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Giamatti! Giamatti! Giamatti!

Giamatti! Giamatti! Giamatti!

By Dan Brenneman & Sam Calderon
Dedicated to the academic discussion of the acclaimed actor, Paul Giamatti. Every week we move through a new piece in the Paul canon. Blessed be the Giamatti, praise be.
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Giamatti! Giamatti! Giamatti!

Gunpowder Milkshake
Paul Giamatti's back at it again. Yet another minor character role in a ridiculous action movie - and we love him for it. Paul plays Nathan, the figurehead of a crime syndicate called "The Firm". Hear Dan and Sam talk about their holidays, contracting Covid, and The Great Pee Mystery may finally be solved.  Get in touch: Email: Instagram: @giamattipodcast Facebook:
January 24, 2022
The Little Prince
You bet your booty Paul Giamatti has a small part to play in bringing The Little Prince to the big screen. Hear Dan and Sam talk about a pee mystery, becoming a "unit", and so much more. Get in touch: Email: Website: Instagram: @giamattipodcast Facebook:
September 29, 2021
San Andreas ft. Adam Snyder
Get in touch: Email: Website: Instagram: @giamattipodcast Facebook:
August 22, 2021
Ernest and Celestine
An animated French film nominated for an Academy award - and Paul plays "Rat Judge". We expect nothing less from our Italian stallion. Hear all about Sam and Dan's favourite animated movies, some hot spaghetti, and Dan gets groceries delivered. Get in touch: Email: Website: Instagram: @giamattipodcast Facebook:
June 18, 2021
Inside Amy Schumer
Paul plays Juror #10 in the sketch "12 Angry Men Inside Amy Schumer". A parody of the popular film, all centering around the lawful question: Is Amy Schumer hot enough to be on TV? We also watched a sketch where Paul plays God while Schumer pleads with him to not give her herpes. Dan drinks a shirley temple, we discuss our next podcast idea, and the trials and tribulations of being a female comedian. Get in touch: Email: Website: Instagram: @giamattipodcast Facebook:
May 22, 2021
The Haunted World of El Superbeasto
Paul was in a Rob Zombie film! And it was awful! Sorry to all you Robby Zommy fans out there, we did not join the cult with this one. Hear Sam talk about how he hasn't used shampoo for four days, Dan's thoughts on intrusive thoughts, and we pitch a sex comedy inspired by the raunchiness of 2009. Get in touch: Email: Website: Instagram: @giamattipodcast Facebook:
May 07, 2021
Love and Mercy
Unlike what the band portrayed, it wasn't all summer fun for Brian Wilson, the musical mastermind behind The Beach Boys. We get to see Paul as the manipulative and controlling psychotherapist, Eugene Landy, in this biopic about Wilson's troubled life. Hear Sam give a formal apology for missing an Oscar's viewing party, Dan's hot take on said Oscars, and a special Paul improv segment you won't want to miss. Get in touch: Email: Website: Instagram: @giamattipodcast Facebook:
May 03, 2021
The Amazing Spider-Man 2
Paul plays one of his most ridiculous characters yet in this Spidey sequel and we dive in deep on this one. From Hans Zimmer and "The Magnificent Six" score, to The Rhino's barbed wire forehead tattoo. Sam walks us through his "bi-cycle of violence", Pandy vs. Panasonic, and Dan drinks a Mexican Cola. Hear all that and more on this lovely episode. Get in touch: Email: Website: Instagram: @giamattipodcast Facebook:
April 09, 2021
BONUS: The Amazing Screw-On Head
Paul plays a robot with a head that can screw onto any body with an acceptable receptacle. It's campy, fun, and kind of childish. Just like this podcast. Get ready for another future podcast brainstorming session, hear all about Sam's weeb-dom, and you'll learn of an alternate definition for the term "wizard". Get in touch: Email: Website: Instagram: @giamattipodcast Facebook:
April 03, 2021
Madame Bovary
We saw many sights during Madame Bovary. Ezra Miller had giant hair, many drop dead gorgeous dresses, and a traditional European hunt with so many beagles Cesar Millan would've had a heart attack. Hear all about Dan's new found love for Zack Snyder movies, our s(ow)thern Ontario-centric political podcast that's on the horizon, and Sam serenades us all with a secret clip.  Get in touch: Email: Website: Instagram: @giamattipodcast Facebook:
March 27, 2021
BONUS: Too Loud a Solitude
Dan let's us all know he's finally left the house, Sam's reading a comic book and swears that it's a challenging read, and both Dan and Sam agree that Paul is in fact an "artist". Get in touch: Email: Website: Instagram: @giamattipodcast Facebook:
March 18, 2021
River of Fundament
