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The Gyanban Experience

The Gyanban Experience

By Gyanban
A simple podcast in the complex world of the wobbly,woke and the wise. Think of it as a slow-burn podcast, with a carousel of experiences, which surround us each day. With deep insights on topics ranging from facts to fiction, reality to entertainment and society to culture. This is your one-stop shop for a sanity check in this mad world.

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GBX 38 - Climate Change Parent
You might be surprised how similar climate change is to parenting? Bringing up your child and taking care of your environment are quite similar. Yet many of us, stay ignorant and continue our path to consumption. Its like drinking water from a glass of water incessantly,once the glass is empty where will you quench your thirst from? #climatechange #parenting #environment
October 27, 2020
GBX 37 - Mental Health 101
A simple talk to simplify mental health for those living under a rock in  another planet. Its time we discuss mental health 101 for everyone to better understand , relate and help anyone they know including their own self if they've been in  denial for long. Join me in this episode where I team up with fellow podcaster Madhav P - who runs It's a Postman  podcast which curates and  delivers content around mental health. #mentalhealth  #anxiety  #depression # mentalstrength
October 22, 2020
GBX 36 - Mental Health 101 : Social Media
A short insight to Mental Health and the impact of social media. Tune in to the this 2 part episode where we simplify various issues surrounding mental health. In this uncut bonus version - we talk about the impact or the negative impact of social media on our minds and ways and means to handle it Spread the word and share with those who are still wondering if mental health is real! #mentalhealth
October 17, 2020
GBX 35 - Jewels to Joules
With the recent furore on the Tanishq advert - one often wonders what happened to the country we once knew as tolerant,hospitable and smiling? If you tune in to any social media platform you are most likely to witness outrage, anger criticism and abuse - when did we become so angry? Or  were we always angry, it's just that there was no social media to express it? Join me in this sombre podcast to understand how we can keep a  diverse country united? A message of peaceful coexistence amid a raging diversity. #India #onecountry #mycountry #yourcountry #ourcountry #diversity #unity.
October 13, 2020
GBX 34 - Serious Men
Netflix original Serious Men - a set of tough questions for Mr.Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Mr.Sudhir Mishra to answer if they ever give this episode a listen! As I review the movie in 10 questions , I cover most aspects of filmmaking and try my best to decode the presentation and make it simple for you to  understand. Tune in to this "view" more than a scene by scene review and let me know if you  liked the format? #movie #bollywod #review #netflix
October 9, 2020
GBX 33 - Parental Guidance
In India, there is a strong case of a need to educate parents before we worry about the kids. Don’t we? There are many well-heeled, highly educated, well-travelled, so called liberal progressive minded, parents - who wait at the exit gate of the school to check the marks after every result of assessment is declared, only to then lament publicly, on how the competitive world has no space for a mediocre 98%,  while the kid with their head down walks slowly behind the parent utterly humiliated ,dejected and their confidence wrecked. Join me in this fascinating podcast where I share 10 questions - to make you rethink your parenting. #parenting #india 
October 4, 2020
GBX 32 - Practically Complex
Leaders, politicians (and the punctuation is by design), spokespersons, representatives,Twitter outragers,Facebook-activists, whatsapp forwardists ,morning -walkers,noon-nappers and evening single-malt debaters,practically all sections of the society, vehemently condemned the crime, and then, went back to watching Netflix. Join me in this podcast to explore the complexity of practicality and the dichotomy of it all. #society #culture #crime #philosophy. #practicality.
