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Garland Pepper presents.

Garland Pepper presents.

By Gary
Garland Pepper presents is a revolution of love. Garland is an exploration into humanity through interactive dialogue. There is magic and power in all of us. Garland Pepper's job is to pull that story out. Garland Pepper is about the guest, their stories passions and challenges we explore humanity through long conversations covering many subjects race, sexuality, music poetry, meditation science philosophy. Passionate and fixing solution finding women in business Series for Garland as of late. the topics are as varied as the guests. Subscribe . #ARevoutionOfLove #Truth #Beatuy #Love
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Zeinab El Ghatit "Zizi" Psychologist, Author, Spiritual Warrior
Zizi is 84 going on 26. Her resilience and curiosity about life is a pleasure to behold. While most folks I meet her age figure they got it all figured out and don't want to learn anything else, Zizi challenges herself, she assumes very little and is as curious as a three-year-old. To live as long as she has and to still live in wonder and grace requires paying attention to all the wonders of the universe.  Zizi goes all in on whatever the experience is.  84 and in a wheelchair diagnosed with Polio at the age of one. She persisted and persists to this day.  She is an inspiration to many and loved wherever she goes.  Enjoy and remember to support The show download and support.   Best selling author of 6 books available on Amazon Audible you can download Revelations a Spiritual Journey.  Narrated by none other than Gary Fox 
September 16, 2022
Jacqueline Way 365 Give
Jacqueline Way is a dedicated world changer. Her soul purpose is to teach, inspire and empower the hearts and minds of people globally to create a happy, meaningful life and world together. She expresses her purpose through her global giving movement 365give. The charitable organization was created with her son for the simple vision to “Change the World 1 give, 1 day at time.” She is a world-renowned keynote speaker with one of the most watch TEDx Talks “How to Be Happy Every Day – It Will Change the World” Every day she is committed to living the highest expression of who she is as a human being through her work and by touching the lives of others. Social Handles / Talk Tedx Talk: How to Be Happy Every Day: It Will Change the World LinkedIn Facebook @365give Instagram @do1giveday Twitter Hashtags #365give #do1give
September 06, 2022
Dr. Duncan Calver Psychologist
What is your shadow self?  Is there a difference between self-love and Narcicissim? Why do we choose safe-keeping?   What's the state of mental health therapy in the US today?  Duncan and I talk about these ideas and so much more.  Listen up Subscribe and support Garland Pepper Presents.  
June 12, 2022
Eric Brooks From Hip Hop to… Help to Love
Help to …Learn Observe Vulnerability Engagement Erick Brooks is a dynamic man, he has had an illustrious life the kind of life many Dream of. Eric has always been a high achiever, and the achievements are vast and varied: Virgin Group first Black President of Virgin Records Urban a division that generated over $75 million annually, Executive VP of Marketing and Promotions for Priority Records working with NWA, Ice Cube and Dr. Dre. So yes; Eric has had some time in the Hip hop world. I met Eric in a much different world. A world of gratitude, I connected with his energy the first time I heard him. I knew nothing about him except that I wanted to know him better and glad I got to so.  Eric runs deep his soul is expansive, and after all that fortune and fame his heart took over. This is that story, of a man coming to his heart and moving through life from there. Help to love is a project Eric is putting together that puts all these ducks in a row for you and helps you to love. After you start listening to the show Give Help to Love, a follow on Facebook andYou tube. #helptolove #help #Love #tolove
June 01, 2022
Simona Terron Bombay Flavor, Storyteller, Writer,Journalist, Philanthropist, Podcaster,
Simona is a fearless lover of life.  She is a journalist turned magazine editor, and foodie, a connector, a philanthropist  and an advocate for the LGBTQ  community in India. Simona's storytelling rains down like a monsoon, she is engaging. I really enjoyed this  show and you will also. ❤️ Co-founder of "The Bicycle Project India" (2008-2020) donated upcycled bicycles to rural tribal schoolchildren. ❤️ Co-founder & trustee of NGO "ReCreate Collective" (Nov 2020) raising awareness on #GenderBasedViolence against women & LGBTQIA+ community. ❤️ I craft & sell sustainable handmade pet toys called #FuglyBebes to raise funds for stray animal welfare. IG: @CatCrazyChica #India #Bombay #Mumbai #Foodie #Heath #Bangalore 
May 29, 2022
Infinite Anthony Gaut 🕺🏽 Actor Artist Creator a real Prince
Infinite are the possibilities with this young man.Infinite is harnessing  energy to create a self - determined existence.    Anthony and I talk about mindset, acting, creative process independence vs interdependence.  This show is a blast and you will have a great time listening to Infinite Anthony Gaut .   #Glenn Morshower  #Acting #Texas #Oregon #Worldevents   #Manifest #Prince #PurpleRain #Spiderman #followyourdreams   
March 06, 2022
Sharetha Jackson A golden heart forged in the fire.
Sharetha is a force of nature,  She is the result of couscous choices that she manifested in her life that have created a soul that is alive and vibrant self affirming and driving.  Sharetha didn't start out like she is now most of her choices where about clearing away the mess she was born into and the tragic events that would unfold later in her life that would shake her to her core.  There are parts of this story that can be challenging to hear but i invite you to listen through it if you can, To remove the dross from the gold you must heat it. The universe does not let us bypass our challenges,This we must go through them. This is where the growth happens.  Love yourself and Love your others.    Subscribe@
January 28, 2022
Subramani Lakshmi Blind Author and reporter
Interconnectedness, is Subrmani's word of the year. It is his purpose to increase connectedness among all people.  He does this throgh his writing and various other communication methods.  He hosts several rooms on clubhouse and writes for a local journal all while increasing awareness of disabilities and the people who live with them.  Subramani is a beautiful soul and his story is a heroes journey of self-determination and divine support.  You can read  his blog at  #RP 
January 08, 2022
Bobby Dixon Athlete Carpenter Father
Bobby Dixon is one of my favorite people.  His life experience is varied and his tenacity is high.  Bobby is a sports natural.  In Line skating is his mastery but is also a gymnast a runner a bike rider a caprpenter.  Bobby mom is white and his dad is black.  This gave Bobby two very different world views and has opened his heart to the fragility of the human being and the worlds that shape us as humans.  
December 20, 2021
Frankie Walter, The Man with the Golden Voice
Frankie Walter is a Musician From Lagos Nigera,  His music is  soulful and rich in African rhythms Frankie is a master at buildin exclenece into heavenly harmonies.  Frankie is easy to Find Just type in Frankie Walter in Youtube or Instagram and you will find the man with the golden voice also known as Toni Boi doing beautiful things to the world.  His mission as stated by the priest at birth s to bring happiness in the world. You will see why when you listen to Frankie his music, lyrics philosophy.  Peace and Love to you all.  
November 28, 2021
Eleni Gagoushi : Artist ,Actress, Dancer, Mystic
 Do you believe in angels? What do you do when angels follow you around London?  When others see it, do you pay them any mind? You get to the Art of it you accept life as a gift . You accept your divinity.  Getting to the ART of it,  is what Eleni Did. Angels emerge from a fire that left her and her daughter in dire straits, she emerges with an exibit of angels. And these angels save her emotionaly, and financially. New puropse found.  Eleni has art throughout the world and several galleries London Look her up on-line. Enjoy the show. Eleni has an amazing story and is a masterful storyteller.  On line you can find Eleni's amazing art  at or.
October 20, 2021
Jonathan Aitken South African Ultra Marathoner Pt 2 Addiction
In our second conversation I find Jonathan in a treatment center. He self checked in.  This is a show about addiction, about war, about South Africa, about family, about sex about love agression rugby loss fear power and healing through stories we tell ourselves.  Stories of the hungry for love  for needing validation stories of loss and empty victoies.   How many of us fill the voids  or hide with some form of addiction?. The more we love ourselves the better it gets. Listen up and enjoy 
October 04, 2021
Jonathan Aitken South African Ultra Marathoner
I met Jonathan on clubhouse, he has a wit and a charm that is fun and hard to catch up to if you dont figure it out.  Jonathan starts his life in Rhodesia and moves to South Africa at the age of eight.  His stories are varied and the telling magnanomous.  Jonathan is a born story teller and he has lived the tales from Apartaid Conscripted to war in Angola at 18. Serious issues with addiction and pain covering mind numbing tom folllery to break away from the stories that haunt and it seldom works. So you go to a new place can just be and know that you are okay.  Thats where I caught to Jonathan and it my pleasure to share this with you.   Thank you 
August 28, 2021
Isidro Salas 10,000 Tacos (Son of a Taquero)
This taco truck has a big menu Isidro is the Taco Philosopher and he puts flavors to mind and wraps em up in a nice warm tortilla.  Fake foods Traditional vs not traditional,Taco Bell is American food.  What does it take to be the best at things?   Is there a perfect taco? Grasshoppers are high in protein,Crawdads are yummy water insects, and shrimp are insects in the sea Food in modern times philosophy all wrapped in 10,000 tacos What is food but agriculture, How to does a bullshitter make it work when the truth is un deniable, When life throws you a cow you make carne asada. Racisim is sad. Kindess and gratitude are key components to life and the best burrito is mate with truth forgiveness and enrichment.  Listhen up you will love Isidro.
