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By Gaza Guy
Gaza Guy with 'Moe Moussa' a Journalist and a Poet based in Gaza. Moe discusses on his podcast different topics; most likely, art, poetry, Palestine, Gaza, cultures, and more...
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The Concept of Celebration as a Method of Resistance with the Palestinian-American Artist Karmel Sabri

Gaza Guy

Areej Kaoud, Palestinian Visual Artist and Writer
In this episode I talked Areej Kaoud. Areej Kaoud is a Palestinian visual artist and writer raised in Sharjah, UAE and Gaza, Palestine. Her practice draws on her interest in disastrous scenarios and creating narratives. Kaoud’s practice incorporates text, sound, performance, painting and installation to comment on emergency psychology, diaspora and their enactment.
May 21, 2022
Memory of War
Memory of what is a poem written by Moe Moussa in 2014.
April 15, 2022
Tired of Wandering Streets full of Strangers' Faces / Mohammed Moussa / Poem
A new poem written and read by Mohamed Moussa.
March 20, 2022
When do birds leave
When do birds leave is a new poem by Muhammad Musa.
February 01, 2022
Being a Poet and a Journalist
In this episode, I answered the question that I get asked a lot which one do I prefer being a poet or being a journalist, so enjoy listening Gaza Guy podcast.
February 01, 2022
The Feeling of Estrangement
Muhammad talks about the feeling of estrangement that he's battling since he left Gaza and how it became unbearable and so hard to define.
February 01, 2022
Longing, In the Presence of Absence, Mahmoud Darwish
Longing is a scar inside the heart and a country's fingerprint on the body. But no one longs for his wound, no one longs for pain or nightmare, but for what was before. For a time where there was no pain except of primary pleasures that melt time, like a sugar cube in a cup of tea, and for a time of heavenly images.
February 01, 2022
Our Men Deserve Mourning, Iman Al Zaghari
Our Men Deserve Morning is a poem by the Palestinian poet, translator, Iman Alzaghari. Follow Iman on Instagram at @arabicnerd
January 26, 2022
Things You May Find Hidden in My Ear, Poems From Gaza, By Gaza-Based Poet Mosab Abu Toha
Mosab Abu Toha is a Palestinian poet, who was born in Gaza and has spent his life there. He studied English language and literature, he taught English at the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) schools in Gaza from 2016 until 2019, and he is the founder of the Edward Said Library, Gaza’s first English-language library.
January 26, 2022
In Camps, by Mohammed Moussa
You can order my debut poetry collection FLAMINGO now! Email and get your copy.
December 27, 2021
Why Can't I be Free \ A Poem by Mohammed Moussa
Why can't I be free is a poem by Mohammed Moussa. You can order Mohammed's new book 'Flamingo' by  emailing 
December 20, 2021
I was born in Gaza \ Poem by Mohammed Moussa
I was born in Gaza is a poem, from the recent poetry collection by Mohammed Moussa.  Music by: Andre lefebvre.
December 20, 2021
Gaza is being brutally cornered and isolated
It is unfathomable that all this military hardware is being used against one of the densest and poorest cities in the world, with no shelters, and lack of electricity, food, medical supplies, during a deadly pandemic. Gaza is also a city that has been under siege for more than thirteen years, and therefore is vulnerable to such intensive military intrusions. The destruction cannot always be retraced, and is coming from all terrains; land, sea, and air. Gaza is being brutally cornered and isolated so Israel can commit a murderous cold-blooded extermination of Palestinians. The silence coming from international actors and the global community, supported by biased media coverage is complicit in this ongoing destruction of Gaza.
August 01, 2021
Who is Gaza Guy
In this episode I answered questions I was asked by my listeners on Instagram. Also, I included in this episode clips from the interviews which I conducted months ago about Gaza, life here, how this place battling Covid-19, and more. 
February 02, 2021
Updates on the Current State in Gaza - Freedom of Movement and Closure
Hello everybody, Welcome to Gaza Guy podcast, Today is the 1st episode in 2021: I know everyone might be asking how is it going in Gaza, nowadays, also its clear that Gaza is old news right now, seeing the world is still battling the furious pandemic, despite of our high hopes for the new year, the actual state in Gaza might further deteriorate honestly, the situation is the same, nothing will change, I can’t believe its 2021, here in Gaza it feels like 2008 right now, continuous buzzing of the drones day and night, and in case you are wondering about the sound of the drones, if you are not familiar with it , it's like the sound of lawn mower. Re the Freedom of Movement, the two crossing are still closed, Rafah crossing has been closed for two months right now, can you imagine this! I know some of the listeners might be familiar with travelling through crossing, it's like airports, but what if your airport is closed and it's not your government who is closing it, imagine this too! Can you! As a young man things are getting tough and baffling for me here, like I don’t know how to spend my time, what else I can do, where else I can go, so somedays I just spend my whole day at home doing nothing,  what can I do, the reality is harsh here, the streets of Gaza are suffocating, should I go to the sea, but I'm tired of the sea, tired f the faces I see every day, it’s been 14 years of siege here, come on, if this would be a movie I wouldn’t even believe this. Good news, there is a fall in the cases here, we are still going through the two days lockdown and night lockdown at 8 pm every day, so lockdown within a lockdown here, what the people see here is unspeakable and inexpressible, if misery would be replaced with one word i'd replace it with Gaza.
