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Gardening In Canada

Gardening In Canada

By Ashley Labrecque
Gardening in Canada podcast is a podcast dedicated to the science of gardening. From cold climate gardening to indoor plants a soil scientist takes you on the journey of being a plant hobbyist
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Leaf Cutter Bees For Increasing Garden Yields
The Leaf cutter are new up-and-coming pollinator that is used for the garden.These little critters are considered super pollinators because they are able to carry more pollen on their bodies which ultimately results in higher yields in our gardens. Due to the huge benefits I can see it leaf cutter is taking off like wildflower with the increases interest for gardening in Canada. In this podcast we explore exactly what it takes to keep leaf cutter bees and why they are so valuable to a small sized garners all the way to large size farmers. For more on the curb use be sure to check out my YouTube channel gardening in Canada or check out my blog at
March 9, 2021
How to start gardening in cold climates
This is episode one and is most definitely a test episode for everyone to get a taste of what gardening in Canada podcast will look like. Be sure to find me on YouTube at Gardening in Canada as well as find me at my website
March 5, 2021