ATC Oktoberfest Kicks Off Harvest Season/Here Come The Indians Part Two/A Postscript To D-Day Summer

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By Geoffrey Arend
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United Eco Skies Soars in 2019/Bunker Mentality Shipping Fuels/Kind Hearted Joe
With the environment increasingly under the microscope, United Airlines stands alone as the only USA flag carrier to utilize biofuel.  Perhaps overlooked in the general rush of things on June 5th was United’s Flight for the Planet, the most eco-friendly commercial flight of its kind in the history of aviation, as World Environment Day was celebrated everywhere. For forwarders and shippers, the key challenge of the coming months will come from the higher costs that implementing new environmental shipping regulations will impose on global supply chains.      From January 1, 2020, new International Maritime Organization regulations will put a 0.5% cap on sulfur content in marine fuels globally, down from a maximum of 3.5% now. With oil prices rising, the exact cost of the new fuels is not yet known for certain, but with low-sulfur fuels significantly more expensive, container line shipping executives have called on supply chain partners to share the burden of rising fuel costs, which they describe as an economic hit. It said that only the good die young. To that, we might add nothing that is good ever dies.      Joe Badamo, a pillar of the JFK International Airport community lost his battle with cancer on Sunday October 13th and passed away in Massapequa, Long Island, New York at age 65.
October 21, 2019
Virgin Lifts 20 Tons London TelAviv Daily/Ivan Through The Looking Glass/Women : A Workforce Report
“We are delighted to welcome Tel Aviv to our network. It is an important cargo route and we have been extremely encouraged by the level of interest and bookings for both our direct services between London and Tel Aviv and the U.S. connections we now offer over our London hub,” . Dominic Kennedy, Managing Director of Virgin Atlantic Cargo announced as Virgin Atlantic’s first flight to Tel Aviv touched down at Ben Gurion International Airport September 25. Here once again the incomparable story teller Marco Sorgetti weaves a tale with an up close and personal visit with FIATA stalwart and all around air cargo professional Ivan Petrov. Marco who served as Director General of FIATA for so many years it could make you cry knows the people and the times of FIATA in 2019 like nobody else. This heartwarming story ,part of our exclusive series on behalf of freight forwarders worldwide, continues in 2019-2020 . "Women in Aviation Workforce Report" just published by the group Women In Aviation International, reveals that while women are underrepresented in many areas of aviation, the areas with the largest gaps include technical operations and leadership positions.
October 5, 2019
Linda Faces Future Pays It Forward/Pressure On China/Bogotá Watching Flowers
Linda Faces Future Pays It Forward Linda Eshiwani-Nate, Business Development Manager at Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International Airport (HJIA) put it on the line: : “I am really excited. "For quite a while, US airports have remained far behind their European and Asian counterparts, especially as it relates to the overall airport experience and Cargo handling and operations, as such, I am excited that we (ATL) have arrived here today." The Trump Effect The ambitious Trump economic agenda has already started paying off – the U.S. is seeing record low unemployment, robust GDP growth and, for the first time in over a decade, consistently rising wages. Likewise, his muscular anti-immigrant stance has reduced illegal immigration and his forceful brinksmanship on trade has led to more balanced exchange with Mexico. Bogotá Watching Flowers Proflora 2019 is being held this week as the self proclaimed “best flower show” opens in Bogotá, Colombia on October 2 and runs through October 6. With 500 exhibitors expected at this year's event (held every two years) you’ll get no argument from us.
September 29, 2019
How Cargo Will Pay It Forward/Galaxy of Kale/How To Handle A Cargo Construction Delay
The  good news is that digital payment sector is rapidly evolving and PayCargo is leading the way! Business to consumer (B2C) payment technology trends are being driven by Millennials and Generation Z, with changing consumer habits transforming industries across the world. This is a great opportunity, but how can we effectively harness the benefits for the air cargo industry? Kale Logistics Solution has been chosen by Mitchell Cotts a top shipping, freight forwarding, warehousing and transport resource in Kenya to digitize their entire air cargo handling operations at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Nairobi and  Daniel Tanui, MD of Mitchell Cotts could not be happier. Los Angeles Air Cargo Association(LAACA) and the Airforwarders Association(AfA) with President Brandon Fried did a masterful job of conducting a session last week with 200 in attendance that included Ramon Olivares from Los Angeles World Airports.
September 29, 2019
ATC Oktoberfest Kicks Off Harvest Season/Here Come The Indians Part Two/A Postscript To D-Day Summer
They say that cream rises to the top and that expression is evident all round as a soft end of summer evening Oktoberfest in Frankfurt brings together the most important transportation partners this evening  Wednesday, September 18, at “Anglerheim Moerfelden” located in a bosky dell quite close to Frankfurt Airport. With Ingo Zimmer and Dagmar Hanau hosting , “ATC Oktoberfest”  includes more than 800 guests from all over Europe and from destinations far and wide. Here Come The Indians- Part One. We begin a four part exclusive series as leading freight forwarders of India look ahead to Autumn 2019 and 2020 noting impact of USA China trade war. As a postscript to that big D-Day gathering earlier this summer when more than 40 DC3s returned to the skies above the coast of France we journey to Bernay in Normandie and relive some WW11 memories through a eyes of a child.
September 19, 2019
Circle The Wagons The Indians Are Coming/Women In Aviation Workforce Report/Martin Kraemer The Jettainer Can Man
As 2019 steams on here is  the first of  series of exclusive overviews of today and tomorrow as Flying Typers asks an elite group of the best and brightest transportation executives of India what they think of the current world situation. Keshav Tanna  is a stalwart in global professional freight forwarding, also gives back serving on the board of the great world organization FIATA is Director (Airfreight), Links Forwarders based in New Delhi India... "Women in Aviation Workforce Report" just published by the group Women In Aviation reveals that while women are underrepresented in many areas of aviation, the areas with the largest gaps include technical operations and leadership positions. The report shows that women make up less than 10% of pilots, maintenance technicians, and airline executives. In advance of ULD Care that starts this week (Sept 16-18)  in Toronto Canada Martin Kraemer the effusive Head of Marketing and PR for Jettainer,”The Jettainer Can Man” shares some thoughts . Martin is better than bright. He is always on, and as an uplifting steady hand at Jettainer always seems to be talking the next thing.
September 16, 2019
Escape From The World Trade Center On 911 The Jim Larsen Story
President Donald Trump participated in somber memorial services with First Lady Melania Trump today on the 18th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks In the U.S.. We recall when New York/New Jersey Port Authority Director of Air Cargo Jim Larsen showed up at our house on September 13, 2001 with a manuscript of how he  escaped the World Trade Center minutes before Tower One came crashing down. Here is that story, word-for-word as Jim wrote it 18 years ago..