August 21, 2021
Manny Cabo Singer on the Voice Photographer Podcaster
Manny Cabo is a force of nature a man who has designed his life around his passions.  He is a singer and that is his first love.  He is a professional Photographer and he specializes in Rock and Roll  photography and he does excellent work.   Manny is also a podcaster and is in the top two percent  in the music categories in the podcast world.  He loves what he does and it shows.  Manny is a motivational force and used his skills to help his friends on the voice get the right perspectives about themselves and the process of competing in such a competitive event.  Manny was the support team for those who were afraid to shine and those who did not shine bright enough. Kindness is a gift .  I really enjoyed hanging out with Manny Check him out on youtube spotify and at his dot com Manny has it all going on.  Hows your mojo?
August 10, 2021
Stephen Strausbaugh The Incredible Kid
Dj Anjali and the Incredible Kid have been Keeping Portland Weird  for two decades with massive Bhangra Latin clash dance parties.  They are DJ's with a whole new approach. This is the story of how Portlands best DJ's two years running got started.  This is a love story with music and with culture and two people who just harvest love in the spaces they create. Dj Anjali and the Incredible Kid is an experience a unique and uplifting experience a mind blowing ass moving experience that blends of sounds you don't often hear at a dance party.  I believe that dance is Sacred and anyone who creates spaces that build communities of dance is a master of the universe and I would add incredible.  DJ Anjali and the Incredible Kid will be resuming parties in the Portland Area See for details of upcoming shows
July 08, 2021
Tomi Waziri blind ambassador of Love and Light
Tomi is a Nigerian man who lost his sight in a violent attack.  Tomi is an inspiration, After loosing his sight he went into deep depression and was suicidal, Tomi has listened to motivational materials for years and all the words came to him in his darkness, The words are the magic that allowed him to heal his pain and forgive the man who shot him. Pulled his misson together to help the Blind people of Nigeria using his story to promote awareness that there is no safety net in Nigeria. Tomi is a positive force in the world and you will love his story.  
June 24, 2021
Scarlett O'Connor Ms Atlas 2019
This is a tale that winds itself through mental illness abandonment teen birth and an awakening to self-improvement self motivating and building skills way out of her challenging beginning.  This is a story you will want to listen to. Scarlett is an inspiriation for any and all who had a rough start. Today is a new day.  Be your best be grateflul and kind and loving and connected and you will see the world open up for you. Love Y'all.  
June 13, 2021
Allan Kleynhans The Spiritual Soldier
Allan's  story begins in Apartied South Africa, He served in the Army and experienced great tragedy resulting in PTSD and self destructive behavior for many years following his time in Angola.  Allan's Life has been challenging  but its what we do with the challenges that make the difference. Allan became obsessed with the book think and Grow Rich by Napolian Hill a classic book that will reframe the way you think about manifesing your future.  I Highly recomend this book.   Allan is a man who has lost it all and built it up a few times. he served on Tony Robbins Leadership team for 20 years and worked with landmark, helping people discover the stories that limit them in life.  You may want to listen to this show a few times becuase Allen Pumps you up and tells great stories. Dehydration Warning these stories can get deep and you may find a place where you feel all the emotions.  Go ahead and let those emotions flow and feel the story, Empathy is good for you.   Love yourself and love your others. IcT9sOc11DBLnXMITvcI
June 01, 2021
Andrea Holzner Gerontologist
Andrea Holzner comes to her life mission as many do through tragedy.  Andrea's Mother  was diagnosed with Alzheimer disease and witnessed first hand the challenges that exist in the world of Geriatric care and more Specifically the Alzheimer's.disease and the mental health of not only the patient but the caregivers as well.   Her goal is to bring a light to the challenges in the medical industry. Asking for solutions here get your big brains working and lets find them.  Love Ya'll 
May 26, 2021
Sara Parson Musician
Sara is a musician,  who formed a band #The Lower 48 while attending and arts high school.  They went straight into Touring and spent years touring.  The band is no more and I met Sara after the break up while she was working on her solo career.  Life sends us curveballs sometimes.  I Love singer songwriters, I think they are the bravest of the musicians becuase it is all out there naked for the world to judge. When I see someone pull it off with grace dignity and power I find myself marveling.  Music is a tough road to make it on and Sara has decided to get her Mortitian liscense to help with the flow of money. We talk about the changes in life and moving back to #Mora #Minnesota  a sister city of Mora #Sweeden Where the have the longest ski race called the #Vasaloppet.  I hope you enjoy hanging out with Sara as much as I have.  
May 18, 2021
William Robson Assistant Director
William Robson is an assistant director in Vancouver BC but really there is so much more to William. He is Smart and kind and curious.  I discovered  William on the Clubhouse App and was taken by his depth when he asked questions and his knowledge when answering qusetions.  I know he had to be on the show so that you could get to know him.  William has led a full life frought with challenges and opportunity these have only hardend his steel and softened his heart.  I really like William Robson im sure you will as well Listen up .  
May 14, 2021
Garland Pepper is 0ne year old today.
Happy Birthday Garland Pepper 
April 27, 2021
Mayor Thorin Thacker 420 Show
The slang "Let's Burn one" takes on a whole new meaning in Gates Oregon when the Beachie Creek fire swept through the Santiam canyon it took most of the town of Gates Oregon.  In the town of Gates was a small dispensary done up as if you were walking back in time. Turn tables and kitch from the seventies.  The quality was excellent and the revenue for the small town of Gates was increased by a factor of 3.  Pot is good for the economy.  Thorin was the Mayor of Mill City Oregon a town just. a few miles away from Gates.  Mill City has a no pot ordinace and are loosing money everyday because of it. Stop by the CBD shop open Wednesday through Saturday from 11-7   sign and sign the petition if you are a resident of Mill City .
April 20, 2021
Michael B Koep Author The Newirth Mythology
Michael B Koep  Was always to be an author and his books would one day be on film.   By the age of 12, Michael B. Koep had written a complex, Tolkienesque fantasy with its own number system, language and runic alphabet. He continues that tradition with his fiction debut the Newirth Mythology.   Koep has been called an Inland Northwest "Renaissance Man.” 
April 16, 2021
Garland Peppers Weekly Chat 4.15.21
Breathe in Breathe out.  
April 15, 2021
Laura Frank Barnard Business Woman Athlete Burner
Laura and I met on the Clubhouse chat App. We were in a room with amazing people talking about life stories and Lauras story was so dynamic i had to share it with you.  After years of being a high performer running  Marathons and building a multi million dollar busines Laura suffered a life altering depression that was so deep that could not pull herself out for five years.  Like the Phoenix Laura is rising and started a new company called Muuv that sells electric bikes.  She is a major vendor at Burning man she has a business model where you can order your scooter for Burning Man pick your scooters up In Gurlach before going to Burning Man.  This is has been the bulk of her business and this year with no burning man she is in a spot.  Laura is a fighter and a goer i think you will really enjoy the show.   #BurningMan #Muuv #MentalHealth. 
April 08, 2021
Casle Portner: Church of the Double Bladed Paddle
I first encountered Casle at the Silverton reservoir years ago.  She would Kyac and while she was out she would clean up the lake. She would come back with trash every day.  One day a lady dropped a bag at the dock and Casle got out of the kyack and helped the lady understand the error of her ways.  They say that all it takes is one person to make the change and it is true. Since Casle has been cleaning the lake others have taken notice and the area looks so much better.  She doesn't stop there she has built a network of paddlers from around the world She has built a Kyacing community called the Church of the Double Bladed Paddle.  I think you wil love Casle Portner and her stories and if you are into paddling join the Church of the Double Bladed Paddle on Facebook.  
April 02, 2021
Dina Wilford Farm to Table
Dina is an upbeat person and her attitude is infectious.  She is part of. the farm to table organic and local food movement.  Her Company Vida Tortilla is using native New Hampshire Corn and making some delicious products. I have had them and they are delicious.  LIsten up and you will hear the ins and outs of starting your own business and just hanging out with Dina is fun.  You will love her energy.    