February 01, 2021
What is it Like to Live in Gaza at the Moment
Describing my recent thoughts on what it feels like living in a place like Gaza. 
January 05, 2021
FLO on the Ideal Body Image in Times of Social Media, Luck, Kindness, Biggest Influences as a Poet, and What Does Poetry Mean to US
Flo is a Palestinian-Jordanian poet and storyteller based in UAE we talked about: luck, poetry, Inspiration in poetry, and many more, enjoy listening.
December 20, 2020
Mental Health in the Middle-East; and Why it is Seen as a Stigma
In this episode, Me and FLO, who is mental health specialist, we conversed about how mental health is still considered  a stigma in the Middle-East and how we can change that. 
December 16, 2020
Social Anxiety and Different Types of Bullying
I talked to FLO who is a mental health first specialist based in the UAE  about; bullying, mental health, different types of bullying, and how acceptance takes us to growth in life. 
December 16, 2020
F.L.O: I Perceive Life as a Wave
F.L.O is a Palestinian-Jordanian poet and storyteller that has been writing for UK-based publishing house Soulful Group, since October 2018.
December 16, 2020
F.L.O: on Home, Love, Feelings, Body Image, and Poetry
F.L.O is a Palestinian-Jordanian poet and storyteller that has been writing for UK-based publishing house Soulful Group, since October 2018.
December 16, 2020
Love is the Constant Communication - What does the Word Fearless Mean with Diana
In today's episode, I was joined by Diana Nabulsi, and we talked about many topics related to home, life, growth, happiness. In this final part, we discussed how communication is so important to have a successful relationship, also Diana shared her personal experience on this matter, then we mentioned the word fearless and what it means. 
December 15, 2020
Growing up as a Palestinian Girl in a Very American Environment
In this Episode, Me and Diana Nabulsi, talked about: growing up as a Palestinian girl in  a very american environment, and about gender rules in Palestine, then about life goals, and life changes, we also brought up youth empowerment in Palestine, Education, and unemployment. 
December 15, 2020
What are the challenges Arab Women Facing - Self-Love, and Why Poetry with F.L.O
This is part two from my conversation with FLO ( Palestinian-Jordanian Poet), we talked about the misconceptions Arab women facing nowadays, self-love, and Why poetry.
December 14, 2020
F.L.O; Palestinian Jordanian Poet on Her Writing Process, Common Traps for Aspiring Writers, Reader's Block, Elements of Good Writing, and Inspiration.
F.L.O is a Palestinian-Jordanian poet and storyteller that has been writing for UK-based publishing house Soulful Group, since October 2018.
December 14, 2020
Zach Matari; An Aspiring and Promising Palestinian Artist Based in US on Music and Home
I was joined by the talented and aspiring Palestinian singer, Zach Matari who released his hit 'Yala' song. Zach Matari, the “New” Jersey Boy, is a Pop/R&B singer/songwriter & musician born and raised in North Jersey. We talked about music, life, his upcoming releases, what home means to him, how he defines love, what is gratitude, and more. 
December 10, 2020
'Longing for the Faraway Land' with Diana
Diana Nabulsi is a recent graduate of Columbia University's School of Public and International Affairs. She received her Master's degree in International Affairs, concentrating in Human Rights and Humanitarian Policy and specializing in International Conflict Resolution with a focus on the Arabic language. While enrolled as a student, she took on the role of President of the Palestine Working Group and Communications Chair of the Migration Working Group within my SIPA community. Along with her fervor for human rights and social justice, she loves learning new languages and exploring conflict resolution further.
December 05, 2020
Nadine Aloul on Travelling and Writing as a Form of Expression, Healing, & Growth
Nadine Alaloul is a passionate writer & performer. She is a world traveler & loves to write & dance. She is inspired by life experiences of injustice both her own & the worlds. Nadine Alaloul uses writing as a form of expression, healing, & growth. Nadine was born in the USA but lived an early childhood in Palestine & most of her life in Canada. Both Palestine & Canada are home to her & she always looks forward to visiting the homeland. Nadine is a recent graduate of an Honors specialization in Criminology at Western University. She has always used her voice to speak up about injustices around the world & the plight of the Palestinians on & off campus. She uses art as a medium to spread awareness on social justice issues & as a medium of her own healing journey. She is a former Settlement Worker in Schools & helped in the integration of refugees into Canadian society. Nadine is currently focusing on her writing career & working on her manuscript. She wants to follow her passions & live a life that is surrounded by what she loves. Nadine is an active participant in the spoken word scene in London Ontario & Toronto, performing at both the London & Toronto poetry slam events. She has been performing for years at coffee houses, open mics, & student club events. Nadine’s poetry has been published on several online magazines, journals & zines worldwide. She has recently launched her Instagram as a platform to share her poetry with other poets & lovers of poetry around the world. She hopes to inspire people through her resilience, healing journey, & the lessons she has learned along the way.