September 11, 2019
Beijing Is Weaponizing Against Cathay/When Nalin Handled Tamil Tigers/Money Laundering Cargo
“The worst-case scenario, of an airline that’s forced to police the political views of its own workforce in order to maintain the open skies it needs to operate, would be a horrendous one for Cathay,” Bloomberg's Dan Fickling writes. “Driving a wedge between management and staff inclined to support Hong Kong’s aspirations for greater freedom, and between the airline and customers who retain loyalty to it as an icon of the territory’s unique status, could quickly erase the gains from nearly four years of turning around the business. “Waiting in the wings in that event is the risk that the long-rumored takeover by Cathay’s second-largest shareholder, Air China Ltd., could finally come to fruition." Ran into our friend Nalin Rodrigo who we first met on Dubai Creek some years ago when he was fronting the cargo fortunes of Sri Lankan Cargo from his offices in Colombo. Nalin an all-cargo pro was always completely unflappable, energetic and to tell it a great air cargo dreamer and doer. A Louisiana USA Senator named Bill Cassidy, R-La., who issues a torrent of “White Papers” on various subjects including Health Care now wants the  federal government to look into possible cargo-based money laundering (TBML) suggesting TBML ,”is one of the most profitable and safe mechanisms to launder money, and it is imperative that Congress act.” “There are certain industries that present a greater risk for TBML, such as couriers, cargo services, freight shipping services, international shipping, and money service businesses,"  Sen Bill said.
September 10, 2019
Up To The Minute With Ram Menen & The Shah of Flexport /Bake Me A Wish
Ram Menen has seen many seasons come and go, spending more than two decades first as part of the launch team and then as top executive of Emirates SkyCargo where he led that organization to the top of the world. Today, happily retired in Luxembourg and Kuala Lumpur, Ram is a much sought after air cargo executive that readily shares his take on 2019 in an exclusive FlyingTalkers interview. Neel Jones Shah is a smart guy and a dreamer and doer.   He is no shrinking violet either, but rather someone who is actively on the front lines of change, having moved rather easily from top management at the airlines into top management at the wunderkind bunch at Flexport where he serves as EVP and Global Head of Airfreight. Once upon a time, Neel as the head of Delta Cargo, led approximately 2,000 employees worldwide and oversaw over $1 Billion in freight & mail revenues. In USA, Bake Me A Wish, headquartered in New York City began in 2005, offering nationwide service for gourmet birthday cake delivery nationwide .     During the past 14 plus years the company has grown to offer more and more of the finest bakery gifts available including gourmet cookies, brownies, cupcakes, pies and quiches.     “There is no better way to celebrate a special occasion than to send a little indulgence from someone who cares,” said company founder Josh Kaye.
September 7, 2019
The United Cargo Front Line Connection/ Hong Kong Up To The Minute/FIATA Not Just Old Men
   The great race to connecting with air cargo customers on a real-time and all day basis, is nice work if you can get it. Enter Vanya Bukova and Jennifer Haigh. Both are part of an account executive team that reports to Helen Kristensen, United Cargo’s Manager Strategic Accounts.    When writing of the Hong Kong conflict going on right now in the former Crown Colony, (now a special district) we cannot help but wonder what’s next for air cargo? So, we figure why not go to someone who carries the credentials of experience, knowledge, passion and air cargo building, Stan Wraight, CEO of Strategic Aviation Solutions (SASI).  Ex-DSV executive Steve Walker called on FIATA to “become a safe haven for forwarders to discuss a wider new industry strategy,” in the face of vertical consolidation by shipping lines, and the attempt to control data via platforms such as TradeLens, a join partnership between IBM and Maersk.
August 21, 2019
Skyler & Buffalo Cargo Make A Wish Come True/Speed Gibson Saves The Day
   Something For A Summer Monday...After beating Hodgkin's lymphoma, San Francisco teenager Skyler Stoba got to wish for anything in the world.  Naturally, it was a toss- up between having lunch with Beyonce or seeing Buffalo Airways Cargo Second World War DC3 cargo aircraft. Yellowknife Canada-based Buffalo Airways, which operates a fleet of World War II-era aircraft carrying cargo shipments under government contract that are the aerial lifeline to a number of northern Canadian villages , have been featured on History Television's Ice Pilots NWT for several seasons. A Summer Monday Special continues with the latest Chapter ((1937)  of Steve Gibson Aviation Detective Series. Trip back in time just for fun, via Pan Am Clippers and short wave radio, through the eyes of a teenager who loves aviation. 
August 19, 2019
Virgin Parties Times 30/ Trade Shows That Matter This Fall/A Love Poem To Air Cargo By Richard Malkin
  As Virgin Cargo marked 30 years of service to the U.S., an intimate gathering in summertime Manhattan under the watchful eye of the glorious Empire State Building served as a celebration point. This was an understated fun event with local cargo people, who showed up and were shown a good time, with lots of great food and conversation in this splendid setting. Boxcars in the Sky written by the most important air cargo journalist of the 20th century Richard Malkin, was created in 1951 after Richard had just returned from covering the Berlin Airlift. Boxcars is a beautifully written, recently discovered short story predicting things to come , that today nearly 70 years later, for the most part has come true. 
August 12, 2019
Uberizing Logistics Keeps On Truckin’ /Ron Davies Recalls Frank Lorenzo & JRD Tata
   Lior Ron is a 42-year-old Israeli-born businessman, who in 2016 along with Anthony Levandowski and some others co-founded Otto, a self-driving truck company. Both Lior and Anthony went to work at Uber after Uber bought Otto in 2016. But then Anthony was fired from Uber after a dustup wherein the executive was accused of stealing Google’s self-driving car trade secrets for use in Otto’s technology.. Ron jumped from Uber after Uber paid Google parent company Alphabet $245 million to settle the dispute. Well, in 2019 Ron is back at Uber Freight, now that Uber has finally closed the deal for Otto Trucking that is currently operating as a stand-alone entity as part of the Uber firmament. In the USA, Uber Freight connects 48 states and reportedly generates more than $125 million in quarterly revenues. “We fundamentally believe there’s a new era of opportunity in logistics,” Ron said. “Technology streamlines things, connects things and that builds trust in physical networks.”   History & summer magic with a master. Here  we take a sentimental journey with REG Davies the greatest aviation historian. Ron sat in the Lindbergh Chair at the National Air & Space Museum in Washington, D.C. for more than 50 years. Along the way he authored more than 38 books on everything from airline histories to the Berlin Airlift. These recordings will continue during 2019.
