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GhoSTORIES with Franz & Pete

GhoSTORIES with Franz & Pete

Hangout with some folks from Ghostery chatting about data privacy and security and general whatevers!

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S2 | E8: Don't Eat That!!! The Data Is POISONED!!!!
This week Franz and Pete talk about the concept of Data Poisoning. And come to the realization that Franz hasn't seen enough movies.
April 01, 2021
S2 | E7: It's Been.. One Year Since You Looked At Me...
It's been 1 year since Quarantine started. A look back at where we were a year ago and some lessons learned over the last 365+ days. WFH not such a nasty 3 letter word anymore, and toilet paper, thankfully, is not the new currency.
March 18, 2021
S2|E6: We Talking Ghostery Dawn!...Again
Franz and Pete talk more about the New Ghostery Dawn Browser set to release very soon! Favorite features and how our awesome community have helped make it even better. As discussed, there are many links.. here are they are: Ghostery Dawn Product Page   |   Beta Tester Sign Up Ghostery Dawn Github Repo   |   @Yokoffing (BetterFox) Github Thread Destination Linux Podcast   |   DASGeek Youtube
February 25, 2021
S2 E5: Looking For Love In All The Wrong Chatrooms
This week Franz and Pete talk about dating apps. Finding love in a digital world. What and what not to share. Along with some advice on how to proceed safely :-)
February 11, 2021
S2|EP4: Data Privacy Day - Recap of Privacy Law in 2020
Happy Data Privacy Day! A Day that should make us all stop and think.. hmm.. How am I doing with my digital footprint and what not. We recap what happened in privacy law last year and set us up for 2021!
January 28, 2021
S2|EP3: Online Shopping - Cyber Monday-Sunday
On this last episode before a little  holiday break, Franz and Pete talk about some do's and don'ts and how to stay private while shopping online this holiday season.. and everyday for that matter. Links:  latest and greatest for weekly Ghostery content: Ou Holiday shopping ebook:
December 17, 2020
S2|E2: Clean up your Digital Self before the Holidays
Your digital footprint is a hot commodity . Make sure its clean and tidy. Franz and Pete talk about steps you can take to ensure apps, sites and logins are ready for the new year.
December 03, 2020
Introducing the New Ghostery browser; The Future is NOW
Franz and Pete chat with Ghostery President Jeremy Tillman about the new Ghostery browser. It's been a long time coming and we are psyched to get this out to you all!! Get yourself a copy here! Windows: Mac: Linux:
November 19, 2020
Episode 10: Let's Be Frank... A Ghostery Developer Says "Hi!"
This week, Franz and Pete Chat with Frank, a Senior Ghostery Developer about how he came to join us, what type of work he does at Ghostery and what kinds of things he's up to.  
October 15, 2020
Episode 9: School Days...Zoom Days...
This week, Franz and Pete interview some folks in the educational arena. What's it like going back to school this year from a teacher/administrator point of view and what was it like to get the schools ready from the IT department side of things. 
October 01, 2020
Episode 8: If You Build it... She Will Brand It
This week, Pete and Franz interview Victoria Gassmann, former Brand Manager of Cliqz, now out on her own. What has it been like on her solo mission to build a Company and Brand during a pandemic. Links: Website | LinkedIn |Instagram | Twitter  | Email 
September 17, 2020
Episode 7: Privacy Laws and the Acronyms that rule them
On this episode Franz and Pete talk about the different privacy laws in place these days from GDPR in the EU to the CCPA in California.  Show Links: GDPR NY SHIELD Act CCPA,rights%20for%20California%20consumers%2C%20including%3A&text=The%20right%20to%20delete%20personal,them%20(with%20some%20exceptions)%3B COPPA: PII:
September 03, 2020
Episode 6: Practice Good Internet Hygiene
This week, Franz and Pete discuss steps you can take to keep clean and safe while browsing the web.
August 20, 2020
Episode 5: WTF...AQ
Franz and Pete answer some Frequently Asked Questions and read a few choice support tickets to give you a glimpse as to the types of questions we get asked. Settle in!
August 06, 2020
Episode 4: To Build A Product You Need "U" and "I"
This week Franz and Pete Interview Ghostery's UX Researcher Adamarie Laboy. Listen to what goes in to determining and designing new features for all of our products. LINKS: Recruiting Ghostery User Studies  |  LinkedIn  |  Twitter Free 1 Month Subscription to ANY Ghostery paid product: Coupon code "PODCAST" at check out.
July 23, 2020
Episode 3: Design, Usability & Privacy.... oh my!
Franz and Pete Interview Agnieska Kitkowska a Ph.D. student at Karlstad University in Sweden focusing on Privacy and Usability in UX design. COUPON CODE: PODCAST for a Free month of Ghostery Premium! Links of interest: Personal page| Karlstad University page | The EU project Privacy&Us | Karlstad University PriSec page Twitter & LinkedIn
July 09, 2020
Episode 2: Ghostery; A History
Franz and Pete talk history of Ghostery and what kind of things are happening today! Try Ghostery Premium products for Free! use coupon code PODCAST and enjoy a free month to kick the tires.
June 18, 2020
Episode 1 : Introduction | The transition from an Analog to Digital world; Pandemic Style
Franz and Pete intro the podcast and talk about how the world has changed rapidly from, out and about, to a quarantined life.  How folks have handled the transition to online learning and everything else!  Try Ghostery Premium products for Free! use coupon code PODCAST and enjoy a free month to kick the tires.
June 03, 2020