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Alexandra Lev - Freelance writer & Social media creative

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By Wy'east Wolfpack
Welcome to Get After It PDX, a down-to-earth podcast featuring honest conversations with inspiring people in the creative hotbed of Portland, Oregon. Recorded live and on location at The Hoxton in downtown PDX.

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Skylor Powell - Founder & Impact Producer at The Thread US
Hear yoga teacher/wellness veteran/community guru Skylor Powell talk about growing up in Ohio and her early connections to nature through exploring the local woods, how her time at a "farm school" program made her embrace the teamwork and community dynamics necessary to get big things done, her decision to head West for college and how on-the-spot curiosity to explore her potential made her sign up for a yoga teacher training, what brought her to Portland, Oregon and her first professional endeavors here, how the election of Donald Trump and realizations she had on election night led to the creation of The Thread US, her experiences hitting the road and traveling the US talking with people of all backgrounds and political beliefs, why she feels this project and this work of getting people to openly and respectfully communicate about tough issues is so vital, and much more! Follow her/her work: @skylorpowell @thethreadus
October 3, 2019
Hanif Fazal - Founder & CEO of Center for Equity and Inclusion (CEI)
Hear tireless social change activist and diversity, equity, and inclusion champion Hanif Fazal talk about his father's journey from Africa to India to the United States--where he met Hanif's mother in Chicago--and how that blend of cultures (Indian and Mexican) made his upbringing really stand out from the nearly all-white landscapes and institutions he found himself surrounded by after his family relocated to Tigard, Oregon, some of his earliest memories of that move from Chicago to the Portland area at age 3 and what it was like trying to settle into structures that had zero similarities to his own experiences at home, the range of emotions he felt as a child under those circumstances and how that lead him to act out, how some seriously rough years in his teens in Portland further opened his eyes and made him consider what people could achieve and accomplish if the world around them was actually designed to give them a proper chance at success, how he finally pulled out of that dark period and landed the first job that gave him a real sense of meaning and a feeling of having the potential to really matter and make a chance in the world, his progression of work and projects and the eventual momentum of people starting to reach out seeking his expertise, and much, much more! Follow him/his work: @centerforequityandinclusion
September 17, 2019
JT Lehman - Adventurer, Engineer & Creator of Alpenflo
Accomplished adventurer and born-and-raised Oregonian JT Lehman talks about growing up in the small town of Corbett beside the Columbia River Gorge, his childhood trips into nearby Portland and early perceptions of the "big city", his relationship to physical activity and the outdoors in those early years, the decision to stay local and attend college in PDX and why he chose the major he did, how his post-college move to Colorado deepened his love for mountains and turned him on to skiing and other new pursuits, his brother's life-altering accident at the end of a cross-country bike tour and how that event changed everything and strengthened his desire to share his outdoor experiences with others, how that led to the creation of Alpenflo and the business he hopes it evolves into, and much more! Follow him: @alpenflo Brought to you by StretchLab, a hands-on, assisted stretching studio with 3 new locations around PDX: in the Pearl, South Waterfront, and Lake Oswego.  Mention your host Willie McBride & Wy'east Wolfpack to receive a special discount!
July 31, 2019
Emma Sharer - Campus Manager at the Redd
Food hub expert and outdoor adventurer Emma Sharer talks about growing up in the SF Bay Area, being send to a Spanish immersion school at a young age as a result of her parent's desire to expose her to diverse environments from the get go, her first job at age 13 building "broccoli towers" at the local farmer's market and how that further sparked her interest in food and food systems, privilege and the unique education she received at Colorado College, the food project in Mexico she helped create during those collegiate years and how her Spanish speaking continues to be a valuable asset in her work to this day, outdoor activities like skiing and trail running and why those are essential to her well-being, the vision she later developed of her dream job and how people at Portland's EcoTrust somehow had the very same vision, what the word "redd" actually means and why it's located on Salmon St., and much more! Follow her at: @emshare @ecotrust @ecotrustevents Brought to you by StretchLab, a hands-on, assisted stretching studio with 3 new locations around PDX: in the Pearl, South Waterfront, and Lake Oswego.  Mention your host Willie McBride & Wy'east Wolfpack to receive a special discount!
July 19, 2019
Jen Quist - Co-Founder/Owner of Holler Hospitality
Powerhouse Portland food & beverage/hospitality industry veteran Jen Quist talks about her years of moving around the country during childhood for her father's work (7 homes by the time she was 5!) including a few years in Sydney, Australia before settling in the SF Bay Area, her early desire to attend University of Washington in Seattle (her father's alma mater) and why the Pacific Northwest has always felt like home, how strong her father's example as a businessman and entrepreneur was on her over the years, especially working with him directly back in the Bay Area after college, how years in commercial, and later residential, real estate taught and helped her develop a huge array of skills that she uses today, her move to NYC for culinary school and how the unexpected dream job of catering on site events and parties (3,000 in a year!) for a major department store really got things rolling, her journey to Portland, Ripple NW and why risk-taking, failing, and self-reflection is necessary, the major work she's doing now with Doug Adams at the Woodlark, and much more! Follow her at: @jenquisty @bullardpdx @abigailhallpdx Brought to you by StretchLab, a hands-on, assisted stretching studio with 3 new locations around PDX: in the Pearl, South Waterfront, and Lake Oswego.  Mention your host Willie McBride & Wy'east Wolfpack to receive a special discount!
