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Experiencing GhiaLogic

Experiencing GhiaLogic

By GhiaLogic
This podcast gives life lessons and inspires GROWTH! GhiaLogic focuses on helping her community gain cultural empathy.

She tackles heavy topics like finances, wisdom, and leveling up on a weekly basis. GhiaLogic is 25 and wants to conquer the world. She also has a live talk show named "GhiaLogic the Experience" where she interviews greats like Yolanda Adams to Steve Rogers.

Subscribe to this podcast her talk about things she overcomes in her personal life and her takes on hot topics! See how GhiaLogic has so much logic...

Twitter/Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
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171. Logic over Emotion
At least 90% of the decisions you make in your life should be guided by Reason. Hence this is the reason why logical thinking is better than basing a decision off of emotion. You should thoroughly think things out. Research the pros and cons. Don't be impulsive or impatient. Those are not good characteristics to have and can lead to many regrets. Thinking with your mind not your heart always is the safest bet. Of course there are times where love, empathy, compassion and other feelings may need to take the lead... But those time are fewer than the the latter. Some decisions are indeed tough to make. But if you rely on research and reasoning, your decision will be logical and you probably did the best you could. Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
April 19, 2022
170. My First Turo Trip!
Tap in to hear about GhiaLogic's first Turo trip! Find out what Ghia would do differently and what she will implement on upcoming trips! She drops some major gems on this episode. Definitely worth the listen if you are considering joining the Turo game. If you want to book GhiaLogic's 2019 Alfa Romeo Stelvio, here is the link! Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
April 15, 2022
169. Brooklyn Subway Shooting... Scariest Places to be During a Mass Shooting
Could you imagine you are taking your daily morning commute then all of a sudden your subway train fills with smoke? Then shortly after bullets are spraying yet you are trapped with no way to escape until the train stops? Yeahhhhh GhiaLogic can not imagine it either! A 62 year old man was taken into custody after injuring 10+ people on the morning of April 12th in Brooklyn's Sunset Park. Thank God there were 0 casualties. Now NYPD is trying to find out what his motive was. Currently this is not being considered as an act of terrorism. Maybe since there were 0 casualties? 🤔 Regardless, something has to change in this country. We are becoming tooooo desensitized to mass shootings in our country. We need more focus on mental health and clearly we need metal detectors everywhere 😒 *Since this episode was recorded, the shooter Frank James has been charged with a federal terrorism offense* Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
April 14, 2022
168. How I Bought My 2019 Alfa Romeo Stelvio in My Business Name - New Turo Host!
Woot woot! GhiaLogic just copped a business vehicle to begin her Turo fleet. Tap into this episode if you wanna hear the research and the work that went in to making this happen! This episode will cover business credit and goes into depth about just what Turo is. The link to the 2019 Alfa Romeo Stelvio that GhiaLogic purchased will be available soon and added to this description! Remember guys and gals, we are using OPM all 2022! 😉 Book the Alfa Romeo Stelvio here ---> Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
April 08, 2022
167. Duke falls to UNC in Coach K's Last Game!
April 2, 2022 in New Orleans, Duke Blue Devils fell to the UNC Tar Heels 77 - 81. Duke Men's Basketball let the pressure get to them and they foldedddd! Coach K had announced earlier this season that this season would be his last as head coach of Duke University's men basketball team. He has been in that position since 1980. He has definitely gained the respect of being the best collegiate coach ever! After meeting up earlier this year with the same outcome, many thought that Duke would put this game awayyyy. After-all, all Duke needed was one more win to win the national championship. What better way for your coach to head into retirement right? WRONG. This was actually UNC and Duke's first time meeting in the NCAA tournament! But Duke missed so many free-throws in the last 5 minutes of the game. In GhiaLogic's opinion this is what sealed Duke's fate. Some of Coach K's accolades include: Ending his career with 1,202 career wins 28 NBA Lottery Picks 5 National Titles 13 Final Four appearances Coach K has coached Seth Curry, Kyrie Irving, Austin Rivers, Jayson Tatum, Brandon Ingram, Zion Williamson, and MANY more! This was Coach K's final chance at another national championship... Yet we are sure he is happy about how his 75 years of life has turned out :) Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
April 04, 2022
166. The Extra Spark That You Need
Follow your heart. Follow whatever passion or goal has been on your mind for the last few months or years. Do not be discouraged or dismayed. Know that fear is only natural. We all experience it. But courage will help us to become triumphant! Without risk, there is no reward. The time is now to bank on yourself. So many people look up to you, admire you, learn from you on a daily... Why don't you step out on faith and do something out of the orthodox? What is the worse that can happen. Make sure you incorporate God in everything you do. But once you have, go ahead and surprise yourself. The future can be just what you envisioned it to be :) Hopefully episode 166 of Experiencing GhiaLogic can give you the extra spark that you need! Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
March 29, 2022
165. Strong and Company Interview with GhiaLogic
On March 12th, GhiaLogic traveled to Dallas, Texas to get interviewed by Strong and Company's CEO @MissNellaE. In addition to GhiaLogic and @MissNellaE, the lovely @AmorAzriel joined the ladies as well. The three ladies chatted for well over a hour about a plethora of topics including: Security vs Love in a relationship Differences between short and tall women Lil Baby and Jayda Having Structure in your Life Who GhiaLogic really is And much more This is a high energy podcast for thick sinned people. Remember these are just 3 young ladies having a conversation regarding their preferences. If you want to learn more about the GhiaLogic, you should definitely listen to this episode!
March 25, 2022
Nothing more, nothing less. Out of Gunna's last two works of art, what is your favorite? Tap in to this episode to find out GhiaLogic's opinion and see if you agree! Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
March 22, 2022
163. You Can Be a Baddie & Still Be a Good Person
Always move with integrity and humility. Stop letting looks, intelligence, and material things define you. Try to cheat everyone with dignity and respect. You never know who you are talking to! It is too much rude girl and mean girl energy right now. Let's work on ourselves as a community ladies! Being a good person > being a baddie Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
March 18, 2022
162. Signs that a Woman Is Done in a Relationship
Yeah this is just one of those podcast episodes where you gotta tap in to get the free game. It is what it is fellas! Definitely worth the listen if you are unsure of where you stand with your significant other. Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
March 15, 2022
161. Could Kim K Finesse Her Way into Becoming President One Day?
GhiaLogic the conspiracy theorist????  This may be a farfetched thought but hear GhiaLogic outttt on this episode! Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
March 08, 2022
160. Why Don't People Hold Their Word?
Now more than ever it seems as if no one cares about what they say. No one seems to care about the promises they have made. It's a whole lot of, "Just go with the flow" and "Whatever happens, happens". No integrity at all. People don't seem to care if they are unreliable. Hopefully this podcast will inspire others to keep their word. You might have a lot of crap going on in your life to to the point where you actually can't follow through on something(s). If that's the case, keep your mouth shut. Don't open your mouth to say you are going to do something and you can't. Don't drag everyone down with you. It's bad business. Bad morale. Broken promises cause problems. Relationships break down and trust erodes... Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
March 07, 2022
159. Things I Have Learned from Reading
The title really tells it all for this episode of Experiencing GhiaLogic! She speaks on what she has learned during the past few years since she has been reading more. If you want to expand your vocabulary and be more creative, pick up a book. It is not as cliche as it sounds! You will 100% benefit from reading a new book :) Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
February 23, 2022
158. Jeen-Yuhs Act 1 - Vision
Mannnn if episode 1 is already starting like this, who knows how this dope documentary will end! This is 87 minutes of pure Black Excellence. Nothing short of inspirational. On this episode of Experiencing GhiaLogic, she gives you the full run down of the first episode of a 3 part series depicting Kanye West's career.  Just when you want to lose faith on him, he drops this gem. He partnered with Netflix to give us a documentary that is full of raw footage of his life. This man truly has spoken everything to existence. It shows that Kanye West was really a talented producer early on. He had produced beats for so many different people... Yet when he wanted to get on the other side of the booth, people weren't trying to believe in his vision. They wanted to keep strictly as a producer. This show makes you never want to give up on yourself. Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
February 18, 2022
157. Go Easy on Yourself
Ladies and Gents, show yourself some gratitude. Clap it up for yourselves one time! You really are killing it! Why we go so hard on ourselves... the world may never know. Life is a marathon, not a race. Remember that your story has already been written by God. Walk by faith and not by sight! Yes sometimes we fall short, none of us are perfect. Remember that things happen for us, not to us. It all starts with your mindset. This episode speaks about self care and empowering yourself to be positive. None of us have room for additional stress in our lives right now. Gas, food, and interest rates are high! Let's count our wins and reward ourselves. At the end of the day, we still have so much to be grateful for. That is what should keep you motivated and in high spirits. Less shame and more grace all 2022! Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
February 17, 2022
156. GhiaLogic's Favorite Products
The people wanted it so GhiaLogic gave it to yall! She made a list of her Top 10 favorite products. She lists everything from perfumes and lotions to even her favorite cleaning products. If you want to learn more about the person behind the podcast, than this is a perfect listen for you! Have a pen and paper handy just in case you wanna take notes. You know Ghia keeps a very clean home and tries to smell as womanly as possible 😉 Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
February 11, 2022
It is February which means it is officially Black History Month or how Ye has referenced it, Black Future Month. GhiaLogic elaborates on the theme of this year's BHM and why this month is so significant to her. Unfortunately over 10 HBCUs have been the victims of bomb threats within the last week. This shows you that racism truly is alive and that Black Lives do not Matter. As a community, we should take this time to reflect on the accomplishments of our ancestors. We need to analyze what our true purpose here is on Earth. What legacy do we want to leave behind. This month let's move as a collective. Remember it is always bigger than us. Our actions will effect our future families and loved ones. From Tik Toks, to sports, and of course our food, let's show each other love and highlight our greatness. Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
February 08, 2022
154. What it is like Being an Only Child
@PaigeSaysTo has been telling GhiaLogic to record this episode for months! So what's it like being an only child eh?? The people really wanna know? Well this tell all podcast lets you all know what really goes on behind closed doors for only children. Especially when they were growing up! She lists the Pros and Cons of being an only child and what their success rates are as an adult. The main characteristics of Only Children include: Over Achievers Sensitive Close with their Parents Wise beyond their years Tap into this episode to learn something new or to explore more about your friends and network! Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
February 03, 2022
153. Visiting San Juan, Puerto Rico!
Tap in to this episode of Experiencing GhiaLogic to learn about what Puerto Rico has to offer. GhiaLogic covers what to expect when traveling to this country during the pandemic. Fun fact about traveling to Puerto Rico is that a passport is not required! So go ahead and book that flight! Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
February 02, 2022
152. Our Favorite Couple is Expecting! Baby Fenty / Baby Rocky
The cutest baby ever is currently baking in the oven! Everyone's WCW & MCM have created a baby and announced it to the world on January 31st! GhiaLogic is so excited for this power couple and their bundle of joy! The only question is, will it be a baby boy or girl 👀 Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
February 01, 2022
Ask yourself, "What am I waiting for?" Seize the day. Make the most out of every single day because tomorrow is not promised. It simly is what itb is... Sometimes you have to make your own way! You can not wait around for others to do something or for a certain event to occur before you make your move. Those days may not ever come.  The sooner we accept mortality, the sooner we can begin living each day to the fullest. But until then, make each living moment count. Do your best to live life with no regrets and live in the moment. All 2022 we are making decisions for ourselves because we will be in tune with our minds and bodies! Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
January 04, 2022
150. Effects of Social Media
It is December of 2021 and Social Media affects allllll aspects of our daily lives. It affects Relationships, Self Love, and even Politics. Nothing we can do to change it at this point. Just make sure you are doing your part to differentiate what's real from the fake. Detach for a few days or weeks... Social Media has made like fuzzy. & our vision is literally dwindling due to the amount of town we spend on Social Media. Doesn't your thumb and index finger get sore from holding the phone and scrolling all day? These luxury, edited, paradise photos are cool but in moderation. If you can't afford an Hermes Birkin or a Rolls Royce yet, that is okay. We are all on our own paths in this life. Don't lose yourself to Social Media or Technology... You are not a robot LOL Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
December 31, 2021
149. Greatest Accomplishment of this Year
Tune into this episode to hear what GhiaLogic lists as her greatest accomplishment(s) this year were!  Keep pushing, your life can change dramatically in a year. You have to want success more than anything! Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
December 28, 2021
148. Comparing 2020 to 2021
In this episode of Experiencing GhiaLogic, GhiaLogic summarizes the good and the bad of both years. She believes that a lot of people gained knowledge on financial literacy. & the focus to create passive income were both very positive things that were outcomes of 2020 and 2021. Thanks to President Trump showing people that he could finesse his way into presidency and not pay taxes or have a law degree...  Yet the past two years have been very hard on a lot of Americans. Record high suicide rates and depression is prevalent all around our country. It has been hard for people to adjust to social distancing, mask mandates, and by now we have all lost someone we knew and loved to this virus. 2020 and 2021 matured us quickly and threw us even deeper into the Technology rabbit hole. It is all around us now. No going back now. Very informative and reflective episode. These years flew by but were very heavy on us at the same time... Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
December 21, 2021
147. My Go-To Credit Cards
Of course the absolute best credit cards are AMEX! The travel perks, rewards program, and high credit limits put them in a level of their own.  But GhiaLogic's favorite everyday card would have to be the Goldman Sachs Apple Credit card with the runner up of the Chase Freedom Unlimited! Keep in mind that the credit cards listed in this episode, have minimum credit scores that one must have to qualify for it. So always do your research before adding one to your arsenal. It would be such a shame to have your credit hit for no reason because you did not even qualify for it :/ #GhiaLogic Make sure you are rating this podcast 5 stars and subscribing to it so you can hear them when they first drop! Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
