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Curio Curandera Podcast

Curio Curandera Podcast

By Gianna Spriggs- Macdonald
A podcast dedicated to opening the gates to spirituality and shedding the notion that there is only one way to be spiritual. Gianna is a curandera who owns both Curio Curandera LLC and Curio, Craft, & Conjure where she works alongside her family. You can find Gianna at or You can also find her on Instagram @giannaspriggs or @curiocurandera Disclaimer: The Curio Curandera Podcast is a podcast created to open the doors to all types of spiritual practices. The personal views of those interviewed do not reflect the host's personal views.
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Episode 11: Guided Meditation
Today's episode will be a guided meditation to help release stress, anxiety, and tension, while calling in gratitude, joy, and blessings. This will be the final episode of the Curio Curandera Podcast for 2021. Enjoy!
November 26, 2021
Episode 10: Spiritual Practices with Gianna
Gianna does a quick recap of the spiritual practices that have been mentioned on the show!
October 26, 2021
Episode 9: Recap with Gianna
This month Gianna speaks about dance, music, and tattoos as spiritual practices. 
September 26, 2021
Episode 8: Speaking with Nancy Ramos
Nancy Ramos is an artist who specializes in combining renaissance realism with the bright colors of Latin folk art. She also happens to be one of the owners of Curio, Craft, & Conjure. You can find her original pieces for sale in Curio, Craft, & Conjure.
August 25, 2021
Episode 7: Getting to know Gina the Tarologist
In this episode, I interview world renowned tarologist, Gina Spriggs, on her spiritual journey, raising her children (it me), and creating Curio, Craft, & Conjure. 
July 26, 2021
Episode Six: A Conversation with Colea
Welcome to the Curio Curandera Podcast. Each month I interview a different person on what their spiritual journey looked like and how they practice their unique spirituality. This month I interview, Colea, an herbalist and creator. Colea is the creator of the Namase Podcast. In this episode we talking about their spiritual path, books, and more! If you are enjoying this podcast and would like to see it continue to grow, you can donate to that growth here. 
June 26, 2021
Episode Five: King Moe Graces Us with Her Presence
Unconventional/ Eccentric/ Visionary Monique Floyd aka "King Moe" is on a mission to inspire women to " Be Themselves, See Themselves, and Free Themselves!" As a Transformational Photographer, Mentor, and Course Creator, everything she does points back to self-love, self- prioritization, confidence, visibility, ownership, and personal liberation.  "I feel like I woke up to my life at 35 year old (8 years ago) and I pretty much started over with intention vs just societal conditioning. I left a career in the nuclear engineering industry, a marriage, a lifestyle, and most things that I found familiar so that I could find myself." She rediscovered her childhood passion for photography, and hasn't looked back since.  King Moe has spent the past 8 years empowering women to show up for themselves and their businesses through her unique transformational photoshoot experiences and her bestselling online course Love Your Self(ie)™. To learn more visit If you want to book a session with Moe or find out more you may find her on Facebook, Instagram, and Clubhouse: @imkingmoe
May 26, 2021
Episode Four: Arrrt Addict's Spiritual Journey
Welcome to the Curio Curandera Podcast! This month I will be interviewing the designer and muralist known as ARRRTADDICT who is based out of Atlanta.  "Hello! Since I was a kid the only thing I ever wanted to do is be a fashion designer. I have been blessed to be living my dreams for the last 15 years. I love branding and bringing peoples’ visions to life. Early on I realized that a T-shirt is just a canvas and it has helped me excel into the artist that I am today.  My artwork under my alias ARRRTADDICT has led me to do concert posters for Red Bull, two collaborations with Nike, beer labels for several breweries, flyers for events and murals all over the city of Atlanta.  There are no limits when it comes to my art. I hope that you can be a part of my journey. Let’s grow together, ARRRTADDICT" Check out ARRRTADDICT's spiritual playlist on
April 26, 2021
Episode Three: Fun with Brianna Daniels
Welcome to the Curio Curandera Podcast! I’m your host Gianna. As you already know, every month I interview a different person on what their spiritual journey looked like, what their spiritual practices are, both traditional and nontraditional, and what their spiritual playlist is. This month I will be interviewing the awesome Brianna Daniels. Brianna is the owner of Cosmosis Stones, an awesome handcrafted jewelry business, a yogi and reiki practitioner. Brianna, I know I gave a brief description of you, but please tell me more about who you are and your business! Also keep an ear out for a special code during this episode. Briannas Spiritual Playlist can be found here. "This playlist is a short rest stop of the some of the good spells that have been jazz maps, mantras for the mind, and hip hop meditations on my spiritual journey. These are my tunes of transitions. Music to move in and out of scenarios that served and did not serve me, sonic articulations of sankofa,  my reminders to let that go and here we go. Each bop has influenced my mind, body, and spirit. You're invited to do as I have done so many times. Look up the lyrics to all the love songs here sing them to yourself in times when you struggled with this kind of love. The art of each artist listed here has in some way bolstered my self realization and the various identities I embodied, embody, and will embody as I travel through time and space my spiritual journey. I hope these inspire you to sing, dance, breathe, listen, bob, smile, and use your time to rhythmically reveal you to you." - Brianna Daniels
March 26, 2021
Episode Two: Conversations with Mandisa Armstrong
Welcome to the Curio Curandera Podcast! Today we are speaking with Mandisa Armstrong. Mandisa is a Charlotte local and oracle who teaches yoga. In this episode, we speak about what her spiritual journey looked like, imposter syndrome, and more! If you want to learn more about Mandisa, follow her on social media at @themandijoy! Mandisa explained the significance of her spiritual playlist during the show, and if you are curious as to what's on her playlist, here it is! Mandisa's Spiritual Playlist: 1) I Release by Beautiful Chorus 2) I Am Light by India.Arie 3) Invocation - Krishan Liquid Mix by Krishan, Jai- Jagdeesh 4) Soulbird Rise by India.Arie 5) Didn't Cha Know by Erykah Badu 6) Breathe It In by Beautiful Chorus 7) Lounge of Dreams by Natural Healing Music Zone 8) Inner Peace by Beautiful Chorus 9) Give Thanks by India.Arie 10) Resonant Wave by Dean Evenson, Scott Huckabay 11) Ethnic Spirit by Natural Healing Music Zone Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to the podcast. I am grateful for each of you! If you would like to see the podcast continue to grow, please donate, so that we can get better equipment. Again, thank you so much for listening. Remember, follow your path.
February 26, 2021
Episode One: Your Introduction to Spirituality
Welcome to the Curio Curandera Podcast, my name is Gianna and I will be your host. This episode includes a brief description of what to expect moving forward, how the idea for the podcast came to be and a little bit about me and who I am. I look forward to sharing my stories and the stories of others with you all.  Below you will find my spiritual playlist. You can go to to find out why this playlist has significance to me.  Gianna's Spiritual Playlist: 1) Saludo A Elegua- Celia Cruz, La Sonora Matancera 2) Yemaya- Celia Cruz, La Sonora Matancera 3) Estamos Bien - Bad Bunny 4) Can't Be Me - Russ 5) Para Siempre - Vicente Fernandez 6)Tu Si Sabes Quererme- Natalia Lafourcade, Los Macorinos 7) Papa Was A Rollin' Stone-  The Temptations 8)Ain't Nobody- Chaka Khan 9) Umi Says- Lion Babe 10)El Mundo Es Mio- Bad Bunny
January 26, 2021