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Ask An Atheist Reverend

Ask An Atheist Reverend

By Georg3
Ask An Atheist Reverend is pretty much just a podcast about an atheist dealing with living in a country that still doesn't accept those that lack the belief in any god or gods or anything supernatural or paranormal and discussing certain subject and topics... Stay tuned
If you want to know more about atheism go visit
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What The Quran says About The Setting Of The Sun
What the Quran says about the setting of the sun. Many ancient cultures had variously conflicting beliefs about the sun and the day & night cycle
October 20, 2021
Is Heaven Hotter Than Hell?
In the bible it gives clear indication of the temperature of both heaven and hell.... Which do you think is hotter? The answer might Surprise you! More information can be found at
October 15, 2021
Did Jesus Lie? Yes yes he did!
The answer in short is yes... Yes he did. There are alot of examples of Jesus lying throughout the New Testament. More information can be found at
October 13, 2021
Misconceptions About Atheism & Non-believers
There are many misconceptions about those who lack the belief in any god concept due to a lot of cultural and societal concept in media about non believers and i would like to discuss this topic more information can be found at
October 10, 2021
Types of Atheism and Non-belief
Types of Non-belief. Wanna know more? Go to
October 08, 2021
The Bible Is In Favor Of The Death Penalty
Just a short episode today about the bible and its approval of the death penalty. You can read more about this topic here-->
October 06, 2021
Back After A Long Hiatus!
Depression and anxiety mixed with working in an environment that involves dealing with people during a world wide pandemic hasn't been that swell. *Not a sponsor but will get some type of commission if anyone buys anything in the link*--> I have been cooking up flavorful, filling food with EveryPlate for some time now, and I thought you’d want in too. Sign-up with my personal link and you will get a sweet offer.
October 05, 2021
Arguments for Atheism and skepticism Full
Arguments for Atheism and skepticism: Burden of Proof, logical and evidential. Full episode. More information at
October 05, 2021
Arguments for Atheism and Skepticism Part 2 Logical Evidence
Logic can be best described as the study of truths based completely on the meanings of the tems they contain. Logic is a process for making a conclusion and a tool one can use. Logic can include the act of reasoning by humans in order to form thoughts, opinions, classifications and judgement. Even many modern computers, current software, animals use some form of logical reasoning based on evidence. The foundation of a logical argument is its proposition, or statement. The Proposition therefore is either true or false. Premises are the propositions used to build an argument. The argument is then built on premises, then an inference is made from the premises and finally a conclusion is drawn. Logical arguments try to show that God cannot possibly exist at least the ones as described by most theist. Barring any escape hatch arguments like God did it, some properties of God are not compatible with each other or known facts about the world, and thus a creator-god cannot be a logically consistent and existent  entity. These arguments are heavily dependent on the use of common descriptions of the Abrahamic God as a target; things such as omnipotence, omnipresence, and omnibenevolence. As a result, they are not as useful in trying to refute the claims of, say, Neopaganism, and are also vulnerable to the tactic of moving the goalposts by changing the descriptions of God. For example,The omnipotence paradox postulates that true omnipotence is not logically possible or not compatible with omniscience. This is primarily a logical argument based on the general question of whether an omnipotent being could limit its own power - if yes, it would cease to be omnipotent, if no, it wouldn't be omnipotent. Hence the paradox that shows, through contradiction, that God cannot exist as usually described. The Problem of evil states that a good god wouldn't permit gratuitous evil, yet such evil occurs, so a good god does not exist.The argument from design is often given as proof of a creator, but it raise the following logical question: if the world is so complex that it must have had a creator, then the creator must be at least as complex and must therefore have a creator, and this would have to have had a more complex creator. While believers hasten to point out that their gods don't need to follow logic, let alone the known laws of physics, this is really a case of special pleading and doesn't so much prove anything itself. Atheists therefore tend to reject these counters to the logical arguments as they mostly beg the question of a creator's existence and, very arbitrarily, plead that a creator can be exempt from the same logic that was used to "prove" its existence. If you're still unsure of what i'm saying you can visit my website over at for more information of the topics of discussion today. If you want to leave a voice message that would be great as well i'd love to answer some questions next time. I hope you enjoyed todays little show and join in next time make sure you're following me to get notified on the next episode! :)
October 05, 2021
Arguments for Atheism and Skepticism Part 1 Burden of Proof
Hey everyone thanks for joining in today on this new episode of Ask an Atheist Reverend. Todays topic deals mostly with arguments for atheism, such as the burden of proof relies on the one making the outrageous and extraordinary claim that some type of god exist with actual verifiable evidence of such claim or any extraordinary claims, if not then theres no reason to believe and the same is true for any outrageous unverifiable claims. ever heard of the teapot thought experiment by bertrand Russell? It's pretty much a thought experement where no matter how hard you look you can't throughly disprove the theory that a teapot is out there somewhere in space orbiting the sun somewhere between earth and mars or sometimes jupiter. I don't believe there is one but i can't disprove that there isn't and no matter how hard you try until you can get actual verifiable data and evidence that can be repeated from unbiased sources then we'll talk about the color of said teapot. Alot of people think an atheist like myself denies the existance of god which is just ridiculious. This sort of presuppositional thinking is illogical, so asking an atheist to disprove God is an unreasonable request.Now, imagine if someone were to walk up to you randomly and say to you "I can fly" you would automatically say "No you can't, prove that you can fly". Then just like many of the theist out there, the guy says "no you must prove that I cannot fly, and if you cant, then obviously i can fly! HAHAHAHA" see how absurd that is? Anyway thanks for listening to the first part of this... More to come plus the full episode coming soon!
September 05, 2020
Dear African American Christians...
I often wonder to myself Why be in one of the many religions that many slave owners used to enslave our people here in the United States of America. If you don't think that the Bible endorses slavery well you're wrong Exodus 21 it tells who you can enslave how long you can keep your slaves, that you have to enslave the heathens around you, how you can trick your fellow believer if you trick them into having a child and when the slaves times up and can be let free they can go but the spouse and child stays and most times the slave doesn't want to leave their family and will stay and be Pierced in the ear with an oar to mark them as their property.... You can't say oh you're not looking at the context of it well how the fuck can you say that there's a reason for the almighty all knowing all powerful God to command his followers to enslave people. What the fuck kind of messed up shit is that? Their shouldn't have to be any context for OWNING SOMEONE AS PROPERTY. Eye for an eye for regular crimes but with a slave you gotta let them go free which isn't equal. Veiw more information at to learn more.
September 05, 2020
An Atheist Is...
Hello everyone I'm George and you're listening to our very first short episode called Ask An Atheist Reverend, where I am atheist answer questions related to atheism. You can learn more about atheism at
August 13, 2020