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Law of Attraction Answers

Law of Attraction Answers

By Gareth van Rensburg
We talk about the Law of Attraction and how we use it to manifest love, laughter and happiness in our lives.

Each episode is packed with examples how we do it and how you can do the same.

The Law of Attraction has been made complicated, we keep it simple and quick.

The system we use takes 15 minutes per day.

Each episode will provide details on how the LOA works and what you need to do to make it work for you.

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How to Manifest

Law of Attraction Answers

How to Manifest

Law of Attraction Answers

See The Beauty Around You
In todays podcast we talk about the following Lottery Staff Family  Gardens I cover seeing the beauty in everything around you. I talk my staff the vaccine and how important family is to us. Thanks Gareth 
July 01, 2021
Property Acquisition through the Law of Attraction
In this episode I talk about how we became Property Investors using the Law of Attraction. I cover Visualization Estate Agents Property Portfolio Friends Influence  I hope you enjoy this episode and I wish you a prosperous day. Regards Gareth
June 29, 2021
Weekly Review
In the week review, I reveal the reasons why I joined Tiktok.  We talk about the fear of being recorded on camera.  We talk about my investments and other insights.  You can follow me on here on Tiktok  You can follow me here in Instagram Kind Regards Gareth van Rensburg
June 26, 2021
How I Manifested Healing
In this episode I talk about how I healed myself from Covid in 2020.  I go into detail about  Reiki Energy Healing Universal Healing Guides We explore how I used Reiki initially but I found a higher energy that worked with me to heal me completely from the Covid Virus.  Kind Regards Gareth
June 25, 2021
What is a Manifesting Journal
Today I talk about why and how I use a Journal.  We go into detail about  Intentions Goals Gratefulness I give examples of how I use my Journal to guarantee success.  Connect with me on Instagram or Tiktok to see manifestation examples. Enjoy! Gareth
June 24, 2021
My Manifestation Examples
In this episode I talk about the things I have manifested in my life. We talk about: Lottery Win Raffle Prize Win Happy Marriage We go into detail on my lottery win and how I won money in a online raffle. I also talk about how I improved my marriage and how you can do the same.  The book is called How to Manifest Love, it is a short 45 minute read and will help to improve your relationship today. Thanks and have great day Gareth
June 23, 2021
How to Manifest
We go into detail on how to manifest using examples that are easy to follow. We explain the 4 stages of manifesting Intention  Belief  Time  Gratitude We hope you enjoy this episode and please let us know if you have any questions. Thanks Gareth
June 22, 2021
Welcome to the Law of Attraction Answers Podcast Series
In this episode I introduce the material we will be covering in our podcasts. Each new episode will go into detail on how we manifest and how you can do the same. We provide examples from our own lives that you can use to manifest your dream life.  You can also find us at Each episode will be available 7am UK time starting on Monday 21st June. Keep Well and Happy Manifesting Regards Gareth
June 17, 2021