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Behind The Brand: Small Biz Marketing + More

Behind The Brand: Small Biz Marketing + More

By Genevieve Lehunt-Alderman
Owning a small business can be A LOT - trust me, i've been there. As an ex-food entrepreneur and current public relations manager, I love small business and all things PR and marketing - and that's what you'll get here on Behind The Brand.
Behind The Brand: interviews with small biz owners sharing the rollercoaster ride that is entrepreneurship. Real and raw conversations filled with hard-earned experience from powerhouse women.
How To: interviews and solo-episodes full of proven, actionable marketing and PR tips.
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How To: Write Good Words That SELL with Anita Siek from Wordfetti
You know how some people are numbers people, some people are visual people and some people are words people?  Well today’s guest is most definitely a words person - and not just any  words person - Anita Siek is the founder of copywriting company Wordfetti - a company who believes in disruptive, thought provoking and engaging copywriting. Now if you don’t know what copywriting is, if you feel like you are totally NOT a words person, or if you want to be a words person but have no idea where to start, today’s episode is for you. Follow Anita on Instagram here Follow Wordfetti on Instagram here Follow Behind The Brand on Instagram here
June 8, 2021
Behind The Brand: Miss Amara Rugs with Alex Tanya-Weller
I have been a follower of this brand for a  while now, so having the opportunity to sit down and chat with the  co-founder is incredibly exciting for me. With over $20million in annual  sales, and almost 150k instagram followers, Miss Amara has turned the  stale old rug industry on its head. No more buying rugs from dodgy old  basement warehouses - Alex Tanya-Weller and her team have created an  online home styling haven for their community, and the results of taking  a risk and shaking up an existing industry speak for themselves. Alex  takes me through the Miss Amara journey - from the early days when her  now-husband was grilling her on her experience buying the rug in her  home, to today - as a booming international business shaking up the way  we buy rugs. And if you love today’s episode with Alex, I would love if  you would subscribe to the podcast and leave me a review on Apple  podcasts! Follow Alex on Instagram here Follow Miss Amara on Instagram here Follow Behind The Brand on Instagram here
June 1, 2021
How To: Get Featured In Mamamia with Tamara Davis
I know for a lot of small business  owners, PR is one of those things that we maybe-kinda understand what it  is, but really have no idea how to do it. So for this reason, I am  sitting down on this very chilly Melbourne morning with none other than  Mamamia’s Head of Lifestyle, Tamara Davis.   Not only is Tamara part of Australia’s largest women’s media brand  Mamamia, but she has also cut her teeth in the media working for the  likes of InStyle, Girlfriend, Total Girl, Harpers Bazaar and Grazia.  With a resume like that, this episode is sure to be amazing. Let’s get  straight into it!
May 25, 2021
Behind The Brand: Slick Hair Co with Mia Plecic
Today's guest is an absolute legend in the world of eCommerce - having  the magic touch when it comes to all things branding, marketing and  turning quick-fix ideas into must-have products. So let me introduce you to Mia Plecic. Mia launched Slick Hair Co in December 2019 with the Slick Stick™ as the  solution for her CRAZY baby hairs. Mia knew women all around the globe  needed a solution for the same problem. Since then, the business has sky  rocketed with over $1m in annual sales. You can see more across Mia’s socials @miaplecic on Instagram and TikTok and shop the Slick Stick™ at
May 18, 2021
How To: Have An Epic Digital Launch with Steph Taylor
Have you ever considered launching digital products? In today's episode I chat with digital product launch strategist Steph Taylor. Whether it’s starting a podcast or  selling a digital course, Steph helps her students reach more people,  grow their audience and become the go-to in their industry. She’s also  the host of the Socialette podcast, with over 900,000 downloads to date,  and has taught more than 100,000 entrepreneurs how to launch their own  podcasts and digital products. Ready to be inspired? Let’s go! Want more? Follow @genevievelehuntalderman on Instagram for bonus and BTS content.
May 11, 2021
Behind The Brand: The Blow with Phoebe Simmonds
Given that  this is episode one, I guess we haven’t met yet! My name is Genevieve,  and I’m a full-time PR with a love for all things small business. After  selling my food brand three years ago I could feel my heart pulling me  back towards the world of small business, and what better way to get  back into it than by chatting to amazing entrepreneurs every week, and  calling it my side-hustle? Today’s guest is no exception to this.  Phoebe Simmonds cut her teeth in the  marketing industry working for some of the world’s biggest luxury and  cosmetics brands, both in Australia and abroad. After seeing the  confidence and empowerment a weekly blow-dry provided the professional  women she met overseas, she saw an opportunity for a salon experience  that offers clientele so much more than a blow dry, and The Blow  Melbourne was born.  Passionate about the power of community  and lifting women up to conquer their day with confidence, Phoebe has  grown The Blow into not ‘just’ a salon, but an experience. Having had my  hair styled at The Blow I can say first hand that I walked out feeling  beautiful and confident. And if I could bottle and sell the good vibes  that hit you the minute you walk through the door, trust me I would!  Phoebe chats to me about her journey from  marketing professional to business owner, the best marketing lessons  she has learned and how the hell a service based business made it  through 2020. The conversation continues over on Instagram @genevievelehuntalderman
April 27, 2021