March 30, 2021
March 30 Garland Pepper updates
What's coming up and how are you doing? 
March 30, 2021
John Christiansen Author Actor and Director
John and I have known each other for thirty years and have not seen each other in Twenty years.  We spent a couple of years acting in a performance of Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol.  John is a writer and lives in Delaware and misses the Northwest.  We talk about many things his years dealing cards at the casino his studies in stage and the writing of his new book.  John is an interesting person and I hope you enjoy hanging out with him and hearing two old friends reminisce about the good times. Thank you for listening to the podcast.  
March 18, 2021
Nandkishor Muley Dr of Neuroscience Host of The Neuroscience of Everything Podcast
I first met Nandkishor through a podcasting website.  He was asking if people would be interested in a podcast on Neuroscience.  I responded that I would love to host him on the show and that Neuroscience is a very interesting thing to me.  After a few scheduling mishaps we finally got together and I am glad we did.  Nandkishor is doing important work in the field of neuro science. HIs field of focus is the links between the brain and body. He has a couple of start ups in the works and a podcast called the Neuroscine of Everything.  Listen to the show I think you will enjoy it.  
March 15, 2021
March 15 2020 This Week on Garland Pepper
This week on Garland Pepper Presents we have Nandkishor Muley a doctor of Neuroscience working in Switzerland.  Also, My good friend Spinning Johnny C   Listen up Yall 
March 15, 2021
Garland Pepper presents The Awfully Irish Podcast. From Offaly Ireland
Gerrod and Thomas started the Awfully Irish Podcast last May and have done close to 200 Shows.  We met in June or July andwe did a show .This is our meet back up.  They do a lot of Youtube as well.  So check em out.  I just love these guys real nice fellows.   They ask anyone to be on their show and they are having luck.  We talk about Ireland and Offaly.  We meet back up as the young gentlemen have just started university much to their sadness they are doing Uni from home.  We talk about too many things to mention, so go ahead discover for yourselves the Joy of hanging out with Gerrond and Thomas on the Awfully Irish Podcast.   
March 08, 2021
Garland Pepper with Garland Pepper
Garland welcomes you to The Garland Pepper show.  Here he talks about genders stuff, and he is an idiot in the gender world, bless his heart. He talks about depression and chopping wood. You know the fun stuff.  Its just a ramble with Garland Pepper because why not?  Okay so you really want to know the reason. Well I had two shows this week that didn't pan out and one that Did Jessie Michael Geronimo Valencia  was a fun interview what an adventerous sou so that was fun.  Been working with Danny on the backside of the web page.  Its been fun.     
March 07, 2021
Jessie Michael Geronimo Valencia Musician, David Lynch School of Film, Leader of Sitgreaves County Author Keep Music Evil ,
Jessie is a man who follows his passion and he has three main passions  The White mountains  of Arizona where his lives and is working to build a new county. Jessie loves Music with his band Gorky which he started in high school and loves so much he joined the army so that he could get enough bonus money to buy gear.  Jessie is an alumnus of The David Lynch Film School at Maharishi University.  This is a fun conversation, this is the first time that Jessie and I ever chatted in real life It was good getting to know him.  Look up His Band Gorky #Gorky Check out the Sitgraves County movement #Sitgraves #Arizona #DavidLynch #Maharishi
March 02, 2021
Nathan Lowrie Water Evangelist
Nathan is passionate about water all things water, but mainly purity of water.  Nathan is a surfer and has spent much of his life on the water.  The surf is a place to become passionate about water especially when you see it being soiled by our choices in society.  Surfriders are a group that fight polution in the ocean. Nathan is also involved in water systems he installs them and is also involved in trying to move policy from a general approach to a more local approach to clean water for all.   Enjoy The show.  
February 11, 2021
Aaron Altman Practical approaches to difficult political conversations.
I have stayed away from political conversations for the most part.  I feel that the field is full and you could get much better insight from other sources than this if you want it.  That being said I do think that the way we interact needs to be considered.  In terms of Politics in general we do not really go there.  What we talk about is communication itself and how we can do it better.  There are plenty of good ideas in here and I would love to hear each of your ideas about the things we talk about.  Have you had success with people who think differently than you? Are you frustrated about how to approach and open up conversations?  We have some ideas in here.  What are your intentions when communicating?  Are you a generous person?  Would you listen to someone who hasn't heard you out first?  What is the outcome you desire?  Is your method of communication getting the results you desire?  Seek to understand then then to be understood.   Love yourself  Love your others #Truth #Beauty #Love
February 08, 2021
Steve Worthy Executive Business Coach Worthy Leadership Group
Steve is a good man and I had the best time haning out with him.  There are a lot of good nuggets in here for you. Some leaders are born some are built over time and experience.  Steve is a natural-born leader and that is something that he didn't want to be.  His Drill instructor informed him of the fact that he will be found out; The cream comes to the top. We have a case of the reluctant leader which is very common. Because to lead means we must challenge others to be better.  To lead means we have to live up to a higher standard. To lead is to gain trust by being true to your words and deeds.  No wonder so many shy away from leading.  We all shine through with our talents and after talking with Steve it is obvious that leadership is his passion and his obvious destiny.  His years of rubbing shoulders with Corporate exectutives and leading in a corporate environment gave him many skills and he is now following the teaching path. Leveraging his knowlege and skills to help the next generation of leaders.  Listen up I think you will enjoy getting to know Steve as much as I did.  This is a long show but we could have talked for hours more.   Thank you rembmber to subscribe to the podcast.  #Business #Leadership #BLM #Truth #Beauty #
February 04, 2021
Chris Hawley Marine and Engineer Just a damn good man.
Chris is a Marine who worked while finishing his degree in engineering.  Chris is a good man who has worked hard his whole life to get ahead.  We go deeply into the world of poverty and getting out of poverty. We talk about family and goals and doing your best.  We have a good time.  Listen up and enjoy the show.  We do go into the reality of being A black man in America and the challenges of being so.  Thank you Chris for sharing this part of your life with us many need to get this perspective to build understanding.   Truth Beauty and Love are going to win the day.  
February 01, 2021
The Pander Brothers Artists Filmmakers Graphic Novels Comics Murals
Multi media is a term you hear a lot and it means using different forms of expression to create Art. I don't know that I have met a more integrated person than the two person entity that is the Pander Brothers.  We dive into their projects and how they progressed in the Comics world being sought out for their skills and talents.  They are Generative and prolific, Their Novels are big and take years sometimes to create. That would be enough for most folks but They have no fear and decide to make a movie, a damn good movie.  Enjoy your time with the Pander Brothers you will be a better person when you are done.   Movies Selfless Subtext  Comics/Graphic Novels  #Girlfiend #Tasty Bullet #JackZero #Accelerate #Comic #Darkhorse #Fuse #Vampire #DissidentX #Marvel #DC #MaxHeadroom #SecretBroadcast #TastyBullet
January 29, 2021
Terence James, Naturalist, this is our Colorado Rocky Mountain, Hi, Hello, Bonjour
Terrence is a Colorado man, Why becuase its beautiful and is open for play.  Terrence recoginzes where he flourishes, and nature is his medicine.  Knowing this he followed his degree to biology and found a job working at a fishery. This is a fun conversation, Terence and I had only met once before this so it was real good to get to know his life.  Hiking, Brewing, Family, Music, Society, Self improvemnt.  Hope Ya'll are having a good time and your dreams are coming true.  Listen and you will enjoy this conversation. I promise.  
