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A tabletop RPG discussion and actual play podcast. D&D, OSR, etc.
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ADND 1e Review
We talk about our experience playing and running first edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. Show notes:
April 26, 2022
Dear Gary, my player don't roleplay
We're DOING IT LIVE!!! RPG advice with questions fielded in real time. Show notes:
January 26, 2022
How to get 55 XP in ADND 1e
ADND n00bz try to play the game. We fight skeletons and find secret doors. Show notes:
January 07, 2022
If you knew you had 10 minutes to live
Yellow mold! Throwing axes at spiders! Verbal mapping! Failing to open doors! Looking things up! Audible frustration! Our first foray into ADND 1e dungeon delving truly has it all. Show notes:
December 20, 2021
Gearing Up for ADND 1e
An archaeology of play for First Edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons! Gary says to start play by entering a village, finding a tavern, and buying gear. So that's what we do. This is not a "best practice," but it is the THE RULES. Join us as the PCs learn about the area and get ready to head out to adventure. Show notes:
December 04, 2021
Dear Gary, I have encountered human beings
Answering questions from Reddit and our patrons: What to do about a bad priest? My players don't like old school??? Best modules? Houserules to foster dramatic play? Best encumbrance rules? Show notes:
November 22, 2021
Demon Driven to the Maw - Cairn RPG
A spooky Halloween one shot of the excellent module Demon Driven to the Maw, using the Cairn RPG rules. Show notes:
October 31, 2021
Finale of Neoclassical Geek Revival 2e Preview
We finish up our preview of Neoclassical Geek Revival 2e, using the module A Thousand Dead Babies, both by Zzarchov Kowolski. Kickstarter for the 2e rules: Show notes:
August 10, 2021
Infinite Loop of Babies - Neoclassical Geek Revival 2e Preview Part 2
We continue the 1K Dead Babies module using the 2e preview of Zzarchov's Neoclassical Geek Revival system. (Apologies for the weird background noise—will fix that for next time.) Show notes:
June 15, 2021
Neoclassical Geek Revival 2e Preview
We have a preview copy of the 2nd edition of Zzarchov Kowolski's Neoclassical Geek Revival, and we run it with his classic module A Thousand Dead Babies. We have a preview copy of the upcoming 2nd edition of Zzarchov Kowolski's (patreon:, drivethrurpg: Neoclassical Geek Revival, and we run it with his classic module A Thousand Dead Babies (aff link: Went a bit off the rails this time, from checking in at the tavern to making a heist on a church, and then everything went sideways. We chat in some detail about the mechanics of NGR 2e; so do listen if you're interested in this ruleset. Show notes:
May 27, 2021
Thulian Echoes Finale & Review
We finish up Thulian Echoes and give our thoughts. Show notes:
March 23, 2021
Dear Gary, Can a Vampire Die of Old Age?
GG NO RE answers your RPG questions again, from the technical to the social. Show notes:
March 03, 2021
Thulian Echoes Part 1
We start up Thulian Echoes by Zzarchov Kowolski, an innovative and clever module that's easy to slot into most campaigns. Show notes:
February 09, 2021
Galaxy Far Away - Ultralite Star Wars
Asa runs a Star Wars game using the Galaxy Far Away ultralite rules from d66 Kobolds. Show notes:
February 02, 2021
Cyberpunk Red Jumpstart
Welcome to the dark future. We're playing the quickstart (excuse me,  jumpstart) rules for Cyberpunk Red, the newest edition of the Cyberpunk  roleplaying game. Keanu Reeves may or may not have guest starred! Show notes:
December 08, 2020
