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Garifuna Sistas Talk Spirituality

Garifuna Sistas Talk Spirituality

By Garifuna Sistas
Co-hosts (and sisters) Feroza and Kyleigh Simone break down Garifuna spirituality with featured guests—elders, leaders and Garifuna spirituality practitioners. This is for folk who grew up outside of a Garifuna community, for folk living in Garifuna communities but still have questions about their spirituality, for folk searching for answers and trying to understand themselves as a modern day Garifuna, and for folk who simply want to hear about the spiritual experiences of other Garinagu. Join them on their journey to deeper knowledge.
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17. Life As a Gayusa in the Dabuyaba w/ Beatrice Mariano
Beatrice Mariano, a proud Barranguna from Barranco Village, Belize, stopped by to share about her experiences being gayusa (singer) in the Dabuyaba (Garifuna temple). She teaches us about the behind-the-scenes of a dügü (sacred ancestral ceremony), how she was called to be a gayusa, and a bit about her gayusa group. Overall, she shares what she has learned so far on her spiritual journey. Connect with the Garifuna Sistas: Facebook: Instagram: Email:
September 26, 2021
16. "Lean Not On Your Own Understanding" w/ Dr. Gwen Nuñez Gonzalez
This week the Sistas sat down with Dr. Gwen Nuñez Gonzalez, a Garifuna language educator based in Dangriga, Belize. She shares her views on Garifuna spirituality, the powerful experience she had on the pilgrimage to St Vincent and the Grenadines (Yurumein) in 2017 and the importance of learning the Garifuna language. Book mentioned in the podcast: From Villain to National Hero: Chatoyer and the Early Struggle for the Independence of St. Vincent (Yurumein)-[Fraser, Adrian] Amazon link: Contact Gwen to learn more and purchase her language books: Whatsapp: +5016214097 Facebook: Connect with the Garifuna Sistas: Facebook: Instagram: Email:
September 19, 2021
15. "Our Spirituality Transcends Borders" w/ Martha Arzu-McIntosh
Martha is a proud Garifuna-American from the Bronx, NY with strong roots to Livingston, Guatemala. She shares how she came to understand her spiritual walk, and the lessons learned balancing spirituality with life, relationships, family and our ever-evolving culture. ~ Watch our video documentary, 'Podcasting as a Means of Cultural Preservation': Check out the Belize KULCHA Symposium: Connect with Martha on Instagram: Connect with the Garifuna Sistsas: Facebook: Instagram: Email:
September 12, 2021
14. "Context is Key" w/ Surusia Peitra Arana
This week the Sistas sit down with Surusia Peitra Arana, a Garifuna medical doctor based in Belize. Surusia P shares the extensive background of the pilgrimage to St Vincent and the Grenadines in 2017. She also teaches us a method of distinguishing between western medicine and spiritual medicine, as well as sharing mental health concerns in the context of our spirituality. Finally, Surusia P offers great advice for those of us at the beginning and in the midst our spiritual walk. ~ Connect with the Garifuna Sistas: Facebook: Instagram: Email:
August 1, 2021
13. A Symbiotic Relationship With Our Ancestors w/ Garifuna Duchess
Garifuna Duchess stopped by to chat with the Sistas about her groundbreaking memoir, “My Spiritual Journey: A Symbiotic Relationship With My Ancestors”. In it, she vulnerably shares her experience of the beginning stages of her spiritual walk. She shares the confusion and the pain, but also the peace, joy and power of creating a healthy relationship with her ancestors. … Connect with Garifuna Duchess—All links to purchase her book and/or follow her on social media are available on her website: Her book is available in digital and paperback on Amazon, directly on her website or Gumroad. … Connect with the Garifuna Sistas: Facebook: Instagram: Email:
July 18, 2021
12. The Spirituality of Drumming w/ Raheem Mariano
Raheem Mariano is known as one of the best drummers coming out of Barranco Village, Belize. He was 14 years old when he was first called to drum for a dügü (an ancestral family reunion), and this week he joins the Sistas to share his experience of having the drums run through his veins. Raheem talks about what it was like growing up in the village, and he details what it's like to drum for a dügü (a sacred ancestral reunion). He also shares the self care routine drummers must abide by when drumming for a ceremony. Podcasts Mentioned in the Episode: Priestesses Prescribe: How Do YOU See Your Glass with Alison Martinez: Contact the Garifuna Sistas: Instagram: Facebook: Support the Garifuna Sistas:                