December 04, 2020
Poetry as an Emotional Outlet with Eesh
 Aysha is a Palestinian, US-based poet. Known as Eesh. She writes mainly from the influence of current thought or ideas. Normally, her writing is based around love and regular life events, but she decided to take her craft into new spaces she is not such a fan of.
December 01, 2020
Excerpts from a beautiful collection named a Bird is Not a Stone - reading by Moe Moussa
Excerpts from a beautiful collection named a Bird is Not a Stone - reading by Moe Moussa
November 17, 2020
Last of the Century; Excerpt from a Bird is Not a Stone - Reading by: Moe Moussa
Last of the Century; Excerpt from a Bird is Not a Stone - Reading by: Moe Moussa
November 17, 2020
New Poem from a Bird is Not a Stone - Reading by: Moe Moussa
This Poem, ' a woman in the garden' is an excerpt from a bird is not stone book. 
November 17, 2020
Flamenco : An Excerpt from a Bird is Not a Stone - Reading by: Moe Moussa
Flamenco : An Excerpt from a Bird is Not a Stone - Reading by: Moe Moussa 
November 17, 2020
A Poem From A Bird Is Not A Stone Collection; Reading by Moe Moussa
For her Eyes is an Excerpt from a Bird is Not a Stone book, I love this poem and I recorded it in 2018.
November 17, 2020
Pippa Marriot: Handling Writer's Block, Finding Inspiration for Writing Poems, and the Journey of the Poem
In this episode, I was joined by my friend; 'Pippa Marriot,' from Devon-UK. Pippa is  Poet, Script-Writer, and Teacher. We conversed about, writing poetry, finding inspiration -  and handling writer's block. 
November 14, 2020
I am Thawra (Revolution) a Poem by Sara Malek
Listen to the full convo with Sarah on Gaza Guy Podcast. 
November 09, 2020
Leen Hijazi: Should you limit yourself to one passion/specialty
Leen is a 27 year old Palestinian/Jordanian based in Amman. Working as a consultant at Microsoft but her passions and interests are many. She has always been told to focus more and find “one” thing but a friend of hers recently introduced her to the word “Polymath” which means a person of wide knowledge and learning. There are generalists and there are specialists and she found herself better and thriving when doing one or more thing. She is into music and singing, business, stock market and Technology. She believes that people should follow their interests and not narrow themselves to one area as innovation comes from exploring.
November 01, 2020
Farah Hanoun: Being the First Female MMA-Journalist in the Middle-East
I talked to Farah Hanoun who is the first female MMA journalist from the Middle-East .  Farah; who is working for MMAJunkie talked about her experience as a MMA reporter from a region where the MMA scene is very poor and how she made it to the big screen - after she traveled to fight island and interviewed UFC fighters and Dana White, where she spent six weeks in Yas Island.  We also mentioned her passion and hard work as the main reasons behind her eagerness to grow as a reporter. She founded in 2014 UFC News Alerts ,an IG page which helped her to build a momentum before working with big websites and TVs in US and Abu Dhabi. 
October 31, 2020
Growing up as an Iranian-Muslim in the US after 9/11 and Living as a Minority in Trump's Era
This is my final part from my conversation with Rosa Rad. We talked about growing us as an Iranian-American Muslim after 9/11, the treatment of minorities in the US; in Trump's Era. We also, chatted about religion, and being identified as a Muslim even if you weren't practicing Islam, and how the Muslim community there reacts to this, and what is the role of religion in our lives. 
October 30, 2020
How Mentally Exhausting being in a Pandemic is - Late Lockdown in Gaza - The American Elections: Between a Rock and a Hard Place, with 'Rosa Rad'
In this part Me and Rosa Rad talked about how mentally exhausting living in a lock down is, especially for couples, we brought up the late lockdown in Gaza, and the American elections and how the Americans see it while they have to choose between a rock and a hard place.
October 28, 2020
Rosa Rad: Feminism, Home, Freedom, Being Iranian-American in the US in Trump's Era, and Relationships
Rosa Rad is an Iranian-American living in the Washington, D.C. area. She has worked in both the legal field as well as the non-profit sector throughout her career, but her main interests involve racial justice, dismantling the patriarchy, and immigrants' rights. Her hobbies include playing/watching soccer, reading, studying other languages, and traveling.
October 27, 2020
Nadia Askar on her Upbringing as a Palestinian in the US, Healthy Habits - and Humility
In this episode i talked to Nadai Askar who is a Palestinian yoga instructor born and raised in the US about her upbringing, healthy habits that could improve her life, humility, meditation, and the impact of 2014 war on Gaza. 
October 26, 2020
I talked to 'Raisa Abdeen' who is a Palestinian-American dancer and poet about; her most memorable visits to Gaza, limitation of freedoms in Gaza, why  it is necessary to pay attention to what is going on in Gaza  at this time, and how sharing the beautiful aspect of Gaza on social media can be a sign of support. 