Dragonlance Finale in Which We Fight a Dragon
DRAGONS OF DESPAIR comes to its desperate end with a sequence-breaking dragon fight. Show notes:
October 07, 2020
A Game of Flavor Text - Dragonlance 2
The fellers trek overland to find a white stag and an ancient city. We set a record for the most flavor text read in a single session. Show notes:
September 22, 2020
The First Time Dragonlance Has Been Played This Millennium
We play Dragonlance, Dragons of Despair, to be specific. No one has ever  played this since 1983, and that is an empirical fact. Show notes:
September 09, 2020
Review and Tour - B3 Palace of the Silver Princess
We walk through the highlights of the rest of the module and talk about its pros and cons. Show notes:
August 18, 2020
Finding Secret Doors Simulator 2020 - B3 Palace of the Silver Princess Continued
We continue playing B3: Palace of the Silver Princess. Show notes:
August 12, 2020
B3: Palace of the Silver Princess: Orc Fighting Simulator
We start our playthrough of the classic module B3: Palace of the Silver Princess. We follow procedures exactly, become the bane of the elderly, fight tons of orcs, and get lost due to verbal mapping. Show notes:
July 27, 2020
Return of the Kings
Yeah, I'm thinking we're back. Listener question, Dear Gary, and amusing digressions. Show notes:
June 23, 2020
Reviewing Xanathar's Downtime Rules
We discuss our experience with the downtime rules in Xanathar's Guide to Everything. Topics: fictionally involved vs summarized, small addition to campaign vs focus of campaign, using the rules to improvise a campaign, mechanical details of the activities. Show notes:
April 28, 2020
Talespire Beta - Virtual Tabletop Review
We discuss and show off Talespire, a virtual tabletop in closed beta right now on Steam. Show notes:
April 22, 2020
Spider vs Zombies - Dungeon Academy Actual Play
Our first actual play screencast. Our dungeon academy students have a school phase, follow some personal quests, see what it's like to be in dungeon-school, observe portents, and then head back into the dungeon for some wilderness crawling and find a secret entrance to a new dungeon level. Show notes: ~~~Make a Search Check~~~ patreon: youtube: soundcloud: itunes: twitter: anchor:
April 07, 2020
Art in RPGs
The gamers discuss the function of art in RPGs and enact coronavirus discourse. Show notes:
March 29, 2020
Game in the Time of Corona
An update about how gg no re is going quarantine mode. We're still playing, and we should have another group podcast soon. This virus has also opened the door to remote play to us. Daniel talks about how he's running a megadungeon on roll20. Show notes page with examples and roll20 settings:
March 24, 2020
Ponysized Ear Clam - Dungeon Academy Play Report
Tim and Daniel recap the events of the first proper foray into the dungeon beneath the academy. Show notes: Music is "Monarchy" by Mosh:
February 25, 2020
Fourleaf Loko - DA AP
We actually enter the dungeon. Show notes:
February 11, 2020
Horsesized Cockroach - Dungeon Academy Actual Report
We recount the events of last session and promise to be good boys and actually record the next actual play. Show notes: Music is "Monarchy" by Mosh:
January 28, 2020
AFTER DARK - Dungeon Academy Killer Arc
We talk about our most recent session of EPIC GAMING, in which the first  Dungeon Academy "plot arc" wrapped up: what happened, DM techniques  employed, some behind the scenes info.  Show notes:
January 21, 2020
Dungeon Academy 13
An old face returns and a new one appears as the students attempt to  rescue a burning dryad and delve into a lair beneath her tree.  Show notes: Music is "Monarchy" by Mosh:
December 31, 2019
Dear Gary, Metagaming?