December 17, 2021
146. In a Perfect World...
As a society, we expect too much from the average joe. Some people truly aren't built like that. Nothing we can do LOL. It's just not in them. Those people have to really adjust in this world. Because so many people expect you to align with the status quo.  Really quick to the point episode. GhiaLogic just had an idea that she had to get out and share with the world. Everything is a social construct. Everything is fake. None of this is what it appears to be. Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
December 14, 2021
145. Tis the Season! Why are you being Weird?
So much weird energy out in the world right now. Crime in LA and Houston are literally skyrocketing. Everything is really expensive. Etc, Etc. GhiaLogic gets it! But that is no reason to lack compassion and empathy during this time. We should honestly be coming together as a nation. Prepping for what could be next. Working together! Instead, you go out into the world and it is just bad energy everywhere. Hard to trust anyone because it feels like everything is done for clout or a come up. Be the change that you want to see in the world. Spread love, show grace and mercy, and always be kind. It is the holiday season and we are going into year two of the pandemic. Yeah its rough but God doesn't like ugly... Tis the season to get right!  Get right with yourself, loved ones, and God. Instagram: @GhiaLogic
December 10, 2021
144. Biggest Lesson of 2021
On this episode, GhiaLogic speaks on something that she had to learn the hard way. Everyone can not get your energy. Everyone is not deserving of your friendship. Surround yourself with like minded people. Position yourself to always be able to learn from your friends and your network. The biggest lesson that GhiaLogic learned this year was to surround herself with people she wants to be like. This is how she has grown so much since she graduated college. Every encounter has to be meaningful. Also, don't be afraid to listen to your intuition. That was the runner up answer for the biggest lesson she has learned. Your intuition, your heart, the Holy Spirit... Whatever you want to call it, is always right. Always. Don't second guess yourself. Time is of the essence in this thing called life! Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
December 08, 2021
143. RIP Virgil Abloh, a Fashion Icon.
November 28, 2021 Virgil Abloh lost his two year battle with cancer. He was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called cardiac angiosarcoma. He is survived by his wife Shannon and his children Lowe & Grey. He was only 41 years old. In 2012 he founded Pyrex Vision then years later founded Off-White. In 2018, he became the artistic director for menswear at Louis Vuitton. This man has accomplished so much in roughly a decade. You can tell he truly walked in his purpose. He started off as an intern for Fendi in 2009 in Rome, Italy. Virgil Abloh brought Black people to a table that was once off limits. May he forever rest in peace and his name live on. Another person dealing with something so powerful that no one knew about. This is why we must always show respect and compassion... Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
November 29, 2021
142. Black Women in Tech
In episode 142 of Experiencing GhiaLogic, GhiaLogic covers what it is like to work in the Tech industry as Black woman! Tap in to this episode if you want to learn more about software developing and are considering a career change. Thank you Alex Campbell for this dope idea for a podcast. & special shout out to Blaike Bradford for tutoring me on Python and C++ #BlackWomenInTech Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
November 23, 2021
141. DaniLeigh & Da Baby - Social Media is Not Your Therapist
The biggest takeaway from this episode is please go to counseling you all. Please. Social media is notttttt your therapist! Da Baby is so foul for bringing all of this to Social Media in the first place. Whew chile now if anyone should be canceled, it should be this man. He has dropped the ball like 8 times since he has come on the scene. Dude is mad disrespectful and childish.  Why is it so cool to hurt women's feelings? Our world lacks so much compassion. Praying that DaniLeigh keeps her head up during this Holiday Season! Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
November 16, 2021
140. Ye on Drink Champs!
The interview with Ye on Drink Champs may be one of the best interviews ever! If not, THE best! This man Ye is so entertaining and genuine, it is hard to hate him for long. Say what you want about him but sometimes this man makes a point. He is so intelligent and transparent in this interview. Really letting us in on his day to day activities and boy does he not hold back. Literally during the entire interview, N.O.R.E. is trying to hold him back from sharing too much information! You can tell that these two have a very comfortable relationship. Ye is drinking Hennessy and smoking on this interview. Can it get anymore for the culture than that?! Tap into this episode of Experiencing GhiaLogic to find out why Ye claims he can get killed over this interview on Drink Champs. Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
November 12, 2021
139. The Future is Now the Present
Everything has gone digital! Cryptocurrencies Amazon Zoom/Microsoft Teams Metaverse NFTs The whole world has changed significantly since the COVID-19 Pandemic began in March 2020. Shifting our whole world to our phones, iPads, and computers. At this point, you have to embrace the change and do what you can to keep up with society. Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
November 09, 2021
138. Day One - Astroworld Festival - 11/5/21
Rest in Paradise to all of the lives lost at the third annual Astroworld Festival in Houston in November 5, 2021. Such a tragic end to a beautiful day of rage and excitement. GhiaLogic recalls her day one of Astroworld Festival 2021. She shares the reason why she stands in the back during performances. Hear her logic now on how the event should be curated in the future. P.S. If there is ever another Astroworld Festival, GhiaLogic will be in attendance. Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
November 07, 2021
137. Facebook Facelift? Name Change to Meta... Metaverse?
Well well well... Mark Zuckerberg has done it again. He might have truly outdone himself this time. On October 28, 2021 the corporate name of Facebook changed to Meta. He also introduced the Metaverse which is the future immersive virtual world that will be its own platform... in around 15 years.  Is this an offensive move or defensive move for the CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook?  Will this platform just revamp the way data gets stolen from its users?  Is this a concept we should embrace?  Who is the target audience?  All in all, there is nothing we can do to stop it. Facebook will be hiring more Tech people to join its team in helping create the Metaverse. GhiaLogic just wishes that Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg weren't behind this... The track record of those two have proven to be untrustworthy. So who knows what truly is to come. Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
November 02, 2021
136. Me vs. Me
You are your biggest competition. Keep trying to outdo yourself. Keep growing and keep evolving. That is what life is all about! When it is all said and done, will you be satisfied of how you lived your life? Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
October 26, 2021
135. Inflation
The supply has been low and the demand has been high for many goods and services throughout the world. Manufacturing companies were shut down but now they are back jumping again. We were inside for months, not shopping or spending money. Now we are outside and we are spending money again! It takes time for everything to catch up to the demand that is currently there. Gas Houses Cotton Natural Gas Airplane Tickets All of these goods and services are being used and purchased but the price is higher due to the low supply of them. Something has gotta give and soon. Make sure you are making only necessary purchases during these times. Be smart with your money and make every dollar count.
October 12, 2021
Tap in to this episode to determine whether or not you should watch the new Netflix hit, "Squid Game" !!! Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
October 04, 2021
133. Ranking Drake's Albums from Best to Worst
You know the vibes! GhiaLogic had to tap in on this subject. It has been about a month since his 8th album, Certified Lover Boy dropped! Tap in to find out how GhiaLogic ranks these works of art... This man Drake has been in his duffle for over a decade. & he still is releasing heat. Salute to the 6 God. Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
September 30, 2021
132. Why Everybody's Hiring but Nobody's Getting Hired
Everyday we see on the news that there are millions of jobs that need to be filled. Like ok America we get it. But a lot of people took this past year to review their life. People are analyzing risk factors, their benefits, workplace environments and more now more than ever. People don't want to put up with extra crap. We are all losing family and community members to this virus. No one else wants to deal with workplace drama or not feeling valued at their place of work.  At the end of the day, people are realizing their work. We see corporations and their CEOs aren't paying taxes. Hell, we had a president who didn't pay them. People are invested in the stock market and creating other sources of passive incomes. Most jobs are undesirable anyways! The answer is simple; treat employees better! Pay them more, make their work environment more enjoyable, give them free healthcare and child care. These companies will eventually have to break down and give in if they want these positions filled. If not, goo ahead and get the robots then. The future is here and we all know it. Everyone just wants to play their best hand... Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
September 24, 2021
131. Mental Fitness
It all starts with your mental! You are your biggest competition. Mental Fitness can be defined as having and maintaining a state of well being and cultivating awareness of how we think and feel... It is just as important as your physical fitness. Make sure you are doing things that make you happy. Be in the moment at all times. Show grace on yourself. Always incorporate meditation, yoga, and prayer into your weekly schedule. You gotta decompress sometimes! Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
September 21, 2021
130. Karen Civil is a Fraud?
Shorty is outta thereeeee. These allegations against her are sad and unfortunate. She doesn't seem to be genuinely apologizing to the people whose lives she has affected. Karen, where is your dignity? Your brand and your character is on the line. Her bread may save her though... that is how capitalism works. You can not play with people's livelihoods and think Karma won't come back and get ya. Cam'ron Jessie Woo Joyner Lucas Nipsey's Team Jason Lee And I am sure the list goes on. They can't all be lying? Can they? Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
September 19, 2021
129. How to Create a Podcast
A quick, step by step tutorial on how you can create your own podcast! Go ahead and do it. It is enough room in the game for all of us. Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