October 22, 2020
Role of Art in Gaza and the Struggles of Teaching Dancing Online in the Times of Corona
I talked to Raisa Abdeen who is a dancer and a poet about the role of art in Gaza, the most popular dance here, how art became something that defines the Gazan Community, also we talked about the struggles of arts and artists in the times of Corona, and how difficult it is to teach dance virtually. 
October 21, 2020
Raisa Abdeen: Big Life Situation that Inspired Her - What Art Does She Most Identify with
I talked to Raisa Abdeen who is a Palestinian-American dancer and poet about; What has been her biggest challenge, such as moving to the US after 9\11. Also, about big life situation that inspired her, What art does she most identify with - When she is happiest, and What makes her angry.
October 21, 2020
What is Integral to the Work of an Artist with the Palestinian-American Artist Raisa Abdeen
 Palestinian-American poet and dancer  -  her passion is art and creativity and building community.  She loves to dance and write poetry and she used to teach dance classes before the pandemic.
October 18, 2020
Exile: a Poem by an 18-Year-Old Palestinian Poet
A beautiful, moving, and touching poem by the 18-year-old Palestinian-Swedish Poet Deema.
October 15, 2020
Writing as an Outlet and the Craziest Move in Yoga with Nadia Askar
In this Episode, I talked to Nadia Askar who is a Yoga Instructor about the Craziest Move in Yoga and the Hardest Move to practice; moreover, about writing as an outlet. 
October 15, 2020
What is Yoga, and How to Include Yoga in our Daily life, with Nadia Askar
In this episode, I talked to Nadia 'who is a Yoga Instructor' about her favorite qualities in her mentors, her own definition of Yoga, what makes her angry, her favorite yoga Philosophy, and her advice for the Yoga beginners.   
October 15, 2020
Nadia Askar - Yoga Instructor, on Her First Yoga Session and Why Should Someone Consider Trying Yoga at Home
Nadia Askar is an American born Palestinian from New Jersey. She currently is residing in Denver, Colorado and is a registered yoga teacher. Nadia’s passion in giving everyone choices and adequate resources to meet their goals led her to pursue her Masters in Nonprofit Management  after receiving her Bachelors in International Business. Her advocacy in human rights and feminism is what motivates her to protest and volunteer alongside her brothers and sisters in her spare time, when she’s not teaching the yogis of Colorado.
October 14, 2020
Ghadeer Malek: Spoken word is a political-artistic space that we create and we can say whatever we want
Sarrah Ghadeer Malek is a Palestinian poet, writer, editor and spoken word performer living in the diaspora. She currently writes poetry in Toronto, Canada which is the traditional land of the Anishinaabe, Mississaugas and Haudenosaunee. She is co-editor of an anthology of Arab feminist writings called Min Fami: Arab feminist reflections on identity, space and resistance published by Inanna Publications in 2015, and 4 print zines called AQSAZine showcasing Muslim young women voices in Toronto, Canada. Sarrah G. is also a creative writing educator, workshop facilitator, and spoken word poet and band member of Haneen Biladi, along with other Palestinian-Canadian musicians. She is currently writing a fiction novel called Al-Watan about young Palestinian woman, Areen, who is on the search for the meaning of home after being displaced from her grandfather’s house in Nablus in the West Bank. She is also working on compiling her spoken word poetry in a collection called Poetical Thawra.
October 13, 2020
'Maha Zimmo': Challenges facing Next Generation, Love, Gratitude, and What Men Need to Know about Women Today
In this Episode I talked to Maha Zimmo, a Palestinian-Canadian Writer born in Libya, about challenges facing next generation - Gratitude; for what in her life she feels most grateful for. Also, we discussed the definition of love, and the biggest changes that she had experienced at these challenging times. 
October 06, 2020
Writing Poetry, Finding Inspiration, Writing Routine, Being a Muslim Woman in Canada, and Rose-Water Syrup with Maha Zimmo
This is part one from my recent conversation with the amazing Maha Zimmo.  Maha Zimmo is a Canadian Muslim feminist born in Libya, and of Palestinian roots. In her poems, the titles are the last thing you come upon. In this way, the poet pulls the reader into the disjunction and confusion first and second generation immigrants experience as they forge personal and cultural identities, often forcing the reader to take a second look at the poem, so that they might receive and understand the work in a different light, as many must do when facing Other. She holds a Master of Arts in International Legal Theory; is a former political analyst for several online journals including rabble, has been writing for 14+ years at onefemalecanuck(dot)com, and is currently the resident advice columnist at Chai Latte Diaries, as well as a regular contributor at sister-hood magazine. Her poetry has been featured in ARC Poetry Magazine, Cosmonauts Avenue, METATRON Press, Across the Margin, Ottawater Poetry Journal, Taj Mahal Review, and Rise Up Review. We talked about her Palestinian Roots, her writing routine, finding inspiration, being a Muslim Woman in Canada, her collection of Poetry 'Rose Water Syrup' and more. 
