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L&D Disrupt

L&D Disrupt

By HowNow
The learning and development space is constantly transforming, but are you evolving with it? L&D Disrupt helps you hurdle your workplace challenges, stay ahead of the trends and accelerate your career! Our weekly podcast, hosted by HowNow CEO and Co-Founder Nelson Sivalingam, promises to bring you insights that you can apply on the job. From expert guests to powerful panels and everything in between - we will delve into the high, lows, successes and failures to get to the real nitty gritty stuff you actually care about.
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Future Skills Winning L&D Leaders Are Going To Need | L&D Disrupt Live | Episode 23
​The demands on L&D teams seem to be higher than ever and always evolving! That's because they are... ​And more change is around the corner, so if you’re going to capitalise on that demand and help your organisation win, you’ll need to keep building skills, relationships and your L&D team. But it’s not as simple as listing out skills you need to learn, which is why we’ll be going beyond the L&D buzzwords to give you some truly actionable advice. ​From applying personal context to your role to redefining terms like curation for what they mean today, this will be an honest chat about the future of L&D skills. ​Ross Stevenson (Founder of Steal These Thoughts) and Lavinia Mehedințu (Founder of Offbeat) joined Nelson Sivalingam (HowNow CEO and Co-Founder) to pick this topic apart and answer your burning questions. Running Order 0:00 Intro to the show. 1:49 Where L&D is right now from a skills and future perspective. 9:02 How L&D can go beyond buzzwords and master context. 18:11 Curating content, people and career opportunities. 28:20 Audience question: Preparing to build future skills. 38:08 Audience question: L&D’s relationship with sales enablement. 45:38 Audience question: Internal vs external training. 53:09 How L&D can be better performance consultants. How to connect Find Lavinia on: LinkedIn: Offbeat: Find Ross on: LinkedIn: Steal These Thoughts: Find Nelson on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Find HowNow on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Instagram: Our Website:
August 05, 2022
How To Reboot Training Post Pandemic | L&D Disrupt Live | Episode 22
Wait, aren’t we already post-pandemic? Well, let us ask you a question: Are any of your temporary L&D measures still in place? Did you introduce something and never really figure out if it worked? Have you rebuilt training based on how you work today, not how you did things before or during the height of COVID? Well, you’re not alone! A lot of companies are in this position. The better questions are why and how can they get out of it? Paul Matthews, author and L&D expert, joined us live to discuss the answers and his free ebook: How To Reboot Training Post Pandemic. And if you've done these things already, we’ll be discussing the theory behind responding to drastic change and building learning to drive behaviours and outcomes, so it’s still a must-listen episode of L&D Disrupt Live. Running order 00:00 Intro to the show and Paul Matthews. 4:41 Why we needed to reboot L&D during the pandemic and beyond? 9:22 The need continuously question L&D’s purpose. 10:59 Why accepting change is crucial to responding effectively. 14:13 Using face-to-face training more intentionally and driving behaviour change. 25:50 Behavioural needs analyses and why L&D should stop ‘justifying its value’. 35:44 How L&D can course correct when it needs to change direction. 46:22 Audience Q&A and show wrap-up. How to connect: Download How To Reboot Training Post Pandemic: Learn more about Paul and his work: Connect with Paul on LinkedIn: Find Nelson on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Find HowNow on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Instagram: Our Website:
July 01, 2022
Learning at Speed: Live Book Launch And Q&A | L&D Disrupt | Episode 21
Watch or listen back to our launch party for Nelson’s upcoming book, Learning at Speed, featuring a live Q&A. With the world changing faster than ever, Learning at Speed provides frameworks and methodologies to drive development at the pace needed to improve business performance. This episode talks you through some of those, answers audience questions and explains why now is the time to switch up your L&D approach to something lean and agile. Running order and timestamps 0:00 Intro to the show and Nelson’s thoughts on writing a book. 5:12 Where L&D is going wrong and how you can fix it. 15:45 ​How to close your Learner Engagement Gap. 18:20 ​The Learning Canvas: Building an L&D strategy that solves the right problems. 27:47 ​Using The Learning Flywheel to deliver effective learner experiences. 36:26 ​Three proven methods for measuring the impact of L&D. 42:41 Audience Q&A. Get your copy of Learning at Speed: Get it directly from the publisher: Order on Amazon: Or pick it up from your nearest Waterstones: How to connect: Find Nelson on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Find HowNow on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Instagram: Our Website:
June 07, 2022
Three Tools For Building A Learning And Growth Culture w/ LifeLabs | Episode 20
When your company’s growing fast, it’s tempting to take a short-term view on learning and development. Or put a pin in it until the dust settles. Don’t! You’ll be kicking up lots of extra dust because more growth is on the way! So what you do now matters more than you think, it’s your moment to build a learning and growth culture that scales with you. Culture is essentially the agreed rules for how we’re going to work together and get things done! How fast and effectively we can grow it will influence our success, but it also influences how effective our learning and development efforts are.  So, how can we build a functioning learning and growth culture? LifeLabs Learning's Robleh Kirce joined us to provide three practical techniques for building the right culture and processes in our first community workshop. How to connect Find Robleh and LifeLabs Learning on: Robleh’s LinkedIn: LifeLabs’ LinkedIn:  LifeLabs’ Website:  Find Nelson on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Find HowNow on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Instagram: Our Website: Running Order 0:00 Intro to Robleh Kirce, LifeLabs Learning and today’s workshop. 4:40 Why learning matters more than ever. 6:15 Learning plans and why they’re important. 10:40 An indivudal development plan (IDP) template. 14:00 Audience questions and tips on learning plans. 17:10 Feedback norms: creating actionable, clear feedback. 25:22 Learning extractions: Building in moments to pause and reflect. 31:20 Audience Q&A.