Have you seen a baby bird come out of a lady's private parts before? How about an unborn calf being dragged out of it's long dead mother? Of course you haven't, and you should count yourself grateful. Thanks to this film, this "scatological epic", we here at Giamatti! Giamatti! Giamatti! have seen all that and more. A lot more. And we're hear to share. Get in touch: Email: Website: Instagram: @giamattipodcast Facebook:
March 12, 2021
BONUS: The Fan and the Flower
A special BONUS episode. We watched a short film that Pauly G narrated because the next movie is 6 hours long and we weren't ready !! On this episode we talk about Dan's greasy hair, double crunch Ruffles, and Sam opens a very special birthday present from Dan. Get in touch: Email: Website: Instagram: @giamattipodcast Facebook:
February 28, 2021
Saving Mr. Banks
Another week, and another shitty movie that Paul was in. We welcome you to the Wonderful World of Disney and the making of Mary Poppins. On this episode Sam and Dan talk about how they have nothing to talk about, give some media recommendations, and obviously how adorable Paul is.  Get in touch: Email: Website: Instagram: @giamattipodcast Facebook:
February 13, 2021
Romeo and Juliet
Love is in the air between two star-crossed lovers, and two men that have a profound love for Paul Giamatti. They shipped our favourite Italian back to the motherland to play the wise, godly fellow, Friar Laurence. On this episode you'll hear all about how much Sam hates this classic tale, the downfall of Swarovski Entertainment, and a controversial Randy Newman song. Get in touch: Email: Website: Instagram: @giamattipodcast Facebook:
February 01, 2021
I don't know if you've heard, but JFK was assassinated. It happened over 50 years ago so you might've forgotten. It's fine, you're busy, don't worry about it. Dan and Sam will fill you in on all the gory details. You'll hear all about JFK's head going kablooey, Dan and Sam arguing about "vamping", and everyone's favourite segment, Talking Bread! Get in touch:  Email:  Website:  Instagram: @giamattipodcast  Facebook:
January 19, 2021
12 Years A Slave (feat. Adam Snyder)
It's the first episode of the New Year !! It's a very special episode because we have everyone's favourite emailer, Adam Snyder, as a guest. Adam also prepared a Giamatti trivia showdown for your beloved hosts to put their Giamatti knowledge to the test. We try to talk about 12 Years A Slave for 12 minutes, we talk about the holidays during the pandemic, and Paul's ridiculous top hat in the film. Get in touch: Email: Website: Instagram: @giamattipodcast Facebook:
January 06, 2021
All Is Bright
It's Christmas time folks !!! Last year's Christmas special had Paul playing Kris Kringle himself. This year he's playing a Quebecois thief on parole. Some years are better than others I guess. On this episode hear Dan and Sam sing some carols, dive into the dazzling world of Disney music, and talk about their favourite Christmas flicks (spoiler: this movie didn't make the cut) Get in touch:  Email:  Website:  Instagram: @giamattipodcast  Facebook:
December 17, 2020
It's a movie all about a fast snail. All I'm saying is I hope Paul got a great payday out of this. Hear Dan and Sam talk about a beautiful "mosstache", Dan's cheap wine, and a special Letterboxd update. Get in touch:  Email:  Website:  Instagram: @giamattipodcast  Facebook:
December 03, 2020
The Congress
I have great news. Paul Giamatti was in another movie and you bet your ass these two Canadian boys feasted their eyes on it. It was more of a famine than a feast though... This movie sucked. Hear all about Dan and Sam's drug adventures, the ethics of putting deceased people into films, and biking on the mean streets of Toronto. Get in touch: Email: Website: Instagram: @giamattipodcast Facebook:
December 01, 2020
Rock of Ages
We've got an extra special musical episode for you! She's a LONG one folks so get ready. We talk about Tom Cruise being a big weirdo, our classic rock history,  Paul's dusty hairdo, and so much more Get in touch: Email: Website: Instagram: @giamattipodcast Facebook:
November 12, 2020
We've got a big limo, Robert Pattinson straight out of Twilight, and Paul with a towel on his head. A recipe for greatness? Maybe not. Hear all about Dan's bread addiction, Sam's new job, and emails that aren't from Adam!  Get in touch: Email: Website: Instagram: @giamattipodcast Facebook:
October 23, 2020
John Dies at the End
So there's this guy named John, and I guess he's supposed to die? At the end? Why not the middle?? Why does he have to die at all!? Whatever happens, all I care about is Paul. As long as he's there John can do whatever he wants. Hear all about Dan's fitness journey, what makes a movie "good-bad", and wait a minute... Does Paul say the N-word in this movie? You'll just have to listen to find out. Get in touch: Email: Website: Instagram: @giamattipodcast Facebook: 
October 08, 2020
The Ides of March