July 4, 2021
11. The Biblical Perspective w/ Nilson Gamboa
This week, whip out your notebooks and your Bibles, folks! Nilson Gamboa is a Garifuna minister and educator from Livingston, Guatemala and is currently based in New York. He teaches the Sistas about the Biblical perspective on Garifuna Spirituality. He teaches about how the stories in the Old Testament are parallel to our own lives, and how they provide valuable lessons (especially when it comes to being ‘called’). He also provides a different perspective on what actually happens when the ancestors ‘punish’ their descendants for their disobedience. Nilson is also a community organiser with a mission to improve the lives of Garifuna communities in Honduras and Guatemala. Find out more about his organisation and consider donating to the Genesis Inter-Community Group, Inc. (GICG): Contact the Garifuna Sistas: Facebook: Instagram: Email:
June 21, 2021
10. Drumming Made Him A Feminist w/ Joshua Arana
This is a rich conversation with Joshua Arana, a talented Garifuna drummer from Dangriga, Belize. He talks about the spirit of “aü bun amuru nu” (“I for you and you for me”) from his perspective as a Garifuna drummer. Josh tells the story of how he struggled with his Garifuna identity as a youth growing up, understanding his purpose and calling as a drummer, and the value of the feminine aspect of drumming. He also shares about his experience in Yurumein (St Vincent and the Grenadines) in 2017 and what he learned. Watch his TEDx Talk: Contact the Garifuna Sistas: Facebook: Instagram: Email:
June 6, 2021
09. Mothering and Activism Across Borders w/ Sylvia Sampson Cayetano
This week the Sistas are joined by their very own momma, Sylvia Sampson Cayetano. She shares about her upbringing as a Garifuna in Belize City, and the challenges of raising her daughters to be grounded in their identity in the midst of unique circumstances. Garifuna spirituality was never part of her childhood until she was awoken in the middle of the night by a message delivered from the ancestors. This ultimately led to organizing a healing pilgrimage to St Vincent and the Grenadines in 2017–the Garifuna Diaspora United in Healing. And, of course, the journey continues. Contact the Sistas: Instagram  Facebook Email:
May 23, 2021
08. Setting Food, Giving Baths, and Saying Prayers w/ Da Juliana Arana
Garifuna elder, Da Juliana Arana, teaches the Sistas, step by step, two Garifuna rituals: how to set food for our ancestors (adagaragüda) and how to bathe them (amuyadahani). If you’ve ever done it and wondered if you were doing it right, this is the conversation for you. - Contact Us: Instagram Facebook Email:
May 9, 2021
07. The Impact of the Church - Let's Talk About It w/ Canon Jerris Valentine
Canon Jerris Valentine, a retired Anglican priest and author of the book “Garifuna Understanding of Death”, joins the Sistas this week. He talks about his journey into the priesthood and he details the impact of the Church on the Garifuna communities in Belize. He also teaches about the Garifuna understanding of God. This one is a doozy, folks. - Books mentioned in this episode: The Garifuna Understanding of Death by Jerris Valentine The Rise and Fall of the Black Caribs, by C. I. Martin and I. A. Earle Kirby - Support St Vincent and the Grenadines in the face of the eruption of the La Soufriere volcano: GoFundMe organized by UK-SVG Friendship Trust HERE  GoFundMe organized by Invest Caribbean HERE - Music by Feroza Cayetano is available on all major streaming platforms find out more about her music HERE  and support her HERE - Contact the Garifuna Sistas and stay in touch via: Instagram Facebook Email:
April 25, 2021
06. "Don't Abandon Yourself" w/ Wuri Lucia Regina Ellis
This week the Sistas are joined by Lucia Regina Ellis. She is a herbalist, author, counsellor and owner/manager of NUMASA Wellness Center in Belize. The conversation ranges from the historical root of certain behaviors among Garinagu, how some of her books were birthed, and the journey of her calling to plant medicine. She also discusses the importance of spiritual hygiene and shares her recipe for a restorative spiritual bath. Contact Lucia Ellis: Telephone: (501) 673-1330 WhatsApp: +501-608-7236 Email: Find her books in Belize: Belize City- Brodies Bookstore and Image Factory Belmopan- Bakers Bookstore Dangriga: Integrated Bookstore and Chatuye Bookstore - Donate to support St Vincent and the Grenadines in the face of the La Soufriere volcano eruption GoFundMe organised by Invest Caribbean HERE GoFundMe organised by UK-SVG FRIENDSHIP TRUST HERE - Stay Up To Date With the Garifuna Sistas via: Instagram Facebook Email:
April 18, 2021
05. "Be Obedient" w/ Denise Valentine Sabal
This one is for the dreamers! Denise Valentine Sabal is from Hopkins Village, currently based in Belize City. She joins the Sistas to share her journey to becoming an ‘ounagule’ (spiritual messenger). She vulnerably shares the challenges of being a messenger, how she learned to interpret dreams, and the effect that disobeying the ancestors can have on one’s family. Hers is truly a story of resilience and triumph.  Donate to support St Vincent and the Grenadines in the face of the La Soufriere volcano eruption HERE  UWI Seismic Research Centre NEMO St. Vincent and the Grenadines - Contact Us VIA: Instagram  Facebook Email:
April 11, 2021
04. “Don’t Take the Pills” w/ Harold Zuniga
In this episode, the Sistas are joined by Harold Zuniga. He is a practitioner of Garifuna spirituality and a licensed physical therapist based in Belize City. Harold shares his journey to being called as an ‘ounagule’ (spiritual messenger), he breaks down some of the different kinds of spirits in Garifuna cosmology, and he provides beautiful advice for folk who are seeking to understand Garifuna-ness.
April 4, 2021
03. Harmonizing the Indigenous Worldview With the Western Worldview w/ Roy Cayetano
The Sistas sat down with the esteemed Garifuna multi-hyphenate, E. Roy Cayetano, affectionately known as Baba Roy. He is a linguist, anthropologist, farmer, poet and Garifuna activist (who also happens to be their dear uncle). Baba Roy shares how his unique upbringing led him to study Garifuna culture, and he explains how ancestral knowledge has aided him in his research. He also explains the differences between the indigenous worldview and the western worldview and offers ways in which we all can harmonize the two. Spotlight: Lisemé Infusions
March 28, 2021
02. Everything Changed When The Colonizers Attacked
Tongues totally in cheek, the Sistas break down the history of the Garifuna people: how were the Garifuna formed? What else was going on in the world while they were fighting against colonization in the 17th and 18th centuries? How did they end up in Central America? And WHAT does this have to do with spirituality? The Sistas tackle all these questions and more. Books and Articles to Get You Started on Your Own Research: Garifuna Nation Across Borders, Joseph Palacio Sojourners of the Caribbean, Nancie Gonzalez The Race Lept at Sauteurs: Genocide, Narrative and Indigenous Exile from the Caribbean Archipelago, Melanie J. Newton Rise and Fall of the Black Caribs, I. A. Earl Kirby and C. I. Martin The Black Carib Wars, Christopher Taylor The Black Jacobins, C. L. R. James Among the Garifuna: Family Tales and Ethnography from the Caribbean Coast, Marylin McKillop Wells 1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus, Charles C. Mann Contact us: -email: -Instagram: More about Feroza Cayetano: - -  More about Kyleigh Simone: -
March 14, 2021
01. Who Are These Garifuna Sistas?
Kyleigh Simone and Feroza introduce themselves. They discuss their individual journeys with Garifuna spirituality and how they came to acceptance, and they talk about the intention of the podcast.  Contact us: -email: -Instagram: -Facebook -Twitter More about Feroza Cayetano: - - -   More about Kyleigh Simone: -
February 28, 2021
Sneak Peak: Garifuna Sistas Talk Spirituality
A preview of what to expect from Garifuna Sistas Talk Spirituality, co-hosted by Feroza Cayetano and her "older-younger" sister, Kyleigh Simone. This show is a bi-monthly conversation where we chat with featured guests about different aspects of Garifuna spirituality and their journey to accepting their "Garifuna-ness". In this sneak peak, Feroza and Kyleigh discuss the intention of the podcast, and some of the challenges they encountered learning about Garifuna spirituality while living abroad.  Join us on Feb 28 on Spotify, Anchor, Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts.  Got questions or suggestions of topics to discuss? Send us an email, send us a message on Instagram or Twitter, or send us a voice message through the Anchor app! So many options to reach out to us. Contact us: -email: -Instagram: -Facebook: -Twitter: More about Feroza Cayetano: - - - More about Kyleigh Simone: -
February 13, 2021