October 05, 2020
October is Here by Moe Moussa
New Piece by Moe Moussa reflecting his recent thoughts on what's happening in his life recently. 
October 02, 2020
Message from 'Gaza Guy' to the world
My message to the world.
October 02, 2020
What is a good day in Gaza?
Talked to a friend of mine on what is a good day here in Gaza!
October 02, 2020
Noor Alazzawi: The Pressures of Looking Perfect Online, Self image/ Self confidence/ Body and Face Dysmorphia / Self-Love / Body Positivity
Noor Alazzawi is a certified fashion stylist and art director based in Dubai with a bachelor’s degree in Design Management and two years worth of agency experience in advertising and marketing. She identifies herself as a creative and a visionary who is devoted to creating innovative and unique projects. With a passion for all things fashion and beauty, Noor gets motivation through helping her clients find their true style and creative potential. She is inspired by the transformational process of styling and design and aims to use her creativity by utilizing her multifaceted skills to build up a unique platform to encourage others to express themselves through design, fashion, and beauty.
September 24, 2020
#42 Passion for Photography and Strong Women who she admires with Maram
 I talked with Maram about her passion for photography; and how she started photography - as a hobby when she was feeling down..  Also, we talked about strong women who she admires in real life. 
September 18, 2020
#41 What brought me into Writing and Performing Poetry and Amy's New Project 'Little Voices' with Moe and Amy Jackson
In this episode, I talked wit Amy; Award-wining conceptual artist, about what brought me into reading  English poetry, then performing and writing poetry in English, we also discussed Amy's upcoming project  'Little Voices' that focuses on performance arts and a future collab with Gaza Poets Society. 
September 12, 2020
Amy Jackson: an award-winning conceptual artist and a responsible investment professional based in East London
Amy Jackson is an award-winning conceptual artist and a responsible investment professional based in East London. She studied Fine Art at the Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art at the University of Oxford in 2008, later returning to Oxford to study Sustainable Finance. She has 15 years’ experience blending concept, philosophy and nature to create immersive experiences in traditional galleries and unconventional spaces. Jackson’s experience spans public speaking on the environment, climate change and group and solo exhibitions. She has exhibited at Modern Art Oxford and has shows coming up for Uncovered Collective and Kensington + Chelsea Art Week where she will work with marginalised artists to create work responding to climate change and inequality. Her work includes public art, sculpture, installation, performance, digital and street art.
September 06, 2020
Jannah Al-Najjar on Career, Luck, Relationships, Writing, and Challenges facing the Arab American Community
In this episode, I talked to Jannah on her career, what she likes the most about being a Nurse-Anesthesia , also if she believes in luck, her favorite comedy Movie, her favorite songs and why they are her favorites. What makes a relationship successful - writing about the inner-struggles; moreover,  Jannah opened up on the challenges facing the Arab-American community.
August 29, 2020
Battling Suicide Thoughts in an Unfair Environment Like Gaza with Yara Helweh
In this episode, I talked to Yara Helweh 'the founder of Psyche with Yara" ( Instagram page to raise awareness towards mental health) about the increase in the rate of suicide in Gaza, and sharing my cousin's story, how we can battle the thoughts of suicide if we are living in unfair environment like Gaza, how to seek help  online if you are going through a hard time, also we talked about the difference between anxiety and stress. 
August 24, 2020
Healthy Habits to Improve your Mental Health, and Difference between Psycho therapy and Counseling with Yara Helweh
I talked to Yara Helweh a 'Mental Health Advocate' about a few Healthy habits that we can do in our day and can help to make us feel better; also, we talked about  the difference between psycho therapy and counseling, and the difference between mental health and mental illness. 
August 24, 2020
'Yara Helweh' Factors Affect our Mental Health
In this episode, I talked with Yara Helweh a Mental-Health Advocate based in 'Jaddah' Saudi Arabia, about the factors affecting our mental health; like the toxic environment, and how we can overcome this, also we chatted about what Counseling session is,  tune in. 
August 22, 2020
'Psych with Yara' Instagram Page about Psychology by 'Yara Helweh' To Spread Awareness towards Mental Health in the Middle-East
'Yara Helweh' is a Mental Health Advocate, she has created her Instagram page 'Psych with Yara' one year ago, to raise awareness towards mental Health; and talk about topics that are considered taboos in the Middle-East such as Mental Health, anxiety, breakups, breakdowns, depression, and the fear of speaking up.  In this episode I talked with Yara about being 'Palestinian,' and what does she miss the most about Palestine-about the definition of home, about the fear of speaking up about anxiety, and how to raise awareness towards mental health in the middle-East. Moreover, Yara sent a message to women suffering domestic violence. Very informative episode that I urge you to listen and share, and stay tuned for more episodes with Yara. 
August 21, 2020
Using Writing as a Tool to Understand our Inner-selves
Maram and Moe talking about writing as a tool to understand our inner-selves; is writing a personal thing, or it is something you have to share with the public. 