September 17, 2021
128. Owning a Goldendoodle!
These dogs are much more than a pretty face. For sure one of the hottest dogs out. From their hair to their black noses, find out why these dogs are so high in demand. Then make sure you follow GhiaLogic's very own GoldenDoodle on Instagram @KobeHTXDoodle Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
September 14, 2021
127. 20th Anniversary of the 9/11 Attacks
This episode of Experiencing GhiaLogic is a reminder that while the 9/11 attacks may have happened in a pocket of the US, they touched the entire world. It is encouraged in this episode to reflect on how your life has changed since the biggest terrorist attack on American soil happened 20 years ago. After doing some extra research, George Bush enacted a lot of litigation very shortly after the attacks. Let me give you a list of things that weren't in place before 9/11 but now exist due to the acts: Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Homeland Security ICE (US Immigration and Customs Enforcement) USA Patriot Act Guantanamo Bay Detention Center in Cuba As of last month, the war in Afghanistan and Iraq are officially over and Americans have been pulled out completely. This was a 20 year "War on Terror". How do you think our government handled the attacks? GhiaLogic sends her condolences to the families affected by the 9/11 attacks and the families of the veterans of the Afghan/Iraq war. Hopefully nothing like this ever happens again in the world. God Bless...  Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
September 11, 2021
126. 666 New Texas Laws Going Into Effect
The Texas government surely has been working this past year. 666 new laws have gone into effect and they cover a wide array of matters:.  Permitless Carry goes into effect for those with a clean record and at least 21 years of age.  Abortions are basically illegal now throughout the state if the fetus has a detected heartbeat.  Homeless people can get a misdemeanor charge & $500 fine if they are caught setting up camp.  Social Studies teachers K-12 cant teach systemic racism or that some people were born racist......  Please vote Gregory Abbott out of office next year when it is re-election time. Your vote matters 😭 this man got us living in the Wild Wild West. We are not progressing in the right direction at all!  Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
September 02, 2021
125. D O N D A
Kanye West's 10th studio album just released on Sunday 8/29. It features tens of artists. Definitely gives a gospel vibe. GhiaLogic personally enjoys the album. It has a majestic vibe to it. Definitely run it through a few times before you judge. Hope he gets all the extra shit cleared up surrounding the album. Seems like the album was released without his approval??? Chris Brown is dissing him calling him a H**. Whew chile, it is always some drama surrounding Mr. West. GhiaLogic rates the album an 8 out of 10! Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
August 31, 2021
124. 2021 Meme Calendar - To Be Continued
The #CrateChallenge for sure has us in bondage right now. The Riot at the Capitol was shameful. & shorty off of Joseline's Cabaret surely did not think before she spoke talking about, "Damn, double homicide". Tune in to episode 124 of Experiencing GhiaLogic to find out what month she believes has been the funniest and most outlandish topic that has had the culture in a frenzy! Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
August 27, 2021
123. Hood Olympics, My Grandma Was a Prostitute, & COVID is getting REAL
Kanye & Drake both taking shots but not releasing albums! #CrateChallenge is taking over the country. GhiaLogic is here for it. Looks like pure and genuine fun. It has only been a select few gold medalist contenders so it's a Hood Olympics for sure. Now something that is not cool and created for clout is "My grandma was a prostitute"... Why would you say that? For a scholarship? Dude I would slap the hell out of yall too. Joking or not, yall weird. Like where are the boundaries?  Lastly I speak about COVID. So many people are dying this go round. It is hitting a little bit closer to home. After this weekend, GhiaLogic may be posted in the cribbo. Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
August 24, 2021
122. The Power of the Mind
It is always mind over matter! Our minds are way more powerful than we think. The brain is literally limitless. That is why it is so easy to get lost in our heads. But make sure you are thinking positive and reassuring thoughts. Be cognizant of what goes into your mind, how you feel about things, and how you act on things. Calm down. Take a deep breath. & honestly, you gotta just let some stuff go! Or your mind will go crazy. Yeah our physical health matters but our mental health is what dictates the physical, believe it or not. Take control of the narrative. Create your own reality! Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
August 20, 2021
121. Brittany Renner and PJ Washington
Dude c'mon. Due the research. Likeeeee you’re telling me you had no one in your circle that said, "Shorty is a red flag". "Don't wife that" or "Don't make a child with that." Where is the logic sir. Pj, you might have set yourself up for failure with this one. She is a runner, she's a track star!!! You my guy are out here going out sad. Lawyer up buddy. Some GhiaLogic for the day; Don't be like PJ or Brittany. Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
August 17, 2021
120. World News #PrayForHaiti #PrayForAfghanistan
Gonna do a part 2 on this on Friday. Tap in!!! Too much going on in the world. Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
August 17, 2021
119. Baby Bust
When GhiaLogic scrolls down her TL & Newsfeed, she normally sees maternity photos or newborns. But according to the 2020 Census... that is not the case. The birth rate has decreased in the United States. And we aren't the only country around the world that had less kids than usual this last decade. In addition to the birth rate decreasing, GhiaLogic covers Rihanna's new perfume, Saweetie's McDonalds Meal, and Soulja Boy and Bow Wow's new song. Tap in to hear all things GhiaLogic and learn a thing or two! Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
August 15, 2021
118. The Era of Accountability
Hold yourself liable. Hold your self responsible. Hold yourself accountable! Governor Cuomo, dude, you were wilding for far too long apparently.  Dr. Dre, you are a billionaire and that is your DAUGHTER. The mother of your GRANDCHILDREN.  People catching the Covid Delta Variant that are not vaccinated... The vaccination is literally free lol. Like huh? God for sure has a way of humbling us. Make sure you are always reflecting on your actions. Character and integrity matters. Don't get caught up thinking otherwise... Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
August 11, 2021
On this episode of Experiencing GhiaLogic, she sits down with her friend Paige and TK! Follow them on Instagram @TKDashh & @PaigeSaysTo @TheFrontPaiges !!! We spoke about all things Kanye West, the culture, and even ranked him amongst other Hip Hop legends. @TKDashh is hosting the first annual YZY Ball in downtown Houston on Saturday 8/7 at 9 pm. This event will have sneaker vendors, artists showcasing their work, an open bar, and is 2 days after DONDA drops 👀👀 Yeezy footwear and formal dress-wear is required so this event is truly one of a kind. During the pandemic, GhiaLogic has learned so much about Kanye West. This man truly has 5 classic albums. Nobody, literally nobody can relate. Donda is his tenth studio album. He is going through a divorce, fresh off of a political campaign, and is a director of GAP... What can't this man do. Him and his team are currently occupying the opponent's locker room in the Mercedes Benz Stadium. They are putting finishing touches on the album Donda. This is nothing like we have seen or heard before. @GhiaLogicX had to sit down with her friends/colleagues to discuss this influential artist and give him his flowers while he is here. This episode is definitely worth the listen. We cover every possible topic imaginable! Nothing but pure passion, laughs, and enlightenment. Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
August 03, 2021
116. Budgeting!
GhiaLogic the Finance Guru?! Sheesh, maybe... A lot of gems were dropped on this episode. Get right or get left. Literally. Not by GhiaLogic though but by financial institutions! Don't be afraid of your finances, embrace them! Know what's going in and going out. You say you wanna be rich one day. Act like it. Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
July 29, 2021
115. Is It Easier for Men or Women to Get Married?
Ran a poll on both @GhiaLogicX and @GhiaLogic Instagram pages asking this question. The general consensus believed that it was easier for a man to get married. GhiaLogic agrees with this as well. Tap in to hear her reasonings! Also talked about on this episode was the photo that listed each zodiac and both genders then ranked them 1-24. This was the closest description of accuracy lmaooo but it is a bit biased. The first 10 positions in the tiers were 80% women. So they automatically had most men in the lower tiers. Another fun and genuine episode from GhiaLogic. Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
July 23, 2021
114. Why Is This Generation So Weird?
Yes we are independent, tech-competent, ambitious, and entrepreneurial! But to the contrary, we lack social skills, we don't value friendships/family, and we are big cappers LOL.  GhiaLogic thinks we should focus on building up our character just as much as we focus on the brand of ourselves we portray to the outside world. Our values are all out of wack. Everybody wants to be on their bully and appear to be self made. Getcha “Anti Social Social Club” ass outta here. Yall bugging.  Fun Fact: Having a genuine friend group and family to support you is actually pretty cool and a blessing. Don’t lose sight of what’s actually meaningful. We only have ONE life to live. The internet and social media has left us with these unrealistic social constructs... #GetReal  Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
July 21, 2021
113. You Got What You Have Been Praying For... Now What?
Remember all the days and months you used to pray for the life, body, job, relationship, or current position you are in currently? Like it really all used to be just a dream or prayer. But now God has blessed you with it. Some may think wellllll, what's to come next? Others may think wow this is as good as it can get in life.  GhiaLogic wants us all to take a moment to stop and smell the roses. Be grateful and always reflect on where you have come from! God did not lead you this far just to leave you. Make sure you all are in attendance of the first annual Yeezy Ball produced by @TKDashh !!! GhiaLogic will be hosting this event in HTX on August 7th starting at 9pm. Yeezy Footwear is mandatory as well as formal dresswear. Come through to catch a vibe or cop some new heat for your feet. Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
July 16, 2021
112. Snoh Aalegra
On this episode of GhiaLogic, praise is given to the R&B artist Snoh Aalegra. She released her 3rd album Friday July 9th! And it has been playing in GhiaLogic's ears ever since. GhiaLogic compares all three of her albums and ranks "TEMPORARY HIGHS IN THE VIOLET SKIES" amongst the three. You may be surprised where she places it! If you have not heard of Snoh, this is your God given reason to add her station on Pandora and download all of her latest music. Sis is truly a queen and has proven that she is here to stay. Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
July 13, 2021
111. N****s in Paris
Lil Baby and James Harden have been under the microscope ever since they landed in Paris for Fashion Week. In recent news, Paris police picked up Lil Baby on a drug charge. Allegedly he was in possession of 20 grams of marijuana and is facing one year behind bars. We pray the Street Hero will be allowed a bond and is able to bail out. Lord Jesus knows they are probably not treating him right over there...  Other topics included on this episode are:  Zaila Avant-garde, the newest champion of the Scripps Spelling Bee. Who just happens to hold 3 Guiness World Records for dribbling basketballs!  Haiti's president being ASSASSINATED at his own home... Already 2 dozen people are in custody in relationship to his murder.  The murder-suicide at the Houston Aquarium... the city is toooo hot! If it is not one thing it's another!  Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
July 10, 2021
110. Tall People > Short People
Taller men and women are considered to be more dominant, attractive, healthy, intelligent, and more likely to be chosen for more competitive jobs. Taller people earn more money. Even taller presidential candidates are more likely to win the presidential election! Your height is a simple biological fact that you can do little to change, yet it may be influencing your destiny in ways you did not realize. Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
July 07, 2021
109. Sha'Carri Richardson... A Series of Unfortunate Events
After the recent passing of her biological mother, 21 year old Sha'Carri Richardson may not be making an appearance at the Tokyo Olympics after-all SMH. Richardson faces a 30-day suspension after testing positive for marijuana. She qualified for the 2020 games in the 100-meter dash after running a 10.86 final at the U.S. Olympic Trials in late June. This is so unfortunate. But my people, we have to move smarter. Everyone is unfortunately out to get you at that level. But to the contrary, marijuana is one of those drugs that stays in your system for weeks. So who knows the last time she truly smoked. It is time to truly decriminalize marijuana. Now if it were steroids that she tested positive for the suspension would make more sense. Didn't Michael Phelps get caught up with marijuana years back? He got to keep all of his Olympics Awards though... Let's put some prayers in the air for this young Black queen. The devil works but God works harder!
July 02, 2021
108. Tips on How to Land A Salary Position
GhiaLogic opens the episode up talking about how good the stock market is doing right now. She also goes into detail of why everybody young and old should be trading stocks right now! Then she covers inflation and how that has left society. The meat and potatoes of the podcast involves her speaking on a few tips that she believes helped her land a salary based job. Ya know GhiaLogic is all about giving back to the streets so she had to spill the beans. Indeed > LinkedIn Change up your resume. Whether it be the format or even certain skills. Revamp that thang! Answer your phone! Sheesh you gotta act like you want the job just a littttttle bit. Do research on the company & many more! Tap into episode 108 of Experiencing GhiaLogic, especially if you are in a job search!
June 29, 2021
107. If It's Mine, Then it's Mine...
Whew, it was so much to cover this week! A$Ap and Rih Alex Caruso gets caught up on Possession in Texas Pop Smoke's Upcoming Second Posthumous Album & much more! Of course GhiaLogic had to tackle the subject of the ice'd out Bentley Coupe being for sale at a San Diego dealership. Another conversation of why dating right now is so stressful. Everyone is making it hard to be vulnerable. Are people truly doing things out of love or is it just for the clout? Such a wild story because GhiaLogic really used to rock with them hard... SMH cold world! Tap in to listen to this jam packed episode of Experiencing GhiaLogic. Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
June 25, 2021
106. Curbside Pickup
This has taken over the country. & GhiaLogic LOVES it!!! Baby pull up on me and put it in the trunkkkkk hunny. Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
June 22, 2021
105. Trouble in Miami
Pooh Shiesty Da Baby BandMan Kevo Polo G All of these Black Men got arrested in Miami, Florida this past week. As a community we have to move wiser knowing that there is a war against us. It is not just the police, it is the Feds and the government. Social media is not your friend. & some of these celebrities and prominent men need to do a better job of vetting those in the circle. Cuz it is for sure some snitches and rats. The government seems to be really winning and pinning our community up smh. GhiaLogic also covers celebrity boxing and Simone Biles recent accolades. Tune in to episode 105 to Experience GhiaLogic! 