What is metagaming? Bad or good? How should metagaming affect situation  design? Plus discussions on domineering players, GM-player system  mismatch, and rules nazis.  Show notes:
December 24, 2019
Dungeon Academy 12
The party continues to explore the Shady Grove, searching for the entrance of the dungeon proper, but things go a bit sideways. Show notes with character portraits and maps: Intro music "Monarchy" by Mosh
December 17, 2019
Dungeon Academy 11
This week in Dungeon Academy, new best friends, striking out at romance with a foodie, passing and failing tests, and some reverse-ambushing in the Shady Grove. Music, maps, and PC pics in the show notes:  Music is "Monarchy" by Mosh:
December 10, 2019
Red Dead & Dragons
Tim and Daniel analyze what the acclaimed Western sandbox videogame Red Dead Redemption 2 took from D&D and what your campaign can take from it. We also discuss Bryce Lynch's review of the game.  Show notes:
December 03, 2019
WE STAN (Issue 1)
This is the new superhero RPG hotness. Listen as four heroes unite to fight GARBAGEMAN, Neo-Birmingham's newest villain.  Rules and show notes: WE STAN is a snappy game that produces an actual storyboarded comic book each time you play (no drawing talent necessary). It uses panoptical GM rulings to adjudicate superheroic action rather than using extensive rules and keywords. Its GM-facing procedures create dramatic arcs while still preserving player freedom and encouraging creative problem solving.  Music from / "The Descent" by Kevin MacLeod ( / License: CC BY (
November 12, 2019
The Final Girl
We play Bret Gillan's one-shot horror RPG, The Final Girl. Show notes:
October 29, 2019
Dear Gary, I'm Trapped in a Box
Our RPG advice column reprises with more questions from the internet and our patrons. Show notes:
October 23, 2019
Town & Dungeon
(Check the show notes for a pdf you can use to follow along with this episode.) Daniel explains a procedure for generating a town and dungeon together as a unit and talks about why it's good to do that. Includes a lair generator. Show notes:
October 15, 2019
Ryuutama Actual Play
We play the intro scenario for heartwarming indie RPG from Japan,  Ryuutama. Learn about how it handles overland travel, and see how you  might use these procedures in other games. Show notes:
September 24, 2019
Ryuutama Character Generation
We generate characters for the heartwarming Japanese RPG Ryuutama. If you listen, you will know how to make them. Show notes:
September 24, 2019
175 - Essentials Kit Review
We review the D&D 5e Essentials Kit. Disregard the positive reviews you've seen. It is not good. Show notes:
September 10, 2019
174 - re:play Electric Bastionland
Jim runs a homebrew adventure set within ELECTRIC BASTIONLAND, the new hotness from Chris McDowall and other luminaries. Show notes:
August 28, 2019
173 - re:play Essentials Kit 4
The 5e Essentials Kit playthrough hits a VERY STRONG inflection point. Show notes:
August 20, 2019
172 - Dear Gary, Am I the Witchy One?
Our RPG advice column reprises with more questions from the internet and our patrons. Show notes:
August 13, 2019
171 - re:play Essentials Kit 3
D&D 5e Essentials Kit continued. Show notes:
July 30, 2019
170 - Dear Gary 1
We start our very serious and important rpg advice column. Write in with questions of your own for next time.  Show notes: "Werq" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
July 23, 2019
169 - re:play Essentials Kit 2
The Essentials Kit for D&D 5e continues. Show notes:
July 17, 2019
168 - Insanity Elevation Contour Mapping
Daniel shows how to add elevation contour lines to a hex map, how to calculate sight lines in terms of hexes, how to navigate overland by means of such, and muses on why in the world one might desire to do so. Show notes:
July 09, 2019
167 - re:play Essentials Kit 1
We start our actual play of the new 5e Essentials Kit. Show notes:
July 02, 2019
166 - Essentials Kit Hype
We talk about the upcoming Essentials Kit for D&D 5, the actual play of which will be our next episode. We also touch on how we created characters, both mechanically and dramatically, and discussed more broadly the issue of suiting PCs to settings, especially when you don't know what kind of themes will be present in the setting or module.  Show notes:
June 25, 2019
165 - Inferno2
Daniel got it into his head to run a Dante's Inferno tactical D&D war/storygame. Unfortunately, Roll20 doesn't let you export entire campaigns; so we're dumping all the assets out there for you to use if you want—or at least for you to get an idea of the kind of assets that would be involved were you to want to do something similar. Be sure to check the show notes page for all the goodies.  Show notes:
June 11, 2019
164 - re:play Dungeon Academy 10
 The party continues into a labyrinth of the kobold lair, has to navigate using verbal description only, and gets into a dicey fight. Later that night, back in the real world, Saggitarius witnesses something that will have serious implications in the future. Show notes:
June 04, 2019
163 - D&D 5e Races Tier List