Dan and Sam have a serious political discussion!? No way. Not during these divisive times!! Well strap in people because it happened, it was recorded, and it's ready for your earholes. Don't worry, we also talk about burps and our messiah, Mr. Giamatti. You're in safe hands. Get in touch: Email: Website: Instagram: @giamattipodcast Facebook:
September 24, 2020
Too Big To Fail
People of the World, welcome to the ONLY Paul Giamatti podcast on the internet! That's right folks, we're the only one. It's an achievement. I swear. On this episode Paul's career has taken us crashing into the world recession! Hold onto your seats folks, it's a wild ride! Get in touch: Email: Website: Instagram: @giamattipodcast Facebook:
September 12, 2020
Interview: Aesha Waks
We are so excited to be joined by the multi-talented indie award-winning actress, author, songwriter, designer, model… the list goes on and on. However, listeners to the podcast will know our guest from her role in the 1997 film Arresting Gena… Aesha Waks. In this episode, we learn all the history behind the iconic Gena overalls, the sugar-toast, and her encounter with Paul Giamatti. That's right, folks. We are now one-degree of human separation away from Paul, himself. This podcast has entered the stratosphere! Get in touch: Email: Website: Instagram: @giamattipodcast Facebook: Next time we are watching: Too Big to Fail
August 20, 2020
The Hangover Part II
Normally, when Paul's in a dumpster fire of a film, it makes absolutely no money, and slightly tarnishes his career. But this one was a big steamer, made a bunch of money, and nobody even remembers him being in it. All's well that ends well I guess? On this episode hear Dan and Sam talk all about Dan's fear of tattoos, his love for an unknown actor from "National Treasure", and the musical styling of Russel Crowe. Check out our newly minted website at Email us at Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @giamattipodcast
August 12, 2020
Our apologies dear little Pauls. We had some technical difficulties this week so the audio quality isn't up to our normal standards. Thank you in advance for bearing with us during these trying times. This week you can hear Dan talk about his ever increasing rat infestation, Sam's love of food anime, and how much we love Paul's bejeweled headband. Check out our newly minted website at Email us at Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @giamattipodcast
July 28, 2020
Win Win
It's what we've all been waiting for everyone. Paul plays a lawyer that moonlights as a wrestling coach. But that's not all, he's also an occasional perpetrator of elder abuse. That being said this 2011 sports-comedy is down to earth and Paul was, as he always is, a delight. Hear Dan talk about the rats in his walls, Sam's two day wrestling career, and Dan's band's new single! Email us at Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @giamattipodcast
July 10, 2020
A Journey Into Limbo
Hello lovely listeners! Since we are the academic source for all things Paul, we did a deep dive into Paul's most important role yet. Limbo from Tim Burton's "Planet of the Apes". Enjoy!
June 16, 2020
Giamatti Podcast Teaser
Here's a teaser to the beloved podcast "Giamatti! Giamatti! Giamatti!". Hope you enjoy!
June 16, 2020
King Of The Hill / 30 Rock
Not only is this another quarantine special but it's also a TV appearance special! We're all about being bigger and better here on the Giamatti podcast. Definitely bigger to say the least. The quaran-15 is real folks. This week Paul plays a history teacher in "King of the Hill" and a hockey loving editor in "30 Rock".  Stay happy and healthy everyone. Email us at Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @giamattipodcast
May 09, 2020
Barney's Version
It's a quarantine special of Giamatti !!! We've got a wonderful episode for you sponsored by Zoom. This episode features Paul in his Golden Globe winning performance as Barney in "Barney's Version". Hear Dan and Sam gush about their favourite Italian, and their thoughts on Rosamund Pike's derriere. Stay happy and healthy everyone.  Email us at Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @giamattipodcast 
April 22, 2020
The Last Station
Yet again these two astounding, youthful, Canadian males are continuing the Lord's work and diving even deeper into Paul Giamatti's career. This week's episode is all about the 2009 movie "The Last Station". It centers around Leo Tolstoy, that old Russian dude who wrote those hulking snooze fests; "War and Peace" and "Anna Kerenina". On this episode you can hear Dan and Sam's lack of Russian historical knowledge, Sam's weed addiction, and Dan rapping (yikes). Email us at Follow us on Instagram and Twitter: @giamattipodcast
March 14, 2020
Another episode of Giamatti ready for your earholes !!!
