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A podcast where we discuss anything remotely legal, anything remotely spatial, and how these two connect.
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E2 - Non-Human Subjects and Law: The Legal Geography of Corals, Zoos and the One-Health Approach
In this episode we discuss the legal geography of non-human subjects and the One Health approach to the pandemic with Professor Irus Braverman (SUNY Buffalo). Taking us through her career as one of the most significant scholars within Law & Geography, Professor Braverman guides us through her work with non-human subjects (like trees, zoos and more recently corals), talks with us about the importance of dynamizing established categories such as the Nature/Society binary, and discusses how they operate within law.
August 5, 2020
E1 - The Militarization of Health: On COVID-19 and the Technologies of Confinement in Colombia
In this episode we discuss the pandemic, the militarization of health, the technologies of confinement, and how these factors have been playing out in the Colombian context. Our guest today is Lina Pinto Garcia, co-author of the text "The militarization of life under war, “post-conflict,” and the COVID-19 crisis" that will be our starting point for the discussion.  Welcome to Law's Place.  The text we discuss is available on:
June 30, 2020