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Beyond the Woods

Beyond the Woods

By Above & Beyond
Company podcast from Above and Beyond—Business Tools and Services for Entrepreneurs. Delivering you stories from our people to our people.
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What's Your Story - Geoff Friedman
In this episode, we sit down with one of our successful Division Directors, Geoff Friedman. We learn about what helped him get started in this industry when he had no experience other than owning a successful candy store business. Helping other fellow business owners discover what was really going on with their merchant services was vital to him.
August 28, 2020
What's Your Story? - Mark Thacker
Hello Beyond! In this episode, we hear from our Chief Information Security Officer, Mark Thacker, on why security is just the right thing to do for your clients and customers.
June 12, 2020
What's Your Story? - Bob Carr
In this special episode, we sit down with our CEO & founder, Robert O. Carr. As a pioneer in the Merchant Services industry, we will learn how he started in this industry and what it takes to create loyalty in today's age.
May 26, 2020
What's Your Story? - Sam Johnson w/ PayTrace
Hello Beyond! This week we sit down with, Sam Johnson, from PayTrace to talk about how he went from being a customer of PayTrace to joining the team at PayTrace. Sam shares some of the amazing things PayTrace can help a business with and how it helped him before joining the team in his previous working for an arena football team. You'll hear all kinds of success stories and ways you can help a business owner streamline their processes. With PayTrace, business owners can streamline and automate the process in which they take payments over the phone and insuring the receive level II & level III rates. Want to see more from PayTrace? PayTrace Blog: PayTrace Webinars: PayTrace YouTube:
April 22, 2020
What's Your Story? - Chad Carr
Hello Beyond Family! Join us today as we step back in time to a conversation we had with, Chad Carr, our Chief of Business Tools and Services a few months ago. In this conversation, we take a drive down memory lane and hear how Chad became the local expert and was worked in so many various roles over his career. Learn how selling with his mother taught him to use his resources and focus on helping the various business owner overcome anything. You will also get to hear how to go from knowing nothing to knowing a whole heck of a lot more in just a few days if you take the right approach to learning new tricks and gaining more product knowledge.
April 11, 2020
What' s Your Story - Tim Toombs
In this episode today we sit down with SVP, Tim Toombs. We will be talking about the challenges that we're all facing every day right now, a little bit about some pro tips, and how we are personally adjusting to the ever-changing fintech landscape.
March 27, 2020
What's Your Story? - Brent Rose
In this episode of BTW, we had the pleasure of sitting down with our new CSO, Brent Rose. We are thrilled for him to share his story, information about our ever-changing industry, and how Beyond finds its' success by paving the way for the Fin-Tech world. "At Beyond, there's a real key focus that is unique in where we are in the payments marketplace. The Business Advocates that we have truly advocate for their community businesses. These Advocates constantly ask themselves, "How do we help businesses grow and be successful in an ever-changing environment" When many small businesses are competing against many of the big store retailers who have a lot of the technology that hasn't been attainable for small businesses in the past. Beyond, can bring that value to the small business owner and help them engage in multiple types of payments, payroll, and employee management solutions."
March 18, 2020
What's Your Story? - Soroush Jafari
In today's episode, we sit down with a real-life ROC Star, Soroush Jarari. Soroush joined Beyond and with-in just 3 months of becoming a BA, he has been riding a ROC star status almost the whole time. Find out how, Soroush, prospects by dropping into businesses regularly and asking nothing of the business owner. Learn the power of sitting alone and being open to anyone who comes by. Soroush brings us closer together and reminds us that we all have a story to share. 
March 15, 2020
What's Your Story? - Kristin Pollock
In this episode, we will be learning from Kristin Pollock and how she's turned numbers into an advantage for her. Kristin's role in our Service Center plays a big part in making sure that accounts are priced correctly, maintaining margin on existing accounts, making adjustments for a debt or credit that happened, and so much more! Hear how she went from strongly disliking numbers in school to becoming the Queen of pricing and statement analysis.  The Service Center plays a vital part in making and support all the Beyond Business Advocates as well as all of our customers.
March 4, 2020
What's Your Story? - Evan Comer
In this episode
February 19, 2020
What's Your Story? - Connie Lewis
Join us in this episode with, Connie Lewis. A veteran in the industry who is committed to putting one foot forward each day and pulling just one more door. Hear her story will resonate with all those who want to find a place where you can find success and a world of limitless possibilities if you're willing to work for it. Learn how she learned about this industry and the struggles she's been through to find her success as an outside sales rep in the ever-changing fintech industry.
February 5, 2020
What's Your Story? - Maegan Powell
In this episode, we will be learning from Maegan Powell and how developmental courage has delivered her into delivery. Maegan has worked under the leadership of, Bob Carr, for almost 2 decades. She got her start in fintech at an early age and has continued to develop and work her through multiple departments with no fear. Her success as a leader is magnified with her role in creating the very first Beyond Women's group to talk about difficult topics and discuss them in an environment open to anyone. Join us on this very special episode of, Beyond the Woods. Facebook: Instagram: @get_beyond Contact:
January 29, 2020
What's Your Story? - Tracy Stewart
Hello, Sales Squad! In this episode, we sit down with our Manager of Client Retention, Tracey Stewart. We'll hear from her on how she has found success by building powerful relationships with everyone around her.  Do you have feedback or what to be on the next episode? Share your story with us at If you're enjoying the pod - leave us a review on your favorite podcast platform! They are the fuel to our fire!
January 22, 2020
What's Your Story? - Ken Tow - Part 2
Welcome to part 2 as we sit down with one of our most successful team leaders—Ken Tow, Division Director at Beyond.  In part one of this two part episode, we chat with Tow about how he’s created a culture of success on his team. Tow’s unique background has helped him shape a mindset that sets his people on fire. He’s built a distinctive team culture that has allowed both him and his team to continually set and crush records.
January 15, 2020
What's Your Story? - Ken Tow - Part 1
Thanks so much for joining us today as we sit down with one of our most successful team leaders—Ken Tow, Division Director at Beyond.  In part one of this two part episode, we chat with Tow about how he’s created a culture of success on his team. Tow’s unique background has helped him shape a mindset that sets his people on fire. He’s built a distinctive team culture that has allowed both him and his team to continually set and crush records.
January 8, 2020
What's Your Story? - Blake Wilson
Happy New Year and welcome to the Beyond the Woods podcast! To kick off the new year, we sit down with sales VP Blake Wilson to hear his story. Listen in to learn about what made him a success, and how having “a buddy” might just be the thing that takes your sales game to the next level.
January 2, 2020