January 17, 2021
Bonnie Wills Carpenter of Kindness
Bonnie Wills is an Aprentice Carpenter in Melbourne Australia.   I met her 7 years ago in Oregon when she was on Vacaton.  Bonnie has a spark and is a lovely human at many levels.  I reached out to her to hear her story and I am glad for it.  She is an independant woman who does the world her own way.  A gift she got from her mother.  She Grew up in rural Australia and moved to the city later with her mom and two sisters in a single parent home.  What is true around the world is that the poor laugh more. I just Love Bonnie I hope you do as well.  Peace Love and Kindess will fill that Karma Bank and put a smile on your face.  Be good Humans Love yourself, Love your others, and Find someone to help in this world if you are in a place to do so.  Love Ya"ll 
January 14, 2021
Alan Whitehead Film Producer, Music producer, Author, Business man, Drummer with Marmalade 60s Rock
Alan Whitehead has lived the life of rock and roll.  After ten years with the Band Marmalade he began his career as a music producer and has reciently began producing films.  He  produced of a new film called The Loss Adjuster he also plays three roles in this film.  There are a lot of stories in this show about the sixties in England.  Being in Marmalade put Allen in the midst of the sixites rock and roll revolution where he rubs shoulders with all the greats, this turns out to be a whirl wind tale of rock and roll and the life of producing after.  I really enjoyed my time with Allen and if I ever get to the UK I will have to look him up and we shall share a pint or 4.   #Marmalade #ReflectionsOfMyLife #DeanFord #JuniorCambell #SandyNewman #GrahamKnight #Glasgow #Scotland #Rock #Drum #London  #TheLossAdjuster 
January 13, 2021
Elani Cooper @elanikitten Comedian Writer and a Business Student
Garland Reaches  out to people that we find interesting to share with Ya'll. This is Elani. She is a master of words in my book.  I re tweet her stuff often becuse it is sometimes the most simple observation that I find hilarios or the way she turns a phrase, Well anyway she caught my attention and I asked her to be on the show so we can hear her story.  I have to admit a few things up front I was somewhat distracted.  As we are doing the show The Capital of the United States is under Seige and Elani lives just outside of DC. So there is a little confusion,  We get back to the show.  I had a great time learning about Elani I think you will as well.  Dive in to the show and subscribe to the Garland Pepper Podcast  You cn find Elani on the farmhouse app at  and on Twitter at @ElaniKitten Look for Elani in the DC Comedy clubs, and up and down the East Coast when this Panedmic ends.  
January 11, 2021
Charles Normal Musician Living in Oslo
Charles Normal is a Damn fine Guitarist.  I first Saw him at the Bowie Tribute show at the Elsinore theatre in Salem Oregon.  He had that something,  that stands out.  He has presence he knows the stage and he is in command of his performance.  Thats what I saw charisma eminated from him.  I started asking around abuout him and found hout there was a reason for that presence.  He has been playing music first punk and then with his Brother Larry Norman the father of R&B Christian rock. Toured with Black Francis from the Pixies, He has been around Rock at the highest levels From the Dandy Warhols and the Sex Pistols to Guns and Roses,  HIs curent project is Merchants of Venus in Oslo.   Did you hear the one abut the band that played a show in the eastern block Estonia the night of the revolution and got poisened by the KGB?  I guess you will have to listen to hear the whole story.    #CharlesNormal #LarryNormal #BlackFrancis #The Pixies #Rock and Roll #Sex Pistols #DandyWarhols 
January 07, 2021
Simon Turner Simons Universe of Music
Simon Is a Chef in Northern England, When the Pandemic hit he was furloghed and decided to follow his passion, Music.  Living in Engalnd makes it very easy to see a lot of shows.  England small country but it has a large rock and roll legacy.  Music happens in England and if you are Keen to watch shows you can.  Simon is building a Universe of Music show, and I have to admit his taste is good and varied.  I wish the best to Simon as he launches his page with passion.  We have a great time Simon is a wonderful man and we get some tales.  I Loved it Thanks Simon.
January 05, 2021
Peter J Daley The actual show Music, Movies, Games, Collectables
I know few people who go as deeply into entertainment than Peter,  Most of us know Peter the Fan of the Dandy Warhols who has been to more shows than anyone else.  Peter is a fanatic in the proper sense of the word fan.  He goes all in on his passions wether they be music or movies or video games. Peter is one of those Tarentino types that has a huge amount of pop culture in his arsnal at all times.   One of the best things we can find in life is a job where we flourish. Well Peter has found a place for his skills and it is none other than Target in the entertainment and technology sections.  Its perfect because he is as excited as his customers about the next thing and he is in place to learn new trends in the gaming world.  Peter and I have a really good time here thank you Peter.  You can Catch several of Peters YouTube shows on this link
January 04, 2021
Matias Trejo De Dios Passionate Citizen of Earth.
 i met  he had the most elaborate cube of anyone at the lottery.  Not trinkets of plastic but art and trinkets from all over the world  tech gear web tools actual plug ins from cameras.  A creative realm, and he always had something going on something creative.  Matias tells a good story or ten.  He says he could cut this down to twenty minutes.  I dont have that kind of mind.  I like it all even the long pauses.  Causes humans pause and they um and they so.  This is a conversation between me and my friend.  I truly hope yall are enjoying the show.  
December 19, 2020
Benjamin Wilt
Such a pleasure to share with the unique and beautiful Benjamin Wilt.  We talk about bicycles and construction and society and Ben and I have a great time on this show just hanging out and chatting up all kinds of philosophy.  Listen up you will enjoy #HabitatForHumanity #Construction #Bicycle #Jesus #jehovah #jehovahWitness #love
December 18, 2020
Peter J Daley Dandy super Fan (short show)
This is a short show because I messed up but I got the start, and we are scheduled to do a full show soon.  Now listen to Peter and I chat it up while i wait for the plumber and proceed to screw the whole thing up.  On the good side Peter and I had a good conversation he has great stories and i have no doubt our long show will be fantastic.  
December 16, 2020
Scott Orr Retired National Political Reporter, currently a Journalist Copywriter In NYC
Scott and I have a great time on this podcast.  We talk about many things most of all his love for New York City.  Scott loves music we talk about the Dandy Warhols and much more music on this show.  As with all Garland Pepper shows the topics are all over the place, we talk about truth itself and how it's a challenging world to get a clear picture of objective reality. SEXY. We talk about NYC and the changes over time including the strange reality of COVID-19 in NYC.   Scott is a smart and engaging man. I had a great time and learned some things hanging out with him.  Listen up you might hear your name called out.  Love yourself, Love your others.  Garland Pepper Loves you.   Peace
December 11, 2020
Wende Bennette Kirkland Wine Educator and Brand Ambassador at Willamette Valley Vineyards (Women in Business Series)
This is another fascinating story of a woman building on her natural passion for service.  When you are great at service you are sought out, and Wende was sought out for her natural abilities and learned her profession based on a belief that she would bring value to the business, and she did. Wende spent years building the brand in many different ways and knows so much more about Oregon Wines than several podcasts could hold.  We cover a lot of wonderful Oregon specific wine stories.  As with all Garland Pepper shows this one goes many places but if you are interested in Oregon Wines the rise of our amazing Pinot Nior listen up.   Thank you for your Support of the Garland Pepper Presents Podcast.  We will be bringing you more and more amazing stories about things you didn't even know you wanted to know. From people you never knew you wanted to hear from.  Love ya'll. 
December 08, 2020
Eric Ross Musician Friend Listen up you will like it.
Eric Ross is a shy man, but a passionate man.  Hanging out with Eric is full of adventure.  and we have had many, from skating to bicycling, hiking and Rocking to just hanging out.   Eric is passionate about Music most of all, he has followed his passions for Skating, Bikes, Surfing, and music down deep rabbit holes.  We talk about #Scottishgames #JohnHenryRoss #Caber #tossing #Surfing #CruiserBobs #DeepPurple #Montrose #Rush #TheVentures  #Maui #CruiserBob  #music #Ludwig #Guitars #Tolstoy #Ghandi #Collectivism #Anarchy  Links;
December 04, 2020
Zaidi Langworthy Carpenter and friend & some kind of magician
I met Zaidi in California and have known Zaidi for thirty years but became much closer when he moved to Klamath Falls from Hawaii.  My job would take me to K -Falls and i would hang out with Zaidi and his family in their Geo thermal heated home in Klamath Falls Oregon.  There are no falls in Klamath Falls That being said this is a great conversation between two friends that spans the ocean to Hawaii and back again.  We have a good time we get there. Where you might ask.  There, we got there. Cheers.
December 03, 2020
Tim Kniffin Actor Stage and Film Part 2 FILM
Tim was more than gracious to accept the first show in the morning and do the show that night.  I went into the talk assuming that Tim had chosen the Stage only side of acting. He has acted in films and one that is out now and streaming.  the film is called Burn Country and Stars Dominic Rains, Melissa Leo, James Franco, Rachael Brosnahan, Thomas Ryan and Tim Kniffin.  We explore the world of Jerzy Grotowski and the Polish method. We talk about agents. What an enjoyable time.  Thank you Tim. 
