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Working Without Borders

Working Without Borders

By Get on Board
Conversations with team leaders from Facebook, GitLab and more on managing remote and distributed teams. Brought to you by Get on Board, the leading recruitment platform for finding remote Latin-American tech talent.

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Kiranjit Sidhu on managing distributed teams at Facebook

Working Without Borders

Brenna Loury on embracing an async remote culture at Doist
How an asynchronous remote team is different from a remote team where everyone has 100% time zone overlap? What are the advantages and pitfalls? In a team organized around not being interrupted, who responds when there's something urgent? These and other questions were the subject of our conversation with Brenna Loury, Head of Marketing at Doist (maker of Todoist and Twist). Doist is one of the first fully async remote teams, and they mean it -- Twist was built to support an interruption-free culture. Don't miss this episode.
November 26, 2020
Carolina Mello on navigating compliance and HR in remote teams
How to implement a global remote team? How can companies ensure compliance when hiring abroad? How to deal with HR, payroll, and tax compliance in a foreign country? These and more are the topics that Sergio covered in this episode of Working Without Borders, in conversation with Carolina Mello, Regional Alliance Manager at Safeguard Global, a company that manages HR, tax compliances, and payroll in 179 countries. Working Without Borders is brought to you by Get on Board:
July 3, 2020
Darren Murph on leading a remote culture at GitLab
How to manage a fully-remote team of thousands at scale? How to manage the performance of remote workers? How to make a team feel connected when they have never seen each other face-to-face? What's the best first step that a company wanting to transition to remote should do? These are some of the topics that Sergio covered in (an appropriately remote) conversation with Darren Murph, Head of Remote at GitLab, in our second episode of Working Without Borders, Get on Board's podcast. Darren leads and documents GitLab's remote culture, and also evangelizes it to the outside -- part of the core mission of GitLab is making sure other companies can go remote too. Don't miss this episode.
March 13, 2020
Kiranjit Sidhu on managing distributed teams at Facebook
How can remote work be successful? Can distributed teams work in harmony and well-coordinated across the globe? How to manage the issues of time zone differences? How can teams manage themselves, being far away from the headquarters? These are some of the topics that Sergio covered in conversation with Kiranjit Sidhu, Director of Engineering at Facebook, in FB’s offices in Menlo Park, in our first episode of Working Without Borders, Get on Board's podcast. Kiranjit has been leading Engineering for the Growth and Ads teams — arguably two of the most crucial teams for making Facebook what it is today — across Singapore, the Bay Area, and Seattle (and previously Vancouver).
February 14, 2020