August 1, 2019
Slowdown Summer & Taking Stock
   News that the Cass Freight Index of North American Freight Volumes moved downward, another -5.3% in June adds up in USA and almost everywhere else to a slow dance of negative cargo volumes seven months in a row 2018/2019. The Cass Freight Index covers shipments of merchandise for the consumer and industrial economy via all modes of transportation, but it does not include bulk commodities, such as grains or chemicals.
July 30, 2019
Big Change For Virgin Cargo/Amazon & Air Cargo
  At Virgin A Really Big Change “Huge, and we are not underestimating or taking anything for granted,” said Dominic Kennedy, Virgin Atlantic’s Managing Director, Cargo. “Our entire business model is based on giving customers more choice and flexibility, whether this means more routes and frequencies, new products and services, or the ability to interact with us in the way they want to do business,” he said. “Now Virgin Atlantic Cargo is set to be the first airline to adopt Accenture’s cloud-enabled, end-to-end AFLS 8.0 cargo management platform to spearhead our future digital experience when AFLS 8.0 goes live in early 2020."  Amazon & Air Cargo In Focus The smile turned upside down as labor unrest complicates the world, according to Amazon. Bill Boesch has some answers: “The first thing to remember,” confides air cargo great Bill Boesch, “is that Amazon is not an airline but a unique e-commerce platform controlling its door-to-door operations to provide free next-day or 2-day shipping for its products.  “As a result, in the U.S., Amazon is not covered by the Railway Labor Act nor is it fully unionized.  “Amazon hubs – unlike FedEx and UPS – are fulfillment centers", Bill declared.
July 23, 2019
Amazon's Striking Situation/IATA's Top Ten/DIAL Up Excellent/Unilode & Kicking The Cans With ULD Care
      It is unfortunate and maybe a bit  sad to see that a number of different agendas seem to driving the unrest at Amazon. Strike action is never a happy situation. In today’s world productivity is the key to success and in certain parts of the world, sorry to say, that there are people who just don’t seem to get that . . .  Delhi International Airport became the first airport in India to operationalize a dedicated Transshipment Excellence Centre (TEC). The initiative was taken by DIAL, as per the guidelines of the Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA) under the National Civil Aviation Policy 2016 to develop Air Cargo Transshipment Hubs at major airports around the country.   “Changing the customer experiences from our interactions, products and services, and mastering the data challenge and driving innovation,” are the orders of everyday at Unilode,” said Benoît Dumont, Unilode  CEO. Meantime ULD Care Readies Annual Event.  We are dreamers, Montreal? September 16-19
July 16, 2019
Down In The Dumps At 36,000 Feet/What Lies Ahead For Air Cargo 2019?
Where is air cargo in Summer 2019? To hear some people tell it we have gone through the best of times into the worst. No doubt, last month in Munich at Air Cargo Europe people were into the wurst. But seriously where are we now? First in a roundup report we note that air cargo rates continue to see weekly volatility, but with the demand outlook tepid and ample capacity available on most lanes, pricing continues to fluctuate, albeit within boundaries far below those enjoyed in 2018. Next we share some thoughts with Air Cargo legend Ram Menen, someone who has been there and done that, and now looks ahead.
July 9, 2019
Turkish Cargo Doing What Comes Naturally
Asked Turhan Ozen top cargo officer at Turkish Cargo how goes business and how was that big move from Ataturk Airport last month, and his reaction is a broad smile, not a weary one. The idea that an airline cargo division could pack up and move half of its operations from one airport to another now accomplished on time and apparently without a hitch, Turhan eases back in his chair and smiles.
July 7, 2019
United Sky Cell Bells Temp Control / Celebrating Life & Times Of Dick Wiebe/ Sally Forth With 1930s Hero Speed Gibson
        “TempControl’s transport of vaccines and other high-value biopharmaceutical shipments is increasing rapidly,” said Jan Krems, President of United Cargo as the carrier became the first U.S. flag to induct SkyCell temperature-controlled containers.  We celebrate Emery Air Freight's Richard Wiebe, who died on May 29. He was 94 years of age. Thinking about Dick in June 2019, must say he has shone bright in memory, though out of sight for some years now. But his decent kindness will remain with me forever.  Many people thought it odd that a book to save Building One at Newark Airport, titled "Great Airports Newark" and another a year later to save The Marine Air Terminal titled "Great Airports LaGuardia" would also carry the logo of Emery Air Freight. But one day at a meeting I mentioned to Dick that we should stand for something else in air cargo—and saving our airport history would be a good thing. Dick, as top corporate communications man for John Emery Jr. picked up the sword and said to me: “Go ahead and do those books and send us 5,000 copies each," he said. So I did and he did, and today way ahead of saving the TWA Building at JFK International in 2019, we did our books and managed to save both the Marine Air Terminal at LaGuardia in 1980 and Building One, now the manager's office in 1990 at Newark (with help from Bob Aaronson). Both are national landmarks.  Trade in your jet plane for a four engine piston pounding flying boat and your cell phone for the shortwave radio. It's summer 1940 in the South Pacific.  Sally Forth With Speed Gibson, as July 4th approaches, return with us now for some high adventure as another exciting old time, circa 1938 radio program takes off to high adventure aboard The China Clipper.
June 30, 2019
Issa Baluch Man For All Seasons
   Great inspirational Super Summer 2019 ,or anytime story, from the great Marco Sorgetti... "Issa’s background is as remarkable as his success and this fascinates us immensely, so we want to do more than merely celebrate his success. Issa wrote once that “life is about mutual respect” and this is precisely what I believe he deserves. Let me see that his achievements gain a little space in the hearts of our listeners, too.We all know Issa Baluch is a man who has achieved a lot in his life, and not only in FIATA, which crowned him as its President in 2003. Issa is surely not a person to enter a room unnoticed. He is strong, rather tall, still wearing his masculine charm easily in 2019, despite the fact that the young logistics trailblazer he was in the ’80’s has now adjusted into the thoughtful professor and father to a large family while his own multifarious talents have safely landed onto the planet of talent-mentoring in more than one university across several continents."