April 19, 2022
LIVE: Mastering the unsung superpower: Facilitation w/ Kenny Temowo | Episode 19
In this L&D Disrupt Live episode we’re joined by Kenny Temowo for a masterclass on the much overlooked and undervalued super skill: facilitation. Expect actionable insights and brilliant Q&A moments in this memorable session. 00:00 Intro 06:19 What do we mean by facilitation?  11:59 Laying down clear expectations  17:09 Practising your skills in every day moments  20:22 The core traits that make a great facilitator  30:36 Navigating respectful silences  32:30 How do you know if you’re doing a good job? 43:22 Avoiding death by powerpoint  54:17 If you do one thing - do this! How to connect Find Kenny on: Find Nelson on: LinkedIn:  Twitter:  Find HowNow on:  LinkedIn:  Twitter:  Instagram:  Our Website: 
April 19, 2022
The Intersection Between Tech And Performance With Filip Lam | Episode 18
In a demanding environment where you’re scaling quickly and hiring fast, it can sometimes feel like everything needed to happen yesterday!  Where you originally needed to onboard 10 employees, you now need a programme that you can roll out for 100 or even 1000 people to support your growth.  This is where you need to figure out how to work smarter, not harder. In this episode of L&D Disrupt, we’re joined by Filip Lam, People Growth at Alan, to really unpick how we can leverage technology to save us time and drive performance. Running order: 00:00 Intro 01:22 Biggest challenges faced by high growth companies 03:14 Working out where L&D has the biggest impact 11:00 What modern L&D looks like 15:53 The role of tech in building new learning experiences 19:19 How far should you plan ahead? 21:00 Exciting new trends in the space! 23:43 Quickfire round How to connect: Find Filip on: Find Nelson on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Find HowNow on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Instagram: Our Website:
April 05, 2022
The Essential Components of Impactful Learning with Emma Lloyd | Episode 17
Would you bother delivering a learning experience to employees if you knew it would have absolutely no impact? I can bet your answer to that question is no! But how many of us in L&D are actually taking the time to ensure our initiatives will deliver impact before rolling them out? In this episode we’re joined by Emma Lloyd, Experience Director @ Create the Ripple, to cover the essential components you need to create impactful learning experiences that truly make a difference. Running order: 01:29 Why you should care about impactful learning! 06:58 Effectively understanding learning needs 10:14 Getting learners to ‘lean in’ 12:27 How you can create memorable experiences 17:01 How much time does it take to get it right? 19:27 Following up to drive more impact 22:56 Taking an iterative approach to get it right 25:20 Measuring the ROI of ‘human’ skills 28:48 What can you do to support the before and after of learning experiences? 33:19 Quickfire Round How to connect Find Emma on: Create The Ripple: Find Nelson on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Find HowNow on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Instagram: Our Website:
March 22, 2022
Design Thinking in L&D with Sarah Stevenson | Episode 16
A phrase you will often hear getting thrown around in the L&D space is ‘putting the learner first’, but you might wonder how many people proactively design a strategy to meet employees’ needs, rather than just the needs of the business… In this episode we’re joined by someone who is super passionate about designing experiences that are intentionally built with the learner in mind. Sarah Stevenson, Vice President, Learning and Employee Experience at Schlesinger Group, is on the show to chat about how Design Thinking has impacted her work for the better, and how you can use the principles to create some real change! Running order: 04:11 ADDIE vs. SAM 07:10 Applying Design Thinking to L&D 15:54 Getting to the MVP 20:26 Using feedback to improve your offering 24:05 Does L&D have a ‘data problem’? 26:43 You get what you measure! 27:50 Design Thinking - where do I start? 29:58 Quickfire round How to connect Find Sarah on: Find Nelson on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Find HowNow on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Instagram: Our Website:
March 15, 2022
Navigating the Relationship Between L&D and HR with Lauren Cunningham | Episode 15
L&D and HR - a match made in heaven, or a marriage of inconvenience? Whatever opinion you hold, there’s no escaping the fact that at some point in your L&D journey you will most likely work with, or sit within, a HR function. In this episode we’re joined by Lauren Cunningham - ​​L&D Manager at Bumble - to help us navigate this partnership and work through the hurdles that can hinder your harmonious efforts! Running Order:  00:00 Intro 05:19 Building relationships to avoid silos 08:34 Changing your approach once you move into a function 11:07 Testing and iterating to achieve results 14:02 Budget implications of moving into a function 16:06 Myth-busting perceptions around L&D! 18:20 Figuring out where to start as the first L&D hire 20:08 Where you should position L&D in your organisation 20:55 Quickfire round How to connect Find Lauren on: LinkedIn: Find Nelson on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Find HowNow on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Instagram: Our Website:
March 08, 2022
LIVE: The State Of L&D 2022 | Episode 14
There’s no doubt about it - 2022 is already shaping up to be a huge year for L&D. While the pandemic kickstarted widespread WFH back in 2020, most organisations have now adopted this hybrid set up for the long-term. And what does this mean for learning and development? Our expert panel will help you ride the waves of L&D challenges, so you'll sail smoothly and confidently through 2022 and make it your best year yet. Running order:  00:00 Intro 06:30 Pull learning isn’t the death of push learning! 11:02 Is it time to add TikTok to your tech stack? Building a ‘best of breed’ learning ecosystem 15:21 Social learning has been around forever - but we need to spot and nurture those interactions 18:59 Leveraging storytelling in a digital world to create engaging learning experiences 24:00 If you have the will, you’ll find the skill! 27:13 Things to consider when reviewing your tech stack 35:13 How to approach resistance to change 38:52 Applying influencer marketing to your organisation 45:16 Focussing on the small actions and moments that make up a culture 49:02 The hats L&D need to start wearing 50:46 Adopting a start up mentality 56:34 One thing you can do THIS MONTH to make a difference How to connect Find Lavinia on: LinkedIn: Offbeat: Find Ross on: LinkedIn: Steal These Thoughts: Find Nelson on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Find HowNow on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Instagram: Our Website:
March 04, 2022
Applying Marketing to L&D with Hannah Waddams | Episode 13
Picture this - you’ve spent weeks crafting an unforgettable learning experience, finally engaging employees in an exciting way and making a real difference to the L&D strategy within your company. The day arrives. You launch it, you wait, you wait some more… and nothing happens. You were sure this would be a massive success - and maybe it WOULD be - if anyone actually knew about it! In this episode we’re joined by Hannah Waddams, Marketing Director at MAAS Marketing, to learn how and why L&D should use marketing to create that necessary awareness. Running order:  01:37 Have you got a marketing problem? 03:48 How you can start flexing your marketing muscle 05:44 Uncovering the identities of your ‘learners’ 07:17 Defining your learning brand 10:20 Personalising your comms with learning personas 13:11 Channels you can leverage to reach employees 18:10 Influencer marketing for L&D 22:15 Successful tactics you can try 24:52 How you should measure impact 27:47 The Marketing for Learning podcast 28:31 Quickfire Round  How to connect Find Hannah on: LinkedIn: Marketing For Learning:  Find Nelson on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Find HowNow on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Instagram: Our Website:
February 22, 2022
LIVE: Leading With Impact | Episode 12
​A whopping 75% of people quit their jobs to get away from their manager! So while we might have the best intentions, your management style could be driving people to pastures green.   ​Surely not, you gasp! Well, here's the thing, most people just aren't aware that their actions are negatively affecting their colleagues.   ​ There’s a gap between someone's intentions vs. the impact they’re having, and the only way to bridge it is by actively working on your self-awareness in the workplace. So, are you ready to join Ally Jones for a good old session of introspection? Running order: 03:35 What is the ‘awareness-gap’? 08:17 How to create an environment where people can share feedback 13:31 Tools to work on your own self-awareness 17:21 Helping first time managers to develop leadership skills 21:22 Defining the levels of listening 23:51 What can L&D do to close the gap? 32:44 Focussing on what you can impact 35:07 Advice for newly promoted leaders 45:18 Working on developing ‘soft’ skills How to connect:  Find Ally on: Find Nelson on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Find HowNow on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Instagram: Our Website:
February 18, 2022
Leveraging Technology to Enrich Learning | Episode 11
L&D in the hybrid world of work has its challenges, but also lots of opportunities. In this episode we’re joined by Jeni Brown, Chief People Officer at Teamwork, the team collaboration software used by over 350,000 organisations. Listen in as we discuss how L&D can create a digital-first learning culture that really helps people to grow in this new world of work. Running order:  0:00 Intro 01:19 Pivoting to hybrid working 03:20 Digital first onboarding 05:53 Communicating culture remotely 07:49 The need for content creation 12:14 Measuring performance 14:55 Outcomes over output 16:55 The evolution of collaborative learning 19:31 Ensuring successful buy-in 24:07 Quickfire round How to connect Find Jeni on: Find Nelson on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Find HowNow on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Instagram: Our Website:
February 08, 2022
LIVE: How to Make an Impact in Your First 90 Days | Episode 10
​Congratulations, you've just bagged your new exciting job in L&D! Like every role, you want to hit the ground running, to make things happen as fast as possible and prove your worth.​But is sprinting off from the L&D starting line the right approach? Or should you be more measured and thoughtful in your first 90 days?   Join Alex Anderson and Artheka Sivaharan in this live episode as they answer things like:  ​ How long should you spend ‘figuring things out’ before you start developing solutions? What’s the best way to facilitate meaningful conversations with your colleagues to get as much insight as possible? How you can challenge the stakeholder misconception and common narrative that you're there to provide exactly what they ask for? Running Order  00:33 Intro 05:10 Overcoming the challenges of joining a company remotely 06:56 Getting the most out of initial conversations 07:56 Figuring out where to focus your time and energy 11:12 Communicating the position of L&D to the rest of the business 13:58 Managing stakeholder relationships 16:51 Agreeing on realistic expectations 19:04 When should you start implementing strategies? 22:18 Transitioning into a startup 23:29 Keeping employees at heart of L&D 26:40 How do you define success? 30:16 Deciding which data to collect 33:00 Structured vs. open learning pathways 38:38 Getting stakeholders to create content 43:23 Enhancing the DEI culture 48:50 Would you do anything differently? How to connect Find Artheka on: Find Alex on: Find Nelson on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Find HowNow on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Instagram: Our Website:
February 04, 2022
6 Things to Prioritise when Implementing your L&D Strategy | Episode 9
We’re shaking things up in this episode as we’re joined by HowNow’s very own Head of Customer Success, Lulu Dermeche. Lulu has tons experience helping customers to implement L&D, and today we’re making the most of her expertise to help you successfully launch your L&D strategy! Running Order: 00:00 Intro 02:13 Are you communicating the ‘why’? (1) 04:46 Thinking like a marketer! (2) 06:40 Involve your stakeholders at the right time (3) 08:56 Examples of great marketing 11:12 Finding your L&D champions (4) 15:25 Focus in on the problems you want to solve (5) 20:58 Get employees creating content (6) 22:52 Everybody is knowledgable! How to connect: Find Lulu on: LinkedIn: Find Nelson on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Find HowNow on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Instagram: Our Website:
January 25, 2022
LIVE: Making Mental Health A Priority In High Growth Startups | Episode 8