February 28, 2020
Tourist Trap
Hello everyone and welcome to our 50th episode spectacular! We celebrate it the only way we now how - by watching another shitty movie Paul was in. On this episode we travel back to 1998 with the TV movie "Tourist Trap". Hear us talk about Dan's new found love for sensory deprivation tanks, and how this might be one of the worst Paul films we've watched to date. Thank you so much for coming on this Giamatti journey with us and here's to another 50 more! Email us at Follow us on Instagram and Twitter: @giamattipodcast
February 14, 2020
Cold Souls
Welcome back to Giamatti! Giamatti! Giamatti! this week we watched the 2009 comedy-drama "Cold Souls". On this episode Dan and Sam saw Paul's soul. And not metaphorically, we literally saw his soul. It's a chickpea. Not what we expected from the embodiment of Italian excellency. You can hear us talk about our aging bodies, and distill each other's essence into ordinary objects.  Email us at Follow us on Instagram and Twitter: @giamattipodcast
February 01, 2020
John Adams (Peacefield)
Our tale of the life of John Adams is reaching its twilight in this finale episode. We encounter our past President living out his final years on his quiet farm estate, Peacefield. On that isolated plot of farmland John Adams has a wonderful time battling death, old age, and the creeping realization that he's become irrelevant. Yet another lovely chapter in the life of a nearly forgotten forefather.  Email us at Follow us on Instagram and Twitter: @giamattipodcast
January 18, 2020
Fred Claus
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to the non-believers. We return with a special Christmas-themed episode all about Fred Claus. That’s right… The classic Christmas film, Fred Claus. We talk about our favourite Christmas movies, reminisce about our favourite clips from the past year, and ask why the elves were made to look so, so scary. Email us at Follow us on Instagram and Twitter: @giamattipodcast
December 27, 2019
John Adams (Unite Or Die / Unnecessary War)
Guess what everyone, we're back with our third installment into the storied past of the honorable John Adams! Ol' Johnny boy just keeps getting older on this HBO limited series and man o' man does it ever show. We talk all about Paul's awful teeth, how we're big idiots that can't follow complicated histories, and sing many songs of praise for European orange juice. Email us at Follow us on Instagram @giamattipodcast 
December 13, 2019
John Adams (Don't Tread on Me / Reunion)
Do you hear those revolutionary bells a-ringing? Wait, those aren't bells... It's just the most recent episode of the Giamatti podcast. We continue our discussion of John Adams and hear some clips from Tom Hanks and Paul, himself. Sam and Dan talk about the joys of edibles, whether it's actually racist to be racist against the French, and confront a bad review of John Adams from a bad man. Email us at Follow us on Instagram @giamattipodcast
November 29, 2019
John Adams (Join Or Die / Independence)
John Adams. A man forgotten to the modern masses, but history will not forget the efforts of this rotund individual. His wig was white-hot with the power of the law. His obnoxious behaviour brought an oppressed populous to independence. Hear Dan and Sam gush about the shining performance Paul dishes out in this riveting period piece about the American revolution. Email us at Follow us on Instagram @giamattipodcast
November 17, 2019
I, Madman
We have a very special SPOOKY episode for you today folks. Get ready for the 1989 B-Horror movie "I, Madman". Based off of Wikipedia, this is Paul's first on-screen appearance. Hear all about Dan being hung like a horse, an actor that can't remember his character's name, and the biggest question of all... Was Paul even in this movie?  Subscribe to our YouTube channel: Follow us on Instagram @giamattipodcast Email us at
October 31, 2019
Pretty Bird
October 10, 2019
The Nanny Diaries
Hello Little Pauls! we're finally back after our long summer break (and a couple lost episodes that you'll hear about). This week your esteemed hosts watched the 2007 movie "The Nanny Diaries". It tells the story of a spiritually lost young lady, played by Scarlett Johansson, who happens to stumble into the world of Upper East Side New York nanny-ship. Also her name is Annie. That's right, Annie the nanny. Genius. You can hear all about what Danny B and Sammy C have been up to these past couple weeks, and Sam has a story to share of a fart gone awry. Subscribe to our YouTube channel: Follow us on Instagram @giamattipodcast Email us at
September 27, 2019
Shoot Em' Up
