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Get Your Bits Out

Get Your Bits Out

By Get Your Bits Out
Get Your Bits Out is the go to podcast for aspiring sexy content creators looking for advice on how to get ahead and stay safe on online subscription platforms like Patreon, OnlyFans and AdmireMe (amongst others). Helmed by veteran model and TV presenter Alex Sim-Wise and social media sexpert Von Wager (both formerly of FRONT magazine) every week we offer tips and advice on how to... get your bits out (basically).
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Get Your Bits Out Season 3 Episode 1
We are BACK with another season of slightly batshit yet informative podcasts all about sexy content creation! In this delightful cataclysm of random we discuss: BISCUITS, MILFS, VICTORIAN MEN, NICHES, MOUSTACHES, MENTAL BREAKDOWNS and BUTTHOLES (of course).
April 20, 2021
Get Your Bits Out Season 2 Episode 6: Interview with Jack Delany
We had a chat with XXX superstar and adult content creator Jack Delany and reminisce about our collective experiences on the London hardcore music scene, bum holes, OnlyFans, more bum holes, blow up dolls, having sex with tramps, anal sex, Is Anyone Up, deodorant cans, Sim-Wise's terrible hosting skills, and caramel chocolate wafers.  Sorry about the sound quality on this one guys - it's a bit whack - but we are sure you will still enjoy it - it's our most random podcast yet!
August 17, 2020
Get Your Bits Out Season 2 Episode 5: Interview with Aiyla Beau
Von speaks to our ambassador Aiyla Beau as she delves into how she got started modelling, how she originally wanted to be a Playboy bunny, her sexy NSFW art, how she got into stripping and how she navigates the pressures of OnlyFans! Level pushing is a thing!
August 10, 2020
Get Your Bits Out Season 2 Episode 4: Interview with Dani Thompson
Find out the origins of scream queen and Bits Out Ambassador Dani Thompson in this interview with Sim-Wise where we discuss the strange noughts trend of wearing your underwear out clubbing, Norwich nightlife, the allure of Addison Lee, the zombie apocalypse, our stripper beginnings and early Daily Sport shoots, babe shows, Cathy Barry, parrots with Bristolian accents, fetish catalogues, nipple clamps, mainstream transitions, moving into acting and how she once lap danced in a film for for Rik Mayall - how cool is that?
July 29, 2020
Get Your Bits Out Season 2 Episode 3: Interview with Bea Dux
In this episode Sim-Wise interviews Bea Dux about her sexy beginnings and how she got started in camming. Then we go on a bit of a monster divergence to discuss (deep breath) all the different kinds of vaginas, Sim-Wise loving jizz in the eye, boyfriend-led decisions, the genealogy of FRONT magazine, knitted bumhole pants, THE INTERNET, Black Lives Matter, time management, percentage chasing, dead-eyed strippers, cosmetic procedures, nerdy gate keeping and why she joined GYBO!
July 20, 2020
Get Your Bits Out Season 2 Episode 2: Interview with Frankii Wilde
Von speaks to our Bits Out Ambassador and Pinup Specialist Frankii Wilde about how she got started in the sexy industry while at art college, including her foray fronting a soviet military themed electro band, and how the Instagram algorithm thought her leg was a dick!
July 13, 2020
Get Your Bits Out Podcast Season 2 Episode 1: Welcome Back!
It’s Sim-Wise and Von again and we are BACK for another season! This time with special guests and a severe case of social media anxiety! Listen to this intro to find out what we have been up to in the break...
July 6, 2020
Get Your Bits Out Episode 5: Social Media
Struggling with what to post on Twitter or the Gram? In this podcast we talk about the do’s and don’t’s of social media and how to grow an organic fan following, via various diversions including Sim-Wise’s stinking vadge, smelly boyfriends, Von’s perfect tits, Instagram model anxiety and OnlyFans FEAR. It’s a spicy one!
May 4, 2020
Get Your Bits Out Episode 4: The Workbook
In this episode we tell you more about our beginner’s workbook - exactly what it is, how it works like a self help book and why we wrote it. We also talk about the silliest self help books we ever read and learn more than we should about Sim-Wise’s neck vagina.
April 20, 2020
Get Your Bits Out Episode 3: Confidence
We will be talking in depth about where confidence comes from, how we acquired our own “fake” confidence and how you can learn to be confident too! Full of lots of very random stories and anecdotes from our very messy modelling careers!
April 6, 2020
Get Your Bits Out Episode 2: Getting Started
We talk you through our beginner stories - Von’s start in the murky world of early 00’s pay sites and Sim-Wise’s start as a teenaged stripper and recount some of the horror stories! It’s not all bad we promise 😅
April 6, 2020
Get Your Bits Out Episode 1: Who We Are
Welcome to the BRAND NEW Get Your Bits Out podcast with veteran model/creator Alex Sim-Wise and social media sexpert Von where we introduce ourselves and chat about who we are and what it is that we do. Basically we help sexy content creators get started and thrive on online subscription platforms such as Patreon, OnlyFans and AdmireMe and over the coming weeks we will be sharing our TOP TIPS on getting ahead in what is a very competitive industry!
April 6, 2020