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1. Get a CUE with Colleen Terrill and Vocaroo

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MassCUE Professional Development Podcast, hosted by the Massachusetts Computer Using Educators Professional Development committee.
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10. Get a CUE with Jared Perrine and Active Use Computing
Jared Perrine, the Director of Innovation, Technology, and Digital Learning at the Benjamin Banneker Charter Public School in Cambridge, calls in to talk to Brandon Hall about all things Active Computing. Notes Tech.Ed.Gov website for all educational technology tools available from the US Department of Education. The seven areas of Active Use Computing are found here.  Check out the Benjamin Banneker School's excellent professional development resources at
October 14, 2019
9. Get a CUE with Chris Bugaj and the MassCUE Fall Conference
Christopher Bugaj is an assistive technology specialist, speech-language pathologist, ISTE author, app author, international presenter, online mentor, and host of the ATTips Podcast, which is a podcast about using technology to help students meet their educational goals. Chris is the featured keynote speaker at this year's MassCUE Fall Conference, taking place October 24-25 at Gillette Stadium.  Chris and Brandon talk about his keynote for the conference, assistive technology, and how assistive technology has been mainstreamed to help all students. You can find Chris Bugaj on Twitter @ATTipsCast and his website 
September 30, 2019
8. Get a CUE with Sheila Slawiak and EdPuzzle
Sheila Slawiak calls in to talk with Brandon about EdPuzzle, teaching computer science and digital literacy, and the development of her TEDTalk on the reason why every school should teach computer science.  You can find Sheila on Twitter at @WMSTeachingTech You can find EdPuzzle at 
September 16, 2019
7. Get a CUE with Rayna Freedman and Student Engagement
Brandon talks to Rayna Freedman, MassCUE President and also a 5th grade teacher at the Jordan/Jackson Elementary School in Mansfield, MA. She has taught grades 3-5 and is an Instructional Technology Specialist. Rayna discusses great ways to engage students in the first few weeks of school and enhance student voice. 
September 2, 2019
6. Get a CUE with Manuel Herrera and Sketch Noting
Sketchnoting, also commonly referred to as visual notetaking, is the creative and graphic process in which an individual puts thoughts on paper through the use of illustrations, symbols, structures, and texts. Manuel is a pioneer in the field of SketchNoting, and in this special double-episode, Brandon and Manuel talk about SketchNoting, the SketchNoter's Cafe at the MassCUE Fall Conference, and previews the work he's doing in his home school district outside of St. Louis.
August 19, 2019
5. Get a CUE with Erin Fisher and Screencastify
Erin Fisher, the Pre K-12 Technology Facilitator for the East Bridgewater Public Schools, walks us through Screencastify. Screencastify is a screencasting Chrome Extension and tool which allows teachers and students to broadcast whatever is on their screens with commentary, leading to some powerful simulations, walk-throughs, and interactive lesson plans. Check out or their Extension in the Chrome Web Store.
August 6, 2019
4. Get a CUE with Cathy Collins and Global Ed
In this episode, Brandon talks to Cathy Collins of Sharon High School about the Global Education Student Showcase at MassCUE's Fall Conference, Skype in the Classroom, GeoGuessr, Google Tour Builder, Lit Trips, and National Geographic Map Maker Interactive.
July 22, 2019
3. Get a CUE with Rochelle Cooper and Adobe Spark
Brandon Hall talks to Rochelle Cooper, Learning Services Assistant for MassCUE, about the product Adobe Spark. Rochelle explains several ways to use Spark as a teacher and with students, and also how to integrate it in all aspects of education. Rochelle also shares what's going on with MassCUE Learning Services and potential professional development opportunities.
July 9, 2019
2. Get a CUE with Heidi MacGregor and Pancake Bot
Heidi MacGregor, the K-5 STEM Integrator for the Littleton Public Schools joins host Brandon Hall to talk about Pancake Bot, a robot that can be programmed and designed to make pancakes! Heidi talks about integrating Pancake Bot into the elementary and STEM classrooms, and some of the professional development opportunities available through MassCUE.
June 18, 2019
1. Get a CUE with Colleen Terrill and Vocaroo
On this, the first episode of the MassCUE Get a CUE Podcast, host Brandon Hall and co-host Colleen Terrill talk about Vocaroo, a voice recording application, and all the possible lessons that could be used with it.  The MassCUE Get a CUE Podcast features interviews with innovative teachers, integration of technology with the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Frameworks, and amazing products that you can use in your classroom today. MassCUE: To Connect, Educate, and Inspire Show Notes and Resources Vocaroo - DESE Frameworks -
June 4, 2019
Teaser - MassCUE Get a CUE Podcast
Welcome to the MassCUE Get a CUE Podcast, a brand new podcast featuring Massachusetts Educators sharing the best of EdTech with a Massachusetts flavor. Stay tuned for future episodes with great guests, terrific tips, and perfect products to share with your classes tomorrow!
May 30, 2019
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