"Shoot Em' Up", a satire-action film where Paul has a comb-over and Clive Owen kills at least three men with a carrot. In short, we loved this movie. It's John Woo's wet dream. On this episode, hear all about what Mr. Giamatti has been up to these days, a cornucopia of bumper themes, and we finally give an update to the ultimate question: has Dan sucked his own dick?  Subscribe to our YouTube channel: Email us at Follow us on Instagram @giamattipodcast
September 06, 2019
The Ant Bully
If you weren't fully satiated with the colourful critters in "Bug's Life", or the war atrocities in "Ants", then strap in for the misadventures of a feeble boy sentenced to a life of ant-hood in "The Ant Bully". This is a 2006 animated feature, directed by the creator of Jimmy Neutron, and produced by everyone's favourite imbecile with a box of chocolates, Tom Hanks. Paul plays Stan Beal, a nasty looking exterminator with a murderous excitement for his occupation. On this episode hear Sam's transient but wildly accurate Tom Hanks impression, how Sam and Dan were constantly coaxed to come out of the closet, and yet another visit to the Fuck Zone. Subscribe to our YouTube channel:  Follow us on Instagram @giamattipodcast Email us at
August 19, 2019
Asterix And The Vikings
Paul's sticking with his voice acting gravy train on yet another animated feature. This time it's a 2006 French-Danish film called "Asterix And The Vikings". Paul voices the titular Asterix, a tiny Gaul who drinks a magic potion to get temporarily strong. He's like Popeye but without the deformed forearms. On this episode you can hear Dan and Sam talk about their mass gaining contest, their newfound obsession with the animated babe Abba, and how to suck your own dick. Subscribe to our YouTube channel, we post the full length video podcast and a highlight reel every week! -  Follow us on Instagram @giamattipodcast Email us at
August 08, 2019
Lady In The Water
Giamatti has waded his way into the role of Cleveland Heep, an apartment superintendent in M. Night Shyamalan's "Lady In The Water". In this film you'll be introduced to fantastical creatures such as Narfs, Scrunts, and tree bark clad monkeys called Tartutic. And as their name's imply, this movie is stupid beyond belief. But Paul, as with all his roles, shone like a star trapped in steaming pile of Scrunt shit. Subscribe to our YouTube channel:  Follow us on Instagram @giamattipodcast Email us at
August 03, 2019
The Illusionist
Paul is a magical man, and he finds himself in a movie that meets his splendor in 2006's "The Illusionist". Paul plays an Austrian chief inspector named Uhl, and if that name isn't Austrian enough for you I don't know what is. We've got a lot of listener mail for you this week, Adam made his own jingle, and your hosts can't stop talking about how much they love magic. Subscribe to our YouTube channel at  Follow us on Instagram @giamattipodcast Email us at
July 30, 2019
This is a special episode (no we didn't get drunk this time) because it's our first outing into Paul's voice acting career and, like always, Big Paul didn't disappoint. He is a man of many talents, one of which is voicing a tiny robot gatekeeper named Tim in a joyous falsetto. You'd never know it was Paul beneath that child-sized automaton, but us here at the Giamatti podcast know, and now you all do too. Welcome to the wild world of animated Paul.  Subscribe to our YouTube channel  Follow us on Instagram @giamattipodcast Email us at
July 12, 2019
The Hawk Is Dying
Paul is now cemented as a TRUE actor's actor. He did an entire emotional drama with a HAWK strapped to his wrist. He yelled, he cried, he breathed life into a character obsessed with hawks. A true masterclass of the acting craft. May we all relish in this man's power and grace. Blessed be the Giamatti. Praise be. Enjoy! Subscribe to our NEW YouTube channel:  Follow us on Instagram @giamattipodcast Email us at
July 05, 2019
Cinderella Man
On this episode we're transported back to a wonderful, happy time in history. The Great Depression. Paul plays the manager of a boxing legend, James J. Braddock. We finally have another ray of sunshine in the Giamatti canon, an actual good movie. Enjoy! Follow us on Instagram @giamattipodcast Email us at
July 01, 2019
Saturday Night Live
He's done it folks. Paul has thrust himself into the cultural zeitgeist with his role in Sideways, and he got the opportunity to host SNL. These two Canadian boys that do a podcast completely dedicated to the consumption of his career couldn't be happier for the man. Hear Dan and Sam talk about Ludacris' song celebrating Austin Powers, their favourite SNL casts, and a story about a man that banged his cat. Enjoy! Follow us on Instagram @giamattipodcast Email us at
June 20, 2019
