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The Great Georgia Pollinator Podcast

The Great Georgia Pollinator Podcast

By Becky Griffin
The Great Georgia Pollinator Podcast is a companion to the Great Georgia Pollinator Census. We explore insect habitat, sustainable pollinator gardening, insect identification and research centered on pollinator conservation.
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Loving Pollinators is a Global Endeavor - An Interview with Jenny Bailey
Ms. Jenny Bailey is an author and insect conservationist living south of London, UK.  You will recognize her passion for pollinators, especially bees, as something familiar to all of us who advocate for these insects in Georgia, US.  Ms. Bailey gives us some insight into what is happening with the pollinator movement in the UK, keeping in mind that the honey bee is native there. She has some interesting approaches to spreading her (our) message. Visit Jenny's website Tales from Mother Earth for more information or like her Facebook page to learn more about insect conservation in the UK.
October 15, 2021
Pollinator Gardens with Irenee Payne
Irenee Payne is the Pollinator Coordinator for the Georgia Association of Conservation Districts and she joins us to discuss the many pollinator gardens she has created as part of a special program. 
July 13, 2021
Planting a Successful Pollinator Garden
Dr. Bodie Pennisi, a University of Georgia horticulturalist, gives advice on planting a pollinator garden that looks great, is helpful to all types of pollinators, and handles our Georgia climate.   She references The Eco-Friendly Garden:  Attracting Pollinators, Beneficial Insects, and Other Natural Predators which is for those who want more science behind their garden plantings.
March 29, 2021
Taking Be(e)autiful Photographs of Insects in Your Garden
Madison Griffin, an experienced photographer, teaches us how to use a simple cell phone camera to take impressive insect and garden photos.  These can be fun to take and share.  Photos of your school or public garden are also useful in grant applications.  You want to show your garden in the best light, with your best photos!
March 08, 2021
Planting Trees for Pollinators
Dr. Elizabeth McCarty, a Forest Health Specialist from University of Georgia's Tifton campus, joins us to talk about adding trees to your landscape to benefit pollinators.   Dr. McCarty gives us some recommendations just in time for Arbor Day.  For more information on choosing trees and shrubs for your landscape see "Selecting Trees and Shrubs for Pollinators."
February 15, 2021
Talking Connect to Protect with the State Botanical Garden's Lauren Muller
Lauren Muller is a Conservation Outreach Coordinator for the State Botanical Garden in Athens.  Among other projects, Lauren manages the Connect to Protect pollinator garden program.  In this episode she explains the program and tells the listeners how their home or school garden can become a Connect to Protect garden,  The Georgia Pollinator Partnership mapping website is
February 04, 2021
The Great Georgia Pollinator Podcast Trailer
The Great Georgia Pollinator Podcast!  Come explore Georgia pollinators with us!
January 22, 2021