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Ghostless Machine

Ghostless Machine

By Ariel Pontes
Hi, I’m Ariel Pontes and this is my Podcast, where I read my blog posts about atheism, philosophy, science, and sociopolitical issues. I have an MA in analytic philosophy and I am active in several secular-humanist organizations in Brazil, Romania, and at the international level.
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#5 Cultivating virtues is utilitarian
Cultivating virtues is utilitarian Virtues are traits that contribute to a better society This is the second of a series of articles defending a compatibilist interpretation of utilitarianism, which can be reconciled with all major moral theories. In this article I explain how utilitarianism is compatible with virtue ethics. You can read the written article here.
January 28, 2021
#4 Are pain and pleasure all that matters? – What utilitarians mean when they promote pleasure over pain
This is the first of a series of articles defending a compatibilist interpretation of utilitarianism, which can be reconciled with all major moral theories in Western moral philosophy. In this article I explain what utilitarians mean by "pleasure" and "pain" and debunk a few myths that result from a misunderstanding of these terms. Original article:
January 02, 2021
#3 Abortion is harmless - Why the abortion debate shouldn't be about rights
"Abortion should be legal. It is immoral to make it illegal. But is that because women have a fundamental right to do whatever they want with their bodies? No. This is simply an invalid argument, and in part the reason we fail to make progress on the abortion debate. Arguments matter. Sure, people are emotional and some are so blinded by their religion that they will not be persuaded by any arguments. But in any debate, there will always be persuadables. If we manage to spread a pro-choice narrative that appeals to universal moral intuitions rather than to the gut feelings of certain political groups or religious confessions, we might have a chance to make that narrative viral and persuade a critical mass of people. So what is the reason abortion should be legal?" Original article:
November 05, 2020
#2 Conspiracy theories - Why coronavirus and vaccine conspiracies are implausible
"The tricky thing about conspiracy theories is that sometimes they’re true. This is a point that conspiracy theorists often bring up and we cannot simply dismiss them because it’s true, and we will lose credit if we simply deny it. But does that mean we should always presume any conspiracy theory is plausible until proven otherwise? Are they really all on equal footing? Of course not. Here’s why." Original article:
October 01, 2020
#1 On Jordan Peterson - A review of 12 Rules for Life and other content
"A few months ago, I decided to read 12 Rules For Life. All my progressive friends hated Jordan Peterson, he was the butt of many jokes in most philosophical or political pages I followed, and the target of strong criticism by most publications I read. On the other hand, many friends of mine who are super nice, open-minded, accepting and non-judgemental men and women, but who are completely oblivious about politics, seemed to be enthralled by him. On top of that, Sam Harris, a public intellectual that I deeply admire, seemed to have a very favorable attitude towards Peterson, even though they disagree on some fundamental issues. I had listened to all their debates, but I couldn’t make up my mind, so I finally decided to take a final step and read his (in)famous book in an attempt to formulate my own opinion." You can find the full article in text format here:
September 23, 2020