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The Gaming Nexus Show

The Gaming Nexus Show

By Elliot Hilderbrand
The crew of the website sit down to talk news, pop culture, and of course video games.
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The Gaming Nexus Show talks with sound designer and composer Julie Buchanan

The Gaming Nexus Show

Diablo 2, rumor mills, and the best indie titles
Did you know the Emmys took place last week? We talk about how basic cable hosted a show devoted to awarding online streaming shows and movies, and no one is surprised. Eric brings up the topic of Diablo 2 and if it’s ok to support a game that has ties to Blizzard. Joseph gets upset about rumors, even when they’re not about him. Elliot hates on old people just because they’re old. And Max brings up Catan World Explorers, a game that was in development which is now going away before being completely finished. We round out the episode with some listener questions. Enjoy listening to us weekly? Help us out and tell someone about The Gaming Nexus Show. We also have other projects you can get into as well! Like catching Joe’s Twitch, look for Max’s game, go to Eric’s YouTube channel, and listen to Elliot’s other podcast. And of course you can visit the place where it all started,
September 23, 2021
Switch Bluetooth, Epic vs Apple, the Artful Escape
Is it too late for Nintendo to add Bluetooth to the Switch? Does anyone care? Have you heard about this whole Epic vs Apple but find it confusing? Elliot tries to explain it to the best of his knowledge to the other three, with some mixed results. Joseph bails on the pod halfway through the episode, and Elliot is bullied into leaving it unedited, to hilarious results. Eric and Joseph talk about the Artful Escape and why everyone should play it. Max forgets what day of the week it is and brings nothing, absolutely nothing to the table. Like the show? Help us out and tell someone about the show, our listens all come from word of mouth, we don’t advertise the show. We also have other projects you can get into as well! Like catching Joe’s Twitch, look for Max’s game Ocean's Heart, go to Eric’s YouTube channel, and listen to Elliot’s other podcast.
September 16, 2021
Life is Strange, Smash Bros. tourneys, Bus Simulator, Meta Knight
We are back to our typical four man roster of Joseph, Max, Eric and Elliot. Joe brings up Nintendo and their unwillingness to let people play the games they want, the way they want to play them, sparking discussions about a number of different things. Eric gives a review for Life is Strange: True Colors which releases on September 10. Max didn’t do his homework this week and scrambles to give us the lore of the Kirby character Meta Knight. And because Elliot wanted to feel important we let him talk about Bus Simulator, and how it surprised him. You can listen to the podcast on iTunes, Spotify, or Google Podcasts. You can also find the show on Youtube. Want even more content by these four guys? Try Joseph's Twitch page, or the video game Max developed, Ocean’s Heart. Eric has a YouTube or Elliot’s other podcast. We have other projects you can get into as well! Like Joe’s Twitch, Max’s game, Eric’s YouTube channel, and Elliot’s other podcast.
September 9, 2021
China’s gaming restrictions, Summer of ‘58, and Far cry 6
We’re moving our recording days from Tuesday nights to Wednesday nights. What else are we changing? Well for one, Max and Eric both bring a bit of news with them this week. No Joseph this week, so nothing gets too hot and bothered. Max talks about Steam’s refund policy for games, and potential fixes to it. Eric puts Kotaku on blast, after Kotaku puts Eric on blast earlier in the day. Want even more content by these four guys? Try Joseph's Twitch page, or the video game Max developed, Ocean’s Heart. Eric has a YouTube or Elliot’s other podcast.
September 2, 2021
Gamescom, Roblox, and Pokemon
This week on the podcast we discuss how Battlefield 2042 isn’t out yet for a few months but cheats like aimbot and radar are already out. Elliot attempts to bring up Pokemon, to the dismay of the other three hosts. We talk about Gamescom, and how Xbox Game Pass continues to be the best deal in gaming. Eric tries to cheat in Microsoft Flight Simulator, and Max does his research on Roblox, or is it Robux?