June 15, 2021
104. Types of Friendships
Mannnnnn... Can friendships be seasonal? Can you pick and choose when to fw a friend? Can you expect for your friends to treat you how you treat them? Tap in to hear this round table conversations about FRIENDSHIPS. Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
June 08, 2021
103. Step Mamas vs. Baby Mamas
Lol bet you’re wondering how GhiaLogic came up with this topic huh?! Why does nobody want to be a W I F E ? Look point blank period, stop getting into things for the wrong reasons. There is no way that you all are thinking about things long term! Everybody is in competition with the next one. The grass is not always greener on the other side! Yes GHerbo and Lataina are covered in this episode! Ladies stop finessing good men. Stop putting these men on child support when they really wanna be in the child's life. Like just take it easy shorty and look at the end goal. Yall out here making it harder for the next FRFR! Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
June 04, 2021
102. Adam Sandler or Will Ferell?
Scratch the whole sports movies conversation ! Let's go through both actors full filmography !!! & when it comes down to it, Will Ferrell simply goes crazier! Like this man has no boundaries. Yes Adam Sandler is amazing and truly talented. That man has been in the game for 25 years. He has GhiaLogic's respect for sure. Click and the Grown Ups series were tooooo funny. But Will Ferell simply takes his roles to the next level. Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby!!! C'mon now let's just take a second. SHAKE and BAKE! If you ain't first then you're last. This movie is la classic. Then you have Step Brothers where him John C. Reilly again are complete goof balls and rididulous. He wrote and executive produced these films! His mind is simply more creative and silly and that's what makes me choose him over Adam Sandler. Elf, Zoolander, Austin Powers, Anchorman... You gotta give buddy his flowers! Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
June 01, 2021
101. Steak 48
Steak 48 just enforced a rule that each person at a table must spend $100 minimum on food and beverage from now on. And people on social media are defending this. You guys look like fools. This is absolutely ridiculous lmao this a restaurant, not a club. Some people may just want a salad and champagne for a light dinner. What if you are vegan? Does that mean you have to order 8 sides to make the bill add up to $100? Instead of putting on the sign, "Unfortunately due to the pandemic, sales have decreased so we now have to enforce this rule" ... blah blah blah... They talking about this does not include tax and tip. Talking to their guests like we are the ones broke when clearly it is you all's finances that are lacking. Clearly you all are struggling to make the building's rent or mortgage bill. Moral of the story is stop clowning other human beings and start holding these establishments together. People have been so brainwashed by status and clout that you guys are truly out here living a facade life. People that truly have money and are truly financial GOOD, are confused by this. Why would you be okay with someone forcing you to spend money. Yet 26 year old African American people are claiming that their peers are broke because they don't wanna spend a hundo... People are weird. Steak 48 is not even a top of the line restaurant either. There are other restaurants that are extremely more fancy and formal. So for them to make this move is very telling of their current financial status or they are just being prejudice. This generation needs to get their minds right and see the bigger picture. Instagram:@GhiaLogicX
May 28, 2021
100. Live Show - GhiaLogic the Experience ft. Attorney Mr. Make It Go Away
Episode 100! Woo! This was my fourth live show, "GhiaLogic the Experience" held on May 24, 2021 at Bar 5015. For this episode, GhiaLogic interviewed Attorney Bredric Berry. Topics included all things Houston, Women Empowerment, and dealing with the justice system. For a special gift to my listeners, GhiaLogic shared a secret that only few know! Tap in to hear what that secret was. GhiaLogic is more relatable than you think... Shout out to everyone who helped make this event possible! Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
May 26, 2021
99. New Music!!! New Nickiiiii, New Cole, and New Migos!
May 14, 2021 is a day that will forever go down in history. Yes the Migos dropped their first single off of their upcoming album, "Culture 3". & yes J. Cole dropped his sixth album, "The Off-Season"... But we all know what release took the cake. That re-release of Beam Me Up Scotty, that's what! Apple finally dropped some of Nicki's old heat and she blessed us with two new songs. GhiaLogic thinks it is safe to say two things: Fractions will be the song of the summer. It for sure will be the ladies' anthem! Drake has reached GOAT status. Likeeeee this man is the one and NOT the two. All three releases were great and had significant replay value. On Seeing Green with Wayne, Nicki, and Drizzy, it was like a blast into the past! Very nostalgic song right there. Crazy how we grew up listening to all of these acts! From Cole, to Nicki, to the Migos, the Wayne. We have known about them for over 10 years now, crazy right! Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
May 18, 2021
98. No More JBP Boys! Joe Budden Fires Rory and Mal
The way that this has all went down is really crazy. Tactless. And messy to say the least. For a man that preaches so much about educating yourslef and being just, this just does not sit right with me. Everything could have gone down differently! GhiaLogic is honestly confused about what the main issue is. Likeeeee yall just gave us two episodes after Rory & Mal's dry hiatus. Nowwwww there was clearly still animosity there. But if you guys were really bout your money and friendship, you guys would have worked everything out on the show! So the fans could have clarity and yall could make money from the views and sponsorships! Everybpdy would have one! You can not make serious decisions when you are emotional. Hopefully Joe Budden looks back in a few months/years and realizes that this was a bad decision. This makes him look even more narcissistic and selfish than he already is. Nobody in this world seems to have patience, compassion, or empathy anymore... It's really crazy out here so always make sure you are protecting yourself first. Smh. GhiaLogic is for sure gonna miss this podcast. She has been a loyal fan for five years, no kizzy! Rory and Mal, we all wish you the best! Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
May 13, 2021
97. Dallas vs. Houston
GhiaLogic has lived in both metroplexes! Both have great food! One has an annual State Fair and the other has an annual Rodeo! A lot of similarities and a few differences that are distinct! Tornadoes vs Hurricanes. Rudys vs Frenchys! Tap in to hear GhiaLogic's take on these two large Texas cities! Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
May 11, 2021
96. The Show Must Go On!
Travis Scott's Astroworld Festival is back for year 3! Letsssss rage! 2 day festival this time. It is finna be a madness! Joe Budden Podcast + Ish and Ice own show on Patreon?! Yeah GhiaLogic shares her opinion on this as well. Shaquir Oneal is signed to Texas Southern University to hoop! This upcoming season is about to go crazyyyy! Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
May 07, 2021
95. Why Young Christians Don't Enjoy Attending Church
GhiaLogic reviews a touchy subject. Her friends Jordan Smith and Stephen Holmes stop by to share their input.  A lot of different viewpoints on the church house, pastors, and the church community!  All that matters is your personal relationship with God. Ingstagram: @InstagramX
May 04, 2021
94. Good Ol Days! Houston's Night Life
Fox Hollow! Limelight! Chicken & Beer! Some of the OG spots in Houston just to name a few. GhiaLogic moved to HTX in February 2016. When she would step out, it would be to Dbar and Engine Room. The good ol days forreal. Tap in to hear why GhiaLogic prefers going out during 2016-2018 as opposed to now. The club scenes simply isn't the same! Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
April 30, 2021
93. Money Can't Buy True Happiness
Ever wonder why rich people commit suicide? Or why some of them are depressed? Then you say to yourself, "Man they must be really bugging... Because if I had that type of bread, I would be happy AF!" Money can't solve all of your problems. And it can't make you truly happy! Happiness comes from within. TRUE happiness comes from being happy with yourself, your life, and your loved ones. Your network > your net worth Money comes and goes man. We have to stop putting such a high value on it! Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
April 27, 2021
92. Expectations
Reflect back in high school! What did you think about yourself during that time? Did you set goals for the future? If so, have you attained any of them?  In episode 92 of Experiencing GhiaLogic, the focus is "It is okay to not be where you thought you would be a decade ago". Most of our views were not realistic. Life happens, AND THAT IS OKAY. Get comfortable with sticking and moving... There is nothing wrong with high expectations. But at least expect something, have an end goal or goals! We only get a chance to do this thing called life once. Make you and your family proud. Become a better person. Make that money but don't let it make you. Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
April 23, 2021
91. Justice for George Floyd / Embracing Change
RIP GEORGE FLOYD! Justice has been served. Former police officer Derek Chauvin was found guilty on the three counts of murder/manslaughter. GhiaLogic got a new dog. Take a risk. Embrace change!!!!! You will never be 100% ready to do ANYTHING. Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
April 21, 2021
90. 1942 vs. Clase Azul
You know the effin vibes mannnn.... Whether you are in the club or at an Air BnB function... There are two bottles that are for sure going to make an appearance. Tequila has taken over the USA since COVID came through! Clase Azul and Don Julio 1942 are for sure household names now more than ever! Which one do you prefer? GhiaLogic is choosing the Donny every timeee! Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
April 16, 2021
noun : the quality or state or an instance of being loyal Loyal : faithful to a private person to whom faithfulness is due : faithful to a cause, ideal, custom, institution, or product : showing loyalty Tune in to this episode of Experiencing GhiaLogic as she covers one of the best characteristic traits one can have! Being real is somehow getting lost in the sauce. "If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything!" Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
April 16, 2021
88. "Them" Review, Spoiler Alert!
RIP DMX. Why is Kid Cudi in a dress? Honestly, why is Kid Cudi on SNL ??? Derek Chauvin Trial... Complete waste of time. Convict this man of a guilty verdict already. Here why GhiaLogic rates the Amazon Prime Series, "Them" a 6/10 !!! Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
April 12, 2021
87. Some Men Are Getting Lazy
GhiaLogic lays out the steps of how to bag a baddie. It's easy honestly. Men, stop thinking you are owed a reply. Or the box. Or a relationship. You have to put some work in. Even animals in the wild have to put on a show to woo a female in order to mate! Some male animals have to fight other male animals in order to impress the female. Stop trying to take the easy way out because you men are losing us every time. This is a new day and age. You better get jiggy with it or you are gonna end up wifing a lame :/ Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
April 02, 2021
86. March Madness and the Reason Black People Dominate Sports
It's in our DNA they say! Well while that may be true as well, there is another underlying theme why Black people in this country dominate major sports. We aren't given too many outlets to excel in. Think about it... Most Black people in this country come from a poor background. During grade school, sports and entertainment were pushed on us. We weren't focused on arts and crafts, instruments, or anything like that. You were literally taught to pass your classes so you could play in your team's game that week. This society teaches us early on that Black people should play a sport or become an entertainer to obtain true success. Now things may be changing now as of 2021, but until we get equal opportunities in our communities, things will only change at a slow rate. Of course our people are going to ball out at Basketball and Football if they were taught that this was there only way out! You are going to take the sport more seriously and compete at a different level than most. This is the reason we are superior athletes... These people are out there truly giving their all! Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
March 30, 2021
85. Lil Nas X & MSCHF Release Nike Air Max 97 "Satan Shoes"
GhiaLogic truly wishes that this episode was cap. Unfortunately, it is not. She did a little bit of research before she dropped the episode. Some of which included watching Lil Nas X's new video, "Montero". My goodness. It was horrible. Blasphemy. Demonic... He is tweaking!!! But you have to see the video to understand why he would create such shoes. Also, NIKE IS NOT RELEASING THESE SHOES. They already put out a statement fact-checking everyone. MSCHF and Lil Nas X are releasing the Satan Shoes on their own. They bought 666 pairs of Black Nike Air Max 97s then customized them with human blood. If this is not a ritual or sacrifice, someone please tell me what is. Satan is really becoming bold as of the past decade. People are making it so easy for Satan to use and manipulate them for his own game. At what cost? For the money and the fame? Sicko Mode. Now Nike is suing the company MSCHF for infringement. This is definitely an episode you should tap in to and even share with your family. We stray away from God more and more everyday. Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
March 28, 2021
84. Why Would You Name Your Child That?
Please stop naming your children names people can not pronounce!!! Don't you want your children to get hired for their careers? Names are so serious. Words have power. If you see a dusty, banged up car, 9 times out of 10 the driver of the car is a bad driver. If you have a crazy, or old person name, 9 times out of 10, that person is weird lol. That's just GhiaLogic. Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
March 28, 2021
83. Deshaun Watson and 16+ Sexual Assault Allegations, SMH
TheseWomenAndTonyBuzbeeAreCap.Com Definitely believe that the owners of the Houston Texans set this plot up. But God and Deshaun Watson will prevail. GhiaLogic sure does pray so... This story really grew out of control too quickly. Some reports say it is actually 24 women that have filed civil lawsuits against Watson. Let's see how this all unfolds right before the 2021 NFL Draft. Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
March 28, 2021
82. What is Going On in Colorado?
This state is tripping for real. State wide gun laws should have been tightened up by now. March 22nd in Boulder, Colorado was literally like the 20th mass shooting in the state of Colorado since 1993. How are these shooters not getting the death penalty ??? Crazy world we live in now. A grocery store. Schools. Movie Theaters. Churches!!! You can not be vulnearble at all now. Anywhere can become a crime scene in a flash! This country is so weird to have this normalized. Like we need to worry about being safe on our on land first. Another Experiencing GhiaLogic episode where she talks about how backwards this country is. When will enough be enough? Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
March 28, 2021
81. Grammys Run Down, Super Teams in the NBA, Travis Scott's Endorsement Deals
2021 Grammys. Trevor Noah was the host! He did a phenomenal job. Blue Ivy won a grammy! Beyonce won her 28th grammy... Lil Baby killed his performance of the song, "The Bigger Picture". He showed solidarity with the 2020 Black Lives Matter Movement that has been going on and mannnn... he did not hold back. He even had Killer Mike recite a poem. This performance definitely made GhiaLogic respect him more. Super Teams in the NBA! Are they fair? GhiaLogic thinks so. This is what makes the NBA much more fun to enjoy as opposed to the NFL. The players actually have a say so. Tap in to see who GhiaLogic prefers when it comes to the 2021 Brooklyn Nets or the 2017 Golden State Warriors. The last topic covered on this episode includes Travis Scott's plethora of endorsement deals. This man's PR Team has been going crazy. He is laughing to the bank forreal, forreal. His latest deal includes his own Seltzer water, wow! From McDonalds, to Fortnite, to Sharpies, this man does not miss. Salute to this hustling black king!
