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By b4nashville
Introducing the Country stars of tomorrow to the Country fans of today!
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b4 Nashville with Freedom Jam 2020's Brian Judy and country artist, Molly Lovette


b4 Nashville with Freedom Jam 2020's Brian Judy and country artist, Molly Lovette


b4Nashville with Tyler Deaver
Tyler Deaver was born and raised in Viroqua, Wisconsin. This is a small rural community in the beautiful Driftless Region. Most of Tyler’s childhood was spent hunting and fishing on either of his family farms. Over the years these hobbies turned into obsession. Since his teenage years, the outdoors have been a way of life.
June 11, 2021
b4Nashville with Bree Morgan
Getting her first guitar from her Dad and Step-mom the Christmas after her senior year, opened up a whole new world of song writing for Bree Morgan. Bree played her first full song on the guitar for her dad June 15th, 2013, and will remember her fathers face and tears as one of the many things that will push her for her dreams.
April 4, 2021
b4Nashville with Nick Hickman
For most artists trying to break in the entertainment industry, authenticity is the ultimate goal. While many artists search for a certain image or brand, rarely an artist will come along who seemingly doesn’t have to try to create this, he just is. Nick Hickman is such an artist. A modern country act hailing from Knoxville, TN, this now-Nashville-based singer-songwriter doesn’t try to mimic anything out there, and instead delivers a high-energy, genuine performance tempering a passionate show with heartfelt and genuine lyrics that are insanely catchy and singable. “What you see is what you get,” Hickman says. “I do not edit myself, I do not censor myself. I am just me.” It is exactly this unapologetic and real personality that draws so many to Nick’s music.
April 3, 2021
b4Nashville with Presley & Taylor
In this episode I talk to up and coming sister duo Presley & Taylor.  I re-connected with the duo after seeing them several years ago and just watching their growth personally and professionally has been a joy.  We talk about how it is to be a female duo in Country music today and how they got started.  Their relationship with mentor and Country star, Pam Tillis.  Listen to them on all streaming platforms. @presleyandtaylor #podcastlife #indiecountryartist #countrymusic #countrylife #everybodyseesit I do not own the rights to the songs in the podcast.  They are used with artists permission.  All rights reserved. Podcast VO provided by Fish Podcast intro music written, performed, and produced by Stephen Davis. All rights reserved
March 8, 2021
b4Nashvielle with Kirstie Kraus
In this episode, I talk with Kirstie Kraus.  Her latest single Thirsty is amazing and her writing is off the charts.  She just let's her music do the talking and what a great interview.  We talked about her early years, getting into Country Music, co-hosting another music related podcast, and more.  Give her a listen on all streaming platforms.   @kristiekraus #b4Nashville #thristies #independentcountry artists I do not own the rights to the song by the artists contained in the podcast.  All songs are use with artists permission.  All rights reserved Podcast VO by Fish Podcast music written, performed, and produced by Stephen Davis.  All rights reserved
March 8, 2021
b4Nashville with Dave Herrera
Kicking off Season 2 of b4Nashville.  What happens when you take a real estate agent with a lot of energy, put him in front of camera for a docuseries, and give him a studio to record his own music.  You get Dave Herrera.  Dave and I talked about his career choice as a real estate agent, how he got into music, his dreams of becoming the next big thing, his docuseries "Welcome to the Shit Show, Groupies wanted" which can be watched on YouTube, his first time visiting Nashville and the song he wrote about it.  If you have never been to Nashville, this song will make you want to go.  You can find it on all streaming services. Make sure to subscribe to b4Nashville so you can get the latest episodes at your finger tips IG:  @daveherreralive FB: "Visiting Nashville" used with artist permission VO provided by Fish Podcast intro music written, performed and produced by Stephen Davis.  All Rights Reserved
February 4, 2021
b4Nashville with Kylie Trout
At 17, up and coming Country artist, Kylie Trout, has had her share of heart ache.  She and I discuss family relationships, school dances, her video and her single, "Extra".  Make sure to follow Kylie on social media and check out her music on all streaming platforms.  Catch the podcast where ever you get your faves from.   @kylietrout @b4Nashville #kylietrout #country #music #countrymusic #popmusic #countrypopmusic #extra #calicountry #podcast #podcastlife #independent #independentcountrymusic #indiecountry #indiecountrymusic #indiecountryartist #artist Podcast VO provided by Fish Podcast intro music written, performed, and produced by Stephen Davis.  All rights reserved