September 30, 2020
GBX 31 - UFOs Aliens and Reality
Is area 51 for real? Do UFO's exist? If they do, why haven't we seen them as yet? Are aliens already living on Earth? Have they arrived? Join me in this fascinating topic where I try and present both sides of the story - the believers and the pragmatic point of view. #aliens #UFO's #starWars #George Lucas, #spielberg #reality #future #conspiracy 
September 19, 2020
GBX 30 - Marriage Contract 5 years Only
What would you do if you knew that your marriage is valid only for 5 years? Would you live it better? If the world is governed by the law of diminishing marginal utility,  how does it impact marriage? What if you could have a 5 year term contract for a marriage?  Would it make it better? Would you be happier? Or would you rather stay in  long pointless marriages - worrying about society and tradition? Join me in this fascinating and thought provoking podcast to view your marriage with a  different lens! #life #society #culture #marriage #love
September 14, 2020
GBX 29 - Whats the news today
Its been well over ten years since we first saw BREAKING news on television in full caps with a blood red background. Not much has changed since then, in fact gotten worse. In this experience I share a slice of news and ask some basic questions. Share it with those agree that this madness needs to STOP! #news #media #rhetoric  #India
September 9, 2020
GBX 28 - Teachers Day
Happy Teachers day for those who find it special, for me, it was not as much. Do you know why?  Tune in to find out! #teachersday #education #life
September 5, 2020
GBX 27 - Unwrong the world
In the age of chaos, how do we unwrong the world? Join me in this podcast and listen to a philosophical poem about the life around us. #Poem , #poetry , #philosophy , #humanity
September 3, 2020
GBX 26 - Sushant Singh Rajput Media Trial
Just a few years ago  the media went berserk over pronouncing the Talvar's guilty. And then when they were acquitted , the same noise makers were no where to be found. Yet again with Mr.Rajput's case the noise is back with extra vigour and ferocity but with the same blatant biases, as was the case earlier. Guilty or Innocent is a debate to be done in a court of law, but instead, there is a trial by media on display. They become the judge, jury and the executioner and influence a generation of people by their rhetorics steeped in personal biases. Join me in this experience where we separate the wheat from the chaff and understand what it takes to be neutral and objective. #SSR , #Sushant , #Rhea #Sushantsinghrajput  #trial #trialbymedia #society #culture. #talvars.  
August 30, 2020
GBX 25 - Class of 83
Join me in this #filmreview of Hussain Zaidi's book made into a movie Class of 83 ! It is more a point of view on the #movie and an objective analysis of the finer aspects it presents to us. #movies, #bollywood, #hinidiflms ,#netflix, #bobbydeol , #anupsoni , #review, #analysis 
August 23, 2020
GBX 24 - 52 Seconds of Freedom
52 seconds of patriotism is all you have for 73 years of freedom?  But why 52 seconds?  join me in this podcast to understand what 52 seconds of freedom really means... #independeceday #freedom #freedomofexpression 
August 21, 2020
GBX 23 - 4 inches of MS Dhoni
When legends retire, they don't just leave behind a legacy, they leave behind an emotion. Mahendra Singh Dhoni is one such emotion.  My tribute to MSD on his 19:29 moment. #MSD  #dhoni  #MSD  #19.29  #Cricket #sports #retirement
August 15, 2020
GBX 22 - Gunjan Saxena Analysis
Gunjan Saxena movie analysis. Spoiler alert. The movie is analysed in 10 questions. And the a sequence review of the narrative.  If this is the way you like a review,please do tune in. #Films #bolywood  #movies #netflix #biopic
August 13, 2020
GBX 21 - Breaking News
When was the last time you heard a good piece of breaking news? When was the last time you were happy to read something positive? Join me in this positive podcast where I share 3 ways to tackle the bad breaking news around us. #mentalhealth  #breakingnews  #positivity #thoughts
August 11, 2020
GBX 20 - Wavelets
Poem Wavelets : a few lines,  a few wavelets moving back and forth in time, sometimes relevant, sometimes irrelevant but never dismissive of its momentary reality. #poem , #poetry  , #love  , #people , #society , #culture , #art , #life , #harmony
August 6, 2020
GBX 19 - Raat Akeli Hai Film Review
Raat Akeli Hai is a noir film set in hinterlands of north India. Join me in this experience, where we discuss the movie and some of it's finer aspects without pronouncing a judgement! So, in that sense, this is more of a point of view, than a detailed review. #netflix #aatakelihai #radhikaapte #nawazuddin  #noir #films #reviews 
August 2, 2020
GBX 18 - Matchmaking Masala
What works for you does not for someone else. Yet marriages are made in heaven and broken on earth! Join me in this fascinating experience on exploring the multiple facets of an arranged marriage. Where we discuss the following components of marriage :  1. The compromise. 2. The Marriage of convenience. 3. Troubled Waters 4. The Womankind #netflix #indianmatchmaking #arrangedmarriage #marriage #quirks #society #culture
July 31, 2020
GBX 17 - Authors InSight
Welcome to The Gyanban Experience!   Authors InSight : is a series designed for upcoming or new authors and capturing insights  from established authors or literary experts. In this episode we feature Ms.Ritu Lalit, author of 6 published novels, podcaster and blogger to share her writing mindset and experiences. For newbies : this is a straight talk to help shape thoughts and bring clarity to your writing. Hope you enjoy it! #writing #authors #books #novels #writers
July 26, 2020
GBX 16 - Nepotism and You
Are you a nepotist? I'm sure you are frowning. Have you ever benefited from nepotism? Have you felt good about it? If your answer to these questions is an overwhelming NO, then join me in this experience to be surprised at the reality. #nepotism #sushant #bollywood  
July 22, 2020
GBX 15 - Mismatch
A few lines about the mismatches connect to paint an imagery. #poem #poetry #art
July 18, 2020
GBX 14 - Noise
We live in a diverse world, a world of opposites.It creates noise.We contradict every aspect of our existence. But if we didn't, would it be a better place? An assembly line is not what life should be, yet the chaos of differences brings unrest.Being peaceful and co-existence is key, the question is how? How do we quieten the noise and be happy? What can we do to make the world a better place? I read a poem a long time ago by Carol, and these lines are inspired by them.