March 28, 2021
80. 115 Slug - Post Collegiate Life
GhiaLogic decided to add a visual component with this podcast! She sat down with her friend Slugga , @115Slug to speak about post Collegiate Life! Both of us went to college and graduated. Yet we are currently not in the corporate world. This man sews, cuts hair, and has his own clothing line! His hustle does not go unnoticed. He is an average joe trying make ends meet! Everyone dreamed of having a 9-5 but after this pandemic, you have to make stuff happen for yourself.   Subscribe to GhiaLogic on Youtube to see these two friends talk it up! @GhiaLogicX  @115Slug  @115Clothing
March 28, 2021
79. Oprah with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Literally the hottest topic out right now in the W O R L D! Released on International Womens Day, Oprah Winfrey sat down with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. They covered the bullying she receives and how they are simply not protected like other members of the Royal Family. They continue to show that they have the upmost respect for the institution... It just fell short when defending them and their family in particular. As you may know, Prince Harry is the youngest son from the late Princess Diana. There is a conspiracy around her death that the Royal Family set that up or maybe even the media. The British Media were so hard on her and she was so young. In a marriage where Charles clearly didn't love her. The entire world knew of his longtime mistress Camilla. Who was also married at the time. Princess Diana was harassed, ostracized, and left to fend for herself during her short life on this Earth. You can clearly see the similarities between Princess Diana and Meghan Markle. Prince Harry is doing the best he can to not let history repeat itself any further. This is an amazing interview that helps you connect the dots. The media is a powerful thing. Depression is real. This interview is a great example of a family doing whatever they can do to protect themselves. Blood is not always thicker than water. Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
March 28, 2021
78. No More Masks for Texans... Seeing Ourselves Through the Eyes of Others.
Governor Greg Abbott announced that he will be ending the statewide mask mandate on March 10th in Texas! YEE-HAW! No more MaskNe, if you know, you know... That means this summer, Texas is gonna be open forreal forreal. Yeah it's up and it's S T U C K! In the latter part of this episode, Ghia Logic speaks on how other people's perceptions of us is valued to highly. Some people drive themselves out of control because they are constantly thinking about how other people see them. It simply does not matter. Only God's perception of us has value. If you ask 10 different people to describe you, more than likely you will get 10 different things. For sure at least 5! So live life without expectations and just relax. Worry about the things and people that really matter. There are three different ways of "Self Perception" : The way you see yourself. How you think you are! How others see you. The way you ACTUALLY are! Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
March 28, 2021
77. DID SIX AND DIDN'T SNITCH !!! Welcome Home Bobby Shmurda
Yeah yall know the vibes! The King of NY Drill Music is free from prison and back amongst the free! On this episode of Experiencing GhiaLogic, topics like loyalty and exploitation are covered. Hopefully the people around Bobby right now truly have his best interest! Let's see what him and his camp do in the next few months. Pop Smoke and Fivio Foreign definitely have opened his lane up even more so we know him and Rowdy Rebel gotta drop some heat for us soon. So happy he got released during Black History Month. It is like icing on the cake. This man is only 26 years old, it is really only up for him. Shoutout to him for doing his time like a real G. Genuine soldiers are missing from the streets today. Hopefully he refreshes the rap game! Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
March 28, 2021
76. If You Gotta Hit Shorty Up via LinkedIn, She's Just Not the One for You Bro
Everybody is so entitled nowadays, especially men! Sir if your phone number is blocked from a young lady's phone or if you are blocked on social media... more than likely contact is unwanted from you. Catch the hint please. We are adults by now. We should know how to communicate effectively and in a healthy manner. Stop pressing an issue when there is none. Take your L and move on. You can not force your way into someone's life!!! Blowing a girl's phone up is not cool. GhiaLogic is aware that women do this too but that is usually only crazy women! Some men think that blowing you up by any means necessary shows that they are showing real interest and applying pressure. No, you are simply unwanted and can't grasp the subject. You should not be communicating with your love interest through email, LinkedIn, or GroupMe. Let's cut the crap. Being toxic is not cool.
March 28, 2021
75. Damnit Meek Mill, I Hate It Had To Be You
This man has too much drama surrounding him lately. He should have stayed with Milano, she seemed to keep him grounded... Now he just seems to move recklessly! He released a few bars from an upcoming unreleased song. The bars included a line where he put "Chopper" and "Another Kobe" in the same line. How distasteful can you get? This man has only been deceased for a year. You see how Vanessa Bryant been coming bout him so who knows why this man even tried it. Not only did Kobe Bryant die, but his daughter and seven others left this world with him. It's like when you bring up his name, you are referencing him as well. That's just law. Where are these people's PR teams??? Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
March 28, 2021
74. Cruz in Cancun
Our Senator escaped to Mexico with his family while the rest of the state froze. Our Governor has been paralyzed since 1984 and is in a wheelchair. Texas got down to 5 degrees in some places this past week... 2 0 2 1.... Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
March 28, 2021
73. Good Hearted People Make the World Go Round
Give your people the flowers they deserve while they are still here! GhiaLogic wanted to take the time to acknowledge people in her life that give out free information, free game. Without them, she wouldn't be where she is today. Without a doubt! You know she is always asking questions. She wanted to show appreciation to the friends she has that take the time to reply to her messages and answers her calls. GhiaLogic treats her network like they are Google or Youtube. It is always nice to feel like you have a support system. For years, GhiaLogic felt like she did not have one! Now she does and life is a little bit easier. Please reach out to GhiaLogic if there is a topic you would like to hear her cover on the podcast! Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
March 28, 2021
72. Baby Mama Culture is Ruining Our Society
The way some of you ladies are moving out here is NOT IT. Piggy backing off of episode 71 of Experiencing GhiaLogic, this episode further dives in to the psychology behind some of you women's moves. Why are some women okay with bringing an unwanted child into the world? Motherhood is not all peaches and roses. Then you are pressing him to pay thousands in child support when he wanted you to abort in the first place... Please make it make sense. The purpose of this podcast is to enlighten my fellow community members. Let's try to move in a more strategic manner. Stop trying to live the life that you see others living. That may not be what God has planned for you. Being a wife > Being a baby mama Having your own bag > Gold digging If you wanted a trick, shorty just say that. Stop expecting men to save you. Sis it is 2021 and they are catching on! Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
February 12, 2021
71. "You're Average At Best"
Life and Dating Coach Kevin Samuels has recently gone viral after telling a 35 year old Black woman that she is average at best... The context of the conversation is definitely relevant! So GhiaLogic recommends that you watch the twenty minute youtube video prior to listening to this pod! But the gems that he drops are great. Ladies we have to be realistic, starting with ourselves first. Take care of some things on your end before you ask an arm and a leg out of a man. GhiaLogic expounds on why women should marry for love and companionship and not because of a man's financial status. Social media has everyone's brain washed. Everyone is not a leveled playing field. Make sure your ducks are in a row before wanting A, B, and C. This video,"You're Average At Best" is the reason GhiaLogic goes so hard everyday. To want or attract the best, you have to be the best. How can you ask for so much but you are average yourself? Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
February 10, 2021
70. The Black Influence
Stop playing with us all 2021!  It's not going well for you Karens :/ Also, did you know that a Black man invented the super soaker? And a Black woman invented the GPS System! Tap in to this episode to learn more Black History. Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
February 05, 2021
69. 2021: Living in America: Capitalism vs. Socialism vs. Communism
By now you should know that you have to work to sustain yourself and your family. This country will not throw you too many life lines. You have to make things happen for yourself. We are currently living in historical times. Understand how our country fully operates. As far as the governments on a state and federalized level, and the economy we run on. Once you understand the basis of these subjects, you will realize how we got here today. Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
February 02, 2021
68. Physical and Sexual Assault on Women
Former Seattle Seahawk Chad Wheeler. TI and Tiny Harris. Thousands if not millions of others. Enough is enough. The weird power struggle that people go through when they take advantage of women is sick. You all have to be held accountable for your actions. You are ruining people's lives, one day at a time. It shows true bravery to come forward after an attack(s). Salute to anyone that comes forward after experiencing being raped, choked, drugged, etc. Maybe one day as a society we will choose to finally stop VICTIMIZING the VICTIMS! Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
January 31, 2021
67. Long Live Kobe and Gianna Bryant, Forever in Our Hearts. Black Mamba and the Mambacita.
Today marks the one year anniversary of this horrendous tragedy... The passing of Kobe Bryant, Gianna Bryant, and seven others in a horrific helicopter crash in Calabasas, California. Still extremely unbelievable to even type this. During the duration of this podcast, GhiaLogic covers a multitude of subjects. Like how the media terribly covered this event. Every news outlet wanted to be the first to break the news. But so many lies were spun. They were numerous people they claimed passed away in the crash that in reality, did not. The sheriff of the police department and fire department leaked photos of the crime scene... like where is your decency? If I was Vanessa Bryant, I would sue you all as well. For everything. This society we live in lacks sensitivity. Decency. Empathy. The lives lost in this crash will forever be celebrated. We will not let your names die. Life is so short, you never know when you or a loved one's last day may be. Nothing taught this to GhiaLogic more than the death of her favorite athlete and his daughter. My goodness, life can be so cruel. Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
January 26, 2021
66. President Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.
Thank God Almighty we have been freed from the shackles of Donald Trump. A new day and age is here. Salute to President Biden and Vice President Harris. Praying that you get to work ASAP because our dear country leaves it. Can't believe that this man left this country in a ruckus. The virus plague is worse than it was initially almost 12 months ago. Everybody is unemployed. Hospitals around the country are completely filled up. It is truly the wild, wild west. As long as we do not have to wear masks this summer and my federal student loans are wiped away, this man is A-Ok in GhiaLogic's book. The new year starts now!!! Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
January 20, 2021
Tap in.... Or Don't :) Top Secret Information on this Episode of Experiencing GhiaLogic. Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
January 19, 2021
64. The Importance of Traveling!
Travel the globe, GhiaLogic is sure that we would all be surprised with what we see! While we are here on this Earth we should take the time to explore. The world is bigger than our backyards. Traveling helps people build empathy and understanding towards other nationalities and lifestyles. Swipe that card and tell your job it's an emergenycy. Take that flighttttt... Nothing tops enjoying a great experience. It is something no one can take away from you. GhiaLogic is also realizing she is a bit competitive. She does not enjoy people to have one up on her. That is why she makes it her responsibility to learn and visit other cultures. Life is all about what you make of it! Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
January 14, 2021
63. "For Better or For Worse"
Divorce is already prevalent in 2021... Why don't celebrities know how to pick them! Dr. Dre literally married a nobody, we don't know her name. Yet she is asking for everything... Ok. Then this man just had a brain aneurysm that made him get immediate surgery. This man is clearly stressed O U T ! Then we have Kanye West and Kim Kardashian splitting after six years and four children... Still confused on how those two fell in love in the first place to even make it here! Tap into this episode to hear GhiaLogic spill the tea. Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
January 12, 2021
62. Proud Boys... January 6, 2021... A Day that Will Go Down in History
This country is a mess. This country is a joke. This country is based on the principle of white is right. White people can always be forgiven. White people can always be given a second and third chance. This country is an embarrassment. This country is hypocritical. Pink people are so entitled that it is absolutely disgusting. To attack and bombard Capitol Hill while government officials are inside doing their jobs... Trespassing with NO MASKS, amongst a "global pandemic". Ghia Logic is pissed off. She feels disrespected. She feels like there is no hope. To know that her ancestors got sprayed by WATER HOSES THAT THE FIRE DEPARTMENT USED when they wanted to have a PEACEFUL MARCH over a bridge in Alabama... They would get dogs set on them. There were Men, Women, and Children in these protests!!! To know that MLK Jr. and Malcolm X died for us just to have a CHANCE TO BE EQUALLY REPRESENTED. And these pink people just committed FELONIES ON NATIONAL TV and nothing happened. Police literally were seen taking selfies with these goons... Everything is a joke. GhiaLogic and her future family deserve better. If there was ever a more blatant way to show that Black Lives in fact do not matter, this was it. We have way bigger fish to fry but you pink people traveled to Washington D.C. on 2pm on a Wednesday to attempt to take over the government. Someone please make it make sense. Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