January 31, 2021
B4Nashville with FolksLikeThem
They go through life together, one looking up to the other, then they become business partners in a sense.  A father and son are often a great combination.  I spoke with Alan and Chris Kave, a father and son duo that call themselves, FolksLikeThem.  Their music is a relaxing and fantastic blend of Country, Bluegrass, Americana and Rock.  We talked about the beginning, the father teaching his son, the songs they write together, and a few funny moments in their lives.  We feature their song "Fog on the Mountain" and talk about what it means to them.  Follow their music on all streaming platforms, follow their journey on all social media and become a fan of their great music. @FolksLikeThem @b4Nashville #country #music #countrymusic #b4Nashville #Nashville #bluegrass #bluegrassmusic #americana #americanamusic #operationtriage #freedomjam2021 All music used with artists permission VO provided by Fish Intro music written, performed and produced by Stephen Davis.  All rights reserved
January 28, 2021
b4Nashville with Lyssa Coulter
In the latest episode, I talk with rising country artist, Lyssa Coulter.  We talked about moving to Nashville, her music, her artist development company, Cloud 9 development, and Freedom Jam 2021.  She will be one of the artists performing at this great event.  Be sure to follow her on all social media and listen to her music on all streaming platforms. IG:  @lyssacoulter IG:  @cloud9development IG:  @FreedomJamStl Get tickets for Freedom Jam at "Cruisin" used with artist permission Podcast voice over provided by Fish Podcast music written, performed and produced by Stephen Davis
January 12, 2021
b4Nashville with Cory Marks
A new episode for the Christmas holidays.  I got to talk with Canadian rocker, country fan Cory Marks.  We talked about his album "Who I Am".  His top 10 rock single "Outlaws and Outsiders" featuring FFDP front man, Ivan Moody; Country Superstar, Travis Tritt; and Motley Crue guitarist, Mick Mars.  We discussed his upbringing in a musical family, hockey, high speed jets, and his Christmas song, "Jingle My Bells", who he would like to tour with (Eric Church may have been mentioned).   Go to his website, listed below, for merchandise, order the awesome Gold Stone Creamery vinyl of "Who I Am" and more. @corymarks @betternoisemusic @aristomedia @gogotuners #betternoisemusic #aristomedia #gogotuners #b4Nashville #countryrock #outlawsandoutsiders #countrymusic Music used with artists permission Podcast intro voiced by Fish Podcast intro music written, performed and produced by Stepehen Davis
December 25, 2020
b4Nashville with Ana Cristina Cash
This the first of two Christmas episodes.  I talk with Ana Cristina Cash about life in Florida, California, and Tennessee. We talked about her meeting John Carter Cash, her husband, and putting music to words by the late Johnny Cash.  We talked about Christmas music, trees, snow and forgetting our passwords to social media.  I also play her latest Christmas single, Mele Kamikilaka, which is available on streaming platforms.  You can also purchase her Christmas album from her website. socials:  @anacristinacash #b4Nashville #cashcabinstudios #snow #countrychristmas All music used with artist permission Intro voice provided by Fish Podcast intro music written, performed and produced by Stephen Davis
December 21, 2020
b4Nashville with Jacob Bryant
Spent some time catching with my buddy, Jacob Bryant, in this episode.  We talk about family bands, small stages and "frag heads".   Plus, I get to premiere his new song! Growing up in the rural North Georgia mountains down a three mile dirt road, Jacob Bryant picked up his first guitar at eight years old. He was influenced by the Bluegrass music his family played and later the southern rock and traditional country music he discovered.  Music used with artist permission Intro voice over provided by Fish Podcast intro music written, performed and produced by Stephen Davis
December 13, 2020
b4Nashville with Kensie Coppin
In this episode, I get to hang with Kensie Coppin.  She grew up in South Texas, started in music at a super young age and IMO, is definitely going to be a star.  We talked about her singing with members of the Ace in the Hole Band (for all of my George Strait listeners), her first performance on the Grand Ole Opry, changed life plans, her Iphone Top 10, and even do a little "I heard a rumor".   Her latest single, "We've All Been There" is our first World Premiere.  Follow her on Instagram and watch this star rise.  Doing what we do best, introducing the Country stars of tomorrow, to the Country fans of today. @kensiecoppin Listen to her on Spotify, Apple Itunes, Google music and all the other streaming platforms #freedomjam2021 #freedomjamstl #b4Nashville #countrymusic #neotraditionalcountry @b4nashville *song used with artist permission *Voice over courtesy of Fish *podcast theme music written, performed, and produced by @sdavisguitar
December 2, 2020
b4Nashville with Jessie Ritter