We rate the 5e races. Make sure to check our youtube for an actual video of the process. Show notes:
May 28, 2019
162 - re:play Kirland 1
 Actual play proper of our experimental 5e intro campaign, Kirland. Refer to the previous episode for background on how it was created, and see the show notes for all the material Daniel had generated to run the first session of it. In this episode, the characters explore around the barrow-downs, find hidden treasure, learn a bit about the town, grab some rumors, and head out to the marshes to collect a bounty on a bandit king's head. Show notes:
May 21, 2019
161 - How to Quickly Prep a DnD Campaign
 Bit of a weird ep this time. Daniel had less than a week's notice to run a game for some youngsters, half of whom hadn't really played an RPG before. Daniel decided to make this a challenge run: create a new campaign and new vanilla D&D 5e setting from scratch in just a few nights. The materials and tools he used to do that are all in the show notes: 
May 14, 2019
160 - re:play Clerics in the Vineyard 1
Daniel finally gets to run Dogs in the Vineyard, adapted to a familiar D&D setting. It's teenage pseudomormon gunslingers, but with St. Cuthbert instead of Mormonism. Tim and John have rolled up 5e clerics, and Daniel explains the few changes necessary to make D. Vincent Baker's game of hard ethical judgments with potentially explosive consequences work when adapted to **the world's most popular roleplaying game**. In this episode, we get through both initiation conflicts; when we pick back up, the clerics will hit their first town.  Show notes: Pale Rider Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
May 07, 2019
159 - How to Improvise Traps and Be Productive
 Daniel gives a preview of a patron-only 4-in-1 page dungeon that we'll be releasing soon, describing its method for making traps beforehand or at runtime. And, speaking of traps, there's DM perfectionism. You want everything in your setting to be up to your standards; so you end up producing less than you need. This induces a nasty cycle. Daniel says how he's broken it with the help of old school fundamentalism. Show notes:
April 30, 2019
158 - Is D&D Cool Now?
Well, what is it? Are you cool yet? Show notes:
April 23, 2019
157 - Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
We discuss FROM SOFTWARE's new ninja action game, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. We compare it to the previous Soulsborne games, rank it among our favorites, and muse about tabletop applications of its systems. Mild spoilers.  Show notes: Intro music is "Sekiro (The One-Armed Wolf)" by Yuka Kitamura
April 15, 2019
156 - Mothership - Finale of Dead Planet
We finish our run of our first proper sci-fi game, Mothership. Spoilers for the official module Dead Planet follow. Listen as it is revealed that Daniel still doesn't know how space works and knows one and only one metric system equivalence. Does the party escape the dead planet or spectacularly TPK? Do we get the rules half right? Just click, nay, SMASH that play button and find out, dear listener.  Show notes:
April 08, 2019
155 - ggnore:update and Bonus Interview
Daniel gives an update on the podcast and tells you what to expect in future episodes. We'd like to hear your feedback on this one; so ping us in the comments or @ggnorecast on twitter. At the end, Daniel interviews his wife, who hates playing RPGs, and they talk about why people might feel that way and measures you can take to ease folks into the hobby.  Show notes: Canon in D Major Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
March 20, 2019
154 - Mothership - Dead Planet
We play our first proper sci-fi game, Mothership. Spoilers for the official module Dead Planet follow. Hear Daniel try to figure out how space works! Thrill to tactical decompression! Feel the kachunk of mag boot engagement!  Show notes: - Link to the publisher's website: - Affiliate link to the module: - Affiliate link to the system: - Intro clip from Wicked: ~~~Make a Search Check~~~ patreon: itunes: twitter: anchor:
March 11, 2019
153 - Favorite Vidyagamez
We (in the last underwater recording) discuss, gush, and throw shade on each other's fav videogames. Show notes:
March 05, 2019
152 - Roll Tide or Naw 2
The gg no re bois are back with the classic lightning-round opinion panel. This time: live service games, wines of various kinds, dungeons, dragons, classic D&D monsters, and more.  Show notes:
February 25, 2019
151 - re:play Pokemon 5e
We try out the 5e conversion of Pokemon that the great benefactor of mankind @JOEtheDM has created. Our PCs get their Pokemon trainer licenses and encounter Team NORMIE in the rain-slick streets of Neo Pallet Town.  Show notes: Intro song by Goblins from Mars:
February 11, 2019
150 - AFTER DARK - The Pareto Principle But Dungeons and Dragons
We put out an episode of AFTER DARK for the general audience. Usually you have to be a patron to get in on this. But, enjoy, normie listeners. We give/take session feedback, complain about each other, and talk about game design, scene controvery, and social media hell. Also, anime, TV, movie, and videogame recommendations. Show notes:
February 05, 2019
149 - re:play Dungeon Academy 9
Beard ASMR & Blood Pools. Got projector armbands. Got Patroclus to come with. Explored side paths then found a cave complex beneath the hill off the path. Found a smoky spirit of a student named Antolius. Then entered a labyrinth where they fought kobolds and giant albino lizards. Saggitarius broke through the kobold barricades, cut one down, then was rekt. Left off in dungeon. Show notes: 
January 29, 2019
148 - Blood Pools
 We had an off week this time; so, instead of a typical episode, here's a crosspost from Daniel's podcast, Detect Magic, in which he talks about a system he's going to be using in the upcoming Dungeon Academy actual play episodes.  Blood Pools is a system for modeling how characters get better at fighting particular monsters (and in general) that's separate from the XP system. Blog post with more info about the Blood Pool rules: Show notes:
January 21, 2019
147 - re:play Dungeon Academy 8
Suspicion over the murder of Secundus spreads among the faculty. Luna's romance gets complicated. Luna and Tacitus study wand creation. And the rest of the party sneak into the sewers beneath the dorm and find some unexpected things.  Show notes:
January 14, 2019
146 - re:play Dungeon Academy 7
New audio gear! The students visit Pluto in the hospital, busy themselves with normal school stuff, and romance blossoms for Luna. Show notes:
January 07, 2019
145 - re:play Dungeon Academy 6
Fighting the bandits — Saggitarius grapples the bandit leader Arbor — Luna finds out her wand shoots 2d6 fire (17 charges left) — our first PC death — 316 gold, 79 XP each. Show notes:
January 01, 2019
144 - re:play Dungeon Academy 5
Espying a spider-man — resurrecting a skeletal smith — speaking with the spider-man — a dead alchemist holds a magic wand and magic hat and magic robes (+1 hp, help you hide against the night sky) — held up by bandits — the mechanical benefits of romance. Show notes:
December 25, 2018
143 - re:play Dungeon Academy 4
Pluto hits the books, looking for info on the sewer system, and meets Nero, the winner of the joust — prequel jokes — a magic-gril looking for her lost seeing eye dog — entering the dungeon proper for the first time — a weeping humanoid spider. Check show notes for reference images from the game, portraits of the characters, and shots of the character sheets and action sheet:
December 19, 2018
142 - The Death of Google Plus
We talk about where the OSR and DIY scene should migrate after Google Plus fails to save vs death. Show notes:
December 11, 2018
141 - re:play Dungeon Academy 3
More Dungeon Academy actual play. They chill at the joust and then sleep. The next day, we see what a cantrip classroom looks like, and someone gets a rival. The mystery of the moaning grate deepens. Show notes:
December 04, 2018
140 - re:play Dungeon Academy 2
The Dungeon Academy students attend their first church service, a memorial to the student who was recently murdered under mysterious circumstances. Then they hit the books to try to solve a mystery and enter the first joust of the year, courtesy of the 1971 Chainmail rules. Show notes: Werq Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
November 27, 2018
139 - re:play Dungeon Academy 1
This starts our play of Dungeon Academy, Daniel's homebrew campaign framework in which you play students in dungeon-school, D&D Hogwarts with the serial numbers filed off. In this episode, we see what a Sunday morning at the academy looks like. The players are new to this as well; so you'll be learning the game as they do. There's live game design, and you can see the process by which some of the mechanics are refined in play. Show notes:
November 20, 2018
138 - R A T T L E D (part 4)
We conclude our play of R A T T L E D, a campaign framework Daniel is making for playing reverse D&D with skeletons. No Prep, All Calcium. In this episode, bring the SKELETON WAR to the first location, expand the dungeon, and give concluding thoughts on the framework. (And, shhhh, maybe talk a bit about game design post-outro.) Show notes:
November 06, 2018
137 - R A T T L E D (part 3)
We continue our play of R A T T L E D, a campaign framework Daniel is making for playing reverse D&D with skeletons. No Prep, All Calcium. Check show notes for the rules:
November 02, 2018
136 - R A T T L E D (part 2)
We continue our play of R A T T L E D, a campaign framework Daniel is making for playing reverse D&D with skeletons. No Prep, All Calcium. Will be releasing the rules for how to play this yourself as Halloween approaches. In this episode, we start the downtime phase, complete an encounter, and ARISE, KILL, & EAT. Show notes:
October 22, 2018
135 - R A T T L E D (part 1)
We start our play of R A T T L E D, a campaign framework Daniel is making for playing reverse D&D with skeletons. No Prep, All Calcium. Will be releasing the rules for how to play this yourself as Halloween approaches. Show notes:
October 16, 2018
134 - Roll Tide or Naw?