How can you make employee mental health a priority in fast-paced startups? That's the topic we tackled in the very first edition of L&D Disrupt Live! James Routledge, Lauren Cunningham and Will Beaton joined us to answer questions like: Why should startups make mental health a priority? Can you spot when efforts are just performative? Which metrics should we be looking at? What action can you take this week to really make a difference? Running Order 04:50 Why should startups make mental health a priority? 07:25 Why it’s taken so long for mental health to get on the agenda 08:41 Can you spot when efforts are just performative? 13:19 Bringing a wellbeing team into the business 15:00 How to position a business case for wellbeing initiatives 19:43 Rolling out new measures in a hybrid setting 21:49 Empowering leaders to drive mental wellbeing across teams 23:45 Keeping volunteers engaged and inspired 26:23 The importance of making people feel heard 28:15 Which metrics should we be looking at? 31:27 What to do when you feel like a cultural misfit 37:38 Creating a strategy in a startup vs larger corporate company 40:45 How can you prevent burnout in startups? 46:18 Taking control of your own wellbeing 47:43 Is there a clash between growing revenue and a people-first culture? 53:13 What’s one thing you can do this week to move the needle? How to connect: Find James on: Find Lauren on: Find Will on: Find Nelson on:  Find HowNow on:
January 21, 2022
Launching an L&D Function with Artheka Sivaharan | Episode 7
You’re the first ever L&D hire in a startup and you have a complete blank slate to work with - but where on earth do you start? Artheka Sivaharan, Learning and Development Lead at MyTutor, was in this exact position just a few months ago. Listen to the episode to hear exactly how Artheka handled the situation as she shares her best tips for growing L&D from the ground up. Running order: 01:15 How do you know when you should bring in an L&D person? 02:18 Where do you start when you have a blank slate? 03:51 Directing people away from self-prescribing 06:33 Positioning the value of L&D 08:15 Choosing which problems to tackle first 09:58 Using data to build business cases 11:10 Creating a business case proposal 16:22 The benefits of working in sprints 18:48 Getting tangible results 21:30 Supporting your first L&D hire 23:33 Quickfire round How to connect Find Artheka on: LinkedIn: Find Nelson on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Find HowNow on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Instagram: Our Website:
January 11, 2022
Supporting Employees to Become Autonomous Learners with Sara Frasi | Episode 6
In this episode of L&D Disrupt we’re joined by Sara Frasi, Senior People Partner L&D at Native Instruments. Throughout this conversation we explore a really important and exciting part of L&D; supporting employees to become autonomous learners. Stay tuned to hear Sara and I delve into topics from learning budgets and time blocking right through to empowering employees to own their development.  Running order: 01:23 The importance of a bottom up approach 03:14 Changing mindsets within an organisation 05:00 Getting employees to look at L&D in a different way 06:31 A good manager conversation blueprint 07:43 How can we get managers more involved? 09:58 Empowering employees to own their development 11:42 Choosing learning budgets 14:41 Defining and measuring ROI 17:58 Creating a culture of learning 21:06 Curating content 23:00 Time blocking: does it work? 25:30 Quickfire round How to connect Find Sara on: LinkedIn: Find Nelson on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Find HowNow on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Instagram: Our Website:
December 21, 2021
Scaling L&D in High Growth Organisations with Deb Gallo | Episode 5
Deb Gallo, Learning & Development Director at SentinelOne, joins us this week to discuss the highlights and challenges of scaling L&D in a high growth organisation. Deb shares fantastic advice on a wide range of topics, from managing the changing requirements of a fast-growing business to bringing a company culture to life. The episode is packed with expert insight that you certainly don’t want to miss, so sit back and enjoy! Running Order: 01:18 When should you make your first L&D hire? 03:29 The pros and cons of implementing L&D in different sized businesses 06:24 How do you work out what the business needs? 07:34 Pre-empting the changing requirements of a fast-growing business 09:15 Minimum Viable Product mindset 11:58 Walking the walk in L&D 12:54 How do you know if your solution is working? 15:12 Delivering learning in a hybrid setting 21:10 When does it make sense to create rather than curate content? 22:55 L&D’s role in scaling culture 26:32 Quickfire round How to connect Find Deb on: LinkedIn: Find Nelson on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Find HowNow on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Instagram: Our Website:
December 14, 2021
Serving the internal customer with Doug Ellin | Episode 4
In this week's episode we speak with Doug Ellin - People Partner L&D at GoHenry. Doug is incredibly passionate about serving the internal customer, and shares his experiences of using this insight to carve out successful, tailored L&D solutions. Throughout the conversation we cover everything from getting to know your internal customer to tracking whether your interventions are successful or not. This conversation is a wonderful testament to the fact that L&D should always be about people before anything else and we can’t wait for you to listen! Running order 01:13 How do you get to know your internal customer? 04:46 Using this knowledge to help you deliver better L&D 06:00 The steps you need to take before developing the L&D strategy 09:38 Identifying the influencers within a business 12:43 Striking the balance between addressing people’s training requests but giving the business what it actually needs 17:15 Working out what to include in an L&D solution to make it successful 20:26 Ways to track if your interventions are working 24:07 Quickfire round How to connect Find Doug on:  LinkedIn: Find Nelson on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Find HowNow on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Instagram: Our Website:
December 07, 2021
Harnessing the Power of Knowledge Sharing with Lavinia Mehedințu | Episode 3
Lavinia Mehedințu, Learning & Development Content Curator at Offbeat, is our podcast guest this week. There’s no doubt about it, Lavinia has a genuine passion for learning, and her enthusiasm in this episode is bound to rub off on you. This episode will help you level up the knowledge sharing within your organisation, and features some great advice on how to make your curated content more relevant than ever before. Enjoy! Running Order: 01:58 Why content curation - how did it all begin? 04:11 Using analytics to shape content curation 06:23 What L&D can learn from other fields 07:40 Putting the focus on our user’s needs 10:19 The unrealistic expectations faced by L&D teams 12:31 Building an L&D community 14:09 Fostering a collaborative environment 16:55 Lavinia’s 3 personal learnings from building an L&D community 18:34 How L&D can use behavioral science to influence work 21:39 The future of Offbeat 22:25 Quickfire round How to connect Find Lavinia on: LinkedIn: Offbeat Website: Find Nelson on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Find HowNow on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Instagram: Our Website:
November 30, 2021
Creating and Scaling a Progressive Company Culture with Tina Phillips | Episode 2
