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Gaming X Anime

Gaming X Anime

By Zade
Ayooo all gamers and weebs are welcome. I will be taking about new consoles, games, animes, and some slightly weird stories.
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Ep. 4 master comebacks
Ummmmm yeah
February 28, 2020
Ep.1 a quite place review/storyline
Episode 1 of season 2. Let's gooo. Today I will tell you about a quite place.
February 26, 2020
Ep.3 my hero academia. (Feat. Greg talks)
Welcome to my first anime interview. It is very exciting and a good juicy episode. If you like anime your in luck bc mha is now on my podcast. Whether your listening on Spotify or on anchor or whatever the heck your listening on. We have your daily dose of gaming and anime. 👁️👃👁️
February 25, 2020
Ep.2 making games?
Have you ever wanted to make a game. Well here's my experience/tips. 👁️👃👁️
February 23, 2020
Ep.1 gaming consoles
Hi welcome to the first ever episode of gamingxanime my podcast. Here I tell you about the new gaming consoles. I don't know too much about them but I just want you to know it's a thing. Or will be.
February 23, 2020