August 25, 2021
Nintendo Indies, movies vs covid, and the ridiculous amount of money some games make
After taking the last week off, the boys of The Gaming Nexus Show are back and ready to talk. We dive into Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase from last week, often getting sidetracked on a couple of tangents. We talk about just how much money games like Warzone and Grand Theft Auto V made in the last year, and why they’re in no hurry to deliver sequels to those games. We end with talk about movies and the pandemic. Elliot gets angry at the Delta variant, Max yells at everyone, Joe is still playing Knockout City, and Eric tells a story about a song made into a game that no one but him has heard of. In case you wanted to follow along, this was the site we used to help talk about just how much some of these games made this past year.
August 18, 2021
The Gaming Nexus Show talks with sound designer and composer Julie Buchanan
This week we had another guest on the show, Julie Buchanan. Julie is an award-nominated composer and sound designer for games currently living in San Diego. She recently helped ship Say No! More which was nominated for IGF's Excellence in Audio Award (2021), contributed an anthem pack for Rocket League, and did additional sound design for Godfall. After hearing about her line of work she sticks around to talk with us about Playdate, Tencent, Predator, and Scarlett Johansson suing Disney. She also attempts to derail the show by bringing up Mass Effect, to great effect. You can see more of Julie on her Twitter, personal website, or check out the recent game she was on Say No! More. Be sure to check out our website for more video game related news and reviews.
August 4, 2021
Comic Con, Ghostbusters, USA banning PCs, and Blizzard
We’re a little short staffed today (no Joe) So we decided to bring on friend of the show Jeff. Jeff has a number of podcasts one might find interesting. Budget Arcade (they review a free to play game every other week) The Movie Draft House (a movie review podcast) and Hitchcock Chronologically (He reviews all of Hitchcock's movies, well, chronologically). This week the gang dives into San Diego Comic Con, and the lack of excitement shared by all, as well as EA’s Play Live from last week. Elliot admits to never playing a popular series of games, Max recommends spending time outdoors, Eric talks of his love for Ghostbusters, and Jeff just finds everything ok. Once you subscribe on your platform of choice you can then check out some of our other stuff like Joseph's Twitch page, the soundtrack to Max’s game Ocean’s Heart, Eric’s YouTube or Elliot’s other podcast.
July 28, 2021
Tencent, Cris Tales, Foundation, and Black Panther
We don't really say it at the top of the show, but each week the boys from sit down to talk about the news that Elliot finds worth talking about, the others interject with things they deem important from time to time. The boys of The Gaming Nexus Show (Max, Joe, Eric, and Elliot) bring an action packed episode where the biggest news of last week was the Steam Deck, and we talk a whole three minutes about it towards the end of the show. We had bigger fish to fry this week, namely wishing Eric a happy birthday on this week’s episode. We recall stories of past jobs where Eric was our boss, kinda like he is now. We talk about Netflix getting into the video game biz, and debate on who the Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl game is really aimed for. Other highlights include Eric admitting to never playing a pretty big series of games, Joe and Elliot reminiscing about the shows Salute Your Shorts and Hey Dude. And all poor Max wants is to get to his frisbee golf outing. Be sure to check out some of our other stuff like Joseph's Twitch page, Max’s, Eric’s YouTube or Elliot’s other podcast.
July 21, 2021
Psychonauts 2, Ghost of Tsushima, making games that anyone can play
As always, check out to see the stories we covered but didn’t talk about on the podcast. This week on The Gaming Nexus Show the boys talk about the trend of old school Nintendo games selling for insane amounts of money. We see what Sony showed what it has coming up, and if it was a smart move to stay away from E3 after all. Max holds a TED talk about making games that every person can enjoy; Elliot admits to not actually playing any games. Joseph once again bans no one, and Eric talks about having an awkward video game moment with his son and not knowing when to stop.