Creating a progressive company culture is a challenge in itself, but once you’ve nailed this, how do you then effectively scale it within a high-paced organisation that is growing rapidly? Luckily, we have Tina Phillips joining us on this episode to offer some insight. Tina has a truly impressive wealth of experience to share - from training hiring managers to acknowledge their unconscious bias, to creating a culture where everyone feels safe enough to give and receive feedback - if company culture is your thing, this one’s for you.  Running order: 0:00 Introduction to this week’s episode 1:57 Unique challenges around scaling cultures in high-growth organisations 4:09 The benefits of hiring slow 6:54 Training interviewers to be aware of unconscious biases 12:43 How do you change people's mindset around bias and bring them on that journey with you? 15:36 Successfully communicating the company culture 19:34 The leaders in a business aren’t acting in line with the company culture - what now? 24:46 Creating a culture where everyone feels safe enough to give and receive feedback 29:18 Quickfire round How to connect Find Tina on: LinkedIn: Find Nelson on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Find HowNow on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Instagram: Our Website:
November 23, 2021
Implementing Agile L&D with Patrick Mullarkey | Episode 1
Agile L&D, you’ve probably heard of it, but what the hell does it actually mean? In this episode Patrick Mullarkey, Learning and Development Lead at Snyk, shares his first hand experiences of implementing Agile learning, explains why it’s worth doing and how to manage the change in your organisation, as well as how exactly to measure the impact of Agile L&D on your business. Patrick explains to us how Agile L&D can encourage companies to waste less time on unsuccessful projects by speeding up the ‘failing fast’ process, and how important it is to engage with stakeholders using the right language in order to gain the trust necessary to start working in this way. Whether you have no experience of implementing Agile L&D or you consider yourself an expert - listen in as we demystify the buzzword of the moment and bring some real meaning to Agile L&D. Running Order 1:39: What the hell is Agile L&D? 4:32: Why we look to Agile L&D in the first place 8:40: What do you gain from moving to a more Agile way of working? 11:00: Failing fast 12:06: Using the right language to get stakeholders on board 17:53: I want to go Agile - where do I start? 21:35: How to measure if it’s working 25:36: Quickfire round How to connect Find Patrick on: LinkedIn: Find Nelson on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Find HowNow on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Instagram: Our Website:
November 16, 2021
The Best Of Series One | Episode 14
All good things must come to an end. And sadly, that’s true for Series One of 99 Problems But Work Ain’t One. But we couldn’t just let it fizzle out! So we’ve compiled our favourite nuggets of knowledge from every episode. Get ready for some brilliant insights into the worlds of L&D, HR, People Development, Talent Management and forward-thinking workplaces. Thank you to anyone who’s tuned in and supported the show so far and to our 13 amazing guests who’ve joined us for some really insightful and fascinating conversations. We’ll be back for a second series soon - so make sure you’re subscribed wherever you’re listening. Each clip is timestamped below with a note of the guest and episode number, so if you want to head over to any of the conversations you missed, you can! Running order: 0:00 > Introduction to the episode. 0:51 > Paul Matthews, Episode 1: L&D’s credibility. 4:14 > Emma Leonis, Episode 2: HR's changing structure and skillset. 7:43 > Ross Stevenson, Episode 3 Who should L&D be working with? 10:56 > Kevin and Laure of Livestorm, Episode 4: Shifting to asynchronous learning. 14:08 > Esther O'Callaghan, Episode 5: Increasing entry-level talent and diversity. 16:23 > Toby Newman, Episode 6: Should you add colleagues on social media? 18:38 > Tushar Agarwal, Episode 7: The case for shared physical workspaces. 23:09 > Valerie Mann, Episode 8: Codifying and scaling culture in the workplace. 27:14 > Bob Mosher, Episode 9: Basing learning around when it's applied. 30:42 > Kevin M. Yates, Episode 10: What should L&D be measuring? 33:56 > Pam Hamilton, Episode 11: How companies can prepare for asynchronous work. 37:22> Jacquie Gay, Episode 12: How OKRs have changed behaviour and what's measured at TomTom. 40:55 > Angela Guedes, Episode 13: The optimal onboarding journey for new starters. 45:00 > Outro to the episode. Where you can find these episodes: Watch every episode on YouTube: Listen to every episode on Spotify: Listen to every episode on Apple Podcasts: Read shownotes for every episode: How to connect Find Nelson on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Find HowNow on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Instagram: Our Website:
July 22, 2021
How The Pandemic Changed Customer Success And How We Can Respond | Angela Guedes | Episode 13
It goes without saying that customer success has changed since the pandemic, but the better questions are how has it evolved? What can leaders do more effectively in response? And how can we learn socially from our CS colleagues and other departments in the world of hybrid work? Angela Guedes, Head of Customer Success at Belvo, joined us on this week’s episode to answer these questions and plenty more. We talked about her transition from a similar role at Typeform (where she worked for seven years), the best starting point for building a CS function at a young company, the importance of recognising internal customer needs, the optimal onboarding journey, and whether there’s a pressure to know all the answers when you’re leading a team. Running order 0:00 Intro to Angela Guedes. 1:52 How the pandemic has changed customer success. 4:17 What’s it like joining a new company and building a CS function? 6:16 What does an optimal onboarding journey look like for a new starter? 10:33 The roles and responsibilities of a Head of Customer Success. 15:05 Is there a pressure to know all of the answers? 17:24 How Angela approaches learning and becoming better at her role? 19:47 Replicating social learning in the hybrid and remote CS world. 23:08 The voice of the customer programs. 25:42 Quickfire questions. How to connect Find Angela on: LinkedIn: Find Nelson on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Find HowNow on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Instagram: Our Website:
July 14, 2021
How Moving To An OKR Model Improved Purpose, Culture And Measurement at TomTom | Jacqueline Gay | Episode 12
