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Gathering Insights by Sonya Wilkins

Gathering Insights by Sonya Wilkins

By Sonya Wilkins
Hello everyone, my mission is to offer you valuable insights and practical tips on how to raise self awareness within, heal yourself with tools such as Reiki and Crystal Therapy and manage life's twists and turns with ease. My ideas are offered as a catalysts for your growth and transformation so you can reach your highest potential and connect with your Soul's purpose. I am a Reiki Master Teacher, Crystal Therapist, qualified Myers Briggs Consultant and Artist. I also spent over 10 years in People Development prior to becoming a Holistic Therapist and Transformational Guide.
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Why You Need To 'Play With Clay'
What Can We Do About Being So Busy? We all need to ground our energies more in this busy and fast life we live in! Is it just me or do you feel like everything and everyone is speeding up at the moment?! For this reason, it's so important that we find ways to slow down, breathe...let our thoughts drop away and connect with the healing benefits of nature. So many people talk about 'being present' at the moment...but it's tough right? particularly when you have so many things going around in your head and plates to spin! 😕 Why Clay? This is why clay is so clever! Even if you don't think you are creative, you can benefit from 'Playing with Clay'. This is why children love it so much - it's simple, forgiving, playful and fun. It's like having one of those stress relief balls in your hand and squeezing it, but better! One of my fondest memories is when my daughter (who was 2 or 3 at the time) was playing with play was an excuse for me to get stuck in to something fun with her. We connected over the simple task of making shapes with this soft putty type material. She still talks about it now - remembering it even at that young age! This was a special moment in time when we could both be children... What You'll Learn: So, I invite you to listen to my FREE podcast 'Gathering Insights' to understand a little bit about: ✅ What clay is ✅ How it relates to crystals ✅ Why it grounds our energies ✅ How creating playfully can change your brainwave pattern ✅ How you can use intention setting with clay to further heal aspects of your life ✅  How you can combine it with the healing power of nature FREE Online Family Clay & Leaves Workshop If you feel keen to take this further, you can access my FREE Family Clay Workshop on Youtube. It's the perfect time of year to forage Autumn leaves in the UK and then press them into clay to make trinket dishes, jewellery - anything you want! Interested in making a professional piece of pottery with clay and leaves? Enrol on my 5 star rated Udemy course Pottery, Clay & Leaves? Find Out More Enjoy! Sonya X
October 01, 2021
Psychedelic Floor Tiles and Stealth Mind
'Psychedelic Floor Tiles and Stealth Mind' ~ Yes a strange title I know, but sometimes the every day things in our life can trigger reactions in us, ones that when we look closer, open a window of self enquiry and discovery. This podcast was prompted by a book I was reading the previous night called 'The Courage To Be Disliked' by Ichiro Kishimi and when I woke the following morning it sparked some interesting insights about my life and the environment I live in and around.  Allow me to take you on an insightful meander about how we all can take our surroundings for granted and still be dominated by the 'internal weather' of our minds. Have you got any Psychedelic Floor Tiles that aggravate you? Does your stealth mind creep up on you and take over your thoughts...only to find that you are in a very different place in your mind minutes, hours or days later? How adaptable are you to your environment? Do you have any coping mechanisms to stay present and grateful? I'd love to hear how you manage your equivalent of 'Psychedelic Floor Tiles and Stealth Mind'. Best Wishes, Sonya PS Would you like to discover more Gathering Insights with your Family, Friends and Work Colleagues? Purchase my book 'Gathering Insights' and enjoy revealing conversations around the camp fire, on long car journeys, around the kitchen table with friends, or cuddled up in bed with your loved one...
May 27, 2021
Shape Shifting Energy For Healing Your Body & Your Life
I would love to explain how you can shape shift energy for healing your body & your life. Energy is readily available to all of us and what's more, when we do something we love in life, that energy is amplified. If we choose to focus on the energy and vitality we gain when doing something we love, we can in fact utilise that vital energy and transfer it to another area of our body or life.  What makes you feel alive? What makes you feel expansive? What makes you connect with something greater than yourself? I invite you to engage with this wonderful, dynamic force of energy and then use it to invade an area of your life that needs a boost. You can apply this technique to your physical body too. Any area of the body which is in pain or needs healing, can be alleviated by injecting it with vital energy from an area of the body that is well, balanced and working effortlessly! Shape shifting energy for healing your body & your life is a fun and dynamic tool; why not engage your inner child and start to play with this technique to see what you can gain? Maybe you can develop a new found skill or strengthen a relationship in your life? The possibilities are endless once you learn how to harness and transfer vital, positive energy. Do you know the difference between Kensho and Satori? I will also explain the different ways our energy unfolds in life... Curious? Then do listen and start exploring the potential you hold within you for healing and as always, I'd love to hear how you get on! Best Wishes, Sonya X Music by Neil H 'Novus Initium' Interested in my Udemy course 'Quantum Crystal Healing'? watch FREE preview videos and read reviews here.
