple Arcade via the dizzying Manifold Garden, the relaxing Mutazione, and a glimpse of Neo Cab.  In the Q&A, the debate rages on Death Stranding, and we discuss if you should take the plunge on Apple Arcade. All this and more... enjoy! Join the conversation on Twitter, Twitch & Instagram at @gaminginthewild. Buy the Mutazione soundtrack here: Buy the Night In The Woods soundtrack here: Find out more about Manifold Garden here: 
June 5, 2020
09: Detroit Become Human, Mad Max
This episode I review two critically divisive AAA games that – despite huge budgets – are often described as underrated or overlooked. Join me as I dive into the near-future of Quantic Dream’s ‘Detroit: Become Human’ and the far-future dystopia of Avalanche Studio’s ‘Mad Max’. We finish with some Twitter comments on the games – follow the show on Twitter and Instagram at @gaminginthewild to join the conversation, and find me on Twitch to chat in real time while I play the games. Twitter: Instagram: Twitch: Thanks for listening!
May 26, 2020
08: Bound, Rez Infinite, Telling Lies, Lonely Mountains: Downhill & No Man's Sky
This episode I talk about five games on PS4, PSVR and Nintendo Switch: Bound, Rez Infinite, Telling Lies, Lonely Mountains: Downhill and – you guessed it – No Man’s Sky. All of these capsule reviews can be considered free of any major spoilers, so you can listen without fear. Things are rounded off with a Q&A session that covers everything from whether VR is here to stay and how to avoid VR motion sickness to whether the Switch roster for 2020 is up to snuff.  Enjoy! You can follow the show and say hi on Twitter, Twitch and Instagram at @gaminginthewild. Music used this episode: Bound OST by Oleg Shpudeiko Rez Infinite OST by Keiichi Sugiyama Telling Lies OST by Nainita Desi No Mans Sky OST by 65daysofstatic Night In The Woods OST (Q&A section) by Alec Holowka
May 13, 2020
07: The PSVR Episode - Astro Bot, Moss, No Man's Sky
This is a special episode dedicated to my adventures into virtual gaming via a borrowed PSVR kit. I tried out Astro Bot: Rescue Mission, Moss, and No Man's Sky, which has become an obsession since I began a couple of weeks ago. I also take questions from Twitter about my favourite game visuals ever, life in Reykjavík, and whether VR makes me wanna hurl. Follow me on Twitter at: Follow me on Twitch at: Most of the episode features music from No Man's Sky by 65daysofstatic. So thanks to them for the majestic game soundtrack. Enjoy!
April 29, 2020
06: In Other Waters, Gravity Rush 2, No Man's Sky, 3DS Classics
Episode six is here, and it’s a monster! After two more weeks of quarantine, I’m bursting to talk about everything I’ve been playing, starting with the brand new indie gem In Other Waters. Next up is the underrated blockbuster Gravity Rush 2. Then I dip a toe into the vast universe of No Man’s Sky, and play a few low-stakes titles like Bulletstorm, Golf Story, Hey! Pikmin and Hyrule Warriors. Finally, there’s a Q&A session, and a shoutout for the fantastic Twitter gaming community. If you’re interested in joining the conversation there, find me at Thanks for listening! Credits where credits are due: Buy the In Other Waters soundtrack: Buy the Gravity Rush soundtrack: Buy the No Man’s Sky soundtrack: Buy the A Short Hike music (final Q&A section):
April 16, 2020
05: ABZU, Night In The Woods, Mutazione, Donut County
Following on from the "chill games" edition, this episode is about ABZU, an underwater odyssey thats sure to take you on a mesmerising trip, all from the comfort of your couch.  After the main review, I also dip into some other wonderful indie titles - some of which are on sale now - namely, Night in the Woods, Mutazione, and Donut County. Enjoy! Come say hi on Twitter: Find the show on Instagram: Feeling flush? Buy me a coffee on Ko-Fi: Thanks for listening! Stay safe and well everyone.  ✨
March 28, 2020
04: Gris, Journey, FAR Lone Sails, Unfinished Swan, Sayonara Wild Hearts
Hi everyone. This episode is something a little different: five soothing, calming, non-violent, mellow games to help you unwind during difficult times. The five games I talk about this episode are FAR: Lone Sails, Journey, The Unfinished Swan, Gris and Sayonara Wild Hearts. I found all of them to be soul-soothing in their own way. None of them are expensive, and most are available cross-platform. I really hope you enjoy listening, and enjoy playing. I also give a shout out to the amazing Twitter community, with thanks to the people who pushed the show's Twitter account up to 1000 followers this week. Catch up with me there for chats, feedback and pass on your game recommendations at @gaminginthewild. Same handle on Instagram. Finally, RTs, shares, subscriptions, and reviews & ratings in the iTunes podcast app are very much appreciated to help spread the word for this little podcast. Take care out there, and happy gaming! ✨❤️✨
March 23, 2020
03: A Short Hike
This charming, heartwarming indie game is currently up for free at the Epic Games Store, so this podcast was made to let people know. I played A Short Hike over Christmas, and found it to be a relaxing experience, so I wanted to pass it on to anyone who hasn't played it yet. Hope you enjoy! You can follow the show on Twitter to say hello, offer feedback on the game or the show, or suggest a game for me to cover: I love hearing from listeners and chatting about games. Other useful links: Get the game:  Get the soundtrack: Follow the developer: Thanks for listening! ✨
March 14, 2020
02: Control
Things get eerie this episode as we take a spoiler-free sortie into the dark and disturbing world of Control. Remedy’s acclaimed paranormal thriller is up for a bunch of BAFTAs, and is available right now on the PSNow subscription service, so it’s a good moment to visit the compelling, challenging, hard-as-nails environs of The Oldest House. Follow the show on Twitter to say hi and let me know what you think of Control, and - as always - thanks so much for listening. ✨
March 10, 2020
01: Horizon Zero Dawn
This blockbuster game was a release title for the PS4, but it looks as good and plays as well now as it did upon its 2017 release. It has since sold over 10 million copies, and as I experienced it for the first time, it was easy to see why. It takes place in a stunningly beautiful wilderness, and tells a brilliant post-apocalyptic story that's as compulsive and bingeworthy as Game of Thrones. Note: HZD is currently available as part of the PSNow "Netflix for games" service, until April 7th 2020. So if you're a member, get on it - the clock is ticking! Follow the show at: And thanks for listening.
February 27, 2020
00: Kentucky Route Zero
Welcome to the first episode of Gaming In The Wild (In honour of our featured game, we're calling it episode zero). This episode is about the surreal and brilliant Kentucky Route Zero, which was recently released by Annapurna Interactive on Steam, Switch and PS4. In this ten minute review, we talk over the weirdness and wonders that have made it an instant classic. John's review of the game at Switch Indie Fix: Say hello, and offer feedback or game suggestions on Twitter:
February 19, 2020