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Lab Roving

Lab Roving

By George
Join Dr George Busby from Oxford University as he meets scientists across Africa on his 7,500 km journey learning about malaria.

[Images by James Stayte]
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Lab Roving with Dr Dan Bridges
In this episode George talks with PATH scientist Dr Dan Bridges about his work at the National Malaria Elimination Centre in Zambia. They talk about how malaria transmission has influenced the ways in which Zambia has controlled malaria in the past and the opportunity that new tools have in the future.
November 22, 2019
Lab Roving with Brenda Mambwe, Rachael Kasaro and Jacob Chirwa
In this episode George talks with three Zambian scientists based at the National Malaria Elimination Centre in Lusaka. Two lab technicians, Brenda and Rachael tell us about what got them into science and Jacob tells us all about his work linking biomedical science with policy in Zambia. As ever more info on the Mobile Malaria Project, including blogs about our time in Zambia, can be found here:
September 19, 2019
Lab Roving with Munya Tambo
In this episode George speaks with Munya Tambo, a PhD student at the University of Namibia. We spoke about his work investigating the effectiveness of Rapid Diagnostic Tests, the use of different molecular or genetic tools like LAMP and PCR to detect parasites in people's blood, the challenges of malaria research in Namibia and his plans for future work.
July 29, 2019
Lab Roving with Davis Mumbengegwi
Join George as he talks to Associate Professor Davis Mumbengegwi of the University of Namibia. The Mobile Malaria Project team is on route to Northern Namibia and Davis tells them about his work on the genetics of malaria, the challenges of malaria control in Namibia, and the Elimination8 consortium.
July 21, 2019
Lab Roving Trailer
Dr George Busby introduces Lab Roving, a podcast recorded in 2019 during the Mobile Malaria Project, a 7,500 km journey across Africa. During this trip, George his team met with malaria researchers in Namibia, Zambia and Kenya and this podcast is a record of some of the conversations they had. In this episode, George talks about the motivations for the project and some background on malaria. Project website: RGS Land Rover Bursary:
July 21, 2019