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Get Inside Us

Get Inside Us

By Adam and Hanna
Adam and Hanna discuss what's on their minds through personal stories and vaguely factual anecdotes.
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#32: More Always Than Never
Adam and Hanna discuss ideas for a Californian road trip
August 20, 2021
#31: The Hose
Adam and Hanna compare their old childhood toys
August 13, 2021
#30: Medieval Mayo (with Calum)
Calum tells Adam and Hanna about his favourite dips and spreads
August 6, 2021
#29: Our Guide, Cornelius
Adam and Hanna discover places in Britain they'd like to visit
July 30, 2021
#28: Flesh Vessel
Adam and Hanna discuss body image
July 23, 2021
#27: People Are Disappointing
Adam and Hanna discuss social responsibility, social media influencers, and personal accountability.
July 16, 2021
#26: Winking Willies
Adam and Hanna talk about thier favourite spots in Yorkshire
July 9, 2021
#25: Lance Hardwood In All Of His Glory (with Mikey)
Adam, Hanna, and Mikey talk about fireworks, telephone boxes, and p*rn
July 2, 2021
#24: Road of the Dead
Adam and Hanna talk about noteworthy spots in Cardiff
June 25, 2021
#23: The Scholastic Scandals
Adam and Hanna reflect on their time at college and university
June 18, 2021
#22: Island of Delilah (with Delilah Bon)
Adam and Hanna are joined by brat punk hip-hop artist and producer, Delilah Bon
June 11, 2021
#21: Turtle Art Exchange
Adam and Hanna reminisce on social media from the late 2000s
June 4, 2021
#20: Sparkly Burger B*tch
Adam tells Hanna about his terrible customer service experiences.
March 13, 2021
#19: My Rising Is In Linguine
Adam and Hanna read each others' birth charts and blame Mercury's retrograde for all their problems.
March 6, 2021
#18: Pyramids In My Blood
Adam and Hanna discuss pyramid schemes and MLMs. How do you know if it's a dodgy dealing?
February 27, 2021
#17: Moo Moo Motherf*cker (with Jake)
Adam, Hanna, and Jake talk about school reports, Barry, and The Pollock
February 20, 2021
#16: Castell Cwtch
Adam and Hanna look through some listings for castles to purchase in Wales.
February 13, 2021
#15: Decrepit Doll House
Adam and Hanna scour the internet for unique properties that are for sale.
February 6, 2021
#14: Hello Gladys
Adam and Hanna make a list of what they want from their dream home.
January 30, 2021
#13: Let The Jellyfish End My Misery
Adam and Hanna reminisce about some childhood holidays that featured jellyfish.
January 23, 2021
#12: Lord Coyo of Angeles (with Coyo)
Adam and Hanna teach Coyo about British classics such as Mr Kipling, Waitrose, and ...American candy?
January 16, 2021
#11: The Antics Roadshow Effect
Adam continues to ask Hanna questions about the United States. This time we delve into theme parks and school trips
January 9, 2021
#10: Suspicious Lemonade
Adam asks Hanna some really important questions about the USA - like why do they have so much water in their toilets?
January 2, 2021
#9: The Gooch
Adam and Hanna celebrate Boxing Day and ramp up to 2021.
December 26, 2020
#8: Crunchy Cornea Christmas
Adam and Hanna try to celebrate Christmas while also getting distracted by early-2000s pop groups.
December 19, 2020
#7: Duck, Tuck, and Sprint (with Jamie)
Adam, Hanna, and Jamie talk about gigs, Japan, and their plans for a post-Coronavirus haunted house.
December 12, 2020
#6: Fish From Watered Bodies
Adam and Hanna try and wrap their heads around parallel universes and simulation theory.
December 5, 2020
#5: Let's Talk Turkey
Adam and Hanna fall down the rabbit hole of scams and dodgy dealings
November 28, 2020
#4: Mayor of Mold
Adam and Hanna take a tour of North Wales on Google Maps.
November 21, 2020
#3: Why Cows?
Adam and Hanna talk about their thoughts on aliens and related conspiracies. Most importantly, they wonder, why cows?
November 14, 2020
#2: Only If You Bathe With Me
Adam and Hanna fall down a rabbit hole of pasta, childhood toys, and the many forms of Gelli Baff.
November 7, 2020
#1: Touched Up By A Ghost
Adam and Hanna discuss their experiences with ghosts
October 31, 2020
Get Inside Us Preview
Adam and Hanna finalise the name of the podcast while getting distracted by merchandising opportunities
October 24, 2020