January 07, 2021
61. Being a Professional Athlete: Is it a Privilege to Play?
Physically Challenging Mentally Challenging Training Camps Practices Self Recovery Learning Plays Constant Traveling Yes, we all know that being a professional athlete is more than tough. But isn't that what they signed up for? Isn't that why they get paid so much? You have to take accountability and realize what you signed up for. Once you signed that contract, it is bigger than you. Stop with the excuses and buckle down. Whether people realize it or not, they are now a role model for many people across the country. Everybody is watching you and ready to cast judgement. God has blessed many of these athletes to continue making multi million dollars in a global pandemic while millions lose their job. Let's tighten up and realize the great position that these people are in. Please chill out on going to parties or strip clubs during this COVID-19 mess. Why would you want to risk losing your job for 3 hours of pleasure ? Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
January 07, 2021
60. It's a New Decade!
If the country opens back up for Summer 2021, it's a wrap! GhiaLogic recently formulated her 3-5 year plan for upcoming years. We all have to adjust this year and accept that 2020 changed this country forever! So cheers to new skills. The best is just yet to come. #YearOfTheBossUp Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
January 05, 2021
59. What Do You Want Out of 2021?
Wow! What a year we have went through as a human race... An absolutely incredible year and GhiaLogic means that in the most negative and stressful way possible. This year was filled with a plague that is still amongst us, death, the unknown, a dreadful presidential election, and much more. Yet this year did mature a lot of people and prep them for what is to come. This life is not sweet, at all. GhiaLogic had to buckle down. Make some things shake on her own. She knows that she is for sure not asking too much from the year 2021. Peace, financial discipline, and dedidcated time to prayer are just a few things she dives into on the 59th episode of Experiencing GhiaLogic. Thank you all so much for listening to this new podcast that was birthed only seven months ago.  Knowing that people are receiving this information and enjoying it as entertainment means the world to GhiaLogic. So here's to the new year of 2021. May we all go into it wanted the most out of life. Lord Jesus please let us leave masks in 2020... Our cheeks and our ears can not take anymore of it! See you guys and gals on episode 60! God Bless America. Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
December 31, 2020
58. 999 Reasons Why Driving in Houston is the Absolute Worst
If you live here... then you already know. Houstons roads and highways are a literal war zone. It does not matter if it is after midnight or a holiday... People are driving 100 miles per hour, they are driving recklessly, and they will run you off of the road if you let them. GhiaLogic had to get this vent session in because lately driving has turned into a complete ruckus. Nowadays you truly have to be prayed up when you enter your vehicle. Stay focused and try not to be distracted. Things can switch up in a second for sure. Amongst the 999 Reasons listed in this episode include the topics: Construction Flooding Tailgating Running Red Lights And Much, MUCH more Tap into the this episode to get a good laugh. If you do any of these things on a daily basis.... You my friend need to tighten up. You may be one of the drivers GhiaLogic is talking about. Some of you Houstonians need to revisit Driver's Ed. Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
December 29, 2020
57. Free Game
On this episode of Experiencing GhiaLogic, GhiaLogic answers four different questions: What were GhiaLogic's favorite television shows this year? What was the biggest lesson(s) she learned this year? Positive Habits GhiaLogic Adopted This Year? Negative Habits GhiaLogic Dropped This Year? Remember that God is in the center of it all. Tap in with God every day if you can. Remember God has our story already written. GhiaLogic is being extremely transparent in hopes of helping others going through the same things. We are moving onward and upward.  Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
December 24, 2020
56. How Could I Do Better Moving Forward?
You know GhiaLogic is all about improving... In this episode, she lists a few things she discovered while self reflecting. 2020 was a crazy year but if you can still reflect on the things you did wrong or can improve on, that is growth. GhiaLogic simply wants nothing more than to become the most polished young lady she can possibly be. Grab a pen and take some notes! Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
December 22, 2020
55. Rest in Paradise to All of the Lives Lost This Year...
By far the hardest episode yet for GhiaLogic to create. But this year can not be concluded without highlighting the magnificent souls that passed away this year... Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
December 18, 2020
54. 2020 Recap Part Two
Even though this year was likeeeee 25% positive and 75% negative... There were actually a few things that were enjoyable about this year. From seeing people create their own sources of income to seeing people slow down and truly begin to value life. This year has taught GhiaLogic to not get too comfortable in any position that she is in. Anything can be taken away from you or added to your life. Reflect on how the year 2020 has bossed you up! Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
December 18, 2020
53. 2020 Recap Part One
GhiaLogic answers the questions: What was the most challenging part of this year? What obstacle did I overcome this year? This is the first of a seven podcast series about the things GhiaLogic has learned or experienced this year. Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
December 10, 2020
52. Get From Round Me!
Triggers for GhiaLogic Include: Liars Untimely People Getting Talked to Crazy Negative People that Really Have it Good These are just a few characteristics that GhiaLogic has noticed are triggers for her. She can no longer stand to be around people that do this on a consistent basis. Be grateful for everything that you have. Be honest, your word should be your bond. Respect everyone... You never know who you may be talking to. Wealthy people value their time as well as others. GhiaLogic just wants her peers and community to grow as people. It is never too late to make improvements about yourself. The sky is the limit. But if you are triggering GhiaLogic, she has to distance herself. #SelfCare #PutYourselfFirst Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
December 08, 2020
51. Low Down Dirty Scoundrels! Twerking at True Kitchen + Kocktails
GhiaLogic stands with Kevin Kelley and True Kitchen + Kocktails, period. #StopTwerkingAllOutInPublicAnyways #SitDownYouRatchet #YouLadiesNeedACardiAndMegCleanse Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
December 01, 2020
50. Respecting Boundaries! Rihanna Not Releasing New Music, Instagram Influencers Salaries, Making a Name For Yourself.
Six months into Experiencing GhiaLogic and we have reached the 50th episode! Shoutout to everybody that listens, reposts, buys a ticket to the live shows, and has been on this podcast! GhiaLogic is more than appreciative of the support. This year has been a tough one for everyone. Hopefully this podcast has brought you a laugh and bossed you up a little bit. On the 50th episode of Experiencing GhiaLogic, topics covered include: Respecting People's Boundaries Rihanna's Empire SavageXFenty Instagram Influencers Salaries Separating Yourself From Your Partner, Make a Name for Yourself Prepare for the Future Tap in! This is another episode of pure Free Game!  Instagram: @GhiaLogicX and @GhiaLogic
December 01, 2020
49. Do You Have a Plan of Action if One of Your Loved Ones Were to Pass Away? The Value of Life Insurance.
GhiaLogic's mother had the grand idea of sharing information with you all about Life Insurance and Final Expense Plans. She sat down with her daughter to get down to the nitty gritty. They are both Licensed Life Insurance Agents in the state of Texas.  This is often times a conversation that is held too late in our community. Don't be ignorant. Take the time to listen to this podcast and do some outside research. Having a funeral or even a memorial service for someone who passed away takes a lot of planning and action. Even if your loved one wants to get cremated, do you know where to purchase an urn? Do you know how to set up their memorial service? How will you get their body out of the morgue? These are questions that one must have the answer for.  It's better to work smarter and not harder. Have a plan of action prepared so when that day comes, you can focus on grieving. No one wants to talk to funeral homes and compare the prices. Let your insurance company do all of the hard work for you. It is time for us to put our big girl panties and have these uncomfortable conversations with our loved ones. We all will die one day. The average funeral is over $10,000 now. Please don't be forced to create a GoFundMe for your loved one. If you are interested in getting a final expense plan on yourself or a love one, reach out to GhiaLogic. DM me on twitter or instagram. Visit my mother's website:   " " to learn more on this topic. GhiaLogic can get you insured in under a hour. Fail to prepare and you plan to fail. Instagram: @GhiaLogicX Twitter: @GhiaLogic Email:
November 28, 2020
48. Why are Divorce Rates Currently So High? The Future of Marriage in this Country
GhiaLogic's best friend Giselle sits down to do another episode with her! It was recommended to GhiaLogic by her friend Ron that she should speak on the current state of marriages in this country. Man, what an exciting topic this was! 1 in 2 marriages in this country end in divorce. These young ladies talked about the good, the bad, and the ugly. A common theme for GhiaLogic this year is that love simply isn't enough. That was brought up again in this episode! Tap in to see when and why Giselle and GhiaLogic think people should get married! The future can't be all bad... right ??! Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
November 24, 2020
47. Gucci Verzuz Jeezy... Frenemies!
The hottest Verzuz Challenge comes on tonight... Gucci Mane vs. Jeezy. At first I could confidently claim Gucci Mane as the winner... Now I truly do not know. Jeezy had those billboard hits!!! It's gonna be the best battle thus far for sure! These men are enemies lol I hope they both get checks out of it! Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
November 19, 2020
46. Everything Comes Full Circle
No need to worry about revenge or getting even. God will always take care of his children. On today's episode of Experiencing GhiaLogic, GhiaLogic wants to reassure you that everything will work out on your behalf. Don't think that God is leaving you out high and dry. He works on his own time. & his timing is oh so perfect! As she reflects over this year, she notes how the same people that have done her wrong, have also come back to apologize for their wrongdoings. The Lord says that your enemy will become your footstool. It is so crazy how life plays out. Everything comes back full circle. Do good unto others and good will be done unto you. Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