July 4, 2019
Alan Aldous - Founder of Awaken Your Passion
Creator of a lifestyle media company/clothing brand with an aim to transform and inspire, Alan Aldous talks about what got him started on his personal awakening to what really fed his soul, why he thinks being present and mindful and following his internal compass has made him a better father and person that ever before and how he's altered his parenting style as a result, the reason he feels so many people seem to settle for jobs that they dislike or lives that don't truly serve them and what can be done about it, the role fear plays in all of this, the necessity to curate what we listen/pay attention to (negative vs. positive news and media), what the future of Awaken Your Passion holds, and much more. Follow him: @awakenyourpassion Brought to you by StretchLab, a hands-on, assisted stretching studio with 3 new locations around PDX: in the Pearl, South Waterfront, and Lake Oswego.  Mention your host Willie McBride & Wy'east Wolfpack to receive a special discount!
June 17, 2019
Chevonne Ball - Founder/Owner of Dirty Radish
Wine/food connoisseur and epicurean business owner Chevonne Ball talks about growing up in Vancouver, Washington and her German mother and Creole father and how those cultural influences largely came too intermingle around food, cooking, and the table, how she moved from Vancouver to downtown Portland at a young age and the drastic change of scenery (and culture) that entailed, how one restaurant job led to another and the connectedness of the Portland food and beverage world, what prompted her to begin traveling (and subsequently catch the bug for it) and make a big decision to move to France (and later move back to PDX), how the seedling of a business idea came to be planted along the way, why the name Dirty Radish stuck and what it means, and much more! Follow her: @missvonnepdx @dirty_radish Brought to you by StretchLab, a hands-on, assisted stretching studio with 3 new locations around PDX: in the Pearl, South Waterfront, and Lake Oswego.  Mention your host Willie McBride & Wy'east Wolfpack to receive a special discount!
June 4, 2019
Alexandra Lev - Freelance writer & Social media creative
Mountain traveler and content producer Alexandra Lev talks about her childhood spending her summers with her hardcore climber father in the Tetons and the rest of the year with her hardcore skier mother in Salt Lake City, Utah, how she slowly came to rebel against the outdoor recreation lifestyle during her teenage years as the desire to fit in and be "normal" grew stronger, her experience with depression and anxiety--made worse by a number of accidents and injuries over the years--and how she manages them, her relationship to risk and what eventually brought her back, full circle to mountain sports again, why she feels it's important to share those experiences with others, what brought her to Portland, why she and her husband bought a house and decided to stay, and much more. Follow her: @luckyalexandra Brought to you by StretchLab, a hands-on, assisted stretching studio with 3 new locations around PDX: in the Pearl, South Waterfront, and Lake Oswego.  Mention your host Willie McBride & Wy'east Wolfpack to receive a special discount!