April 28, 2021
3 Ways To Break Free From The Matrix
Have you watched the film 'The Matrix'? If not, I strongly advise you do... In today's ever changing and vulnerable world, we are starting to see things differently and maybe even start to break through the veil of illusion we have been under. It's almost like we are breaking free from a spell...a reality that we now realise isn't real.  So what is YOUR reality? How do you know it is true? How do you know if what you experience every day, when you wake up, is real or an illusion created to keep you from finding an enlightened existence? If you had the choice of knowing, seeing and experiencing the truth of life as we know it, would you take the chance or stay comfortably numb? Would you take the blue pill or the red pill? Could you live knowing that you will never view the world the same if you take the veil of illusion away? Or could you survive bearing the truth never to return to the illusion again? Well...given that many of us do seek the truth, I offer 3 ways how you can lift the veil of illusion. How you can break free from the matrix! They are 3 simple tools, one of which you may already do as part of your daily routine. But I suspect very few of us do all three. They also offer you the ability to break free from not just your illusion but tap into your subconscious mind and potentially re-program your beliefs. This is the key to true self awareness, self-empowerment and the truth of life itself. Enjoy the journey...and let me know where it takes you... Sonya X Watch 'The Matrix' Music by Neil H 'Novus Initium'  Interested in my new course IKIGAI? visit to find out more.
March 24, 2021
3 Ways To Change Your Perspective
When life gets confusing, confrontational and challenging its often refreshing to take a step back and change our viewpoint or perspective. But it can be hard to remember to do it - how can we do this in the heat of the moment? Analogy and symbolism can help to remind us to take action and switch our viewpoint. In this podcast I offer up 3 ways in which we can 'get over ourselves', or literally 'get outside of ourselves' in order to: Find the clarity we need during times of turmoil and chaos; Bring to light what we need to do during an emergency situation; Take our own agenda out of a situation and become more objective; Grow more self awareness; ..and finally, Become more present; I describe the 3 creative ways you can achieve this altered perspective and gain the benefits...further more, how you can invite in a new Archetype of behaviour into your life! Which archetype would you choose? Will you be 'The Joker', 'The Magician' or 'The Maverick'? I'd love to hear yours... Best Wishes, Sonya :-)
January 27, 2021
The Declaration of Absolute Light
In this podcast 'The Declaration of Absolute Light', I share with you 3 beautiful forms and frequencies of light that can be used to heal yourself as an individual and the collective as a whole. I invite you to explore with me the difference between these 3 different light frequencies - Polarity Light, Virtual Light and Absolute Light. I describe in practical terms how you can use them to bring about change in your life, manifest what you desire and potentially bring about miraculous healing. I invite you to 'Act, Manifest & Pray' not only for yourself, but for others, your community and our world as a whole. With this knowledge, The Declaration of Absolute Light, will be invited into your life and who knows what wonderful transformation this may bring about! For those of you who are celebrating Christmas, have a wonderful festive season together; for those of you who are not, I wish you peace, good health and joy... I will look forward to sharing more Gathering Insights with you in 2021 :-) Best Wishes, Sonya X
December 18, 2020
Navigating Change & Inviting Synchronicity
In this episode 'Navigating Change & Inviting In Synchronicity' I share my personal story of adapting to the change of moving house with reluctant teenagers! I explain how I have witnessed my own behaviour and reaction to uncertainty, peoples' varying opinions and reactions to the unpredictability of the house move process. As a therapist and coach, I'm often advising clients how to manage change in their own life. I state that I 'practice what I preach' and so I thought it would be useful to share me doing exactly this! How it felt, how I struggled, how I emerged and the conclusion I arrived at. These are some of the points of discovery I explore: Not taking things personally; Being vulnerable & honest about 'Selfish; decisions; Resisting the urge to save or rescue; Being patient with little control; Sitting with & witnessing discomfort when attachment sets in; Focusing on 'Just For Today'... Surrendering structure; Allowing space for the magic of synchronicity! I hope you join me on this exploration of human behaviour and how we can CHOOSE to adapt to the flow of life.  How have you found ways to manage the change in your own lives? What has worked best for you? I'd love to know your thoughts... Sonya X