December 03, 2020
Michael Davies Musician with LAC Law Abiding Citizen
Michael is a musician with a rock pedigree that includes an uncle in Hawkwind a band with members like Ginger Baker and Lemmy.  Michael and his brother carry on the family tradition and start the band LAC they move up in the world and get a contract with Warner Music Group.  On thier way up Michael looses it all and ends up serving time.  This is the story of recovery and redemption.   This is the story of a man putting his life back together, and he happens to have a knack for writing good songs.  Enjoy and follow LAC 
November 26, 2020
Evann Remington CEO Fresh and Local Foods (Women in Business Series)
The Women in Business Series has been so much fun.  It has been inspiring and a blessing to hear these stories of creativity and perseverance.  Evann is an ambitious woman up for the challenge of improving the food children eat.  Fresh and Local is the brand and it is not always easy to keep to the core principles, but they guide the mission and keep it moving the right direction.  Some tough decisions are made and profit is left on the table because of the mission.  I just loved Evann and her story.  I am sure you will also.  If you would like to support the Garland Pepper podcast please look for the support button.  It's a monthly donation to keep the show a float and I would love  Keep the show coming to you week in and week out for ever and ever amen. 
November 23, 2020
Tim Kniffin Actor Stage and Film
Who is Tim Kniffin?  That depends on which night you see him.  Tim is an amazing actor and has done the deep work to be a master at his craft.  Tim really loves acting it is his life purpose.  His film credits are many  including Burn Country, Adjunct, Marvelous Mrs Maisle, Parallel, Chance, ,Without Words, Trauma, and many others.  The thing I really love about talking to actors is that they dive deep into the human condition and have a good perspective on what it means to be human.  All the worlds a stage and all the men and women merely players.  Please enjoy the show, Share it among your friends and Download the podcast so you don't miss a show.  Also, if you are feeling generous we have a support option for those that want to show their appreciation for Garland Pepper presents.   I promise you we will always improve,  We have many more interesting people for you to meet.  I am excited about where the show is going.  Thank you for listening.  
November 17, 2020
Liv Osthus Writer, Musician, Stripper, World Traveler, Mother
Some people go their own way.  They must create they must perform, and they are unable to conform anymore.  Liv grew up a preachers daughter and there is a whole lot of conformity in that world, and she conformed for the most part all the way through Williams College graduation in which George Bush told the class to follow their dreams and boom! That's all it took.  Liv goes to Portland to do something unexpected for an ivy league preachers daughter she strips. That was years ago, and she still strips once a week. I think its like comedians you just gotta get your stage time in or you get rusty.  I think you will enjoy this conversation. I learned a lot, some assumptions are challenged I love that in a conversation.   Love y'all subscribe and listen.  Share with your friends and if you are feeling generous and would like to Support the Garland Pepper Show please do.   "Thank You for Supporting the arts". Viva Las Vegas
November 14, 2020
Bex Carlos Podcast editor (Women in Business Series)
So I reached out to a few places to build the women in business series and Bex is someone who showed up.  That's the ticket folks show up.  So Bex is a Young woman who is embarking on a career in editing audio for podcasts.  She actually cleaned up this show Thanks Bex.   She is also into the mystical arts, and we do a reading.  This is a fun show Bex is a delight.  Bex is a person of color in St Louis and it can be challenging,  she has a tough skin and a warm heart and is outgoing  as you will see.  I really enjoyed this conversation i learned some things.  Thanks Bex  Hey Y'all be sure to follow subscribe and download the show Thank you 
November 08, 2020
Treva Gambs Gamberettis (Women in Business Series)
I love restaurant people, and Treva is about as good as they get in the business.  Restaurants are tough to make work the margins are low and the management of people product and money all impact the bottom line.  It is a balancing act at best especially during these times.  Treva is creative and thinks on her feet.  She accepts the reality that's given to her and finds creative solutions to work through it.  I hope you enjoy this show as much as i did.  BTW  This show is also available on Youtube if prefer to watch. Look up Garland Pepper and you should find it.  
November 07, 2020
Dr George Greer Psychiatrist MD Medical Director at the Heffter Institute
I really wanted to study the field of psychedelics  as the news of more promising treatments in addiction and depression.  I reached out to the Heffter institute after looking through their materials through an open e-mail to whoever would answer from the organization.  My motive is to get more information to the public regarding the issue of Psilocybin which is on the ballot.  I found out much more than i knew which means you will too.  Dr Greer is a pioneer in studies into MDMA where he legally made MDMA for studies.  This lasted until the drug was rescheduled but the insight was there and the drive to do more work in the field.  The Heffter institute where he is the medical director are heading studies using psilocybin to treat depression in cancer patients  and many other studies.  Listen up you will hear things you didn't know.  Subscribe to the podcast and support if you love the show. 
November 03, 2020
Summer and Julie The Infinity Room (Women in Business Series)
Summer and Julie have teamed up bringing their talents together reimagine the Infinity Room in Salem which was a Capital City Theatre a comedy and improv venue.  Summer and her partners from The Space a music venue made agreements with Julie to merge the concept.  The infinity room is now Comedy and Music with a delicious vegan menu.  This show was recorded in the construction zone that is the infinity room.  I got to see behind the curtain.  T’he infinity Room will be open in early November for Vegan to go orders.  Listen up, Subscribe, and share.  
October 28, 2020
Nicole Dennis Abiqua Naturals (Women in Business series)
 I just love Nicole Dennis she is an entrepreneur who built her business Abiqua Naturals.  based on two factors Health and Lifestyle.  This is the story of someone who assessed her life and determined that she would need to build her world her way.  She is a force of nature and a beautiful soul.  Abiqua naturals produces a delicious and healing elderberry syrup.  Listen up, Subscribe, and share.
October 28, 2020
Sara Grigsby Healthy Systems "The heart of the Matter". (Women in Business Series)
Sara Grigsby is one of the most fascinating people I have ever met.  Sara is from Nashville Tennessee and she has the southern story telling gene, if there is such a thing.   I was enthralled to hear her emergence story.   Sara changes organizations through some well designed tools she gathered from Masters at the Harvard Business school and MIT labs to Interaction Associates and many other sources Sara is always learning.  I have seen Sara at work, I was blessed to have her as a consultant on a big project I was working on.  I was new to building projects and there are a lot of things involved in putting soymething together that has full organizational approval.  I was in over my head but Sara helped me through.  Sara is a great Facilitator I would suggest her to any organization that is looking to improve their operations.,strategic%20planning%20and%20change%20management.
October 26, 2020
Heather Desmarteau Fast Stamen and Pistil owner. (Women in Business series)`
Heather Demarteau Fast is a Silverton business owner of Stamen and Pistil, a local plant shop. Heather grew up in love with the natural world. She grew up on a farm and followed through with her passion of nature by getting a degree in horticulture and landed a job working at the Oregon Gardens and worked there for ten years. She decided to jump into her dream a few years ago. With a small loan of a thousand dollars. One thing I find exciting is the marketing concept she has put together to make a plant business Work all year. Heather is a fun and upbeat person. I think you will love the show. There is some audio pop in this episode and the compression makes some conversation overlap but it is listenable. This is a story of someone following their passion. I find Heather’s story inspirational. I think you will also.  Listen love and share the Garland Pepper Presents Podcast.  
October 23, 2020
Kari McKelvy Life transformation Coach, Adventurous Soul (Women in Business Series)
Kari McKelvy has had an experienced life. She grew up in a large Baptist church her dad was a minister in the church. She rebelled and became a teenage mom worked on her degree widowed at 28 with two daughters she rebuilt her life after doing construction business and Real estate she has decided to do deeper Transformational work of helping people tell their stories and break into their real story of self empowerment. Transformation happens at the story level. What stories are holding you back? Kari jumps into life. A year ago she and her husband sold it all and bought a catamaran in Fiji so that they could explore the islands. When it comes to reinventing your life Kari is a case study in bold exploration into Self transformation and adventure.
October 23, 2020
Mary Babits Overfield Bookkeeper Author Mother (Women in Business Series)
Mary Babits Overfield  is a survivor and a thriver.  Marys story is the Phoenix story,  After years of building a successful business with her husband he got into some legal trouble cheated on her strung out the divorce, took all the money from the court settlement and ran off to Costa Rica.  Mary was forced into bankruptcy.  Mary used her skills in bookkeeping to build a book of clients and was able to sell the business a few years ago.   Mary has built a smaller business doing the same so that she can focus her time working on her new book and getting ready for a speaking tour and traveling the globe.  You can rebuild your life.  It’s possible.   Woman in Business series.   #womaninbusiness
October 21, 2020
Marta Hazecamp Dancer and Performing Arts Instructor (Women in Business Series)
Marta is a force of creativity and energy,  She is a student of Ballet who took her dreams all the way to NYC if you can make it there you can make it everywhere.  Well 9/11 happened and she came back to Silverton and started the AAPAC American Academy of Performing Arts Center. During her time there she taught all the performing arts and would culminate all the arts into a show at the end of the year.  These were fantastic events, high quality theatre and dance.  Marta left AAPAC some years ago and took some time off to raise her daughter, Business woman gotta business dancers gotta dance Creatives got to create.  Marta is back at it with a new studio opening soon.  Very exciting.  Thank you Marta. #womaninbusiness
October 21, 2020
Jacob Vanderwall. Friend Father Kind and energetic we talk deeply about what matters.
