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By Rebecca Garcia
The GeekGirlWeb Show is tech meets creativity, entrepreneurship and passion. We breakdown the barriers to learning and self-development. This is life as version control.

Hosted by Rebecca Garcia, self-taught developer, speaker and STEM education advocate. Her purpose is to empower people through technology.
EP 1: Breaking into Tech with Cassidy Williams-Song
Cassidy Williams-Song (@cassidoo) is the Head of Developer Voice Programs at Amazon and the brilliant brain behind the official Scrabble keyboard cap set. Previously a Software Engineer & Developer Evangelist at Venmo; she graduated with 10 job offers, after 5 internships in her 4 years in college! Get to know more about Cassidy as she shares her insight on finding your place in tech, building relationships and communities. In this episode you'll hear about: • Developer Evangelism, Evangelists & Advocates • What it’s like to apply for internships and jobs in tech • How to find a mentor • How to showcase your skills and build on what you already have • How to maintain your confidence when applying for a job, even in the face of rejection • How to use job rejections to your advantage • The importance of putting your whole self out there, whether online or in the workplace • How to get the most out of the Grace Hopper: Women in Computing Conference ➡️
May 2, 2018
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