July 15, 2020
GBX 13 - United Colors of Humanity
There are many colours, white, black,brown,yellow, but what unites us is Red. The colour of blood. The same colour which runs in you, runs in me as it does with 7 billion people.  And Until we find aliens with blue blood, this is all we have, in the only planet we know, with the only life we have. Why then do we differentiate one human being from the other? Join me in this tough but  fascinating experience to explore ways we could make a change.
July 8, 2020
GBX 12 - Amore
Amore is a poem inspired by listening to Martin Carthy's arrangement, which Simon and Garfunkel turned to an epic Canticle/Scarborough Fair mix, it inspired me to pen a few lines of my own. Though originally a medieval English ballad with unknown origins, it revolves around a stranger visiting the town of Scarborough carrying a message of impossible tasks for the lover to perform.Carrying on with the same essence of love and war as a metaphor for what we have and have not, what we miss forever and what we treasure within us. A heart full of memories and a mind full of realities..I wrote these few lines as an ode to soldiers who lost their loved ones, and in some sense, fight the battles outside and within us....
July 5, 2020
GBX 11 - Citylights
Citylights is a poem - written watching raindrops fall on the dim lit streets, a passing thought as we walk by those city lights , each one with a story to tell, each one with a memory to sell... just a few abstract lines ... 
July 5, 2020
GBX 10 - Pope Aspirin and AI
What could possibly be common between His Holiness, Aspirin and AI?  Join me in this fascinating ride to discover the connection.
July 2, 2020
GBX 9 - The Sound Of India
A country with 1.37 billion people, 60% of which are below the age of 30 , 28 States, 22 languages more than 250 dialects and one voice? How do we even begins to represent this diversity as one unified voice? Join me in this podcast, to figure out the Sound of India.
July 2, 2020
GBX 8 - The Privileged Corona
Amid the pandemic, whatever one says, it is easy to misunderstood , specially if you are a public figure.
July 2, 2020
GBX 7 - Women The Service Provider
Lets go back in time to better understand the role of women as it has evolved over time.
July 2, 2020
GBX 6 - Multiplexes Butterfly Effect
Amid the  Covid pandemic, there is a new reality which awaits the Multiplexes. Join me in this episode ,exploring how multiplexes can re-imagine the movie watching experience for the audience. If you are a regular at multiplexes this podcast will give you interesting points to demand a better movie watching experience.
July 2, 2020
GBX 5 - Spell
A short poem which takes you into mystical lands deep inside a forest.
July 2, 2020
GBX 4 - Nights Of Fire
A short poem on the unrest outside and within. An imagery of the times we live in.
July 2, 2020
GBX 3 - Who is Uma Devi
Who is Uma Devi? Sounds a bit like who is John Galt isn't it? Join me in this fascinating podcast about people perceptions and reality. And find out if you are any different from those who think the same!
July 2, 2020
GBX 2 - Beginners Guide to Bollywood 101
With YouTube content reactors overflowing, there is a growing tribe of creators, who recently stumbled upon the magic of Bollywood. They are reacting to Indian content without necessarily having a reference to context. So, this episode is dedicated to those people who react to  Indian content by way of movies, songs or web-series content, to be a ready-reconkner, a reference point or simply give some insights to react better.
July 2, 2020
GBX 1 - What is The Gyanban Experience
A short intro about what to expect in this podcast.
June 30, 2020