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Geeks for Social Change

Geeks for Social Change

By GFSC Collective

Tools and processes for community liberation.

An occasional podcast documenting GFSC and friends’ attempts to build joyful inclusive communities in an increasingly hostile world.

Rooted in ideas from trans liberation, anti-racism and disability activism, we connect the dots between grassroots community resistance, big tech totalitarianism, bashing your head against local government, love/hate relationships with shiny devices, and co-producting software that actually works.
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The Rise and Fall of Facebook Events
The Rise and Fall of Facebook Events
In the early days of Facebook, the Events feature was the bedrock of a lot of community organising. It was free, all your friends were on it, and it worked well. Events you were organising showed up right in the stream of pokes, icanhazcheezburger and failblog memes, and commenting on your friends' "it's complicated" relationship updates. Fast forward a decade and it barely works. Facebook's insistence on video content, the effective closure of their APIs for community groups, and increasingly exploitative business model means it's harder than ever to get small community group's events in front of people's eyeballs without paying Facebook a hefty sum for the privilege. As a result we are seeing a mass exodus from the platform and feel like the impact of this for community organising is not fully felt yet. In this podcast, Kim talks to two highly experienced event organisers: David Hayward, founder of Feral Vector festival, and Rachele Evaroa from The Old Abbey Taphouse in Hulme who was recently voted Manchester's most eccentric landlady. We discuss what the future could look like and our plans for our own PlaceCal platform. Full information and transcript for this episode:
October 04, 2022
How government technology limits who we can become
How government technology limits who we can become
Mallory Moore (Trans Safety Network), Zara Manoehoetoe (youth worker and community organiser), and Kim Foale (Geeks for Social Change) discuss technologies of state and empire that control our lives. With a special focus on UK trans legal status and lengthy prison sentences given to black teenagers for sending text messages in Manchester. Full transcript and episode info available on our website: “I see a lot of the criminal justice system as a technology for further aggravating class divides” - Mallory Moore “[The CPS] is saying what you hold in your phone, what data sits in your laptop, that is who you truly are as a person” - Zara Manoe “One day I’m going to have to pass the exam to prove I’m a gender disaster goblin, will that be an official form?” - Kim Foale Glossary CPS: (UK) Crown Prosecution Service GMP: Greater Manchester Police "Fedposting": Publishing intent to commit a criminal act online References CeCe McDonald (cw: extreme violence against a trans woman) Kill the Bill Kids of Colour The Real World of Technology - Ursula Franklin Trans Safety Network Credits Music: Cooking, Sharing, Happy Seasons! by Megan Arnold Transcription: Amy Ní Mhurchú Thanks to Amy Ní Mhurchú and Gabrielle de la Puente for their invaluable support and feedback
August 11, 2022