August 17, 2020
Living Alone as a Young Muslim Woman in the US Might be Considered Stigma with Jannah Al-Najjar
In this episode, me and Jannah talked about the struggle of growing up as a Muslim woman in the US - and how living alone can be regraded as a stigma for Muslim women by their community, what is it like to be an independent woman,  how Muslim women can break those barriers. 
August 17, 2020
Jannah Al-Najjar; Palestinian-American Hoping to Aspire a Career in Nurse Anesthesia
In this episode, me and Jannah talked about her bringing up as a Palestinian-American , as young Muslim woman, also we chatted about the readiness of a city like Gaza to handle a pandemic, and the limited number of hospitals in Gaza and how this strongly affect the lives of Gazans. 
August 16, 2020
Being Muslim-Egyptian-American Woman Living in the US with Menna
What is it Like to grow up as a Muslim Woman in the US, and more with Menna " the Creator of Nasseb diairis,a platform for Muslim raised women, to share their stories and experiences around identity, love, friendship, careers."
July 26, 2020
Gaza Youth Struggling after the Pandemic; Nowhere to Go!
Mabel Evans and Moe Moussa discussing the Status quo in Gaza and How the current situation is affecting the reality of the youth in Gaza; who cannot escape the harsh reality of the largest open air prison in the world after the complete closure due to Corona. 
July 25, 2020
What is Love-With Maram Jaafer and Moe Moussa
In this Episode, Moe Moussa and Maram Jaafer talking about: What is Love, trying to find the true definition of love. 
July 25, 2020
Growing Up in Sydney as a Palestinian-Irish and What is Gaza's Message to the World with Moe and Stephanie
In this Episode, Moe Moussa and Stephanie ( a Yoga Instructor and Aspiring artist living in Sydney) talking about growing up in Sydney and Gaza's Message to the world. 
July 21, 2020
Naseeb Diaries: A Platform Documenting the lives of Muslim Women in US - Sharing Experiences around Relationships, and Identity with Menna
Mena is an Egyptian American living in Washington, DC working in Global Health. She is dedicated and passionate about public health issues at home and abroad. She has worked on public health programs in South and East Asia and Latin America. She is the creator of The Naseeb Diaries, a platform for Muslim raised women, practicing or not practicing, to share their stories and experiences around identity, love, friendship, careers, and so much more.
July 19, 2020
The Anxiety of Success At 30 with Maram Jaafer
Maram Jaafer is a Palestinian American Writer, talkied with Moe Moussa about Education, Marriage, Success; Growing up as a woman in an Arab household. 
July 18, 2020
Being Palestinian Taught Me to Stand Against Discrimination in My Own Community
In This Episode, Maram Jafer explained how being Palestinian taught her to stand against discrimination and injustice in her community.
July 18, 2020
What's the Secret Behind Gaza Guy's Logo?
In this Episode, Moe Moussa Catches up with Yasmin Asdai, a Palestinian American Graphic designer based in Arizona and they talk about the secret behind the design of Gaza Guy's Logo. 
July 18, 2020
The Concept of Celebration as a Method of Resistance with the Palestinian-American Artist Karmel Sabri
Karmel Sabri is a socially engaged Palestinian-American artist, her work takes form in installation, print making, parties, and public interventions. She navigates how large scale trauma and displacement have thrust the Palestinian people into a heightened state of nationalism and resistance. Embracing the inherent politics of her existence, she connects personal moments to global politics, emphasizing her research based practice on U.S and Israeli relations. Sabri explores the concept of celebration as a method of resistance through her organization, Dear Gaza 501(c)(3), which for the past 6 years has curated programing, most notably through an annual block party, which provides a platform for artists to engage in a public celebration of Palestinian culture in a context that was never imagined before. Her programming has been supported by The Walker Art Center and she is currently a Jerome resident at Highpoint Center for Printmaking in Minneapolis.
July 16, 2020
Stephanie: Palestinian-Irish Yoga Instructor from Sydney
Stephanie is Palestinian —Irish living in Sydney; she is a Yoga instructor and aspiring music creator, we talked about her passion for Rap Music, taught me breathing work to calm my nervous system, she found her passion for Rap music when she was in isolation; she started writing lyrics and make some songs, also we’ve chatted about the musical scene in Palestine, and we brought up some names like 47Soul and their latest song Dabke System.
July 14, 2020
The Struggle of Finding Identity as a Palestinian-American with Maram Jaffer
In This Episode, Moe Moussa and Maram Jaffer: A Palestinian-American Writer from Philadelphia touching upon being Palestinian the struggle of finding an identity as a Palestinian-American.
July 14, 2020
What is it Like to Be Born as a Political Statement
Maram Jafar — Palestinian American writer: she’s currently working as a director at a health care facility— in Philadelphia PA\ she’s also passionate about writing and film photography. Recently she posted in an interview about her experience of being othered when she was in 3rd grade by her teacher. Also bringing out what is it like to be born as a political statement.