In this episode we talk about religion family addiction hyperactivity, the values of human connection.  We talk about being honest with ourselves and never feeling up to par with the requirements of society.  People with hyper activity are always in trouble.  They just can't sit and do noting for long periods of time.  The world doesn't fit the hyper active child so we drug them.  Then we think it odd that they seek out drugs to deal with the challenge of not being normal. Drugs help to calm the nerves and make you feel okay until they don't.  So what are you to do?  Well Jacob has decided to seek treatment and get to the root of what's bothering him.  He is ready to begin the work.  I wish him the best of luck and we will talk again after he in is in recovery.  Good luck brother.    
October 11, 2020
Dan Miletta. Brewer/owner of Ratchet Brewing in Salem and Silverton Oregon.
Dan Miletta is a hard working man who love beer and cars.  His passion has led him to work with cars for 20 years and during this time discovered a passion for brewing,  Dan becomes so passionate that after keeping up to ten taps going and being the neighborhoods favorite garage hang out, he decided to open his own brewing company it grew and he was looking for a way to expand his business. Dan and his business partner recently bought the 7 brides brewing company in Silverton and are doing pretty well considering the challenges of this year.  Listen up, share and follow the Garland Pepper presents podcast.  Love y'all 
October 07, 2020
Randy White My good friend is great manager and owner of two Liberty Tax service Business in Virginia and a good father and Husband
I  Met Randy about twelve years ago he was the lead manager in a statewide launch of our new Lottery systems.  He worked for a Lottery vendor at the time and their team was tasked with training the people throughout the state of Oregon about the new terminal.  Randy worked with many different people from all over America and the world in this position.  I was impressed with his casual approach to getting things done.  People just did the work for him.  He treated everyone with kindness and respect and brought new people into the fold in ways that made them feel like they had been with the team forever.  He has a special quality that endears him to all it seems and that is why I call him friend.  Thank you Randy for this conversation.  Maybe we can do another some time.   Oh and folks check out Heyyy Girl Hey Podcast coming soon With Brittney White talking about her fashion line and whatever else comes up with the heyyy girl hey Girls.
October 06, 2020
Josh Kinsey Artist Talented &Skilled at fabricating dream objects
It truly was a privilege to speak with Josh Kinsey  Josh an artist with an aesthetic that could be easily described as steam punk a term Josh doesn't really care for because most steam punk art is not actually functional.  Josh Kinsey makes art that does things whether it's a telescope or an ancient encryption device, even his sketches tell the story in numbers on gears and gauges.  Please enjoy the show and share with your friends.  Subscribe so you don't miss a good one.   Love you all.  take care of your others.   You can see  purchase or even commission Josh's art at:
October 01, 2020
Peter G Holmstrom Amazing Guitar player with The Dandy Warhols and Pete International Airport
PETE HOLMSTROM Peter Holmstrom is an Artist at the core of his being. . Pete has several projects going all the time, with musicians from all over the world. Pete is humble kind curious obsessively engaged and highly accomplished. Confident and yet self- effacing. Most of us know Pete from his amazing performances With The Dandy Warhols where he sculpts aural masterpieces of massive rock landscapes.  Pete Is also the Lord Admiral of Pete International Airport.  Artists must create and Pete must create.  PIA is an emersion into sound,  Pete brings many artists along with him there is an undercurrent that is Pete that is bold  driving and exploratory sometimes exuberant sometimes dark and questioning.   You may buy Pete's Music and  art at Pete international Airport sky mall. #DandyWarhols #TheDandyWarhols #Peteinternationalairport 
September 28, 2020
Andrea Holzner PhD c Gerontology Psychologist focused on Alzheimer’s
Andrea is in the final stretches of finishing her Doctorate in Gerontology and Psychology with a focus on Alzheimer’s. She works from a holistic approach. I learned so much. Thank you Andrea. This was an enlightening conversation.
September 24, 2020
Stefania D’Andrea Writer of Prose Comedy Professional reader
Stefania is a contributing writer to You Might Need To Hear This. Com. A non fiction exploration into the challenges of our times. She is a 3rd generation Italian American challenging the cultural discussion around Columbus. We learn much more about Stefania who was delightful and a joy to hang out with.
September 20, 2020
Colin Harchenko photography, gaming, music culture.
Colin and I have a good conversation, he grew up in Salem Oregon, we talk about zip code challenges. Gaming #Everquest was his game of choice. We talk about classism. Photography strippers, music and on and on.
September 17, 2020
Jon Battin a continuous learner a world traveler and musician
Jon is a person who drops into things deeply whether it’s science history religion or drugs Jon goes for the full experience. The best way to describe this is as a philosopher meets Garland
September 17, 2020
Jason Savage. Photographer, Author, Artist
Jason and I dive into his world of photography art and music. Jason loves life and is driven by the beautiful northwest with its culture of creativity and natural wonders. Some people never move to change perspective. The great photographer always seeks new ways of seeing the world and themselves. Really enjoyed sharing this time with Jason I hope you do also.
September 04, 2020
Ian Portner Writer, Shepard, mixologist, Father
Ian and I have a good conversation about international adoption. Black lives in America, police reform, growing sheep living on a farm, working through Covid, 13th amendment. Growing up in Scott’s mills Oregon being a nerd blended with redneck qualities.
September 04, 2020
Dr D. James Calver psychologist musician and a helper in the world.
I’ve known Duncan James for about ten years or so. I knew him mainly through music. After working in a crisis center he found his life’s calling and followed it to become a psychologist. He just finished his residency in Missouri and has moved back to the Northwest. Enjoy and subscribe to the Garland Pepper podcast
September 01, 2020
Armando Llanas Marine, Farmer from Kenosha Wisconsin
Armando and I have been friends for almost 40 years. We met in Okinawa and he had a profound impact on my critical thinking. We talk about life as a farmer in Wisconsin being Mexican and Gay in rural America. We had several Audio connection issues so that’s why this is short.
August 30, 2020
Gus Frederick First citizen of Silverton. Science, history, brewing,
Gus is a smart fellow he is engaged in learning all the time. His current interest is brewing and distilling. You will be smarter after you listen to this.
August 27, 2020
Finn John journalism and media instructor at Oregon State University , Podcaster and Published author
Finn is the author of the Offbeat Oregon series of podcasts .  Offbeat Oregon has an art beat kind Oregon kind of vibe and there are great little nuggets about the great state of Oregon and the little offbeat bits we didn't know. He is Currently working on a Penny Dreadful rework a dramatic podcast in the old radio style of Sweeney Todd and others from the Penny Dreadful collections. Finn is an interesting and storied person.  Please enjoy the show and share with your friends.  
August 25, 2020
Ty Allison & Becca in the shire
Do you know the difference between baking soda and baking powder? These mysterious questions and many others are discussed on this podcast. If it sounds like we are outside and that the phone is just in the middle of the room it’s because it it’s
August 23, 2020
John Labovitz kindness intelligence and curiosity
John and I have been friends for years, John is from DC but was enamored with the west and moved to the Bay Area at the start of the tech boom. John lives his life on his own terms and follows his interests to deep understanding. I think you will enjoy this show.
August 21, 2020
Mike Morgan photography, video production, swimmer
I had a great time talking with Mike. We talked about competitive swimming, aesthetics of photography. We talk a lot about the dandy Warhols in the work he’s got to do with them. It was a really fun show enjoy listen love and share
August 19, 2020
Sam Rae Musician Singer Songwriter Cellist for Brandi Carlile Gender Queer
Sam is amazing musician songwriter singer and professional cellist. Sam has toured with Brandi Carlile and is working on her new projects. We just have the best time. Enjoy. You may purchase Sam‘s music at
August 14, 2020
Devin Meyers mystic giggler with a stoic sense and a positive attitude. I know conundrum yes love
So this is part Two of a conjoined podcast. Devin expressed interest in starting a podcast of his own so he did and I was his host on his podcast. So part one exists on Devon Meyers podcast so you’ll have to listen to it there is a great podcast cults addiction self management self improvement. But most of all what stands out is some sort of mystical quality
August 13, 2020
Tim the Shrubber. Master of bio reality plants and earth are his fascination
I love Tim he is a man who is more in tune with nature than anyone I know. He loves it so much he lived in Peru for four months just exploring the Andes. Tim is one of my favorite people and a master of middle eastern and some North African beats. He is an amazing man I could do a whole podcast with just whatever he wanted to talk about. Enjoy and share likes is everyone’s birthdays
August 13, 2020
Zia Mc Cabe The Dandy Warhols Keyboards/Bass/Tambourine. Revolutionary woman in the battle of Love ❤️
Zia McCabe Dandy Warhols keyboard/Bass/Tambourine. We talk about the miracle of a band lasting 26 years. Part of their staying power is the resilience of the members. Tolerance and forgiveness are a must when you spend 26 years running from city to city to festival. Road miles are real and a bus is a bus and it’s the same people. They figure it out. The data says a 14 day tour is good. I love Zia and I’m sure you will too. She is straightforward honest and kind. Listen love and share.
