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Gay, Geeky + Tired

Gay, Geeky + Tired

By Manny + Kevin
We don't really know either. Just two gays giving their unsolicited opinions on pop culture, college, professional life and everything in between.
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Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Remakes, Summer Walker, and Adele
It's the season 1 finale, we did it ya'll! 🥳 Of course this episode was doing the most with technical difficulties but we pulled it together. Thank ya'll for listening and we hope to be back sometime soon next year after winter break! 🎧 Listen to our Music Mentions playlist on Spotify! 💌 Email us at to suggest a topic!
November 26, 2021
Hottieween, NAO, and the Metaverse
🎧 Listen to our Music Mentions playlist on Spotify! 💌 Email us at to suggest a topic for our unsolicited opinion!
November 13, 2021
Adele is Coming, Animal Crossing and the Apple Event
30 is coming November 19th 2021! Adele's newest single and music video "Easy on Me" is out now! Check out our Music Mentions playlist on Spotify! Some ga(y)ming updates for Animal Crossing coming soon, Sora is playable in Smash Bros., and have ya'll tried Metroid Dread? How much money is Manny going to spend on his next Macbook?! Can you believe ports are coming back to the Macbook?! Email us!
November 02, 2021
BESITO by BIA, Smash Bros. and Twitch News
Take Manny's LGBTQ+ finance survey (Anonymous, 15 minutes) It wouldn't be a proper episode of GGT without an honorable music mention, we're living for BESITO by BIA! Check out our Music Mentions playlist on Spotify. Also a little bit of ga(y)ming news and minor Kingdom Hearts history lesson. More Twitch and Facebook drama to follow!
October 15, 2021
Back to School, Lil Nas X and Apple Music vs. Spotify
Fall is back and in full swing! Kevin re-installed some apps and Manny is already tired of classes. Did "MONTERO" by Lil Nas X live up to the hype? Did ya'll see Sevyn Streeter's new album "Drunken Wordz Sober Thoughtz"? Is it fair to compare Chloe Bailey with Beyonce? Kehlani and Ari Lennox also dropped some new new too! Which streaming service is better for you? Apple Music or Spotify? Check out our Spotify Playlist: GGT Music Mentions
October 01, 2021
Work Rant, Our Drag Names & New Music Honorable Mentions
This episode we're a little more graphic and tired but the gay is sprinkled in. What's our work history like with reactive management? Is the 5 day work a waste of everyone's time? Should you get paid less for delivering valuable work in less time? What's our drag names and where did they come from? What's new in music?
September 17, 2021
One in a Million, Lizzo featuring Cardi and Hate Raids
Aaliyah's album One In A Million finally debuted on streaming services! Did Kevin come prepared? Did you hear anything new listening to Aaliyah's tracks? Let's talk about Rumors by Lizzo feat. Cardi! Was this collab better than Wildside with Normani? Are women held to a higher standard than men in the entertainment industry? Have you heard of a hate raid? Can you believe racism STILL exists?!
September 03, 2021
Aaliyah's Comeback, Our Favorite Creators and Racist Trolls
Have you heard of Aaliyah? Are you excited for her discography to be released on streaming platforms? Who are our favorite podcasters, streamers and content creators? Is being black and mixed race mutually exclusive? Can you believe racism still exists?
August 20, 2021
Normani featuring Cardi, Pokemon Unite and Drugs
We share our hot-takes on Wildside by Normani feat. Cardi B and Industry Baby by Lil Nas X feat. Jack Harlow. Was Cardi the right feature for Wild Side? Is Lil Nas X hiding something? Is Pokemon Unite the next e-sports MOBA? What's our favorite adult beverage of choice?
August 06, 2021
Networking, Bia x Nicki, and What If…
We thought this was going to be a short episode but ended up recording for 2 hours, here's our best edit yet: Is networking more important than college? Is Nicki on her way out? Is Amorphous the next DJ Khaled? What if… we could choose any architect to design our dream home?
July 23, 2021
More About Us, Doja's New Album and Apple Tech
This episode you'll learn more about us: Who tf are we? What do we do exactly? How did we meet? What are our hot takes on Doja Cat's new album? Was quarantine the best thing to happen to music? How does tech influence our work and what are we looking forward to?
July 09, 2021
Kinks at Pride, Megan Thee Stallion and Legendary
It's our first episode ever and we're jumping right in! Should kinks be allowed at pride? Was Thot Shit really the return of Tina Snow? What is the impact of Legendary on queer culture?
June 23, 2021