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Ghosts of Taos

Ghosts of Taos

By Ghosts of Taos
Paranormal and supernatural stories and legends of Taos, New Mexico. For more information, visit #paranormal #supernatural #ghosts #history
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She Who Weeps

Ghosts of Taos

She Who Weeps

Ghosts of Taos

She Who Weeps
This episode is about the legend of La Llorona and her tale of sorrow and woe. No one knows when the legend began or where it came from though the tales vary from source to source. They say just about anyplace where there are rivers and humans, the story of the doomed mother who drowned her two children is commonly told. This episode is brought to you by Taos Art Supply, 208 Ranchitos Road in Taos, New Mexico. For information about the podcast, your host, the book, and more, visit
January 4, 2021
Manby, Most Hated
Arthur R. Manby was and still is the most hated man in Taos. Even today, his story is considered to be one of the greatest mysteries of Taos.  Listen to hear a little of Manby's complicated story and why he was the "most hated man in Taos." If you're curious about the podcast, your host, or the book, "Ghosts of Taos," visit our website at
December 27, 2020
Gravely Famous
Taos has its share of the famous – both dead and living. Kit Carson Memorial Park is a burial ground steeped with history and mystery. In this episode we explore the history and play an interview with Dr. Kathy Cordova of El Prado New Mexico as she talks about what she found out about those three graves over by the Dragoon Lane entrance of the Kit Carson Memorial State Park while she was a Cultural Reporter for the Smithsonian Institute.
December 20, 2020
Spooky Stays
Haunted Hotels and Inn in the Historic District of Taos. Here are a couple of stories about our more active properties. So often I'll get the question, "what's the most haunted hotel in town?" and I would be hard-pressed to have a concise answer because so many of the hotels have a reputation of one degree or another. The center of town is a good pick, but other places, quaint little B&Bs have had their share of stories. Here are just a few.
December 17, 2020
EVPs — What are they saying?
Electronic Voice Phenomena is one of the more popular techniques for paranormal investigations. In Season 1 Episode 2 of Ghosts of Taos, we'll be talking about an investigation at the Mabel Dodge Luhan house where I was lucky enough to be allowed to leave a running digital recorder on Mabel's dresser in her bedroom. We managed to pick up several EVPs in the room. Listen to them in this podcast! For more information about Ghosts of Taos, visit our website at
December 14, 2020
Welcome to the Ghosts of Taos Podcast
We've had to be so low-key during the COVID-19 Pandemic and subsequent lockdown, we've wondered how to reach out to our fans and those interested in the paranormal stories and legends of Taos, New Mexico. Could this be the medium we've been looking for? Our host, Melody Romancito, will walk us through the haunted highways and byways of the Northern New Mexican town and our first episode will start with an excerpt from her book, Ghosts and Haunted Places of Taos.
December 13, 2020