On this very special episode of the podcast Sam and Dan talk about Paul's acclaimed role in 2004's "Sideways". Paul and his co-star Thomas Haden Church go on a tasting adventure through California wineries, and your esteemed hosts take the journey with them. Like Paul for much of this movie, we too were tasting some wines, and also got pleasantly drunk. Not only can you hear us get sloppy (mostly Sam) but you can watch it too! It's our first video podcast episode! WOOHOO! Follow the link below if you want to check it out. Enjoy yet another Giamatti escapade. Watch the episode here: Follow us on Instagram @giamattipodcast Email us at
June 14, 2019
Homicide: Life On The Street
Welcome back to another episode of "Paul Does a Procedural Cop Show". We've gone back into the depths of Paul's outstanding body of work to dredge up yet another gem. A random episode of a 90's cop show. But unlike the rest of the episode from this show, Paul's performance stands out like a shining star. Also this is our 30th episode of the podcast! Can you believe it!? Thank you so much to all of our listeners out there. We'll keep the Giamatti reviews coming, if you (our lovely Little Pauls), keep listening. Enjoy! Follow us on Instagram @giamattipodcast Email the podcast at
June 06, 2019
We're taking a hop, skip, and a jump back in time to watch one episode of a cop show made in 1994. A groundbreaking cop show might I add, and Paul has a 30 second cameo as a homeless man! We truly leave no corner of the Giamatti canon overlooked on the podcast. Hear Dan and Sam talk yet again about the crime in Toronto, new goals for super stardom, and potential merchandising ideas. And of course, our beloved messiah, Paul Giamatti. Enjoy! Follow us on Instagram @giamattipodcast Email us at
May 30, 2019
Paycheck (with Nina Milanovski)
Welcome back to a SPECIAL episode of Giamatti! Giamatti! Giamatti! We have our first guest, long time friend and listener Nina Milanovski! On this episode we watched the 2003 action movie "Paycheck" starring Ben Affleck. We talk about how this podcast is starved of a female perspective, how Dan and Sam are the worst for interrupting constantly, and take a quick peak at Dan's experiences with anal play. Enjoy! Follow us on Instagram @giamattipodcast Email us at Follow Nina on Instagram @ninamilanovski for all your Toronto contemporary dance content
May 24, 2019
The Pentagon Papers
You've seen the fantastic movie "The Post" and its retelling of the battle to publish documents that shed light on the horrible atrocities committed during the Vietnam War. Well now you can see what was going on on the ground floor in this shitty, made for TV movie, "The Pentagon Papers". But within all this darkness and unchecked power, there's a beacon of pure light thrust into the fray. Paul Giamatti. Hear Dan and Sam barely scratch the surface of what they think the Vietnam War was about, and also dive deep on yet another performance from the man we all know and love. Enjoy! Email us at Follow us on Instagram @giamattipodcast
May 17, 2019
American Splendor
Dan and Sam perpetrated false information last week. This movie is in fact not about the creator of Superman. It's about Harvey Pekar. A grouchy man who wrote a comic based off of his working class life. And Paul plays the man with great, dare I say it, splendor. Through the sicknesses of strep and mild congestion, Dan and Sam powered through to bring to you all 2003's "American Splendor". Enjoy! Follow us on Instagram @giamattipodcast Email us at
May 09, 2019
The heist film is a tale that's been told many times over in the world of cinema. Celebrated stories such as "Ocean's Eleven" and "Baby Driver" dominate the cultural zeitgeist. 2003's "Confidence" is not one such film. But through the magnificent guidance of Paul, we here at Giamatti! Giamatti! Giamatti! explore the annals of every corner of cinema, no matter the quality. So from this dirty crevice of B-rate film, Dan and Sam bring you the hot takes and snide comments you've been looking for yet again! Enjoy! Follow us on Instagram @giamattipodcast Email us about any and all things Paul at
May 03, 2019
Paul Giamatti graces the screen yet again as special agent Johnson J. Johnson in a movie all about a boy with the curse of constant flatulence and the dream to one day become a "space man". It's a tale as old as time, and a perfect film for our resident Fart Fanatic, and host, Sam Calderon. We here at Giamatti! Giamatti! Giamatti! welcome you into this 2002 British-German comedy with open arms. Enjoy! Follow us on Instagram @giamattipodcast Email us at
April 24, 2019
Big Fat Liar
The long awaited episode is finally here on Giamatti! Giamatti! Giamatti! with 2002's adventure comedy, "Big Fat Liar"!!! Buckle in for a wild ride on the Childhood Nostalgia Express. Paul plays a mean, surly, eccentrically dressed Hollywood movie producer named Marty Wolf. In an unforgettable moment etched onto the psyche of our youth, Paul becomes an honourary member of the Blue Man Group. Not only that, but Frankie Muniz plays the lead (before he decided to retire and lose his memory) and Amanda Bynes plays his best friend and co-conspirator (before she went on a drug bender and lost her mind on Twitter). This movie brings some truly amazing people together and we here at the Giamatti podcast are so glad to share it with you all. Follow us on Instagram @giamattipodcast Email us at