August 11, 2020
Zach Kacalek redux first studio recording
This is the first studio recording of the Garland Pepper presents podcast. Zach came over to do a show so I could test the set up. We go through some topics. Had a fun time. Listen up
August 11, 2020
Casey Nova Practices Law, ran for state office, Boxer, historian, storyteller.
Casey is a good story teller all the details are there. We talk about growing up in Florence Oregon learning to box from his Grandfather, we talk about some of the bands he’s been in and running for state Rep. We talk about patriotism. Garland Pepper is typically not political but we go there in this one a bit. Are you a patriot.
August 05, 2020
Rodrigo Vargas Marines Kung fu meditation biker jeweler wise ol’ Brother
Rod is one of the sharpest folks I know. This was good and we are going to Machu pichu it’s on the bucket list Kung fu and meditation. Buddha brokered his seeking and led to challenging his understanding of god. The janes respect all life. Life is consumption. We get shut down by the FBI because we talked about population.
August 02, 2020
Ken Cartright Luthier, Radio Man Raconteur
This was an excellent interview, Ken does more than most folks his age. He’s an inspiration, Ken can tell a tale and his run in with the FCC is a good one. He has been repairing stringed instruments for decades.
July 31, 2020
Good ol’ Dale Coleman brewer, mountain man Ancient arts
I really enjoyed my time with Dale, having been friends for close to thirty years had a way of sending conversations many places. Dale and I explore his life starting in Woodburn Oregon, we talk ancient arts fitness outdoors family brewing and the Belgian underground. Btw Dale has not done yoga.
July 30, 2020
Jared Kofron Redux
This is my first repeat episode. So this doesn’t follow the usual format. Less biographical and and more current. We talk about the military, the constitution, the protests, stoicism, humanity. Korea DMZ. We cook a some chicken thighs in a cast iron pan. Recipe and tempting sizzle follow
July 28, 2020
Andy Diacetis LaGrande HotShots firefighters, Fermentation, Beer, Wine, Cocktails.
This was a really good interview, Andy is an interesting person. We talk about Cancer the beer industry, wine. He supplies the wine industry with parts. Runs a moble wine filtration company and is a partner in 503 Distilling in Portland, As a young man he served the Hot Shots fire jumpers in LaGrande.
July 24, 2020
Moses Barrett from the Junebugs
I love the Junebugs and I gotta tell you I love Moses Barrett. This is a fun conversation where we explore the making of a musician. Moses’ talent was forged in music from the campfires porches  kitchens and living rooms of Timber Oregon music has been the cultural marker for Moses. He will play Wagon Wheel. Rock me mama
July 22, 2020
Kevin Fitzgerald Dandy man from Texas.
Kevin is a hard working man who has seen the ups and downs of building businesses and taking risks. He is an avid music fan. We talk about work music family and faith. It’s a good talk Kevin has lots of interesting stories. Listen love and share
July 20, 2020
Andrew Fox Silver Falls Brewing disc golfer rock climbing enthusiast
This was a really enjoyable podcast. I learned more about dyslexia than I knew before. Which is cool we talk about community and the value of public spaces, we talk about disk golf and mountain climbing, and of course brewing which is his main role at SilverFalls Brewing. I really enjoyed getting to know Andrew better I know you will enjoy as well. Listen love and share.
July 16, 2020
Eric Druliner Silver Falls Brewery, Police Officer, Basketball Player
A very enjoyable podcast, we had a great time talking about Silverton, Basketball, Brewing, restaurants and Covid, volunteers, police , building a business. Overall a joyful experience. Thank you Eric
July 15, 2020
Sean Tichenor Rock n Roll Tour Manager, Film production, musician.
Sean started his career as a guitar tech with Everclear in 95 he took the job of tour Manager on the year they went from small clubs to stadiums. Learning in the hot seat. He managed many rock tours including the Dandy Warhols and moved into film for the last few years. Working on such projects as Grim in Portland. Enjoy and share.
July 10, 2020
Jared Kofron. Veteran Army Ranger, philosopher, soul worker
A fun time talking with Jared we talk about religion we talked about guns we talked about mushrooms and using those in his recovery from stroke. Just a really good conversation all the way through enjoy and share
July 09, 2020
Kristin Aalbue Artist and master of simplicity,
Kristin is engaging and fun to talk to. We talked about many things. Dogs restaurants art friends. Art hobbies and the peanut butter and jelly theory.
July 04, 2020
Ty Boland Oregon in his bones.
Hunting, tradition Family, adventures, motorcycles, Ape Hangers, Eastern Oregon, Zig Zag, Silverton, Music, Rocking with The Standing. Think Punk Bluegrass, with some funk. Rolling and rocking. Dance floor moving. The Standing.
July 03, 2020
Jamie Sloan Hot sheets drummer, gardener, Chef AYA Food School coming to you tube
This is a fun conversation Jamie is an upbeat person with a good attitude we have a good time on the podcast talking about music recording not going to LA gardening food on and on and on and on and on the beat don’t stop until the break of dawn. Listen up
July 02, 2020
Chris McLaughlin aka Boston Bartender and restaurant manager top cleaner. All-around good guy
I’ve known Kris for about 10 years. He moved here from Boston I was friends with his sister and brother-in-law and we just hit it off. Cris is a great guy. We talk about the restaurant industry and the challenges during the Covid you talk about the differences between Boston and the Northwest.
July 01, 2020
Garland Pepper presents Ruban Lawrence Canadian, parents from Sri Lanka, Gay, engineer.
Today we explore the challenges of being different in the way society reacts to people who are different. We talk about growth through these challenges. Ruban is a gay man who appears to be black Both of these factors shaped the world around him. His love is built from overcoming these things his understanding is deep. Listen up
June 25, 2020
Kristie Allen Funeral director. Good friend. Excellent show
This was a really fun conversation with my friend Kristie Allen. We have been friends for over 20 years started out in photography. This is just a great conversation to talk about death life happiness it’s all in there
June 24, 2020
Jerry Kilgore Country Music
Jerry is a musician country music singer writer we talk about Merle Haggard buck Owens pretty much the whole grand old Opry. Jerry spent a lot of time in Nashville writing music and performing Listen up you’ll enjoy it
June 24, 2020
Garland Pepper presents Karen McFarlane Holman Science and Punk Rock and super coolness
Karen is a Science professor at Willamette University. She also plays in two punk bands, is a radio Dj at Kmuz Salem, A mother of two boys, Karen is a ball of energy and intelligence and humor and insight. I hope you love her as much as I do.
June 23, 2020
Jennifer Council Renaissance woman.
Jennifer Council Is a lovely driven human being she blows my mind you’ll see that in this podcast. She’s a power lifter super Mom Gardner. When we first met she was working on her degree while working full-time while homeschooling her kids while pregnant. You get the idea. Listen up you will love her as much as I do.
June 19, 2020
Joel Autry Owner of Silverton Wine Bar and Bistro.
Joel is an African-American gay man living in Silverton Oregon a rural town south of Portland. We talk About growing up in Indianapolis and moving around the country doing insurance work gay rights and being black and white community. You got a stand up for yourself. You show up as yourself. It seems to work. We love you
June 15, 2020
Brent Pace LGBT counselor in Salt Lake City
I met Brent At Provo high school my senior year. Brent was a good friend and he taught me much. This podcast explores the challenges of being Gay and growing up Mormon. A compelling and needed story. Enjoy and share the Garland Pepper presents Podcast
June 13, 2020
Melanie Zermer is a community minded reporter For Kmuz
Melanie Zermer is community minded reporter for KMUZ in Salem Oregon. She worked in the legislature for many years and is Soon retiring from being a massage therapist for several years. Good conversation a little bit of funky audio. Enjoy
June 11, 2020
Marie Hill is a Native American, poet and social worker.
This was an excellent conversation with Marie is a native American From the Blackfoot and Cree Tribes. I learn much more than I knew before thank you. We also talk about grief and healing. It’s a beautiful and deep show.