It's the fabled Roll Tide or Naw? episode! We have a topic and then give what we think about it. See show notes for topic list:
October 01, 2018
133 - Interview with a Level 1 Player
In our first ever gg no re interview, we talk to Montrail, a player new to tabletop RPGs whom we randomly met at Dragon Con. We learn about how he came to find out about D&D and RPGs in general, what his experience of organized play was like, and muse about what this might mean for the hobby more broadly. Show notes:
September 22, 2018
132 – Dragon Con 2018
We talk about our experience at Dragon Con 2018: the good, the bad, the ugly, and the sublime.
September 18, 2018
131 - re:view Pathfinder 2 Playtest
We review the Pathfinder 2 playtest. Show notes, including a one page dungeon version of the first adventure, here:
August 30, 2018
130 - re:play Pathfinder 2 Playtest
We actually play Mathfinder. After all the trash talk, we finally see what it's really all about. You'll see the new 2e playtest mechanics in action (at least the ones that Daniel can remember), and hear us wail in acute existential despair! Review coming next ep. Show notes:
August 27, 2018
129 – re:play Making a PC for Pathfinder 2
Apologies in advance, but this episode is us helping Tim create a Pathfinder 2e character and complaining about it with amused detachment. In the process, you’ll hear how a quick first-time generation goes, where someone has read a little bit and has a lot of help. You’ll also hear about some of the differences between Pathfinder 2 and the past and present versions of D&D: proficiency, leveling, the action economy, etc. We do actually like some of the changes, but, of course, detest most of them. Join us in the suffering. Check the show notes for a ready-to-run version of the first playtest adventure, with annotations that make it mostly a system neutral one page dungeon. Show notes:
August 20, 2018
127 – re:cap City of the Crepuscular Queen 5
Something a bit different this time. Daniel recaps the session with voiceover, cutting in clips of the actual play, and commenting on particular mechanico-structural elements. Let us know what you think. See our show notes for relevant links:
July 19, 2018
126 - re:play City of the Crepuscular Queen 4
This ep is another example of a full mythic play-cycle: suffering in the world of humanity caused by evils within and/or without, leading to a journey to the underworld and mortal combat with its denizens, which are inimical to human interests and values, followed by the liberation of its secrets and wealth, with the protags returning to the world of humanity bearing sorrow, experience, boons, and, perhaps, an adumbration of the eschaton. In other words, town problem to dungeon to town resolution. This episode is also *heavily choreographed* in the fight(s). The game doesn't have to play out this way, but I think everyone was into it. I know I like an intense and gorily choreographed monster fight, and that's what you get. Show notes: Theme music for CCQ is "Monarchy," the title track of the album from Mosh: ~~~Make a Search Check~~~ patreon: podcast: g+
July 09, 2018
111 Highlights
Clips for your amusement from our upcoming episode 111, in which we continue playing through Tomb of Annihilation.
January 20, 2018
108 Highlights
MEATGRINDER MODE in Tomb of Annihilation • #firstworldproblems in Tomb of Annihilation • Flava text from Tomb of Annihilation • Google home interrupts D&D • The reptiles in Chult are yuge, believe me
January 05, 2018