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Generations of Change

Generations of Change

By Áine Kelly-Costello
In this seven-part series, seasoned disabled leaders from Aotearoa New Zealand dive into their journeys into spearheading change towards a more accessible, inclusive world. In partnership with Imagine Better, gen z disabled journalist and advocate Áine Kelly-Costello sits down to learn to what extent NZ is changing for disabled people, and which unplanned moments shaped these leaders' commitment to equitable rights, access and inclusion.

First broadcast 2020, and now a weekly podcast. Join us!

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Tewai Skipwith-Halatau on specialised and mainstream education, the power of sport, and strengthening Pacific advocacy
Tewai Skipwith-Halatau (Ngāti  Tuhourangi, Te Arawa) works tirelessly alongside Māori and Pacific communities so they can advocate for their individual and collective needs. She is the manager of Vision Pacific Charitable Trust, the founding co-chair of the pacific Disability forum and a Paralympic medalist. Skipwith-Halatau is blind. She talks to Áine about growing up with a mix of specialised and mainstream schooling, working out how to fight the employment biases blind women faced in the 70s, the power of sport, and strengthening disability advocacy throughout the Pacific Islands. Transcript:
July 28, 2021
Robyn Hunt ONZM on coming to terms with disability, employment discrimination and disability representations in the media
Robyn Hunt (ONZM) is a journalist at heart, and she's also been a Human Rights Commissioner, a TV show presenter and a fierce advocate for disability rights in Government and on Twitter. She has low vision. In this conversation spanning half a century, she talks to Áine about trying to fit in and what it means to be disabled, employment discrimination, how the media represents disability and more. Transcript:
July 21, 2021
Rachel Noble MNZM on Sign Language stigma, being a Deaf teacher, and disability pride
Rachel Noble (MNZM) has worked in food technology, education, deaf and disability community advocacy and now as General Manager: Disability for Capital & Coast DHB. Noble, who is Deaf, advocates for inclusive education, currently co-chairs the Wellington City Council Accessibility Advisory Panel and spearheads community empowerment initiatives for Deaf people. She talks to Aine about the stigma that used to surround Sign Language, becoming a teacher, operating in the Deaf and hearing worlds and why she's excited about Disability Pride. Transcript:
July 14, 2021
Duane Kale ONZM on coming to terms with disability, flexible workplaces and the power of sport
Duane Kale (ONZM) is a six-time Paralympic medalist, New Zealand Chef de Mission for the Beijing and London Paralympic Games and Vice President of the International Paralympic committee. Kale, who is paraplegic, heads up a large ANZ contact centre. He chats to Áine about coming to terms with disability, opening up sporting opportunities for disabled people to thrive and creating accessible and flexible workplaces. Transcript:
July 07, 2021
Pati Umaga QSM on coming to terms with disability, Pasefika inclusion and the power of music
Pati Umaga (QSM) is a musician who cares deeply about enabling participation and inclusion for disabled people and Pacific communities through music. Umaga, who is paraplegic, is a trustee of the Pacific Music Awards and a past president of Disabled Persons Assembly. He chats to Áine about the power of music, coming to terms with disability and what led him to advocate for the full inclusion of Pacific People with disabilities in Aotearoa. Transcript:
June 30, 2021
Joanne Dacombe on education, intersecting impairments and the power of rights
Joanne Dacombe is a mother and tireless disability advocate in the areas of education and health. Dacombe, a keen photographer, is Deaf and autistic. Dacombe chats to Áine about facing a demanding education environment, living with intersecting impairments and discovering the power of human rights. Transcript:
June 22, 2021
Dr Huhana Hickey on disability stigma, healing from trauma, and the power of community
Dr Huhana Hickey (MNZM) (Ngāti Tāhinga, Whakatōhea) is an academic and disability rights lawyer. She has multiple sclerosis, was the first openly disabled Housing NZ board member and is an unflinching advocate for whānau hauā and all disabled people. She talks to Áine about looking for belonging when disability is stigmatised, healing from trauma, coming together as a disability community, staying healthy on social media and more. Transcript:
June 16, 2021
Introducing Generations of Change
Generations of change is a series of conversations between gen z disabled creative and campaigner áine Kelly-costello, and seven of Aotearoa's seasoned disabled leaders. Recorded in 2019 and first broadcast in 2020, it's now available as a podcast for the first time. Subscribe to catch one conversation each week. :) Transcript:
May 31, 2021