July 14, 2021
Switch OLED and the cheapest game we can find at the store
Max had a great idea. Go to a brick and mortar video game store and buy the cheapest game they had and review it. We more or less (some of us a lot less) followed the directions. Come hear us get frustrated about the lack of titles to pick from, and judge for yourself which one of us really came out as the winner. We also discuss Nintendo’s new OLED Switch, Sony charging $25,000 to make it on the front of their store page, and Nintendo attempting to collect on a court order fine that's not going so well. If you have some free time check out some other stuff we do, like our website or can see Eric play the game he talked about this week on his Youtube, you can buy Max’s game on his page, check out Joe’s stream, or Elliot’s other podcast.
July 7, 2021
GTA 6, Smash Bros, Shang-Chi, xCloud
The Gaming Nexus crew talks about Sony acquiring Housemarque and the run on buying up any developer Sony and Microsoft can get their hands on. We hear rumors of when the next Grand Theft Auto game may be released. Eric tries to guess which characters are actually in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, with mixed results; Joseph doesn’t like prequels; Elliot is made fun of for reading books; and Max’s true reason for being on the podcast is finally revealed. Be sure to check out Max’s page for his games, and watch Joseph’s streams, Elliot's other podcast, and Eric has a Twitter!
June 30, 2021
Back 4 Blood, Kojima, GTA, Cyberpunk 2077 staff writers Eric Hauter and Elliot Hilderbrand sit down with game designer Max Mraz (Ocean's Heart) and streaming partner Joseph M. Moorer to talk about video games, movies, and video game movies this week. Cyberpunk 2077 gets back onto the PlayStation Store, Rockstar is ending support for GTA Online, and we discuss if Hideo Kojima really is making a new Silent Hill game or if it’s all just a big misunderstanding. (For the record, the amount of actual editing this week was minimal, due to the complaining of the other three members)
June 23, 2021
Gaming Nexus talks E3
Eric, Elliot, Max, and Joseph sit down to give a deep dive into E3 2021, all the big shows, and even a few that Joseph had a problem with.   As always find a tons of gaming news at
June 16, 2021
Stadia, mcnuggets, and violence vs sex in video games
Each week staff writers Eric Hauter and Elliot Hilderbrand are joined by video game designer Max Mraz (Ocean's Heart) and streaming partner Joseph M. Moorer to talk pop culture, movies, and of course videogames. A bit of a slower news week as companies gear up for E3, but we manage to find something to talk about. This week the gang tackles topics wide and small. From someone selling a mcnugget for nearly $100,000, to terrible pride month celebrations in the videogame world. We hear Joseph’s thoughts on Facebook Gaming and Eric also defends Stadia.
June 9, 2021
Blizzard, Sonic, Dragon Quest, Spirit
On this week’s episode they talk about the box office being back in business. We discuss the 30 and 35th anniversaries of Sonic and Dragon Quest, as well as all the goodies they’re releasing. We then get down and dirty talking about whether Blizzard is still Blizz, and Eric talks about DreamWorks Spirit Lucky's Big Adventure (yes, that is the actual name of the game) and his moral dilemma about the game. Visit for more news.
June 2, 2021
Eternals, Overwatch 2, Biomutant, Knockout City
This week the boys also talk about HBO Max backtracking about Dune, how Dave Bautista starred in a film with Tig Notaro but has never met her, and Eric and Joseph give their thoughts on Knockout City. You can find more stories at or our Twitter. You can also find the boys at other places, Max, Joseph, Eric, Elliot
May 26, 2021
Venom 2, Amouranth, Colors, ChekhovOS
Those are just a few of the stories we talk about this week. We also spend some time talking, Knives Out 2 casting, Twitch doing all sorts of things, and eBay banning video games, and more. Eric then gives us a review of ChekhovOS, we guess it’s a video game? Find more articles and reviews at or find us on Twitter. You can also find us personally online: Joseph (the streamer) Max (the game developer) Eric (editor in chief) Elliot (his other podcast)
May 19, 2021