July 13, 2020
Shadia Zaher; 22-Year-old Palestinian Activist from Catalonia Reviewing the Work of Casa Palestina in Catalonia with Moe Moussa
In this Episode, Moe Moussa and Shadia Zaher Sánchez: a 22-Year-Old Palestinian Activist from Catalonia reviewing the work of "Casa Palestina" or “Palestinian House” an association in Barcelona supporting the Palestinian community in Barcelona; educating the public about  what is happening in Palestine through organizing events to enhance the understanding through demonstrations, and conferences, also giving  talks at universities in Barcelona about the Palestinians who are battling injustice and occupation.
July 11, 2020
Mabel Evans CEO of the anti-Female Genital Mutilation charity "The Vavengers"
Mabel Evans is the co-founder and CEO of the anti-Female Genital Mutilation charity, The Vavengers. From dynamic grassroots activism, the charity has grown producing live events and fundraisers which raise awareness of FGM through artistic collaborations and amplifying the voices of survivors. Mabel launched the UK’s first anti-FGM billboard campaign and helpline for women and girls at risk. Recent projects that the Vavengers are working on include live arts events, community building and art therapy workshops for refugee and asylum seeker women who have been affected by gender-based violence. This and all of Mabel’s creative endeavours are led by a commitment to challenge and change systemic oppression. A passionate collaborator, Mabel has worked with many other activists and organisations including the Royal College of Midwives, The Circle NGO, The Dahlia Project, The Girl Generation and the Department for International Development and frequently shares her work on panels and at public events. As well as her charity and activism work, Mabel is a film and creative producer at Left Eye Blind Productions, working on documentary content that highlights and tackles injustice in the world. She is passionate about the ways in which creativity can enact change, both on a social and a personal level. One project she has co-founded with this ethos in mind is Letters From, offering supper clubs and writer’s retreats to inspire a daily practice of writing and give participants space to be creative. The Vavengers is a uk based charity made up of people of different ages, cultural backgrounds, genders and nationalities working together towards a common goal: To End Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).
July 10, 2020
Women from the East an Online Initiative by the Young Australian-Lebanese Activist Joanne Lahood
Moe Moussa and Joanne Lahood "20-year-old Lebanese and Australian activist and journalist from Sydney" discuss Feminism in the MiddleEast.  WFTE is an Online Initiative launched in May, 2020. WFTE features stories concerning the feminist expressions and motives of both women and men who identify with the MENA region. Joanne hopes that her work challenges the ways in which the West have embraced and translated contemporary feminist struggles and political agendas in the MENA region.
July 09, 2020
Rediscovery of Love and the Struggles of Heartbreak in Poetry with Abeer Aloul
In this Episode, Moe Moussa and Abeer Aloul " a Palestinian-Canadian Poet" discussed the last two chapters in Abeer's upcoming book, and they they talked about how we can find love again, what we want- what we don’t want in a relationship. Also, Abeer shared her romantic poems in this episode. 
July 09, 2020
Palestinian-Canadian "Poet" Abeer Aloul and Moe Moussa Talking Social Justice and Societal Norms in Poetry
In this Episode, Moe Moussa and Abeer Aloul; a Palestinian-Canadian Poet chatting about Abeer's upcoming book, discussing Social Justice Issues and Societal Norms in Poetry. Abeer Aloul Abeer Alaloul is an international educator and a passionate writer. She has a taste of adventure as she travels the world drawing inspiration from nature and various cultures. Abeer was born in Palestine and grew up in Canada. She graduated with a Bachelors in English language and literature and completed her post graduate in education in the university of Toronto. She uses the arts as a medium to raise awareness for social justice issues and to voice the narrative of marginalised communities. She is currently working  as an educator and  currently living in Dubai. She conducts  poetry workshops and poetry cafés in schools. Abeer is an active member of the Spoken Word scene in the UAE appearing as a regular participant at The NYU Rooftop Rhythms poetry slams,  the Dubai Poetics and Blank Space community and London poetry slam.  She has completed her manuscript of her novel which will be published end of 2020. Her poetry has been published on several online journals world wide. She uses her Instagram as a platform to share poetry and to connect with other poets around the globe.
July 08, 2020
Meet the 16 Year-Old Palestinian-Italian Activist Leila El Zabri and Listen to her Opinion on Annexation
In this Episode, Moe and Leila chat on annexation and defending Palestine on Social Media with the 16-Year-old Activist Leila El Zabri. "Leila El Zabri who was born and raised in Rome, Italy. Being half-Palestinian, she has observed the trials endured by her people from afar. She has been exposed to diverse cultures which allowed her to explore issues of social justice worldwide. Throughout her life, she has been steadily interested in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and has written papers regarding external involvement (such as that of the US and the UN). Her main focus is finding a solution to the conflict that provides Palestinians with human rights, freedom, and equality."