June 28, 2019
Qatar Cargo Tops Paris Air Show/ATC Is More Rewarding/Ospentos/Salute To Guenter Rohrmann
   Qatar Airways delivered more punch to it's air cargo offering announcing purchase of five B 777 Freighters at Paris Air Show in a ceremony that included  His Excellency Jassim Saif Ahmed Al-Sulaiti, Qatari Minister of Transport and Communications. "This is an order that will propel our growth and, I firmly believe, confirms us as the leading cargo operator in the world.  " said His Excellency, Mr. Akbar Al Baker, CEO, Qatar Airways Group.   Ingo Zimmer, CEO of fast growing ATC, a big winner in the global GSSA game serving 75 airlines, passed up attending the “gala” Air Cargo Europe awards dinner Wednesday June 5 in Munich.      Ingo, as dynamic as he is tall at 6 foot 5, had a better idea, delivering a simple thank you to his customers in an extraordinary once in a lifetime setting. Air Cargo Europe bestowed another blizzard of air cargo awards at its “Gala Dinner in Munich.      Forgive our skepticism, but something about this rings a bit hollow when air cargo folks sit down to a $75 or $150-a-plate trade show dinner to pat themselves on the back. We picked up a copy of the “Official Air Cargo Europe” daily publication.      Printed on extra thick glossy stock, the issue felt and looked wonderful.      But then we got to thinking: how can the air cargo industry, which is attempting to project an image of sustainability, allow itself to be presented to the professionals (at ACE) in a series of printed issues that have the look and feel of having been printed on what remains of the Black Forest?  Although he was action central in American, German and International air cargo for more than 50 years, and is now retired, a belated special Happy 80th Birthday salute to the great Guenter Rohrmann, who was born on April 15,1939. The essential thing you need to know about GR is that he was an industry builder.
June 21, 2019
Is The Sky Falling In On Air Cargo?/Virgin Gets New IT/ Martinka Over Germany/United Resolute in 2019 / Qatar Music of Munich/Berlin Airlift Live
Latest news that you can use out of Air Cargo Europe last week in Munich has Virgin Cargo making a huge investment in a new IT system to drive it's business forward from 2020. Elsewhere many happy returns as Achim Martinka takes commend of the vital cargo market in Germany for Lufthansa Cargo. United Cargo President Jan Krems gets it about challenging times and delivers the best quote we heard all last week about what to do as business 2019 marches on. Beautiful women artists in evening wear as supple musicians, softened the hard edge of a giant trade show as Qatar Cargo launched Air Cargo Europe on the right note.  Last chance maybe forever...The airplanes that taught air cargo how to fly are in Germany all this week and should not be missed. Is The Sky Falling? While the mood in Munich’s maze of exhibition halls last week was decidedly – perhaps surprisingly – upbeat, a deluge of negative data and forecasts were raining down.      And for what it is worth Chicken Little, Henny Penny, Cocky Locky, Ducky Daddles, Goosie Poosie, Gander Pander, Turkey Lurkey and Foxy Loxy are all on the record here.      Yes, our view may be a children’s fairy tale, but isn’t it so that sometimes the gloom and doom forecast turns out like the unexpected last boom in air cargo that no one, including the crystal gazers at IATA Cargo saw coming?      Everyone was smiling at Munich and the band just played on as far as we could tell.      Here is the reality check.
June 11, 2019
SAS Airbus Electric Hybrid MOU /2020 Sulpher Cap Will Slap Cargo/Show Time Is Climate Time
    Airbus & SAS have  a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for hybrid and electric aircraft eco-system and infrastructure requirements research. The MoU was signed by Grazia Vittadini, Chief Technology Officer, Airbus and Göran Jansson, Deputy President EVP Strategy & Ventures, Scandinavian Airlines. Collaboration begins this month June 2019 and will continue until the end of 2020. 2020 Sulpher Cap Impact Beyond The High Seas For forwarders and shippers, the key challenge of the coming months will come from the higher costs that implementing new environmental shipping regulations will impose on global supply chains. From 1 January 2020, new International Maritime Organization regulations will put a 0.5% cap on sulfur content in marine fuels globally, down from a maximum of 3.5% now.  In EU it ain't  just all about Brexit! This year - 2019 – Climate Change has been high on many EU countries “priority” list; in Denmark – as in many other Nordic and EU countries – 56% of the Danish citizen said that “Climate” was the most important issue and numerous demonstrations in Denmark and many other EU countries have confirmed Climate Change as “key issue” to be tackled by EU and national politicians in the coming years.
June 10, 2019
Elliott Paige & Bill Boesch Together Again For The First Time/ Mother & Daughter Trucking Duo
   If Elliott Paige had any better a handle on what it takes and what Atlanta has to offer as he explains the cargo fortunes of the giant southeastern USA gateway it could only be another revelation.. The Air Services Development Manager at Atlanta's Hartsfield Jackson International Airport is so smart and upfront about HJIA’s cargo program, you can go to school on the word picture he paints.   Bill Boesch started his career in global transportation and logistics in 1965 working for Seaboard World Airlines. He later joined Flying Tiger Airlines and Emery Worldwide.  If it sounds like Bill was present at the creation you will get no argument from us. Bill has held top posts all the way… At Pan American World Airways’ Senior Vice President he headed both Passenger and Cargo Sales and Operations. American Airlines Robert Crandall tapped Bill to serve as President of AA Cargo. When Bill retired from AA in 1998 he and his team had positioned AA as a world leader in the air cargo and logistics business.    Meet Carly and Karen Barry who arrived at CNS with a story to tell of pioneering in the ground transportation business in Southern Florida. Karen is a working Mom who in 2007 was joined by daughter Carly at her company Evergreen Express trucking. Karen is no overnight sensation either. She has operated her company for the past 22 years moving from serving as a school teacher and said she got into founding Evergreen after learning a bit about trucking from her husband who did ad hoc charters.
June 6, 2019
Why ATC Matters This Week In Munich/Don't Miss The Spargel/Laurent's United Cargo In Paris
   Right now in Germany is emerging not only the most exciting but also going away the best GSSA operation in the world. Not only that but to listen at ATC CEO Ingo Zimmer, ATC has only just begun to continue its unprecedented growth plan that has seen the GSSA move from regional European services to ATC spreading it’s wings across America and Canada and into South America and now Asia in just the past five years.    Whatever you do this week whilst attending Air Cargo Europe in Munich, (June 4-7) do not allow the opportunity to enjoy a proper German white asparagus dinner slip by. White asparagus or spargel is a very short seasonal offering in Bavaria and it is everywhere this time of year, unique in the world, and so very delicious!    When we met with United Airlines’ France Cargo Sales Manager Laurent Bernet in a small, elegant hotel garden in Place Pigalle Paris recently, we discovered a seasoned veteran of the air cargo business. He’s worked both sides of the Atlantic; first at Fritz, where he did an internship in 1992, and next at United Cargo, where he has been comfortably situated for the past twenty-four years. It turns out that during  
June 2, 2019
The Beatles In Los Angeles From Pan Am To Pandemonium Part 2
   Up Close & Personal—A story that you have never heard before . . .  July 14, 1964:  More than a month ahead of the anticipated arrival of the Beatles at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), management of the Los Angeles Department of Airports had their first meeting with local disc jockey/nightclub owner/concert promoter Bob Eubanks, as well as representatives of the local police and fire departments to plan for two "B-Days" —code for days on which The Beatles would be at LAX.