November 19, 2020
The Wonders Of Castor Oil
Hi everyone, In this podcast I share the amazing healing qualities of Castor Oil. I first learnt about Castor Oil from Dr. Norman Shealy many years ago. Norman has seen amazing results with his clients over the years, from healing cancers to simple muscular injuries and strains. I too have seen amazing results with my own clients, helping them to treat frozen shoulder, IBS, Anxiety and more. In this podcast I share my own personal experiences using Castor Oil to treat my suspected Endometriosis and painful periods - I realise first hand, how debilitating this can be for many women every month so it was important I shared this healing knowledge with you all. I describe 3 ways in which you can easily use and integrate Castor Oil into your wellbeing routine and the simple, inexpensive 'kit' you will need. I also want to direct you to the work of Dr. William McGarey of the ARE Clinic in Phoenix. He has performed many tests using Castor Oil, so if you wish to find out more about his clinical results, please use the link below: If you suffer from Cataracts, you will need this link to purchase Dr. Norman Shealy's USP Castor Oil: Castor Oil can also be easily purchased online, this is the brand I use: I really hope you give Castor Oil a try - it is an age old remedy that we all need to have in our bathroom cabinets! Best Wishes, Sonya X
October 30, 2020
What is Quantum Healing?
Are you hearing the word 'Quantum' spoken more and more and wonder what it means? In this podcast I explain what science says about 'Quantum' and how it can relate to your life going forward. I explain what 'Quantum Healing' is and how we can create more space in our bodies to engage our natural healing ability. I'd love to hear what 'Quantum' experiences you have had in your life...and what you understand it to do let me know :-) Please subscribe if you enjoyed this and check out my 'Quantum Healing' online courses if your curious... With Love, Sonya X
September 27, 2020
How Do You Climb The Mountain Of Life?
Curious about how you are motivated to adapt and evolve in your lifetime? Would you like to find out how you can energetically 'spring clean' your life, so you get the very best view as you climb the Mountain? I believe that life is all about experiences and what we do with those experiences, so I've blended two different models together...a business tool with an energy healing tool... You may have heard about 'Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs'? It helps individuals understand where their motivations lie in life and how they progress and evolve. The Chakra system is another useful model but it talks in terms of energy and how to potentially heal as you transform through different stages in your life.  Join me, as I talk through a special Doodly video I have created to demonstrate this blending of theories...It's both dynamic and thought provoking! Please watch the video as I describe the theories in this podcast in order to get the full benefit! How far up are you on the pyramid? How firm are your foundations? At which level do you feel most comfortable? I'd love to know what you think... Best Wishes, Sonya :-)
July 29, 2020
Thunder Thoughts About Energy
Tonight's thunder storm was the perfect time to capture my reflections about energy and how it relates to our physical being...  I've recently been on a deep dive to understand the relationship between our aura, meridians and chakras - I had some questions in my mind about these complex systems, as it seems many people are unclear how they actually work together. In this podcast I offer up a simple analogy to help you understand how these three systems interrelate and how they may be healed using holistic therapies. As we enter a new 'norm' after Covid-19 lockdown, I invite you to think differently about your existence as an energetic being. The background of this storm provides the perfect scene, so I hope you enjoy my thunder thoughts! Best Wishes, Sonya.