July 03, 2020
Tamara; Saudi-Palestinian Artist: Facing Hate Messages for Posting a Poem about Palestine
Tamara Al-Mashouk is a London-based Saudi/Palestinian artist. Through multi-channel video, performance, and architectural installation, her work explores the epigenetics of place and the movement of people across societal and geographic borders with particular focus on the intersectional body. Her work engages with decolonial feminisms and explores resistance as a site of potential. In this Episode, Tamara and Moe talking about her last poem Annexation. 
July 02, 2020
Starting Gaza Poets Society and the Struggle of Expressing Emotions in Two Languages with Moe Moussa and Hana Hazeim
In this Episode, Moe Moussa; a Poet from Gaza and Hana Hazeim a Poet from UK talking about starting Gaza Poets Society and combating mixed emotions when writing about Gaza. 
June 29, 2020
Corona; Delaying Dreams with Moe Moussa and Francesca Alice
 Francesca Alice a poet from Surey UK   and Moe Moussa a poet from Gaza-Palestine; talking Corona affecting their lives, and how it delayed Moe's dream of leaving Gaza and Francesca leaving France.  
June 28, 2020
Inheriting Two Cultures and Being Palestinian British With Hana Haziem and Moe Moussa
In this Episode, Moe Moussa and Hana Haziem talking being Palestinian-British, vising Palestine once in her life, sharing Palestinian recipes with her British friends, educating her friends about Palestine and the struggle of inheriting two cultures. 
June 27, 2020
Palestinian-American Poet Nada Abuasi
Nada Abuasi is a Palestinian-American poet, born and raised in the U.S to Palestinian immigrants. She’s also a Criminal Justice and Political Science student working towards eventually pursuing a Law degree. When she’s not writing or preforming her poetry, Nada raises awareness about various issues in Gaza, Yemen, Syria, as well as issues within the U.S, through community organizations.
June 27, 2020
Hana Hazeim and Moe Moussa talking about Keeping hope alive and finding Inspiration
Hana Haziem; British-Palestinian Poet living in the UK, Moe Moussa; Palestinian poet from Gaza talking about keeping hope alive at these challenging days and how they find inspiration when it comes to writing poetry. 
June 24, 2020
Deemah Abdelkader: Swedish-Palestinian Poet
Palestinian photographer and poet living in Sweden, with roots in Gaza and Haifa. I was born in 2001 and will soon be starting my first year of university, hopefully studying business and politics. Creative outputs allow me to cherish moments and experiences, no matter the undertone.
June 23, 2020
Hana Haziem: Palestinian-British Poet
Hana Haziem is a British Palestinian hybrid living in the UK, she grew up in the UAE and has connections still with the UAE and Palestine. She is a speech and language therapist and manages a team of speech and language therapists within an NHS trust in leeds, uk. She is passionate about poetry, being your true authentic self, and making sure everyone has a voice. She spends her time writing, on long walks and doing her best to always follow her intuition.
June 22, 2020
Nicole Majdali Part Two
In this part Nicole Majdali opens up on starting the debate on sexual harassment in Hollywood before the Me Too Movement; emphasizing that her short film Pretty Funny Nicole brought this up to debate since she discussed her story in the movie and this opened new paths for to new voices to speak up and the debate started after the film. 
June 18, 2020
Francesca Alice
Originally from Surrey, UK, Francesca is a 3rd year French & linguistics student at the University of Oxford. Outside of her degree, Francesca loves singing, going to the theater, baking, and of course, poetry. She is thrilled to be able to help the Gaza Poets' Society in whatever way she can.  On January 26th, 2019 she helped Gaza Poets Society in organizing their first event in the UK in Oxford University. Moe Moussa talked to her about this and different current topics. 
June 18, 2020
Nicole Majdali Part 1
Moe Moussa interviewing the Palestinian American actress and stand-up comedian Nicole Majdali.  California native Nicole Majdali grew up in Hacienda Heights. At the age of 15 she moved to Cairo, Egypt then attending and graduating from El Alsson Int'l School. After completing a semester at The American University of Cairo she moved back to Long Beach, California. Nicole has been seen in several television commercials and films. Her passion for laughing and making others laugh has helped her career in Stand Up Comedy which she began in 2012. In 2016 Nicole opened up about some painful secrets of her past in her short film Pretty Funny Nicole. It is an inspiring dramady based on her life. Nicole's brave move of sharing her secrets has won her Best Comedy in Hollywood Film Competition 2017 and Winner at LA Shorts Awards 2017.
June 16, 2020
Pippa Marriot
In this Episode I interview Pippa Marriot: " Pippa Marriott is a writer, teacher and trainer living in the Devon.  She teaches creative writing in Exeter prison and works freelance on a range of drama, poetry and prose initiatives including Novel Nights."
June 09, 2020
Gaza Poets Society
Who we are? Gaza Poets Society is a group of 32 young and aspiring poets from Gaza who teamed up to form an effective and coherent society of poets and writers in Gaza. A community that can share poetry and express themselves freely and fearlessly. Mohammed Moussa is their founder. With a BA in English Literature, he works as a freelance journalist, and is a published poet who loves spoken word and the power of poetry to give people a voice
May 30, 2020