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Voted the best community radio show, Ginger and Nuts are heard on a network of FM, community, and online radio stations - but you get to hear the show with all the music stripped bare! It's a fabulous mix of feel-good music, banter, interviews, reviews, and most importantly, interaction with listeners
Ginger and Nuts Stripped Bare | 17 Aug 2018
Take part in the fun quiz on this weeks show, and simply catch up with the fun and studio mayhem but without the music. Lots of quirky stories, a few dodgy jokes and even some gossip!
August 16, 2018
No Ordinary Podcast 4 | 15 June 2018
This week, we go classical with Aussie singer Clara Helms, Joker John and 'Watch Me Whip' made a return, all blended with quirky stories, mentions and the usual banter.
June 15, 2018
No Ordinary Podcast 3 | 8 June 2018
Ginger and Nuts reveals an airport secret, and tells you about the man who had a vegetable stuck up his bum. Lots of mentions, online bargains, together with the return of Joker John, and all rounded up to just ten minutes.
June 8, 2018
No Ordinary Podcast 2 | 31 May 2018
The usual Studio Mayhem! Guests include Joker John, a Yoga-fanatic from Mexico, and a captain who will help you overcome the fear of flying. It's another chance to 'Name That Badly. Played Tune'.
May 31, 2018
No Ordinary Podcast 1 | 24 May 2018
This week, we launch a new competition, chat with ordinary people from around the globe, as well as cause mayhem and interact with listeners.
May 26, 2018
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