May 29, 2019
FIATA HQ Meeting In Zurich Unbeatable!/BER Built A Boondoggle!/Thanks A LOT!
  All Together Now  FIATA, the freight forwarders organization meets every Spring to listen, learn and share their experiences with friends and colleagues. The 2019 Annual headquarters meeting held in Zurich Switzerland was a unparalleled success. FIATA In Person Is Unbeatable  The unique atmosphere one breathes at the FIATA HQ – and even more so at the FIATA Congresses, which have 3 to 4 times more participants – is something you have to try yourself. Words are not enough to describe the endless opportunities and the meaningful encounters everywhere, anytime FIATA meets!  Even casual words seem to become meaningful in the end, thanks to FIATA. As I am proudly the one and only FIATA Fellow in the world, having been recognized and elevated at one of these sessions in 2016, I am proud to be a FIATA Fellow and keenly well aware of the efforts that are deployed to make these meetings great every year. Thanks to former FIATA Director General Marco Sorgetti here is a unique inside look as FIATA Headquarters Session unfolded.   “Time Flies” when your having fun is an old saying.  For Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER) “Time Flies” doesn’t work while you are waiting on an airport. It has been almost 14 years since construction began in 2006 to develop BER, a world class airport that was supposed to host a spectacular opening in 2012. Today as you read this the airport is still sitting empty and unused. Next week as the world meets in Munich share a watchful eye at BER the airport that by now was supposed to be serving the capital of Germany. Sorry to reports that BER is by any measure the biggest boondoggle and airport construction failure in the history of airports. Thanks A LOT! A few minutes with a 30 year cargo veteran and "Mohair Sam", smooth operator, Marek Kasiak of LOT Polish Airlines Cargo
May 27, 2019
Once In A Lifetime Berlin Airlift Aircraft In Germany/Speed Gibson Old Time Radio
  FlyingTalkers celebrates the start of Super Summer 2019 in the USA as Memorial Day is observed May 27. Here is a guide for everybody who loves aviation, and especially folks, that today live and work in air cargo,  Right on the heels of a major world gathering—Air Cargo Europe in Munich, Germany at Transport Logistik June 4-7, the 70th anniversary of the ending of The Berlin Airlift that saved a city, is being celebrated in grand style from June 10 until June 18 at Wiesbaden Air Base near Frankfurt and in Berlin. Be amazed . . . for the first time since 1949, more than 40 aircraft  from the Berlin Airlift, preserved and airworthy, will fly the original Berlin Airlift routes and later land at the airport and be accessible to the public to touch and feel, up close and personal.. Go to this address for more information: Memorial Day Special continues with the latest Chapter ((1937)  of Steve Gibson Aviation Detective Series. Trip back in time just for fun, via Pan Am Clippers and short wave radio, through the eyes of a teenager who loves aviation.
May 23, 2019
Getting It On American/Kicking The Cans In Montreal September
       As he closes in on his second year of serving as President of American Airlines Cargo, it is fair to say that Richard (Rick) Elieson guided the freight fortunes of the world’s largest airline with a steady hand.      Rick Elieson is also a great photographer. Not just great because he knows how to handle a camera. In this age where everybody seems to be a phone photographer, Rick has the ability to snap stunning, original photos of wildlife in their natural settings. There is a great, if not slightly unknown and perhaps overlooked, industry event that meets September 16 until 19 as ULD CARE opens its 32nd Annual ULD CARE Conference in Montreal, Canada. For Urs Wiesendanger  President, ULD CARE, and Bob Rogers, VP & Treasurer, ULD CARE, kicking the cans has been a joyful lifelong obsession.      To Urs and Bob, the devices are eye candy on the hardstand.      "It’s always a beautiful thing to see them trail around behind tugs and move up from the ramp into the bellies and main decks of waiting aircraft,"Urs declares...
May 20, 2019
Tariff Tosses Curve Ball At Air Cargo 2019/People & CNS Partnership/Ghost of Slammin' Sam Snead
  Shippers planning for the summer peak season received a curve ball from President Trump earlier this month.  With only a few Presidential tweets of warning, the U.S.-China trade talks that optimists hoped would bring an end to confrontation and protectionism instead yielded an escalation as the U.S. raised tariffs from 10% to 25% on $200bn worth of Chinese imports. At Cargo Network Services (CNS) Partnership in Miami last week, we spoke to Sterling Transportation founder Keith Davis who developed an original idea into a quarter century success story, connecting Los Angeles to Miami with big trucks carrying cargo. Later we spoke to an old friend named Warren Jones, who delivered to an air cargo conference something rarely seen—a shipper! Irish Ken Ryan told us that cargo flown into Rockford, Illinois for UPS and Amazon and others, most often reaches destinations in Chicago faster than the same shipments that land at O'Hare International Airport. Finally from our "Reporter's Notebook," we take a trip back to recall Slammin' Sam Snead.
May 16, 2019
Ma He 's Making Eyes At The World/ Cargo Plight of Jet Non- Flight
  As previous reported in Flying Talkers, Amazon’s emergence as a major player in air cargo and logistics has been rapid.  But Amazon is not the only ‘e-tailer’ with an ambitious plan to integrate online and offline commerce by building huge logistics networks. Alibaba is also most definitely causing a stir. Jack Ma, the co-founder and executive chairman of Alibaba Group, increasingly has the global name recognition and ‘influencer’ status that comes to very few.  A Flight To Nowhere S/H “When we highlight the disappointing irony of this situation to the lenders, we are simply told that this problem is to be addressed by the shareholders, who should and could have agreed on a resolution plan a long time ago.” That was Vinay Dube, CEO of the now grounded Jet Airways, lamenting the lack of commitment on the part of Jet’s stakeholders to pay salaries to the employees.  Banks and financial institutions who are owed more than $1.15 bn have, till the time of filing this report, refused to provide a lifeline to the carrier.
May 14, 2019
Why Amazon Is The 800 Pound Gorilla/Carmen Is Charmin'/ABC Adds Dhaka
  (Forget about the fabled gorilla in the room, here we examine the reality of an 800 pound Amazon) Early last month Bill Boesch, the distinguished and eloquent former President of American Airlines Cargo, and now who delivers Special Commentaries in our sister E-Zine Flying Typers, explained how Amazon has the capability to transform the air cargo landscape. Follow The Fleet S/H For example, the e-tailer is already “its own air cargo customer” thanks to its ACMI contracts for Boeing aircraft with ATSG and Atlas which will give it a fleet of more than 50 freighters by next year. This leaves integrators such as UPS and FedEx in the position of both providing services to Amazon – one recent report claimed Amazon accounts for 6.5% of total UPS revenue and 4.7% of FedEx revenue - as well as competing with it for customers and their cargoes. What’s more, Amazon can easily upscale its air freight operations, either by buying out one of its air charter partners or by acquiring or partnering with an integrator. “Either move by Amazon would change the face of America’s air cargo industry and cause withdrawal or consolidation of the present U.S. cargo charter carriers, and maybe even one of the integrators,” argued Boesch. Behind the scenes at Cargo Network Services (CNS) Meet the Lady who puts the "Go" in Cargo! Now we fly to Bangladesh says ABC. But what about life on the ground at Dhaka Cargo says everybody else.
