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What's Next Now!

What's Next Now!

By Gary Danoff
Improving human connection. It's what we all want. Join us for conversations with business leaders, entrepreneurs, and influencers. Listen as they describe blending business goals, personal passion, and their best human strengths to create and grow ever-expanding communities of customers, partners, and employees.

With episodes between 8 and 30 minutes, you will be inspired by the stories of how guests—through a combination of planning, skill and good fortune—succeed at growing their businesses and careers as they share years of wisdom and lessons with you.
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The Mighty Titus
Alexander Titus has biked 3,000+ miles from Alaska to Silicon Valley, worked as a recruiter at Box, picked up a PhD in Biomedical Data Sciences and is now  Chief Strategy Officer at ARMI.  Here's the crazy thing...that's not even the full list! What’s  so great about the guy I call The Mighty Titus (you'll hear why in the episode) is the humility and quiet determination he uses to create each step of his career and in his public-private leadership roles. In his episode you will hear new attitudes and approaches you can use:  like rather than denying inevitable failure, thinking of it as, ‘not yet succeeded’. For more ideas and actions on how you are going to define, claim and action your next career move follow me on Instagram @garydanoff  or email me at
November 8, 2020
Respect the Knowledge, Not the Age
In the age of Zoom and Google Meet, does age really matter? With so many meetings happening over video, we do not have use of the full three dimensions we are used to when creating, shaping and building in person relationships. Yet our need to connect with customers, colleagues and partners is even stronger.  Because of this, a door has opened.  Previous perceptions and biases formed by age, rank and title are blurred and back-seated to what can be gained, given, advanced and actioned through video--with everyone!   This episode reviews the great gift of having five generations in the workplace today and provides a 3-step approach you can use this week to maximize your learning and goal achievement with and from others, regardless of age!
October 25, 2020
Build and advance your career using Integrity, Curiosity and Respect
This week on What's Next Now! Karen Terrell, President, US Public Sector at OpenText, describes the great career she built based on the strengths of integrity, curiosity and respect. From early on as an individual contributor and then in multiple leadership roles, Karen shares how continuing to learn about, listen to, and respect others is central to growing her career and leadership style while also breaking new ground as a female leader. It is a great story, filled with laughter and camaraderie as I have known Karen for 19 years and once worked for her. You will learn AND enjoy hearing about the journey and What's Next Now! for Karen.
September 20, 2020
'Stylin' Life' with Alicia McCaslin
Hear Alicia McCaslin describe how she's styled her career and life!  Beginning in the restaurant industry, then moving into the technology space and sales, Alicia now owns her own successful business as a personal stylist. What you'll love hearing about is  Alicia's formula to thrive in her interactions with clients both through social media and in person.
September 7, 2020
Independent by Choice--you have options on how you work!
Even before COVID many people were asking questions like: 'Can I run my own business? What does it take to be an entrepreneur? Can my passion gig turn into full-time?" Listen to the conversation featuring Kristian Rayner for answers to these and other questions. Kristian has a really interesting background including being a serial entrepreneur and also helping take an established business into new markets and currently works for MBO Partners to help people make the transition in how they work. 
August 23, 2020
18 minutes of influence to increase your value!
Conversation with Jenn Sherman on how to integrate old school and new school to connect and build influence so that your genius is shared and valued.
August 9, 2020
Are you really 'connecting' through video?
Listen to this episode for five techniques to relax yourself and connect better with customers during video calls to meet your business goals by demonstrating greater connection.
July 26, 2020
Born I: Meditation, Music and Business
Listen to the calming voice and amazing story of 'Born I'.  Learn how he discovered his calling to combine music, rap and meditation into a business.
July 13, 2020
Anchor. Educate. Persuade. How great customer relationships are made during COVID.
New to selling, seasoned pro or someone who educates and persuades-- you will enjoy the phenomenon and process Gary talks about today. 
June 28, 2020
Courage to leap: the journey from IBM to the Music Makers
Hear the story of overcoming doubt and timing to leave a great job at IBM and start a company!
June 14, 2020
Navigating takeout in a work-from-home life.
Get inspired, laugh and enjoy a free recipe from a person who knows how to get the most value from takeout and blend it into the way we live and eat now. Enjoy!
May 31, 2020
One day, will you retire or 're-tire' ?
Here's a new way to think about the end game altogether. 
May 17, 2020
Gain back your Customer Contacts
It's easy to get rusty and fall back on staying in touch with customers. Hear a short story on how to invent a new way to offer value and stay in touch!
April 26, 2020
During COVID, business is TOTALLY Personal
During COVID, using video for meetings gives everyone a view into home based work places. It's so personal:  the settings, the scene, the sounds, the views...on and on. Listen for ideas to make this uniquely personal time really count for you and your customers, students, patients.
April 12, 2020
Describing 'Sales' to 5th graders. A new way to think about communicating and being persuasive whether you are a professional salesperson, doctor, business owner, chef or barista!
You can't really lie to 5th graders. They see right through it. In fact, they see right into your truth, your intention and more. So when asked to describe the art and science of sales to a group of 5th graders I was super nervous and really challenged. The 4-letter acronym, "Like, Listen, Learn & Persuade (LLL&P)" seemed to work. The kids loved it and so have many professionals--both career salespeople and those who rely on persuasion and audience building for their success. 
March 29, 2020
You 'CAN' always get what you want. Well, not really.
We all wish you we could always get what we want. It doesn't work that way in business, relationships and life. But like the Rolling Stones, " get what you need".  This episode shares the story of trial, error, failure and success on my own journey across a section or two of a really satisfying career so far. With humility and gratitude for each peak and valley, listen and grab some insights and practices you can apply to your own circumstance, RIGHT NOW. 
March 29, 2020
I appreciate you! Hear about the amazing power in the word, 'appreciate' and how it impacts others. See how to incorporate this word into conversations in simple ways you hadn't imagined.
What could be more fun than a night out to celebrate a birthday with a good friend?  What made it more fun was discovering great customer service provided by an entertainment vendor (iFly) and how one staff member had a lasting impact by using 'appreciate' instead of 'thanks'.  Great story. 
March 29, 2020
Human connection during social distancing--3 techniques to help you.
Maintaining human connection during social distancing does not have to mean, 'human distancing'. Combining social media and until now, less practiced forms of neighborhood connecting, the episode shares ideas and insights on how to stay human with colleagues, customers, friends and family during a period of social distancing. 
March 29, 2020
Intro episode
Hear about the inspiration, birth, fun and foundations of What's Next Now!
March 29, 2020