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By Geraldine A Itana
Through disruptive ways the Accelerator labs are working to find homegrown solutions to impact and meaningfully change the lives the most vulnerable communities often left behind. This podcast is our attempt to workout loud.
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Ability in a System
This episode we explore how systems affect persons with disability and often explode them. We are joined by Ms. Pelgrina Ndumba, a visually impaired United Nations Volunteer who shares her experiences working for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Namibia. The team from UNDP Namibia discuss the learnings and insights. They also ask for a call to action to achieve the Sustainable development agenda! Links we refer to during the podcast: Systems Thinking - Lelya Acaroglu NILALEG - NAMIBIA INTEGRATED LANDSCAPE APPROACH FOR ENHANCING LIVELIHOODS AND ENVIRONMENTAL GOVERNANCE TO ERADICATE POVERTY (NILALEG) PROJECT Ministry of Environment and Tourism Namibia - NILALEG Project ( #acceleratorlabs #systemsthinging #disrupt #disability #UNPRPD #Intentionality #acclabNam #SDG #UNNamibia
January 22, 2021
Welcome to #AcclabNam
Welcome to the UNDP Namibia Accelerator lab podcast. A reflection of learning how to disrupt sustainable development processes in an unusual way
December 11, 2020