April 05, 2019
Planet Of The Apes
Paul plays an orangutan everyone. It's truly a gift to us all and Dan and Sam can't wait to share it with you. If you like monkey noises and other primate shenanigans then this is the episode for you! Dan dived into the research on this one. He found some lovely red carpet interview moments and even a clip of a man reviewing Paul's action figure from the movie. It gets DEEP on this one folks. Enjoy all that and more on this episode of Giamatti! Giamatti! Giamatti!  Follow us on Instagram @giamattipodcast Email us at
March 30, 2019
Welcome back to Giamatti! Giamatti! Giamatti! this week the boys watched the 2001 film "Storytelling". It consists of two separate stories. One about a couple in a creative writing course, and the other featuring Paul as a documentarian. Baffled by the film's thesis, Sam and Dan ask the important question, "Is the movie dumb or are we dumb?". Listen in to find out the answer! Email the podcast at Follow us on Instagram @giamattipodcast
March 22, 2019
If These Walls Could Talk 2
You know what the media landscape needs? It needs more opinions from straight, white, uninformed males. And that's what this podcast is here to bring! This week, your favourite Giamatti guys watched HBO's "If These Walls Could Talk 2". It's an anthology movie that features stories about lesbian struggles through the decades. Dan and Sam felt ill prepared to speak on these issues but came at the challenge with sensitivity and thoughtfulness! Enjoy!  Email the podcast at Follow us on Instagram @giamattipodcast
March 14, 2019
Arresting Gena
Welcome back to Giamatti! Giamatti! Giamatti! our beloved Paulers! We have a very exciting, sensual, episode for you this week. Dan and Sam were finally able to find a lost movie in the Giamatti canon, 1997's "Arresting Gena". And boy are they glad they found it. These young podcasters will bring you up to speed on their Oscars thoughts, Rami Malek's psychopathy, and their sexual awakenings at the ripe age of 23. This one's a real doozy! Enjoy! Email us at Follow us on Instagram @giamattipodcast 
March 07, 2019
Safe Men
On this week's celebration of the Paul Giamatti canon, the G Boys watched the 1998 film, Safe Men. Paul plays a Jewish mob intern named Veal Chop. Let that sink in... his charater's name is VEAL CHOP. It's never explained, or even really talked about. That's just his name. You shouldn't have to subject yourself to this cinematic atrocity, so we did it for you! Hear Dan try to explain what he means when he says some women are "dinosaur hot", and how much we love Harvey Fierstein's unforgettable voice. Enjoy our little Paul Pals!  Email the pod at  Follow us on Instagram @giamattipodcast
March 01, 2019
Dr. Dolittle
These podcast pals placed their pupils on yet another Paul picture for your listening pleasure! This week's feature is the family fur-fest, "Dr. Dolittle". Eddie Murphy (Dr. Dolittle) talks to a variety of sickly animals voiced by the likes of Ellen DeGeneres, Gilbert Gottfried, and a personal favourite of Dan and Sam, Norm Macdonald. Norm voices a scruffy, grumpy dog named Lucky! Fun! The young Paul padres also talk about Eddie Murphy's weird hair, how hot the actress that plays his wife is, and the identity of Giamatti's mystery lover... hubba hubba! Follow us on Instagram  @giamattipodcast Email us at
February 21, 2019
The Giamatti boys transport you all the way back to the turn of the 20th century with the 1998 HBO movie "Winchell". Paul plays the supporting role to Stanley Tucci's titular character, a popular gossip columnist and radio personality of the time. May the jazzy tunes and the punchy, puritan speech of the era waltz you into pure entertained bliss. Dan quizzes Sam on old-timey words, and they get a bit dirty talking a LOT about all manner of butt stuff. It's a real romp!  Follow us on Instagram @giamattipodcast Email us at
February 14, 2019
Clean water, habitat restoration, and karaoke all have one thing in common. They have the power to change the world. At least that's what the ensemble movie "Duets" posits. We here at the Giamatti podcast, surprisingly, disagree. The lucrative world of underground karaoke competitions definitely affected one man though, Daniel Brenneman. But not in a good way. Hear Dan's despair and more on this episode of Giamatti! Giamatti! Giamatti! Follow us for any and all the bonus Paul content you could ever need on Instagram @giamattipodcast. Email us at