November 17, 2020
45. Rest in Peace King Von and Mo3... Enough is Enough.
Black on Black violence is played out. Can we collectively as a community start condoning  people for their reckless actions? Being a street n**** is not the wave anymore. These people's families now have to put together a funeral. Where is the empathy for the people that look like us? GhiaLogic is fed up. Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
November 13, 2020
44. Possibility of Voting Off of Our Phones in Future Presidential Elections
Yay or Nay? Would you be interested in voting off of your phone in the upcoming presidential elections?! GhiaLogic sure does. She believes that the benefits would include: More convenient for the population Quicker turn around time because votes are easier to count Encourages more people to vote Lessens Voter Suppression And in some places, the future is already here... Tap in to this episode of Experiencing GhiaLogic to talk about the future of voting in the United States. Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
November 12, 2020
43. No Astroworld Fest This Year :(
Lil Uzi Vert and Beyonce gotttttaaaaa be at the next Astroworld Fest... Man Travis, please. The people need that. On this episode of Experiencing GhiaLogic, the legendary Astroworld Festival is reflected on. Due to the coronavirus, all concerts and festivals have pretty much been cancelled indefinitely in this country. GhiaLogic's heart is broken. This is her favorite day of the year. Yes, Astroworld is better than her birthday. Because of this festival, she met her friend Paige Lawrence! @paigesaysto @PSTApproved! They always look forward to this day because they usually walk there from her apartment and meet up with @BBess_iyess and his crew. From Gunna, to the Migos, to Kanye, to Travis, the festival is full of surprises. This year, the pair can not finesse free burgers from the Burger Joint food truck. We can not create a mosh pit during Playboi Carti's set. SMH 2020 has been different... Tap in to see why you should attend the next Astroworld Festival when our country returns back to normal! Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
November 09, 2020
42. Clubhouse
Tap in to learn more about the exclusive Social Media app that is invite only! Add GhiaLogic on there @GhiaLogic there are currently right around 50,000 users on the platform. Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
November 09, 2020
41. Be on Time
This week the 2020 Presidential Election results has been delayed by four days now... Therefore GhiaLogic deemed this the perfect time to cover the topic of being on time. GhiaLogic hates when people run behind schedule. Especially when it is the norm for them. Break that bad habit in the new year and watch how your life changes for the better... If you want to be a successful businesswoman or businessman, how can you achieve that by not being organized enough to be on time? Certain things just have to give in order for you to reach that next level. Prove others wrong and show that you are reliable. Being prompt is a basic skill that a lot of people 30 yo and under need to improve on. Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
November 07, 2020
40. The Impact of Soulja Boy
With everything going on in the world, GhiaLogic thought that it would be nice to lighten up the mood a bit! Let's take time to reflect on Soulja Boy. His influence and impact in the music industry has continued to live on 10 years plus. This man invented Troll Culture. He revolutionized marketing oneself on the internet. He set off the internet dance craze!!! iPod, Limewire, Myspace, and Youtube... These are all tools that Soulja Boy utilized to make his brand what it is today. His flow, his beats... are for sure what created artists like Lil B, Chief Keef, Migos, Riff Raff, Rich the Kid and more. His interview on the Breakfast Club is one of the top ones ever. DRAKEEEEEEEE! He proved how Drake stole his bars from his song "What's Hannenin" and put them in the beginning of "Miss Me". Nicki Minaj even used the beat from "Donk" on "Itty Biggy Piggy". Tap in to hear GhiaLogic praise this smart, hustling King! Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
November 03, 2020
39. Embracing Our Natural Hair
During this year, we have spent plenty of time at home and around ourselves. GhiaLogic decided to play around with natural hair products since she had so much down time! She is usually a wig wearing young lady but now her air arsenal is becoming more versatile. Camile Rose and Aunt Jackie's Hair Products are her two favorites currently. And she will go to war about them! This podcast was created to let brown and black girls know that it is never too late to embrace the hair that God blessed them with. Our hair just takes a little bit more patience! But the results are amazing. The compliments and stares make it worth the while! Perms and flat irons are OUT. Bantu knots and twist outs are IN! We are living in a time where being healthy is just the in thing to do. Nobody wants to be known for being unhealthy and not hip. The next time you have a few extra coins you can spare, visit Target, Marshalls, Walgreens, or your local beauty supply and try something new. Play around with your hair for a month of two... If it comes out a way you don't like it, so what? It's not like you have a concert to attend... Try a different method or product then get back at it. Embrace your curl pattern! Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
November 03, 2020
38. Question of the Year: Grace vs. We Paid
The Most Important Discussion Topic of 2020 - We Paid or Grace ??? Two very legendary songs! We all know very well that Lil Baby is running 2020. My Turn was crazy and My Turn Deluxe was even crazier. Then he brought 42 Dugg to our attention and we have not looked back since. Tapped in to see why GhiaLogic enjoys the song Grace over We Paid! *42 Dugg Whistles* Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
October 28, 2020
37. Let Black Women Flex If They Want To!!! Birkin Bag Talk
Yaya Mayweather has spoken. Saweetie has spoken. Kayla Nicole Jones has spoken... Now so has GhiaLogic! Men buy Audemar Piguets, Richard Milles, Patek Philippes, and more with no issue. Those watches are $50,000 minimum. But now you don't want to buy your shorty a bag that costs 30 racks because you feel like it is pointless? You would rather buy her stock or real estate. Yeah OKAY OKAY! Hermes Birkin bags prices have increased over 500% in the last 35 years. Why every time Black women want to have something luxurious it's an issue? And don't let sis have more than one... Whew! This society is weird and bugging. Men are also hating now more than ever. Don't say anything to me when I have Birkins, Chanels, and Diors in the next ten years and that’s on period. Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
October 27, 2020
36. The Rise Of Sexual Assault During Quarantine
A topic that many of us never wished would become true. Yet this is something that the community needs to be aware of. Unfortunately since many people are at home longer than usual, emotions are rising. Alcoholism, Depression, and Anxiety have all been increasing at the same time as COVID-19 cases. The repercussions of this statistic is domestic and sexual abuse. Especially amongst Women and Underage Children. That is the focus of today's episode. Every-time GhiaLogic gets on social media, she comes across a new disgusting story that has to do with a child being raped. Has the world truly went to s***? To the parents out there, please be careful who you are leaving your children with. Make sure your children feel confident enough in you two's relationship to confide in you if something does go wrong. These are troubling times and sadly, people are letting their frustrations go on any and everybody. Please tap in to this episode to raise awareness on this topic. May God Bless America. Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
October 27, 2020
35. Gone as Quickly as He Arrived... Sada Baby is Cancelled!!!
Literally... Like... This is the prime of example of how disgusting men can be. Even though the tweets that were dug up from this man were from 2010-2011, they are 100% inexcusable. GhiaLogic is known no to be a fan of cancel culture. But this man literally dug his own grave. Tap in to see why the Tik Tok star that has risen to fame in a matter of weeks now has his world crashing down upon him because he is actually a disgusting predator. Men, do better please... Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
October 21, 2020
34. Accountability ... and the Lack There Of In This World.
No one ever wants to own up to their wrongdoings anymore. Chivalry is for sure dead. Friendships end at the drop of a dime. Your significant other will literally lie directly to your face about infidelity even though the screenshots are right there... On this episode of Experiencing GhiaLogic, she covers why she can not stand by someone who is unaccountable. It is a sign of immaturity. If someone can go around disrespecting others and truly be reckless at this point in their lives, GhiaLogic gives them an easy way out of her life. GhiaLogic speaks on how it is truly toxic to not take any responsibility for one's actions. People can miss out on job opportunities, relationships, and many more by simply not owning up to their faults. We all have room to grow & this is a topic that GhiaLogic believes the 30 and under crew can benefit from! Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
October 21, 2020
33. GhiaLogic the Experience ForEx Edition ft. Seun & Alexis (Live Podcast)
Originally recorded on October 15, 2020. The live podcast with Seun and Alexis covers all things ForEx trading! Tap in to learn new things about the hottest LEGAL hustle out. Hour long podcast, definitely worth the listen all the way through. Another live GhiaLogic the Experience is coming very, very soon so stay tuned! Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
October 20, 2020
32. Sukihana
On today's episode, GhiaLogic expresses her disgust for rapper/personality Sukihana.... It seems like nowadays people are only focused on the present and not the long term... Why have three children especially female offsprings and still conduct yourself in this manner?! It's really the nudity and vulgarity for GhiaLogic. Like why not do all of this solely on OnlyFans... Why bring it to Instagram and Twitter for free? This society is showing that you can truly be whoever you want and get a bag. Even if it is borderline prostitution. In public it is tough to be on your phones now because you never know what may pop up! That is because of people like her. GhiaLogic understands that you must provide and put food on the table as a mother... But there are boundaries. If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything. Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
October 19, 2020
31. Protecting Black Women... Why is That So Difficult? Meg Thee Stallion's New York Times Article
GhiaLogic covers numerous reasons of why Black Women have continuously gone unprotected in this country. She also quotes Meg thee Stallions New York Times recent article. Why are we constantly left hanging to dry? Are we not worthy of love and compassion? GhiaLogic gets a little emotional on this controversial topic. Black men, please pick up the slack and have our backs during this time. We are your mothers, sisters, WIVES! We need hugs and kisses too. We don't want to argue all the time... Most of the time we come from the same background and we have the same outlook. We must come together as a community. Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
October 15, 2020
30. Keeping Up With the Jonessss
Social Media sometimes feels like a facade nowadays ... But who is to blame for this new perception of reality ?! GhiaLogic elaborates on her reasoning why law enforcement and everyday life have influenced the way we use social media. Everyday you see people get fired from their jobs because of something they posted on social media or better yet, something that they were doing in real life that got captured on camera. THEN someone posted it on social media and it got back to their employer. We all know someone that has gotten caught up on social media . That is why more people are moving accordingly and only posting the "positive" things in their lives. There are still plenty of Pros when it comes to the benefits of social media. You just have to be mature enough to handle the cons. By now we have realized that social media is not going anywhere. So let's all get acclimated to see where this ride takes us. GhiaLogic believes that it is best indeed to highlight the fun times you have on social media. Because the feds truly are watching. Your friends and family that mean the most know the real you. That is all that matters. Let's remember what social media was created for in the first place and that is to connect the entire world! Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
October 13, 2020
29. If Your Credit Score is Below 500, Should You Be Buying Designer? Entry Level Luxury? The Fly On Mike Pence's Head...
Man man man, social media has been going crazy today. GhiaLogic had to cover the hottest trending topics in today's episode. Last night was the Vice President Debate! Now it was not as horrendous as the Presidential Debate but a fly was actual the star of the night. People are saying that Mike Pence had to have been wearing a wig because how did he not feel the fly crawling around on his head? 🤣 Entry Level Luxury? Is that a thing? And if so, what brands or restaurants fall in the category. Tap in to hear if GhiaLogic believes Gucci is actually luxury or simply just an entry level designer brand. Finally, GhiaLogic covers the topic that Plies brought up recently on Twitter: "If U Got A Closet Full of Designer & Your Credit Score A 500!!! Your Priorities Are F*cked Up!!!"  Do you guys think GhiaLogic agreed or disagreed with that statement?! 👀👀👀 be sure to listen to the entire episode to find out! Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
October 08, 2020
28. Power Book II: Ghost - Mid Season Finale Recap
Hopefully by now you all have had time to catch up on all five episodes of this season of "Power Book II: Ghost". They stopped at episode five because production for the season had to shut down do to COVID-19 spread. The season will resume in December! Tap in to hear why GhiaLogic favors this season over the original Power. She also lets you know who she prefers for Tariq; Lauren or Diana!!! The Mid-Season Finale was nothing short of crazy and unbelievable. Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
October 06, 2020
27. Trump Caught the Rona
Conspiracy Theory or TRUTH????? This man Trump and his wife Melania tested positive for the Coronavirus last night. Trump's family denied wearing masks on Tuesday, September 29th at the Presidential Debate in Ohio. Leaving there his Aid Hope Hicks claimed to be feeling ill so she got tested for COVID-19. Her results were positive resulting in the President, First Lady, and Vice President to be tested as well... Donald and Melania tested positive and the Mike Pence tested negative. You guys... there are literally 32 days until the election. This is toooo much drama for GhiaLogic. The most ironic part of this is that Trump has claimed for months that regular people should not take this seriously because it only affects older people. Well you my sir, are old. Let's see what else the year 2020 has in store! Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
October 02, 2020
26. Similarities and Differences Between Tory Lanez, Chris Brown, & R. Kelly. Truly the Last Time I Will Speak on Tory and Megan!!!
Before GhiaLogic can fully move on from the Megan thee Stallion altercation.... There is a conversation that must be had. She compares the actions of musicians R.Kelly, Chris Brown, and Tory Lanez when it comes to abusing women. There are many similarities but the small discrepancies make all of the difference to GhiaLogic. Tap in to see why currently GhiaLogic is still a fan of Tory Lanez but not of R. Kelly. This logic is worth giving a chance. As a society we are so hard on each other for the smallest things. Yet when it comes to molestation and true sexual abuse, we look the other way and forgive. There are times to forgive and times to convict one another. Yes it was the wrong move for Tory Lanez to this publicity stunt of dropping an album two months after allegedly shooting Megan thee Stallion... But he was clearly intoxicated that night. At least her recovery was speedy. People in our culture have done extremely worse and most people look the other way. Ephesians 4:31-32 reads: Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice. Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you. Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
September 29, 2020
25. The Rise and Fall of Jordyn Woods & Hopefully the Last Time I Will Speak on Meg and Tory...
This week has been a hot mess! We have no one else to blame but Tory Lanez or aka Daystar Peterson. On September 24th, Tory Lanez made posts on social media which read, "To my fans... I'm sorry got my silence... but respectfully... I got time today... 9 PM PST. Needless to say most of us assumed that he would be going on live to talk about him shooting Megan thee Stallion. But we were wrong... He instead released an album capitalizing off of the tragic event! Typical narcissistic action taken by Tory Lanez. None of us truly wanted an album... Tory Lanez would take to Instagram live a majority of the quarantine to broadcast his quarantine radio! When he released the album, it made it appear that he was taking the easy way out of this and also making a financial gain. Is this the right move? GhiaLogic disagrees but does claim that the album has some hits. Tap in to this episode of Experiencing GhiaLogic to hear what she would have done if she was Meg! To end this week, influencer Jordyn Woods sits down with Natalie Manuel on her Youtube channel. They cover body shaming, social media, cancel culture, bullying, and so much more. Jordyn Woods lets the world know that the encounter with Tristan Thompson truly changed her life. She seems almost apologetic for the event even happening ... This episode is juicy nonetheless so make sure you listen all the way through! It's definitely some gems today. Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
September 28, 2020
24. New Age of SneakerHeads! The Usage of StockX, GOAT, & SNKRS App
Rant time!!! How do you guys do it? How do you all use StockX and Goat to purchase all of your Nike, Joedan, Yeezy, etcccc needs?! GhiaLogic simply can not get jiggy with it. In this episode she vents her frustration of this new era of purchasing sneakers. Tap in to see if you can relate! Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
September 28, 2020
23. Check Your Privilege... We Really Got it G O O D
On this episode of Experiencing GhiaLogic. a conversation with her cousin Maia is reflected upon. GhiaLogic lists many reasons why living in America right now simply is not that bad. There are far other places on the globe where she would not want to be living! The purpose of this episode was to give hope and to inspire people to keep going. The world has always been unfair. Who knows if it will ever change... But one must look at the glass as half full and not half empty! There are third world countries out there that go through plagues every few years. Yet we are over here sad because of the mandatory masks laws. We have to check our privilege as a community. We can use social media as we please. We can freely condemn our president of his wrongdoings... A billionaire in China just got sentenced 18 years in prison for writing a criticizing letter to the Chinese president. Let's remember just how good we still have it! Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
September 24, 2020
22. Fix Your Attitude Lil Gremlin!
Nobody wants to be around people: That are negative Nancies Don't hold themselves accountable Have a depressing vibe Be positive. Know that your current position in life is only temporary. Don't put your negative energy onto other people. WE DON'T want it. Everyone should be grateful in times like these. 2020 has shown us things could always be worse... Work on becoming a better, more positive YOU. Tap in to hear GhiaLogic give real world examples of people in her circle having positive and negative attitudes. Twitter/Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
September 24, 2020
21. One Step Forward and One Step Back: Breonna Taylor's Family Receiving Wrongful Death Settlement and Cardi B Divorces Offset...