May 20, 2019
Michael Christy - Operations Manager at Modern Times Beer (Portland)
Beer aficionado and Operations Manager of Modern Times Beer in Portland, Oregon, Michael Christy talks about his childhood relocation to Southern California from Cincinnati, Ohio and art-focused high school where he developed an early love of film, his move back to San Diego for a job as a Naval Contractor (while beginning to experiment with home brewing beer) after college at UC Santa Cruz, how he came to the realization that we wanted to follow his passion for beer and community and turned down a major job opportunity in the process, his first beer-related job at Pizza Port and later his transition from working at long time craft giant Stone Brewing to take a chance on a small upstart named Modern Times, his move north from San Diego as that job developed and Modern Times grew and why it was so easy to fall in love with Portland, the beer scene here and the importance collaboration, and much more. Follow him:  @obihopkenobi @moderntimespdx
May 6, 2019
Teresa Baker - Founder of the African American Nature & Parks Experience and Outdoor CEO Diversity Pledge
Renowned outdoor recreation industry DEI activist (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) and our first Get After It PDX and beyond guest (!), Teresa Baker talks about growing up in the Bay Area and her early connection to the outdoors, the differences between NorCal and SoCal (and why she's a NorCal person through and through), how an early trip to Yosemite National Park made her further fall in love with outdoor spaces and our country's National Parks but also, later, identify a serious lack of diversity in the visitor base there, what prompted her to take action to try to address that imbalance and led to the passion project that became the African American Nature & Parks Experience,  how her commitment to DEI work (on top of her 9-5 job in real estate!) later caused her to develop the Outdoor CEO Diversity Pledge and all that has transpired since its creation, and much more! Follow her and her work: @teresabaker11 African American Nature & Parks Experience Outdoor CEO Diversity Pledge @outdoorceopledge
April 23, 2019
Sadie Lincoln - Co-founder/Owner of Barre3
Fitness/wellness figure and co-founder and owner of the hugely successful Barre3, Sadie Lincoln talks about being raised off-the-grid by her mother and her mom's free-spirited friends (along side her numerous siblings), how that life taught her lessons and set examples that still guide her today, their journey to Oregon (and later PDX!), how her desire to get to know her biological father and subsequent move to Los Angeles led to her lowest, loneliest days and how those tough times, in turn, started her down the path of group fitness and figuring out what people are really searching for, what she sees as being wrong with the current state of the fitness industry, and much more. Follow her and Barre3: @sadielincoln @barre3 @barre3portland
April 8, 2019
Ryan Carpenter - Founder/Owner of Moberi
Shark Tank alum and Alaska born creator of the popular and growing Portland smoothie and bowl shop Moberi, Ryan Carpenter talks about what it was like being raised in AK, how he developed a thirst for travel and made his way to the lower 48, how a series of odd jobs and a tendency toward untraditional career paths—being a Lego competition hypeman included—developed a wide array of skills he uses today, his long-time turtle friend Mo, what the Shark Tank experience was like, and much more. Follow along: @moberi
March 25, 2019
Gabriel Rucker - Chef/Owner of Le Pigeon, Little Bird, & Canard & Sober Chef/Fitness figure
Two-time James Beard Award winning Chef Gabriel Rucker talks about his childhood in Napa, how his father's struggles with addiction and path to being clean/sober set the example for Gabriel to do so years later, what got him into cooking and the opportunities that led him to Portland and being at the helm of 3 of city's top restaurants: Le Pigeon, Little Bird, and Canard, his own journey to sobriety and fitness/wellness (and trail running!) and how he wants to be an example for others make transformations of their own, what he considers his most important job of all, and much more.  Follow him:  @ruckergabriel @fitchefpdx His restaurants: @lepigeonpdx @littlebirdpdx @canardpdx
March 11, 2019
Faith E. Briggs - Filmmaker & Runner/Outdoor Adventurer
NYC filmmaker/producer/writer turned PDX-based outdoor badass (plus those other things still too of course!) Faith Briggs talks about growing up on the east coast and her early exposure to nature and outdoors, her parents influence and the intersection of arts, athletics, and religion/spirituality they provided at home, what it meant to her to be a track runner then and a trail runner now, her move West for the Columbia Sportswear Director of Toughness position and why she stayed, what it's like to be a person of color in a not-so-diverse place like Portland, the work she's most proud of, and much more. Follow her: @faithevebee Her website and other projects: Soul River @soulriverinc Brotherhood of Skiing Film
February 25, 2019
Allison Bryan - Architect/Designer & Founder of Open Studio Collective
Multi-talented architect/designer Allison Bryan talks about how running helped keep her on track at an early age, her long-time dream of moving to Oregon from the Midwest and running free through the misty, green hills like Prefontaine, what led to the design of her Forest Park Art Print and how that project helped launch Open Studio Collective, how leading (and caring about) employees is similar to parenting, and much more. Follow her: @allisonlouisebryan Her business and other projects: Open Studio Collective @openstudiocollective Forest Park Art Print Wildwood Art Print
February 12, 2019
Gregory Gourdet - Chef/Food Activist & Trail Runner
Beloved Portland Chef Gregory Gourdet talks about growing up in NYC and how got turned on to nature and the outdoors, what led him from a dishwashing job in Missoula, MT during college to second place on Top Chef and a oft-recognized food celebrity (even in the bottom of the Grand Canyon!), the current landscape of culinary culture in the age of the Me Too Movement, as well as what tips he would give people trying to reach big life goals and more. Follow him: @gg30000 His restaurant and groups he works with: Departure Portland @departurepdx Urban Gleaners @urbangleanerspxdx
January 28, 2019
Theresa Silveyra - Music Teacher & Mountaineer/Ultra Runner
Our first ever guest Theresa Silveyra talks about how she got to Portland, her work as a music teacher, why she still lives here despite going to the mountains every chance she gets, her experience as a female and person of color in the outdoor rec world, and much more. The piano piece Theresa plays that follows the interview is: Étude pour les cinq doigts d'après Monsieur Czerny by Debussy Follow her: @theresasilveyra Groups she works with: Pacific Northwest Outdoor Women @pnwoutdoorwomen Wy'east Sisterhood @wyeastsisterhood
January 14, 2019
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