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Get On The Line

Get On The Line

By Get On The Line
A fusion between sports and mental health talk! Different perspectives on college athletics, student-athlete life, transitioning from being an athlete to the workforce, special guest speakers and more.
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The GOATS : Simone Biles & Naomi Osaka
It’s hump day!! Which means we are back with a new episode covering topics surrounding the NFL, Olympics, and our GOATS of the athletic mental health movement right now Simone Biles & Naomi Osaka! Tune in!! Don’t want to miss this.
August 4, 2021
Olympics & Giannis
Join us in our second episode as we cover NBA Draft, the Olympics, Football teams trying to escape their conference, and what we can all take from the 26-year-old goat GIANNIS!! Also, enjoy the games we have thrown in throughout the episode to keep our co-host, Reggie, on his toes!  He ended with 27 points! Think you can beat him!? Reach out to us to be a guest on GET ON THE LINE!
July 26, 2021
Olympics, NIL, Space Jam, The Finals! Tune in as we catch up & get the ball rolling for what’s to come! This season we will be covering sooooo many topics, but most importantly consider this your virtual toolbox!! For any coaches, teachers, etc.. All episodes will be filled with tools you can take and use with your team! I know you are tired of checking in with people the same way. So we are getting creative with the approaches.
July 21, 2021
Game Changing App that Promotes a Growth Mindset for Athletes
Designed for Athletes, Built to Mentor See how simple, powerful technology can create more meaningful relationships. Win Every Day of the Week Student-athletes get seven wins in just seven minutes a week. Daily commitments drive accountability. Athletes better understand themselves and learn to attack each week with more clarity. Daily reps for conscientiousness A seven-day cadence of power habits trains student-athletes to set goals, assess mental skills and reflect on the week. Set goals on Monday Set read, train and give weekly goals to improve self-control and direction. →  What will I read to sharpen my mind? →  What is my plan to train my body? →  What will I do to elevate others? Assess mental skills daily Pause and assess four mental skills to improve personal awareness. →  How well am I concentrating right now? →  How well am I blocking out distractions? →  How well am I communicating? →  How well am I attacking the day? Reflect and plan on Sunday Reflect on successes and challenges to fuel growth. →  What were my wins and moments of strength? How will I build on them? →  What were my challenges? How will I grow from them? Coaches Understand the Athlete Mindset It takes time to develop meaningful relationships. Sevwins accelerates the process. As athletes engage with Sevwins, data flows in – straight from the minds of young adults. Coaches see every athlete as an individual. And because Sevwins is a daily engagement system, athlete and team accountability is easily understood and nurtured. Synchronize the Athlete Support Network MindPrint gets all influencers working together to support and accelerate an individual athlete's growth. Now, athletes have the option to share their weekly goals, assessments and reflections with trusted people that will help them achieve success.
November 30, 2020
Resilience w/ former Kentucky and NBA star Chuck Hayes
My conversation with Chuck today is about how he was able to succeed at the highest level in college and the NBA  despite being a 6-6 center and going undrafted in the 2005 NBA draft.  Chuck gives a lot great nuggets on surviving and advancing. sport and life.     
November 12, 2020
Hey Staywhole Fam we have officially made it to the last episode of the season and we are so thankful for each of you on this awesome ride!! Listen to see what's all coming up next and what we are doing while on break! 
November 4, 2020
Mentee and the Mentor ft Alex Kimball
This week on Get On The Line we have Lianna talking to her amazing mentor Alex Kimball who has played soccer at the top level! Join us in listening to her journey to becoming a pro athlete and overcoming adversity!!
October 28, 2020
Athletic Trainers ft Jen Galuski
Our special guest today is Jen Galuski, who is a Certified Athletic Trainer at Berkeley Prep School in Tampa, FL. Jen has been at BP since 2011.  Before that she was a trainer at the University of South Florida for the men’s basketball team when I was an assistant coach.
October 21, 2020
If you don’t listen to our other podcast Soul Hustle don’t worry!! We are bringing it to you!! Tune in and listen to ex NBA star talk about overcoming his battle with addiction and what his athletic journey was like!!
October 14, 2020
Athletes VS Job Interviews!
This week we take on the interview and share tips on what you need in order to be successful!!
October 7, 2020
It’s always good to break routines!! Join us this week on a nice break from the usual content and hear what happens when the mic just get turns on. AVAILABLE ON ALL PLATFORMS Wednesday at 8am Monday at 8am Apple Spotify Instagram Websites Facebook Twitter LinkedIn
September 30, 2020
Student - Athlete Experience ft Anthony Collins
This week we have professional athlete Anthony Collins join us to explain his student - athlete experience, adjustments needing to be made as he progresses in his career, and how it was being the “little dude” on the court! Tune in !!
September 23, 2020
Foods & Moods
Staywhole Fam! Do you know what you are putting into your body and how that could positively or negatively impact your mental health!? Tune in this episode to learn how to be intentional about the things you feed your mind! 
September 16, 2020
“Shut Up & Dribble”
Hey StayWhole Fam! This week we explore how athletes at all levels are taking a stand and using their platforms to fight against social injustice!!
September 9, 2020
GOTL S1E5 - Resilience!
We are back!! Sports Community!!! You are going to want to tune in!!! Covid brings us so many questions.. one being how hard do you train when you have no idea when your sport is coming back!!
September 2, 2020
Dear Seniors (ft Reggie Hanson)
Dear Seniors, your collegiate career is not determined by how it ended. While practicing social distancing we tend to think their are no other ways to bond, but what better way to connect with love ones than having them call in to your podcast?! Welcome my dad (Reggie Hanson) as he joins Get On The Line in sending a letter to the seniors and how important it is to take care of ourselves right now !
March 21, 2020
Get On The Line : Education comes FIRST
Laith Zalloum joins StayWhole Athletics podcast to speak on the importance of education while being an athlete and preparing for the day when you can’t play your sport anymore. Remember Swholetes... it’s STUDENT - ATHLETE! Hope you enjoy. IG - glorybaskets Laith IG - laithkz
March 14, 2020
Dear Swholemates #BONUS
Today is a day of love, but what more does Valentines Day bring up? What emotions are triggered? Are you able to sit with these emotions? Join your guide Jaitesha Janeen this episode and get real with yourself with some imagery techniques and coping mechanisms!
February 14, 2020
Time to set the tone! Get On the Line is finally here and we are so excited to introduce our podcast all about the relationship between the sports community and mental health! Tune in for doses of love, insight, sports talk, guest and laughs! This episode is just to get your juices flowing and mind going. Be sure to subscribe to keep up!  HUGE thank you to Michaela Paladio for creating StayWhole's first official song EVER!! It sets the vibe for the podcast and our foundation as a whole. Make sure to follow her on instagram @whoismichaela ( ) and check out her music on Apple Music and Spotify!  If you would like to leave your own "Get On the Line" story please just click  "record a message" and send it in!  Speaker: Jaitesha Janeen (Tesh) instagram: @bekindtoyoself  Follow us on Instagram  @staywholefoundation @swholete  @staywholemagazine  Follow us on Twitter  @staywholefound Follow us on YouTube StayWhole Foundation  StayWhole Athletics  Website: Emails  STAYWHOLE IS HERE TO GROUND THE WORLD. #BEKINDTOYOSELF
January 20, 2020