June 17, 2020
Quantum Crystal Healing - Ignite Your Healing Potential
In this podcast I was fortunate enough to be interviewed by the host of the Mindful Living Show, as part of Spirit Fest TV and share some highlights of my new online course 'Quantum Crystal Healing - Ignite Your Healing Potential'.  We discuss how lockdown during the Covid-19 epidemic presents us all with opportunities for increased self awareness and time to 'check in' on what we need in order to simply 'feel better'. I share some of the topics covered in my new course and how you can integrate some 'little gems of wisdom' into your daily routine to ease stress, attract what you want in your life (as opposed to what you don't want!) and create increased grounded-ness and harmony. I also offer listeners the opportunity to purchase my new course at a discounted price, (offer valid until the 8th June). Please use the link below to access the coupon, enjoy :-) Stay safe and well, Sonya X
May 08, 2020
Create Your Inner Sanctuary
"In the depths of winter I finally learnt that there was in me an invincible summer". Albert Camus In this podcast I share an insight that has developed within me during the Covid-19 lockdown period. I describe how you can 'Create Your Inner Sanctuary' - your own 'invincible summer', even during times of extreme change. Furthermore, I will talk you through the steps to help you engage with the law of attraction and conjure your own unique inner sanctuary - a recourse that you will then be able to tap into anytime, anywhere and anyplace. Please do let me know how you get on creating your inner sanctuary. What does yours looks like? and how have you used it in your daily life? With Love, Sonya.
April 22, 2020
Protect & Centre Your Energy In Times Of Chaos
"Create a little inner calm while the chaos of the world swirls" This episode provides you with a simple, yet very effective way to stimulate your thymus gland to raise the effectiveness of your immune system, centre and protect your precious life force energy and lastly, ground your energy so you can focus clearly on your day ahead. These are all essential tools at any time of life, but particularly useful during the unrest we are all feeling at the moment. You may also like to watch my 'Morning Energising Routine' which demonstrates some wonderful energy exercises formulated by Donna Eden. I have introduced a few little snippets of my own which supplement her work to give you a fully charged routine when you need that extra clarity, balance and harmony. I hope you enjoy and I'd love to hear how you get on integrating these fantastic tools into your every day life. With Love, Sonya.
March 13, 2020
Healing Treats for 2020
Happy New Everyone! I'd like to start this special year off by offering you some Healing Treats for 2020! In this podcast I will tell you about the new healing course 'Crystals for You' I am offering, plus some brand new treatments to help you navigate what is going to be a transformative next decade! They are all rich in learning, combining meditation, theory and experiential approaches that will essentially help you to heal yourself. They are, I believe, some of the things we should all have been taught at school from a young age, as they are essential healing methods in your 'tool kit for life'.  If there are any additional courses you would like me to consider adding to my holistic portfolio for you, please do let me know! My mission is to help YOU heal YOURSELF, so I love hearing about what you feel you need. Then, I can develop insightful and rich learning experiences tailored for you. May your heart be open and playful, may you approach life with curiosity and unexpected the unexpected..truly enjoying this adventure called life... With Love, Sonya.
January 27, 2020
What Makes Your Ears Prick Up?
We can all identify with things that make our eyes twinkle, our ears prick up, and our hearts lift. It's just that we don't listen to them so much anymore. Life is too busy and distracting nowadays. So, I thought I'd offer up this little snippet to get you thinking The post What Makes Your Ears Prick Up? appeared first on Bristol Reiki Healing Arts.
March 13, 2019
New Year Revelations 2019
We all find starting a new year challenging.  We often put pressure on ourselves to keep those New Year resolutions going and end up feeling like we've let ourselves down because it's not quite gone to plan.  I keep it real by discussing... The post New Year Revelations – Podcast 4 appeared first on Bristol Reiki Healing Arts.
January 23, 2019
Using The Law Of Attraction
Have you tried manifesting the life you want using the law of attraction, but failed?  In this podcast I share my own personal experiences and those of some spiritual teachers I respect, giving you top tips for making it work! The post Using The Law Of Attraction – Podcast 3 appeared first on Bristol Reiki Healing Arts.
December 05, 2018
Planful or Spontaneous?
Ever wondered why you find it frustrating that some people leave things to the last minute and you need to finalise them as early as possible?  Do you prefer to 'play' first and 'work' later or get all your 'work' done so you know how much 'play' time you have left? The post Planful or Spontaneous? – Podcast 2 appeared first on Bristol Reiki Healing Arts.
November 03, 2018
Gathering Insights – Welcome Introduction
I'm really excited to launch my new podcast - Gathering Insights.  I am an holistic consultant offering a portfolio of therapies and treatments to clients and also love to continuously evolve my own development and understanding of the spiritual and holistic world. The post Gathering Insights – Podcast Intro 1 appeared first on Bristol Reiki Healing Arts.
October 27, 2018