This episode I get to talk to a dear family friend, Jessie Ritter.  We talk about family, her dad, and her latest single, Home.  At the publishing of this episode, the show Jessie had scheduled for December 4th in Cape Girardeau has been cancelled.  Keep an eye out on her social media pages for any updates.  She has also been added to the artists line up for Freedom Jam 2021 in St. Louis, MO.  Tickets for the August 28th show are now available on You can watch the "Home" video on but make sure your have Kleenex in hand. #home #b4nashville #freedomjam2021 #independantcountryartist
November 30, 2020
b4Nashville with Jacob Lutz
Another episode is ready to go and this time I talk with Jacob Lutz.  Jacob and I talk about writing, moving to Nashville, Nashville Hot Chicken and Instagram woes.  Check it out and leave a review. @jacoblutz @b4Nashville @gogotuners @50egg #lonelyheart #independentcountryartist #countrymusic Artist song used with permission Intro voiced by Fish Intro music written, performed and produced by Stephen Davis
November 17, 2020
b4Nashville with Stephanie Ryann
I talk to Stephanie Ryann in the latest episode.  We discussed song writing, Freedom Jam 2021, desserts, "I heard a rumor" and played "OR".  Plus check out her latest single "I Should". @stephanieryannmusic @freedom_jam_stl @b4Nashville Introduction voiced by Fish Intro music written, performed, recorded and produced by Stephen Davis
November 5, 2020
b4Nashville with October Rose
In the latest episode, I talk with October Rose.  Philly meets New Jersey and the rest is music to your ears.  We talk about the early years, song writing and of course Whiskey Cold.  Be sure to give us a 5 star rating and leave a review if you are listening via Apple Podcasts Jam 2021 Podcast intro voiced by Fish Podcast intro music written, performed and produced by Stephen Davis 
October 29, 2020
Ryan Daniel
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
I talk to Ryan Daniel about music, serving his country, Freedom Jam 2021 and more.  Check out the video by clicking the Youtube link below. music written and performed by the artist with permission podcast intro voiced by Jim Fishback podcast intro music written and performed by Stephen Davis
October 25, 2020
b4Nashville with Jon Mullins
This episode I speak with a new artist that will absolutely touch you with his song.  Jon Mullins, you may know his name if you are are a voice fan.  We talked about growing up, meeting the love of his life, dealing with the unimaginable and the Voice.  Please share this one with every one you know.  
October 15, 2020
b4Nashville with Courtney Dickinson
This time around, I talk with Courtney Dickinson.  We chatted about music, life and the trials of country music during the pandemic.
October 14, 2020
b4Nashville w/Jared Maclane
On this episode, I chat with country music new comer, Jared MacLane about sports, music and truck huntin!
September 28, 2020
b4Nashville with Bree Morgan
I am back with another episode of b4Nashville.  Been a little busy the bast couple of weeks, but back at it with Bree Morgan.  She and I discuss her formative years with regards to music, multi-instrumental talents, and my new forehead tattoo.  Share it with you friends.  
September 12, 2020
b4Nashville with Annie Brobst
I travel (virtually) to New England to talk wine, buckboard wagons, awards and music with Annie Brobst.
August 22, 2020
b4Nashville with Jillian Bryant
In this episode, I talk with Jillian Bryant.  A young lady with hopes, dreams, and a plan.  We talk about music, school, rodeos and more. 
August 12, 2020
b4Nashvile with Mark Perkins
In this episode I talk to Mark Perkins of Mark Perkins and the Outskirts.  We talk about music, his military service and more.  
August 12, 2020
b4Nashville with Dariann Leigh
I talk to upcoming country artist, Dariann Leigh.  She currently has the #49 song on the MusicRow Country Breakout chart.  We talked music, weather, Nashville and I did not do my Wisconsin accent!  Check it out and download where ever you get your podcast. 
July 31, 2020
b4Nashville with Carly Rogers
I spoke with Carly Rogers, up and coming country artist.  We talk about her music, her life and her take on Nashville. 
July 17, 2020
b4Nashville with Mackey Roberts
This week, I talk to Mackey Roberts.  One of the artists appearing at Freedom Jam 2020.  We talk about his move to Nashville, his music and more.  Even have his single "Tell Me That's Not Country" for you to listen to.  
July 6, 2020
b4Nashville with Sarah Faith
In the latest episode of b4Nashville, I talk to rising country aritist, Sarah Faith, about her move from Michigan to Nashville, her life, influences and music. 
June 28, 2020
b4Nashville with Lindsey Bowman and Payton Howie
I chat with Country music artists Lindsay Bowman and Payton Howie. @linsayleigh @paytonhowiemusic
June 21, 2020
b4 Nashville with Freedom Jam 2020's Brian Judy and country artist, Molly Lovette
I talked with the organizer of Freedom Jam 2020, Brian Judy and introduce you to up and coming country music artist, Molly Lovette.  
June 13, 2020