May 10, 2019
Qatar Cargo Has Pole Position In Race To The Top
  “The market might be less than a year ago-but it’s not bad,” insists Guillaume Halleux, Qatar Airways Head of Cargo. “Don’t let people tell you that we are in a recession again—we are not!”  Guillaume is approaching his fourth anniversary atop Qatar Cargo this June.  “I have worked internally to make sure that cargo is a strong contributor to the airline’s bottom line by making sure everyone understands our business and its objectives and possibilities.
May 7, 2019
Few Minutes With The Shah of Flexport /JFK Cargo Shows A Pulse
  Hot on the heels of Flexport’s latest funding infusion recently, FlyingTypers spoke to Neel Jones Shah, the forwarder’s SVP and Global Head of Air Freight. Shah has occupied top posts at United and Delta Cargo so he has gained a unique perspective and reputation for advancing keen analytics, frank observations and conclusive projections as an industry voice that is heard in transportation worldwide.  Claiming “to advance JFK International Airport’s place as an international cargo handler,” a “place” that the airport once upon a time dominated from its opening in 1948 until the early 1990s when more than half of all airborne cargo in USA transited the facility, airport operator The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey signed a deal to allow JFK Air Cargo LLC to lease a new 250,000 sq. ft. cargo transfer facility to be built with $70 million in private funds at the airport.
May 3, 2019
Explaining Blockchain To A Ten Year Old/Industry Awards Should Be More Rewarding
"A blockchain is a distributed ledger database that maintains a continuously-growing list of transactions in the form of ordered records called blocks."  -Wikipedia "If you can't explain it to a 10 year old, you don't know it yourself"  – Albert Einstein (attributed, but disputed) Get ready for this. It's spring 2019 and in some quarters the season augurs the air cargo industry awards time of year. There are awards for everything, from Company of the Year to Person of the Year, from Most Influential to Lifetime Service.  The awards will be handed out left and right by trade shows, industry organizations, and publications alike.
April 29, 2019
FIATA Previews World Congress 2019 Capetown / Vintage Piston Pounder Checks Into TWA Hotel at JFK
  “A great opportunity for FIATA Association Members and Individual Members to exchange information and deliberate on important policy issues of our industry," FIATA President Babar Badat told Flying Talkers.  A very popular aircraft from the 1950s and early 1960s that has ended up as a restaurant and often as a bar, usually perched on a concrete buttress, at several locations in the USA. is all or part of a Lockheed Constellation. Now at JFK International Airport in New York a "Connie" as the airplane is, and  was, affectionately referred to, returns as a new on airport hotel opens.
April 28, 2019
A300 Twinjet Freighters At 25/ Gathering @ Hapag- Lloyd / April Recalls CBI Where Modern Air Cargo Was Born
  A300/A310 pioneered twin jet operations worldwide and are still at work today at FedEx. "Gathering Pace Together", a new sustainability report from Hapag-Lloyd as new rules for fuel content ready for prime time January 1, 2020 China India Burma Hump (CBI) If you want to know exactly when a defining time occurred for air cargo in the 20th century, and what led to the development of the industry we know today, join us as we cast a line back to April, seventy nine years ago, and you will discover that modern air cargo was born above the Himalayas as wartime air commerce moved essential consignments between India and China.      
April 24, 2019
Supermarket In The Sky/ Flowering Fortunes At Keukenhof/ /Speed Gibson Old Time Radio
Easter 2019...Takeoff with the Supermarket of the Sky & Vince Ryan...  The focus is on the mighty tulip, but roses, daffodils, orchids, and more all get their time to shine. There are English and Japanese gardens, a playground, petting zoo, maze and much more to explore. The Keukenhof Gardens of Amsterdam are open but just eight weeks each spring. This year a special concert April 24 will celebrate 70 years of offering the world a rich opportunity to stop and smell the flowers. Steve Gibson Chapter 5 continues our series wherein the intrepid teenager with his short wave radio and dreams of detective work flies abord the China Clipper on a never ending journey to adventure.
April 19, 2019
Lionel Times Two Tracking Logistics & The Finer Things of Life/DHL Answers A Call For Help
 1. Air Cargo Integrators (ACI) CEO Lionel Smith is surveying the trade show scene at the TIACA Air Cargo Forum that took place in Toronto, Canada, in mid-October 2018.      As he looks up and down the aisle, Lionel, at six feet, seven inches tall, enjoys a unique vantage point.      Born in Kenya and on the scene in Dubai cargo for the past several decades, Smith is a transportation executive that stands out head and shoulders above the crowd. He joins a cadre of special people we have known during our 44 years on this beat.       2.  When Lionel van der Walt packed it in as President of IATA CNS a couple years ago, our industry lost a great leader, although we got lucky again right away, when Mike White stepped up. Mike has carried forward admirably as President of CNS and reports a huge annual partnership conference about to take off in Miami, May 5. Hero's Of Air Aargo.....Recently Deutsche Post DHL Disaster Response Team (DRT) deployed to Beira, Africa where Cyclone Idai  damaged hundreds of thousands of acres of crops, and destroyed close to 200,000 homes.
April 18, 2019
The Trump Effect On US Air Cargo
  Bill Boesch is an air cargo pioneer but also a dreamer & doer across a distinguished  and exemplary 40 plus year career. Bill served as President of American Airlines Cargo where he put that carrier on the world stage during the Robert Crandall era. Bill is also a key logistician for  US military forces who during the Iran & Iraq conflict created methodologies that delivered the goods while saving lives.  For his effort Bill was awarded The Medal of Freedom  at a ceremony in New York harbor in the shadow of the Statue of Liberty on Ellis Island.. Among his other activities Bill has contributed a series of ten articles exclusively to our sister publication Flying Typers offering his unique knowledge and perspective into the ongoing impact that the administration of US President Trump is delivering to business and air cargo. In “Trump Effect Number 11” Bill goes four square into sharing both an up to date business recap and look ahead into the latest thinking as Amazon and other drivers change the table for air cargo in 2019.. The Air Cargo Forum India (ACFI) has taken on the task to make air cargo popular – both as a profession and a service.  A tall order, no doubt – especially when passenger growth continues at a scorching pace prompting aviation stakeholders to look forward to the day in 2024 when if predictions hold, India will become the world’s third largest aviation sector. 