Baby steps... Some progress is better than none it seems. On September 15, 2020, the city of Louisville Kentucky paid the late Breonna Taylor's family 12 million dollars in a wrongful death settlement. Breonna Taylor was murdered in March of this year by numerous officers. Breonna Taylor was a 26-year-old African-American emergency medical technician, was fatally shot by Louisville Metro Police Department officers Jonathan Mattingly, Brett Hankison, and Myles Cosgrove on March 13, 2020. No criminal indictments have been made in relation to her death. Her family is still seeking justice. Also on September 15, 2020, popular female rapper Cardi B filed a Contested Divorce in Fulton County Georgia against husband Offset. With their third wedding anniversary just five days, social media is left asking, "Why now?"... GhiaLogic is positive it will all come to light soon. Instagram/Twitter: @GhiaLogicX
September 16, 2020
20. Current State of Fashion: The Black Influence
CHRISTIAN DIOR DIOR, WHEN IT RAINS IT POURS! Travis Scott's "Cactus Pack" Meal With McDonald’s Telfar Global Bags. Just a few of the brands that are brought up in the 20th episode of Experiencing GhiaLogic. Tap in to see what GhiaLogic has to say about the power of a Black person behind an established brand. We bring these companies so much money and clout because they know our influence and value. That means we need to know our worth too! Our Black is Beautiful and it makes money too... Yeah this Melanin talks McDonalds, Nike, and The GAP!!! Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
September 15, 2020
19. The Birthday Party??? Kanye West on Cannon's Class
Ye was the latest guest on Nick Cannon's Podcast, "Cannon's Class"! Kim Kardashian's husband spoke on his GAP deal, the Birthday Party, & elaborated on his passion regarding being Pro-Life. He lets us know that he has been wanting to run for president ever since 2015. He plans on being president sometime in our lifetime. This interview hits on everything that he has recently been ranting on Twitter! You know GhiaLogic had to tap in and share her takeaways from this Ye interview... Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
September 10, 2020
18. NFL 2020 Season = NO BUBBLE!!!
On 9/10/2020, the NFL Season will be starting on time! Tap in to hear GhiaLogic share her opinion on what is to come for this upcoming season. There will be no bubble. Each team can determine if they want fans attending their games. They will still be traveling via plane, city to city with no controlled setting. Kap is still a free agent four years later. Mahomes signed a near half a BILLION contract extension with Kansas City Drew Brees said earlier this summer that he can not agree with anyone that disrespects the flag by kneeling during the anthem... So what is going to happen when another Black person gets unlawfully murdered by the police during the season? What repercussions will players have if they want to boycott games like the WNBA, NBA, and MLB have previously done? The tea is so hot you have to tap in before it spills... #GhiaLogic Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
September 09, 2020
The title says it all. GhiaLogic's first time getting flewed out and the man dies OMG. 2020 has been so crazy!!!  Definitely worth the listen. Life is short. Life is fragile... Tap in to hear how GhiaLogic's Miami Weekend Getaway goes completely W R O N G! Twitter/Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
September 04, 2020
Snitch. Informant. Squealer. Nark. Opp. Tap in to hear GhiaLogic break down the circumstances in which snitching is acceptable and unacceptable. Should women and men be held to the same standard or nahhh? SixNine and Megan thee Stallion have made this topic gain traction once again in the Black & Brown community. You know GhiaLogic had to share her opinion on this topic.  Special thanks to @ashleighrollin for giving me the idea for this episode! Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
August 26, 2020
15. Finances! Why is Credit So Important?
If you are lacking financial literacy, this episode was made with you in mind. Definitely take out a pen and paper so you can take notes! This episode will tell you what you need to know in order to achieve an excellent credit score. GhiaLogic shows you the value in checking your credit report and FICO scores on a regular basis. Credit is becoming more important by the day while the power of cash is decreasing... Make sure your finances are on the right path! Remember this is Experiencing  GhiaLogic. Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
August 25, 2020
14. COVID-19 & Hip Hop!
Still unbelievable that it has been more than five months since the Coronavirus hit the United States. Now it is back to school time! Crazy right?! GhiaLogic covers who she believes should go back to school and who should not.  On the Hip Hop portion of the conversation, GhiaLogic brings up the new XXL Freshman Class list, Da Baby endorsing Kanye West for presidency, and Jayda and Lil Baby vs Little Ms. Golden! Tap in to hear what is going on in today's Hip Hop. Twitter/Instagram: @GhiaLogic
August 18, 2020
13. August Conversations in the Black Community!
In this episode of Experiencing GhiaLogic, a plethora of topics are explicitly covered! Women and Men going 50/50 on dates and BAEcations... The 2 Chainz and Rick Ross Verzuz Battle, SHEESH... WAP! Megan thee Stallion, Cardi B, andddd Kylie Jenner?!  Yeah sis covered that. NBA Restart in the Bubble, Paul George and Patrick Beverly vs. Damian Lillard. Halloween this year and J. Cole potentially joining the NBA! Yes this episode covers a lot so make sure you tap in!!! Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
August 11, 2020
12. Tory and Meg...
GhiaLogic FINALLY weighs in on the Megan thee Stallion and Tory Lanez altercation. A conversation that she was trying to put off for the longest... Tap in to hear why! Tory Lanz shooting Mg is the most unfortunate event ever. Praise God that she is still alive! We are wishing Megan a speedy recovery. But GhiaLogic hopes that all of the facts will be released soon. What were you two doing at Kylie's? Why would he shoot Meg? What exactly happend to Tory Lanez after he shot her? This story is nothing short from wild. Twitter/Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
August 04, 2020
11. 2020 is COMPETITIVE
Every year it gets tougher to interview for new job positions. Nothing comes easy... From careers, friendships, and dating, to real estate and credit. This life that we live shows that there is no room for complacency. If you want something that is worth having, you have to up your game. Tap in to hear GhiaLogic share her thoughts on how she maneuvers life and tries to be the best human she possibly can. Do not let this episode intimidate you nor discourage you. Let it be food for thought and ammunition for you to continue going stronger! These are the keys to life. Don't get too comfortable! Twitter/Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
July 28, 2020
10. Ladies: Self Worth and Relationships!
Today GhiaLogic taps into her lovey-dovey side! While prepping for this podcast, her best friend Giselle asked her to speak on the role fathers/father figures play in regards to women's' self worth in relationships. Tap in to hear how GhiaLogic believes having self value is a fundamental brick that must be laid down prior to entering a relationship.  There are so many factors that contribute to having a healthy relationship with someone else. Why not get yourself all the way together before taking a partner seriously? Self love is the best love...  But you all know that GhiaLogic is a perfectionist. She is a little hard on herself in this thing called life. She expects nothing less than the best! Shout out to all the loving parents and family members that are playing their role successfully in helping raise young women in America! Twitter/Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
July 21, 2020
9. Artificial Intelligence & COVID-19
The most passionate episode yet!  Episode 9 gives the listeners insight into a conspiracy theory GhiaLogic believes. Could COVID-19 be setting up the world to move completely to Artificial Intelligence in the workforce? Humans will no longer be needed. Wouldn't it be safer and healthier for you to just stay at home and let the robots work instead?  Tap in to see if you agree with the logic she has between the connection of Artificial Intelligence and COVID-19. Twitter/Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
July 14, 2020
8. Black Hollywood
GhiaLogic covers the HOTTEST topics in the media currently:  Kanye West announces once again that he is running for presidency in the November presidential election.  She covers her love for Pop Smoke's posthumous album Shoot for Stars Aim for the Moon...  & Of course she dives into August Alsina/Jada Pinkett Smith/Will Smith's relationship!  Whew, the tea is HOT today! Tap in... Twitter/Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
July 07, 2020
7. People Doing You Wrong
Are you currently in need of some encouragement?  Has the year 2020 felt like a lot?  Do you feel the pressure that God has been applying to shape you?  GhiaLogic shares reasons why you should continue pressing on even when people slight you. Let God help you get the last laugh. This current society we live in seems to thrive in doing bad business. GhiaLogic shares her thoughts on growth, forgiveness, and Christianity. Twitter/Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
July 02, 2020
6. NBA 2019-2020 Season Reopening #LakerGang #Ring17
Tap in to hear GhiaLogic share her views on the NBA season resuming in July! LAKERGANG!!! It is our year for sure we are winning the Ship.She covers Kobe Bryant's passing, the COVID-19 cases in Florida, Kyrie Irving, Walt Disney World and much more.  When the season abruptly ended earlier this year, the Lakers were balling out of control. It is such a great feeling knowing that the season will be completed after all. Today, enjoy a lighter conversation on Experiencing GhiaLogic. Twitter/Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
June 30, 2020
5. GhiaLogic the Experience Ft. Sensations Hookah Live Show
This is audio from Ghia's most recent live show, "GhiaLogic the Experience ft Sensations Hookah". The show was held in Houston on 6/22/2020. She interviewed the owners of Sensations Hookah, James and Art. Tap in to get a great look into what topics GhiaLogic covers at her live shows! Be sure to attend the next live event in Houston, Texas! Coming Soon! Twitter/Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
June 24, 2020
4. Salary Vs. Commission
GhiaLogic had to give her share on the popular topic of talking to someone with a 9-5! B. Simone shared her preference recently on Nick Cannon's podcast claiming she would only talk to a CEO & not an average joe with a 9-5 position. She stated that they could not relate to her being up at 3 am. Tap in to hear GhiaLogic disagree with that statement.  GhiaLogic lists reasons of how you can make money work for you. There are ways of finessing a salary based position. You can have it all in this world. It is all in one's mindset! #GhiaLogic Twitter/Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
June 16, 2020
3. Progress Through Protests
Tune in to hear GhiaLogic support the progress that has been made through worldwide protests for unarmed Black deaths at the hands of policemen. Police officers are finally getting charged with murder. Cases that were once closed regarding the murders of African Americans, are now being reopened. The NFL Commissioner even made a statement regarding how the NFL was wrong about peaceful protests in the past.  All of this plus more will be covered in this episode of Experiencing GhiaLogic. Remember to focus on the reason of the protests, not the form! Black Lives Matter and Black Lives are Worthy. Twitter/Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
June 09, 2020
GhiaLogic and her best friend Giselle Alfaro sit down to explain the significance of George Floyd's murder. The conversation includes details of why racism, classism, and politics are all at play in this scenario.  On May 25, 2020, 3 policemen in Minneapolis killed him by kneeling on him for nearly 10 minutes.... Only one officer has been charged, and that was with third degree murder. Another wrongful killing by a police officer. Over an incident that was so small in measure. Will the story line ever be any different ? Tap in to see an African American and LatinX young women share their thoughts of this senseless crime.  Forever in our hearts, Rest in Power George Floyd Twitter/Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
June 02, 2020
1. #ImHungryBaby Growing into Yourself and Focusing on Your Future.
This episode lets people know GhiaLogic's thought process on finances, success, love, and more. Here why 23 year old GhiaLogic puts herself first in every aspect of her life! She understands that if she puts the hard work in now, she will reap the benefits later.  Young people, we have to love and know ourselves. Not being in a relationship is okay. There is nothing wrong with you. Find your passion! Book those flights. Live your best life! Go the extra mile and have assurance of yourself in everything you do. Tap in to and take some notes about why you should become more selfish... Twitter/Instagram: @GhiaLogicX
May 27, 2020