Why would a company move from KPIs or that standard goal-setting model to objectives and key results? Or, as you might know them, OKRs. That’s the big question we put to Jacquie Gay, Program Manager of Talent Development at TomTom, in this week’s episode of 99 Problems But Work Ain’t One. From finding a North Star that everyone in the company can follow to how OKRs can move us towards more effective measurement, Jacquie shared some great experiences of how that OKR shift works in practice. We also found time to chat about the impact on TomTom’s learning culture, how the pandemic drove positive changes that they’ll stick with moving forward and how Jacquie is helping managers prepare for this new world of work. Running order 0:00 Intro to Jacqueline Gay, Program Manager, Talent Development at TomTom. 2:23 What prompted the move towards OKRs at TomTom? 5:52 How to have a conversation about HR’s purpose and OKRs. 9:28 An example of an objective and key result. 11:54 Have OKRs changed behaviour and what’s measured at TomTom? 15:31 Implementing OKRs in a distributed workforce. 18:15 Has the pandemic changed TomTom’s learning culture? 20:15 How has Jacquie approached preparing managers for the new world of work? 24:13 Quickfire questions. How to connect Find Jacquie on: LinkedIn: Find Nelson on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Find HowNow on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Instagram: Our Website:
July 07, 2021
How To Supercharge Your Teams: Tools For Great Teamwork | Pam Hamilton | Episode 11
Just because we sit in the same room or department, that doesn’t make us a team! In fact, a lot of companies have lost sight of what a great team is because they’re just doing things the way they’ve always been done. Those were just a couple of the hard truths Pam Hamilton shared with us in this week’s episode. Pam recently released her second book, Supercharged Teams: Power Your Team With The Tools For Success which offers 30 tools for great teamwork. And she was kind enough to share some of them with us in this conversation. From why we all have a responsibility to call out opportunities for better behaviour to how sending voice notes can be far more effective than writing long emails, and the need for shared goals in creating effective teams - this episode is packed with ideas for supercharging teams and resetting the rules around how we collaborate. Running order 0:00 Introduction to Pam Hamilton 1:57 Why should someone supercharge their teams? 3:17 What has changed since the pandemic in terms of this team dynamic? 5:32 What does a supercharged team look like? And who’s accountable for it? 9:12 What should you be looking for in your culture to drive that behaviour? 10:15 How do we set goals effectively for our teams? And what comes next? 16:16 Pam’s thoughts on synchronous and asynchronous learning and working. 21:07 Effective ways to share knowledge in the hybrid working environment. 25:35 Interesting ways people have implemented Pam’s tools. 28:11 What could managers be doing to lay the groundwork for supercharged teams? 30:25 How should people be approaching offline collaboration and workshops today? 38:47 Quickfire questions. How to connect Find Pam on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Find Pam’s Supercharged Teams book here: Find Nelson on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Find HowNow on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Instagram: Our Website:
June 30, 2021
Measuring Learning’s Impact With The L&D Detective | Kevin M. Yates | Episode 10
What’s the impact of our learning and development efforts? Has training fulfilled its purpose? And why are the answers so often a mystery? The L&D Detective is here to help! Kevin M. Yates joined us in this episode to offer a three-part framework for measuring impact, explain why measurement is a skill in itself and discuss why failing to define impact means more difficulty in measuring it. Kevin also told us the backstory behind the name L&D Detective, which skills a professional needs, whether management is asking to see measurement metrics, how he almost left the industry and a lot more. Running order 0:00 Intro and the origins of the L&D Detective 5:00 Are L&D demanding more budget without demonstrating impact? 7:58 Does L&D report differently when it’s to the HR/People Function vs. the C-Suite? 10:33 What should L&D be measuring? 13:53 Measuring learning effectiveness. 14:19 Examples of business and performance outcomes. 18:21 When is the right time to think about all of this? 20:28 Tech’s role in measurement and examples of success. 24:20 Which skills does an L&D professional need? 30:47 Quickfire questions. How to connect Find Kevin on: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: YouTube: Download the L&D Detective Kit: Learn more about Meals in the Meantime: Find Nelson on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Find HowNow on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Instagram: Our Website:
June 16, 2021
Using The 5 Moments Of Need Framework For An ‘Apply First’ Mindset | Bob Mosher | Episode 9
For too long learning has been about giving people new and more information, but it hasn’t been built around where the learner needs to apply that knowledge. Bob Mosher’s 5 Moments Of Need Framework help you pivot to a mindset where you consider the workflow first and foremost! In this episode, Bob also explained why traditional classroom training has gone unchallenged for so long, how to empower learners to use information when you’re not around, why building skills should be viewed in terms of your performance and how you apply them and so much more. Running order 0:00 Introduction to Bob Mosher and The 5 Moments of Need Framework’s origins 7:46 Why Apply is the moment you need to start with and pivot to. 11:29 The 5 Moments of Need SAVE classroom training and the legacy classroom model. 20:49 What are The 5 Moments of Need/what is the framework? 25:31 How can L&D professionals apply the framework to their day-to-day life? 30:42 What does great design for apply, change and solve look like? 36:11 Bob’s view on the shift towards building skills. 39:31 What L&D has done well during the pandemic. 43:36 One thing you can do to improve your learning culture today. 46:41 Quickfire questions How to connect Find Bob on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Find APPLY Synergies on: LinkedIn: Their website: Find Nelson on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Find HowNow on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Instagram: Our Website:
June 09, 2021
Joining A Fast-growing Scaleup As Director Of People | Valerie Mann | Episode 8