April 15, 2019
Parisi Trieste Freight Forwarder Since 1807
  Meet Francesco Parisi Up Close & Personal When Parisi went into business in 1807 Napoleon was alive and signed a peace treaty with Russia; Ludwig von Beethoven debuted his Symphony Number 4 and Robert Fulton launched his first steamboat on the Hudson River in New York. Today in 2019, the quiet and unassuming Francesco Parisi (third generation) is a constant force for good as former President of FIATA and active builder of global transportation. Go up close and personal at FIATA World Congress October 1-5 in Capetown. Get the scoop on a conference you should know about. Virgin Cargo gets new handling in Lagos April 10 to serve it's booming cargo business.
April 10, 2019
Cargo Looks For Upside as Q2 Begins/When Shipping Goes To The Dogs/ULD Dance In Montreal
  Looking At Latest Numbers  Asia was full of mixed signals as airfreight stakeholders entered the second quarter of 2019 hoping for an upturn after a slow start to the year. Ode To Fala Dogs are  subject of poetry, best friends of Presidents and First Ladies, and on the half shell upcoming at CNS Miami.  Kicking The Cans In Canada There is a great if not slightly unknown, and perhaps overlooked industry event, that meets in Montreal Canada as ULD CARE opens its 32nd Annual Conference September 16-19.. For Urs Wiesendanger, President, ULD CARE, and Bob Rogers,  VP & Treasurer, ULD CARE, kicking the cans has been a joyful lifelong obsession.
April 8, 2019
Cherries Blossom At United/Istanbul Game Changer/Virgin Brazil/Lady Truckers
Right now and for some few brief few days ahead, the breathtakingly beautiful cherry blossoms in Washington DC, also herald the "Cherry Shipping Season" & United Cargo says it is ready! Turkish Airlines Cargo set to takeoff big time as New Istanbul Airport opens.. Like A Virgin..Brazil gets Virgin Cargo focus with Sao Paulo debut in 2020.. Women are recognized as leaders in the American trucking industry.
April 5, 2019
FIATA Publishes Best Practices For Container Shipping/Ready-Set- Go! Turkish Cargo Belly Lift At New Istanbul Airport/Sessions Guide To CNS Partnership May 5-7/Captain of the Clouds Fokko Doyan
How Deep Is The Ocean? FIATA Guide to Best Container Practices just a click away! Turkish Cargo moves belly lift to new airport in Istanbul April 6..... CNS Partnership at Doral National Miami May 5-7, an exclusive "talking heads" sessions preview. Fokko Doyan Captain of the Clouds, moves more than air cargo.
April 2, 2019
Peg Of My Heart/Speed Gibson Episode Four
  Peg of My Heart Speaking to Peggy Guse United Airlines’ Managing Director of Cargo Marketing, Customer Service and Alliances in March 2019 during International Women’s Month we were struck by how closely her discussion of the team’s accomplishments and ambitions dovetailed with the theme of the worldwide celebration of “Women’s Day on March 6: “Think Equal, Build Smart, Innovate for Change.” Warm Up Your Short Wave Radio! Later we climb onboard the high road to adventure aboard the China Clipper as Episode Four of Speed Gibson of the International Secret Police  finds our teenage hero just arrived by Flying Boat in Hong Kong, as an aviation Broadcast from 1937 goes Podcast in 2019, with radio drama  presented here every two weeks. Enjoy the ride!
March 31, 2019
Estonia's Elvy Kalep & India's Mathangi Krishnan / Suzy Wardle Virgin Cargo Tops JFK Expo Thursday
     We write about women in air cargo, about female aviators, and because we acknowledge women as consummate multi-taskers, we must remember to ask: what else can you do? What else do you do?       Invariably, women in every industry perform several and various functions in order not to go ‘hysterical,’ a term loved dearly by detractors of feminists like Betty Friedan as it improperly classified and deflected from that general feeling of malaise suffered by so many women who were not put to good use beyond the home. Here we meet  Elvy Kalep, the first female in Estonia to receive a pilot’s license, in 1931. Elvy, a friend of Amelia Earhart's and member of the 99s ,the pioneering female air pilots organization , never stopped working to interest young women in aviation even creating a most charming book titled "Air Babies".   A pioneering “Women In Air Cargo’, Mathangi Krishnan , could easily pass off as my aunt next door.  Measured in her conversation, an air of calm around her, Madam Krishnan cannot be pictured in the midst of the cacophony and helter-skelter of air cargo terminals.  But that is where her heart is.    This Thursday don't miss the JFK Cargo Expo!  All day just near the airport at a place where you can network with maybe 300 of  your new best friends, and hear a couple of good discussions, plus enjoy an absolute rarity at these type of gatherings, a truly great luncheon meal and speaker.  Come on, it is International Women’s Month, so give it up for Luncheon Keynote Speaker Ms. Suzy Wardle, Head of Digital & Distribution, Virgin Atlantic Airways Cargo. Relax as Suzy who has something to say shares her thoughts with a look inside digitization, business simplification, e-commerce, and the future of customer interaction from her unique perspective.
March 25, 2019
Update: Celebrating Berlin Airlift & Birth of Modern Air Cargo
It's happening in Wiesbaden and some other airfields. Now just as Air Cargo Europe Trade Show ends in Munich June 7, in Berlin and elsewhere in Germany a nine day event will begin on June 10 as The Berlin Airlift will be recalled with a giant fly-in by more than 40 vintage aircraft  that saved that city during the blockade of 1948-49. The 70th anniversary of the end of the Berlin Airlift is shaping up as a world event. For people today in air cargo, and for people that love aviation everywhere, here is an opportunity to step back to the future to see, touch, and feel what it was like when air cargo was front page news all over the world and a city of two million people depended on a narrow aerial lifeline.
March 24, 2019
Women In Air Cargo ! Cathy Roberson of Logistics Trends & Insights/Zeynep Kasikci DB Schenkers
  Two powerful women serving in key posts for  international logistics are profiled. The technological challenges facing the logistics industry and the celebration of International Women’s Month were on the agenda when FlyingTypers had a chat with the always insightful Cathy Morrow Roberson, Founder and Head Analyst of Atlanta-based Logistics Trends & Insights LLC.. Zeynep Kasikci, Head of Airfreight at DB Schenker Turkey is absolutely spot on about what is new and next, and she has been at the top of her game for 25 years.   “Air cargo in Turkey is undergoing an amazing transformation with realization that Hub Istanbul is the next great transportation story.   “Here the greatest airport in the world is opening in 2019.   “The future of air cargo is digitalization and artificial intelligence." Zeynep Kasikci said.