June 11, 2020
Stewart Fritchman entrepreneur, BELLATAZZA coffee in Bend Oregon. So much joy in this conversation
In this episode Garland and Stewart talk about current events structures of society. Giving and helping others. Connectedness empathy love and respect. This is a really great podcast please y’all stay with me as I work out some of these technical difficulties
June 06, 2020
Garland Pepper presents Michael Hickman musician friend radio DJ
Michael the sweaty toothed madman himself. We talk about music and Salem Oregon, The Space in Salem Oregon. Friendship and the importance of having a confidant in our lives.
June 06, 2020
Garland Pepper presents Daisy Santana Hickman. Fiber queen knitting spinning etc.
In this episode they talk a lot about knitting, And spinning yarns. We also talk about sexuality. It’s kind of two shows. Listen up enjoy
June 04, 2020
Garland Pepper presents Bob Androvich artist businessman author
This episode I talk to Bob Androvich about business and Art baseball and basketball and music. Bob is an interesting man and has had an interesting life garland really enjoyed this interview I hope you do too.
June 03, 2020
Part 2 Count Kellam
A couple of songs on this one. Little more about Athens Georgia
May 29, 2020
Garland Pepper presents Count Kellam. Part 1 Musician, sound engineer, beautiful soul.
Count comes from Atlanta Georgia later in life lived in Athens Georgia. Athens is a creative hub much like Portland many musicians come out of Athens. Count has an amazing voice a beautiful soulful voice. You can hear it in the second half when he sings a couple songs for us. Love Count Kellam
May 28, 2020
Garland Pepper presents Farshad Allahdadi
Farshad starts his life in Colorado, his father was on a student visa and they moved to Iran, only to leave during the uprising. Refugees they return to New Mexico he grows through swimming and studied economics he has a masters in. Farshad loves ukulele because it’s an amazing fun way to learn about music.
May 27, 2020
Paul Nida Has been a friend of garland for 30 years. Former Pasha at Racs Sarama
Paul and Garland Pepper Explore their lives together over 30 years watching children grow and living life in Silverton Oregon
May 26, 2020
Garland Pepper presents Benji Hanson vagabond
Benji hails from Alberta Canada Grew up on a massive sheep farm. Benji is a traveler who has been all over the place. He’s handy and able to fix almost anything he is a character big and bold I love Benji
May 26, 2020
Garland Pepper presents. Tacallie foster care Homeliness
Tacallie has been a friend for many years she met my daughter when she was 15 she was in foster care has been out of foster care most of her life and after aging has been homeless much of her life. Given all these hardships Tacallie is surprisingly upbeat and fun
May 25, 2020
Garland Pepper presents Charles McGarry Entertainment Lawyer
This was a trip through rock ‘n’ roll the starts in up state New York. This is a trip through Law and music and promotion. Radio station owner promoter of Young Bands. From Pete Seeger it is grade school teaching him this land is your land. Through getting Talking Heads to play his college. This is a walk-through time really enjoyable podcast. A really enjoyable human being who can spin a good yard Charles McGarry. Thank you
May 22, 2020
Garland Pepper presents Megean McBride Sanchez. Filmmaker Photography Dance
Megan is filmmaker Dancer artist photographer she begins her life in Redlands California moved to Portland at 14 to start a career in music but finds other interests. New project the quiet crowd can be found at We had a lovely conversation thank you Megan
May 22, 2020
Garland Pepper presents Jake Gerig Teacher Musician
Garland had an enjoyable evening sharing thoughts and memories and time with his good friend Jake Gerig. We wander through Silverton through Music through family through education through life truly enjoyable enjoy
May 21, 2020
Garland Pepper Presents Tonya Smithburg. Artist Muralist clothing design
Tonya is an artist a muralist a craft person. If you are in Silverton Oregon and you see a Mural it’s highly likely that Tonya either painted it or has worked on it. Tonya is always doing five things at once from jewelry to Art to murals to yoga pants. Garland loves his friends. Thank you Tonya
May 20, 2020
Garland Pepper interviews Ryan Sims 13 video games horror movies Art
Gaming Art tattoos Theatre horror films, Garland had a good time talking to the young man Ryan Sims.
May 17, 2020
Garland Pepper presents Michael Harrison comedian
Truly enjoyable podcast with Michael Harrison. Michael is from pilot butte Saskatchewan just outside Saskatoon. Currently living in New York City. Busting out as a young comedian. Follow him on Instagram Facebook and help her fella out Download his comedy album
May 17, 2020
Garland Pepper presents Johann Peters part 2 Marine sound systems rock
Last session cut off so we decided to do it again. This is part two and talk about Tony lash Elliott Smith Neros Rome James angel Courtney Taylor Taylor start in music recording
May 16, 2020
Garland Pepper presents Johann Peters Marine, sound design, music industry
Where to start Klamath Falls cottage Grove Longview Washington Tacoma Northwest logging towns USMC poetry Star Wars Johann has lived an interesting life.
May 16, 2020
Garland reads Walt Whitman
I celebrate myself; and what I assume you shall assume. For every atom Belonging to me, as good belongs to you
May 16, 2020
Garland Pepper presents Tony Hilsmeier Musician Creative
With Tony you start with Art. Old town Portland, Punk rock, Ravi Shankar Black Sabbath Thomas Mudrick wizard hippie orb. A really fun show I hope you enjoy
May 15, 2020
Garland Pepper presents Pieter Vanderbeek Electrician philosophy family
This is a fun conversation, lens itself to that space we’re friends know each other and yet we’re learning new things. We talk about Gergiev we talk about the farm school we talk about electronics. Talk about the philosophy of life and people and the beauty of people and the sadness of people. Garland pepper thinks you’re gonna love this show
May 14, 2020
Garland pepper presents Jessica Amos Meditation Guru
This was an amazing show. Jessica is a meditation teacher at a very high-level very good at what she does she has a blog We discuss thinking about thinking acting without thinking stories from the Darkside falling apart needing love. Garland pepper Loved this podcast
May 13, 2020
Emily Cahal hypnotist prison nurse piercing and Tattoo parlor owner.
This is fun Emily has had an adventurous life. I’m sure you will enjoy
May 12, 2020
Spencer Haley joins the Garland Pepper Show. Numbers tell the story. Very interesting man
Spencer is an interesting person. He grew up in West Texas. We talk about stoicism, multiple sclerosis, autism, and yet this podcast feels hopeful we even talked about Covid And it still feels hopeful. Because of community will get through this y’all. Garland Pepper
May 12, 2020
Naomi Kahn is a shaman counselor teacher healer, we explore the process of healing .
Naomi Kahn is a healer who practices many different methods of helping people through trauma. She is amazing at what she does and has shepherded a few people I know through the darkest parts of their life. She is in recovery from cancer but is alive and vibrant. Please enjoy follow and share the Garland Pepper show.
May 11, 2020
Naomi Khan intro
Just an intro
May 08, 2020
Jamie Nida made this really enjoyable evening we had a great time hang out with us.
Had an enjoyable evening with my good friend Jamie Nida. She’s Paul’s daughter from a previous podcast we talked about all kinds of things family work money Fireworks powered cars you know the basic stuff
May 07, 2020
Zach Kacalek Musician podcaster @Marion County Knockout boys.
Zach and I talk about this that the other music is it his journey through Music. We talk about craftsmanship and thinking and the mind itself. Please enjoy
May 06, 2020
The Garland Pepper show presents Thomas Mudrick Musician, family man, artist, filmmaker.
Garland Pepper Welcomes you to a whirlwind of conversation blended with music and sounds you’ve never heard before. Explore with me into the creative genius that is Thomas Mudrick. A member of several bands. The nodding tree remedies, the sexy water spiders, the silver Tron youth choir, mother Mariposa is his current project and I imagine he has several in the hopper. Please enjoy this experience and share share share the Garland Pepper show
May 05, 2020
Garland Pepper takes a long walk
Garland talks about dogs barking intruders and dogs and walking and stuff and then more dogs surprising the amount of dogs little bit of talk it was four mile walk so Garland was a little bit tired. But the moon was bright and the houses were cute and it was quiet except for the dogs the dogs the never ending dogs
May 01, 2020
Garland muses about mowing lawns and never got to the humming bird
Garland is what can I say some kind of You don’t know what you’re going to get.
May 01, 2020
This is my first recording so I followed in the footsteps of the first recording.
Aliterate the state of attachment of said white lamb to a girl named Mary first performed TAE. We call Him TAE the first man to bust a rhyme while recording it for the first time. Thomas A Edison.
April 30, 2020