When you’re joining a fast-growing scaleup as the Director of People, where do you start? How do you shape the culture into something codified and scalable? How do you determine the priorities? And what steps can you take towards building a high-performance culture? Valerie Mann joined us to talk about her journey at Elder, the UK-based live-in care & home care provider that uses ‘The Mum Test’ as part of their carer selection process. She explained what that involves, how Elder provided mental health and wellbeing support during the pandemic, and how they approach the situation of supporting both frontline staff and those based at the HQ. Running order 0:00 Introduction to Valerie and Elder. 2:53 Working out priority areas when joining a new company. 6:08 Is it a daunting challenge to codify and scale culture? 10:17 Moving from shaping values to manifesting them in behaviour. 13:07 Building a high-performance culture. 16:55 Managing frontline workers and desk-based staff. 20:48 How Elder might invest in carer learning beyond compliance. 23:45 What is the ‘Mum Test’ for selecting carers? 24:58 How Elder has approached and supported mental wellbeing. 33.53 What’s next for Elder and their people development plans. 37:00 Quickfire questions. How to connect Find Valerie on: Find ElderHQ on: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Their website: Find Nelson on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Find HowNow on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Instagram: Our Website:
June 02, 2021
What Does Hybrid Working Look Like In A Post Pandemic World? | Tushar Agarwal | Episode 7
When you’re running London’s largest online marketplace for flexible office space, the COVID-19 work from home orders must feel like the world’s largest curve ball. HubbleHQ founder Tushar Agarwal joined us to explain just how you approach and handle a situation like this. But have those short-term challenges actually accelerated the trend for remote and hybrid working? Tushar explained why people are now demanding more flexibility, freedom and autonomy over where they work, but also provides the counter arguments for why 70% still want their company to provide an office of some sort. We also discussed whether the government’s ‘Get Back To Work’ messaging could be worded better, how to better prepare managers and leaders to deal with this new reality and measuring the return on your office space investments. Running Order 0:00 > Introduction 1:31 > Reacting to the pandemic as an office space providing/sourcing company. 8:06 >How Tushar dealt with the uncertainty of the past year and pandemic as a founder. 11:36 > The role of the office moving forward and how COVID accelerated current trends. 16:38 > The case for shared physical space. 21:09 > Tushar’s preferred approach to working. 26.08 > Is the ‘Get Back To Work’ messaging right? 30.12 > Better preparing managers and leaders to deal with this new reality. 33.23 > How companies can prepare their teams as they return to workplaces. 36:34 > Measuring the ROI on an office space. 41:32 > Quickfire questions. How to connect Find Tushar on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Find HubbleHQ on: Their website: LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Find Nelson on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Find HowNow on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Instagram: Our Website: Where to find the show Find every episode on YouTube here: Listen to every episode on Spotify: Read the summaries and shownotes for every episode:
May 26, 2021
Building A Learning Mindset That Helps You Do So Much More | Toby Newman | Episode 6
Why do so many organisations find it so difficult to establish and build their desired mindset? In Toby Newman’s opinion, they’ve not broken it down into relevant terms for their people or teams and they’re not always putting in the hours. If you’ve ever wondered how you can democratise learning, handle impostor syndrome, feel like your true self or build the right relationships with your team, this is the episode for you. Why? Because they all relate to your mindset, and Toby’s an expert in learning mindsets and so much more. Toby Newman is the L&D Manager at Here Technologies, the mind behind The Neverending Learner website and YouTube channel, a TEDx speaker and so much more. Running Order 0:00 Introduction 2:20 > Establishing what a mindset is and why it’s a challenge for organisations. 6:44 > Why does L&D exist in most organisations? 9:44 > What mindset is required to deliver L&D effectively? 15:17 > Working out your current mindset and if it’s a learning one? 21:31 > Driving a behaviour of sharing learning and knowledge. 25:20 > Dealing with impostor syndrome as individuals and organisations. 28:48 > Practical ways of creating psychological safety. 36:42 > Should you add colleagues on social media or socialise with them? 41:23 > Work-life balance, blending the boundaries and re-thinking flexibility. 44:25 > What can leaders do today to nurture that mindset? 48:00  > Quickfire questions. How to connect Find Toby on LinkedIn Find Nelson on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Find HowNow on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Instagram: Our Website:
May 05, 2021
Connecting Forward-thinking Employers With Gen Z Talent | Esther O’Callaghan | Episode 5
How difficult do you think it is for young people leaving education to find employment? Educators don’t want to see the students they’ve spent so long developing facing unemployment and employers really need good entry level talent to solve skill shortages. All of these factors created a perfect storm for Esther O’Callaghan to start Hundo, an award-winning platform that connects forward-thinking employers with Gen Z talent. In this episode, Esther talks us through creating a business that solves a social issue she’s truly passionate about, increasing entry level talent and how that can help improve diversity, and fixing flaws in the academic system to get young people into positions they love. We also discussed how Esther prepared for that first triathlon from scratch and getting large corporations to take interest in entry level talent. Running Order 0:00 Introduction 1:27 How Esther found her purpose for helping young people. 7:57 Working with young people and the influence of parenting. 10:11 The origins of Hundo. 13:47 Increasing entry level talent and improving diversity. 17:20 Are large corporations receptive to entry level talent ideas? 19:02 Changing the narrative around backgrounds and hiring young talent. 24.00 Fixing flaws in the academic system to help people progress. 28.05 How Hundo’s Kickstart scheme helps young people gain experience. 30:24 How Esther prepared for her first triathlon in such a short time. 34.31 How to tackle new things and maintain your curiosity. 41:00 Quickfire questions How to connect Find Esther on LinkedIn Find Hundo on LinkedIn: Their website: Find Nelson on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Find HowNow on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Instagram: Our Website:
April 28, 2021
Growing Your Team From 30 To 100 People During A Pandemic Year | Kevin Valencia and Laure Saintpierre of Livestorm | Episode 4