March 22, 2019
Jan Krems United Airlines The True Cargo Heart/Speed Gibson Aviation Radio 1937
Jan Krems President of United Airlines Worldwide Cargo is on top of the world. Today United Airlines is the number one belly cargo lifter in the United States. Jan talks about the drivers that make an airline cargo resource great. He also reveals what it means to have a true cargo heart. Later we take a break with Episode 3 of Speed Gibson an old time radio aviation series  from 1937, that is featured here every two weeks. Enjoy the ride!
March 20, 2019
People At World Cargo Symposium 2019 In Singapore
IATA Cargo conducts a mandated annual meeting of its airline members every year as it also does elsewhere for its passenger carrier members. For 2019, the air cargo event titled euphemistically "World Cargo Symposium" (WCS), was held at the Iconic and over the top Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore, the place with the swimming pool that spans across the top of three 57-floor skyscraper buildings. There were plenty of how to and what will we do session meetings amongst industry stakeholders at WCS 2019 . Transcripts of those meetings are available from IATA. But here we talk to the people who took, in most cases,  a very long journey to rub elbows with their opposite number, and also to meet and catch up with business partners.  These are the global leaders of the dynamic air cargo business in 2019. Meet Guillaume Halleux, Chief Cargo Officer of Qatar Airways Cargo , Ingo Zimmer, CEO of  GSSA specialist ATC,  a company that is  growing worldwide at a record pace, and Turhan Ozen, Chief Cargo Officer of Turkish Airlines Cargo, We also share the thoughts of Eduardo del Riego, Pay Cargo CEO who is innovating the cargo settlement system with a just announced new agreement with IATA, taking off worldwide in 2019. There is much more, so give us a few minutes and we will deliver the world. Let's go up close and personal at WCS 2019. Enjoy the ride!
March 18, 2019
Inside Naresh Goyal's Resignation As Jet Airways Chairman - EMO Trans Jenni Frigger Profile For International Women's Day
   After India's Jet Airways Chairman Naresh Goyal stepped down on March 1, ending 25 years with a whimper, aviation pundits in India were not surprised. Fliers and other aviation observers will agree that not too long ago, Jet had set the gold standard for service and excellence.  But over the last few years, its quarterly losses had grown as had its woes.  In just ten years, the company with close to 50 percent market share went down to less than 15. As the U.S. celebrates Women’s History Month in March and the world celebrates International Women’s Day March 8, Jennifer Frigger Latham, Vice President, Sales & Marketing at EMO Trans based in Long Island, New York is amongst the outstanding emerging women in global transportation.
March 9, 2019
March Into Air Cargo/Tall Thomas Keeps European Cargo United/Cargo Utmost in Heaven
March update underscore that numbers post CNY( Lunar New Year) are flat, but end of US/China trade dust up could be near. Profile of Thomas Uschtrin, United Cargo Sales Manager Germany,reveal some big ideas for team and business development. Thomas enjoys his work, plays piano seriously, and loves the forests of Germany.While we were weekending air cargo led the way into commercial shipping in space delivering 400 pounds to the International Space Station
March 7, 2019
Two Girls Two Drive Cargo Alliance At United & Lufthansa/History Alive With REG Davies
We celebrate International Women’s Month with a good story that has panned out into a great one.At Air Cargo Europe 2017 United Airlines Cargo President Jan Krems and Lufthansa Cargo Executive Board Member & CEO Peter Gerber met and hosted an afternoon soiree to celebrate the signing of a landmark air cargo joint venture. Stepping up to the plate charged with delivering on the promises, hopes and dreams are two smart, high-powered female cargo executives named Lori Lively, Cargo Alliances Manager from United Cargo and Claudia Steinke, Senior Manager Strategy & Airline Cooperations at Lufthansa Cargo.
March 1, 2019
Brexit At The Gate & Conversation With A Shipper
The UK exit of Brexit is just one month away. While debate rages here are some basic truths and warnings. Elsewhere whilst attending an air cargo conference we actually found a shipper. Rare breed at these things but this guy had something to say!
February 28, 2019
Airforwarders Association Air Cargo 2019 in Las Vegas/ Retro Radio Aviation Series Speed Gibson
The always engaging Washington DC based Airforwarders Association met in Las Vegas and held their annual Air Cargo Conference February 10-12. Here is an inside look at a gathering that underscores women in air cargo as the first order of business while moving the marble in security, digitalization and new technologies. AfA prospers greater cooperation with partners and customers. 
February 26, 2019
Berlin Airlift 1949 A 70th Anniversary Celebration Begins June 10, 2019
Now just as Air Cargo Europe Trade Show ends in Munich June 7, in Berlin and elsewhere in Germany a nine day event will begin on June 10 as The Berlin Airlift will be recalled with a giant fly-in by more than 40 vintage aircraft  that saved that city during the blockade of 1948-49. The 70th anniversary of the end of the Berlin Airlift is shaping up as a world event. For people today in air cargo, and for people that love aviation everywhere, here is an opportunity to step back to the future to see, touch, and feel what it was like when air cargo was front page news all over the world and a city of two million people depended on a narrow aerial lifeline.
February 21, 2019
Airbus A380 Changed Flying For Everyone
Announcement that the  super jumbo passenger aircraft Airbus A380 will no longer be built marks the end, at least for a while ,of the plan to fill the skies with huge comfortable airplanes. Although the dream is over, for the more than 200 A380s still flying ,the melody lingers on. What happened? What might be next? What is the A380s legacy as it continues to serve selected airlines moving ahead?
February 18, 2019
February Update Air Cargo Numbers & What Lies Ahead in 2019. Sentimental Journey With REG Davies
Here are the latest numbers quoting leading industry analysts and IATA Cargo. In part two we take a sentimental journey with REG Davies the greatest aviation historian. Ron sat in the Lindbergh Chair at the National Air & Space Museum in Washington DC for more than 50 years. Along the way he authored more than 38 books on everything from airline histories to the Berlin Airlift. These recordings  will continue during 2019.
February 15, 2019
Andy Is Dandy For AA Cargo In UK
Here we meet Andy Cornwell who serves American Airlines Cargo as Regional Sales Manager UK and lives near historic Bushy Park in Teddington a suburb of London.  Later a sweet tooth gets it as we talk Sky Bar , the most wonderful four flavored candy bar that disappeared last year , but will make a comeback in 2019 thanks to someone who loves the candy and just bought the rights in an online auction.
February 10, 2019
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