February 07, 2019
Big Momma's House
Do you like to laugh? Then listen to this podcast because Dan and Sam are hilarious boys. Do you like to laugh? Maybe don't watch Big Momma's House - the next movie in the Giamatti canon. We talk about how Paul co-stars with Martin Lawrence, why her name is Big Momma, and the anatomy of the perfect chaotic scene. Follow us on Instagram: @giamattipodcast Send us an email:
February 01, 2019
Man On The Moon
We're happy, healthy, and ready to bring the always fabulous Paul Giamatti back into your life. This episode our lovely hosts talk about our #PodcastProblems and why we've been away. We also discuss some breaking Paul news and welcome you into Dan's Sex Corner. Your keen ears should also notice new, proprietary theme music for the podcast. That's right everyone! We're coming into the new year with top notch production quality. Enjoy! Email the podcast at  Find us on all the social media @giamattipodcast
January 24, 2019
Cradle Will Rock
On this episode of Giamatti Giamatti Giamatti, Sam and Dan transport you to the lovely era of the Great Depression with this week's movie Cradle Will Rock. A film featuring a constantly drunk Orson Welles, Bill Murray as a communist hating ventriloquist, and an ethnically ambiguous opera protege played by Mr. Giamatti. That's right folks, an opera protege. He plays the harpsichord. Get ready for a real treat
November 14, 2018
The Negotiator
This week on your favourite Paul Giamatti podcast, Sam and Dan saturated their corneas with the 1998 thriller, The Negotiator. A bastion of the tower escape film genre, now soiled by the stain of Kevin Spacey... even though he's fantastic in this movie... like seriously, he's really good. Our boy Paul plays a con man named Rudy, and he cons his way right into our heart with this tremendous performance. Enjoy these two boys, filled to the brim with Krispy Kreme, talking about the one and only Paul Giamatti. Blessed be the Giamatti, praise be.
November 03, 2018
Saving Private Ryan
Welcome back to the Giamatti Giamatti Giamatti podcast! This week the boys watched a bunch of other boys kill each other in Saving Private Ryan. You'll learn all about why Sam thinks he could go to war, and we also ask the question: Is Dan a psychopath ? Listen in to find out.
October 26, 2018
The Truman Show
Dan kicks us off with an anec-dan about his parking ticket travesty and segues us directly into the 1998 classic, The Truman Show. A beautiful, thought-provoking movie that both of your hosts can't express enough love for. Stay tuned until the end for a special listening party of the sonic mastery Philip Glass adorned upon this film... as long as you can hear it over the clips.
October 18, 2018
My Best Friends Wedding
In this episode of the podcast, Dan and Sam delve into Paul's masterpiece: My Best Friend's Wedding. Dan takes this movie very personally and is truly upset. We also open some listener mail!
October 12, 2018
Private Parts
Sam and Dan continue their quest by watching Private Parts - featuring the break out role of Paul Giamatti. Inspired by the true story of Howard Stern, the podcast quickly devolves in sex talk. And a lot of it. This is your warning.
October 04, 2018
Donnie Brasco
The quest to watch all the roles of Paul Giamatti continues! Sam and Dan watch Donnie Brasco - an Italian gangster movie where Paul plays an FBI Technician. On top of that, Sam shares a story about punching a man in a bar who would not stop humping him... Forget about it!
October 03, 2018
Deconstructing Harry
The first part of our 1997 series looks at Paul's role in Deconstructing Harry. We talk about his appearance on The Late Show, how Tobey Maguire plays a horny, young version of Woody Allen, and Dan's death and rebirth at Osheaga.
August 16, 2018
Before And After
The biggest conflict of the Giamatti podcast occurs when we cannot find one of Paul's movie. We do however talk about his cameo in Before And After which features a moustached Alfred Molina and even more emotionally-charged dialogue about food.
August 09, 2018
Mighty Aphrodite & Sabrina
We talk the movies Mighty Aphrodite and Sabrina - the two biggest movies of 1995. We discuss cinema's favourite hooker, Judy Cum, and Harrison Ford's love of fibre-optic cables.
July 26, 2018
His Earliest Cameos
We discuss Paul's earliest cameos - including his debut role as a (debatably) mentally handicapped stableboy. We also learn some sexy tips from the murder-man in the movie Past Midnight.
July 19, 2018
In this episode, Dan and Sam introduce the podcast and talk format. The first real episode of the podcast will be released next week. It will feature a discussion around Paul Giamatti and his roles in She'll Take Romance, Past Midnight and Singles. Get excited for this adventure!
July 12, 2018