If you’ve had to onboard remotely or shift your culture with everyone working from home, you’ll know the challenges. Now imagine you’re doing all of that while growing your team from 30 to 100 people? That’s the journey Kevin Valencia and Laure Saintpierre of Livestorm have been on over the past year. If you’re asking yourself questions like this then it’s absolutely the episode for you! How can you tweak your culture so that remote employees can work flexibly, effectively and still disconnect? What would your approach be to finding the right people fast and onboarding them at scale? And how would you manage time zones, learning and all your remote socials? Laure also told us about her role as Happiness Officer and what that means for their employees, Kevin discussed how you can create an employer brand that stands out and we spoke about a whole lot more. Running order 0:00 Introduction 1:51 Growing from a team of 30 to 100 in a year. 3:00 How to recruit good people fast. 4:20 How Livestorm define their culture and hire people who fit it. 6.50 Creating awareness of and tackling unconscious bias. 8.18 What onboarding looks like when you’re growing at speed. 12:12 What did and didn’t work in terms of remote onboarding. 13:57 How do you work across time zones and adjust to being remote? 17.04 What challenges have you faced moving to asynchronous learning? 20.55 Benefits of asynchronous learning. 24:45 What does a Happiness Officer do? 29.04 Can you still build a culture remotely? 33:35 How did you come up with your values? 36:48 How did you create an employer brand that stands out? 41:12 Quickfire questions. How to connect Find Livestorm on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Their website: Find Kevin and Laure on LinkedIn: Kevin Valencia: Laure Saintpierre: Find Nelson on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Find HowNow on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Instagram: Our Website:
April 21, 2021
How To Structure Modern L&D Teams That Drive Performance | Ross Stevenson | Episode 3
Should we even be describing it as L&D? You might have more open and productive conversations with stakeholders if you ditch the jargon, and Ross explains why in this episode. You’ll also learn who L&D should work with and how, the roles you need to build an effective L&D team today, how to communicate L&D value to the rest of the business and loads more.   Ross Stevenson is the founder of Steal These Thoughts. Senior Learning & Talent Development Manager by day, Steal These Thoughts is his vehicle for sharing all his L&D tips and experiences once he clocks off. Running Order 1.40: The purpose of L&D today. 2.51: The makeup of a modern L&D team. 9.06: Skills a traditional L&D team can develop to adapt. 14.03: How Ross built these skills himself. 15.46: Communicating L&D’s value to the wider business. 19.37: How L&D can become a profit centre, not a cost centre. 21.22: Who L&D should be working with. 24.51: How individuals can understand their skills gap. 32.06: Quickfire questions. How To Connect: Read the show notes: Find Ross on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Steal These Thoughts: Find Nelson on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Find HowNow on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Instagram: Our Website:
April 13, 2021
Does HR Need To Say No More? Shared Services And Being Bold | Emma Leonis | Episode 2
If HR just said no a little more often, could they prioritise better? What if they shared the workload by collaborating with other departments? And how can they convince business leaders to take the journey with them? Emma not only talked us through these key stakeholder questions, but explained where HR is now, where it’s headed and what it can do in the meantime. Including the role of shared services and the employee HR experience. Emma Leonis is HR Transformation Executive Director at LACE Partners, helping companies transform their HR function, drive adoption and initiate change. Running Order 1.40: Is HR trying too hard to be everything to all people? 3.26:  How can other departments share the HR load? 5.37: The current HR shared services model. 6.53: Key drivers of the model’s disruption. 8.05: How do you change the structure of HR? 10.07: How this changes skill requirements in the people function. 11.41: Lessons from other shared services. 13.51: Contact your way and self service approach: The push and pull balance. 16.46: Lean and agile principles - application in the people function. 18.50: How do you bring leaders on that journey? 20.49: How people functions can better measure employee experiences. 23.00: What is ‘people purpose’? 26.10: Quickfire questions. Read the shownotes and transcript: How To Connect Find Emma on: LinkedIn: Find LACE Partners on: Their website: Future of HR Shared Services Whitepaper: Find Nelson on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Find HowNow on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Instagram: Our Website:
April 07, 2021
The Three L&D Elephants In The Room | Paul Matthews | Episode 1
Do L&D professionals need to accept that L&D’s not always the answer? Yes! And that’s not even one of Paul Matthews’ three elephants in the room. Instead, we need to start with the desired behaviour and work backwards to the right format. Paul Matthews is an L&D expert, speaker and consultant, but he’s also the author of three books on the three L&D elephants: Learning transfer, capability and informal learning. And he’ll talk you through how and why you should address them in this episode. Hit play and learn how you can harness informal learning’s power, how to become a better performance consultant, the need for a credible L&D brand and plenty more. And you can tell Paul is a great public speaker, because he breaks it all down in relatable ways.In other words, he’s great fun to listen to! Running Order: 1:30: The three L&D elephants. 2.51: Elephant One: Learning transfer 11.05: Elephant Two: Capability 15.31: How L&D can become better performance consultants? 19.57: Elephant 3: Informal learning 22.57: Harnessing the power of informal learning 29:27: Credibility: The sneaky fourth elephant 36.10: Quickfire questions How To Connect Find Paul on: LinkedIn: His Website: Find Nelson on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Find HowNow on: LinkedIn: Twitter: Instagram: Our Website:
March 30, 2021
Trailer | 99 Problems But Work Ain't One
The world of work is changing fast, how well are you keeping up? Welcome to the podcast that helps you hurdle workplace challenges and keep pace with change. Each week, your host and HowNow CEO, Nelson Sivalingam, talks to the disruptors, leaders and industry game-changers, asking them burning questions about the ways we work. If you’re interested in making work a better place to be, this is the place to be. Whether you're in HR or L&D, or looking for better ways to learn and lead, 99 Problems helps you build fast-learning organisations that are prepared for the future.
March 16, 2021