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Girl Interrupter

Girl Interrupter

By Bankrupt Media
Girl Interrupter is a comedy podcast with interruptions and sounds.
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42. The Goldstein Principle [ft. Jew Rogan & Freddy G]
Freddy G:  TikTok: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:
June 10, 2021
41. Bill Burr
Bill Burr isn’t in this episode but I am
June 3, 2021
40. Open Cabinets, Open Mind [ft. Francisco Ramos]
May 27, 2021
39. Babysitting
I will probably unpublish this
May 20, 2021
38. Indigenous Bastards [ft. Savage Genius]
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May 13, 2021
37. Daylight Savings Account [ft. Savage Genius]
send fan art to: (girl with a "u".... and there's two R's in interrupter. I know this is difficult. You can sent it to me on instagram, if you prefer @girl.interrupter or twitter @interrupterpod. Or-- send it via. carrier pigeon with a dick pic on the side). 
May 6, 2021
36. Mentally Relaxed [ft. Jack Moody]
RIP Robin Williams Check out Jack Moody's podcast! -  The Neighbors Upstairs And My Gun is Huge on Twitch! Music: DJMJ - Magic Carpet Ride (DJMJ Bootleg) - Steppenwolf   RokuRc - A Friend Like Me (Sim Gretina ‘Electro Swing’ Remix)
April 29, 2021
35. Borderline O.M.G. [ft. Ryan]
This composition is mostly about dicks… under the sea! I’m getting good at this audio shit. Music: Amani Jae Entertainment Little Mermaid - Under The Sea (Amani Jae Remix) - Under The Sea Rock Cover - The Little Mermaid - MrRunnerholic -
April 22, 2021
34. Sexy Epilepsy at the Roxbury [ft. Ryan]
This week, Ryan mansplains some of the dumb ideas surrounding religion. I open up about the origin of my insecurities. Ryan enlightens us about an effective victimization strategy (as a white male). The discussion also explores ALL of the stereotypes that exist today. Jews, African Americans, Mexicans, pedophiles, dumb people (like myself), smart sluts, comedians etc. are some of the groups that we cover. Oh ya— we also do some Walmart role playing.   Check out my YouTube animations!   Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // More Stuff.   .     Music:   Pokoati Che Varouhas - What Is Love (Ripto Remix) [Dubstep] (Haddaway)   Rhyno - Teach Me How To Dougie vs Basshead (Rhyno Mashup)  
April 15, 2021
33. Roaches of the Caribbean [ft. Ryan]
This weeks episode is dedicated to my listeners in Canada... because it's dumb. I couldn't help but notice, my dumbest episodes have a tendency to do really well for my stats in Canada so thanks guys! This week we break down some of the most compelling conspiracy theories including: what the moon is made of (if anything) and what it's masking behind it. Are eggs dairy? What is dairy? Tunafish (Chicken of the Sea)... Tuna? Chicken? What fish is good for you?  We also examine the fundamentals of being "kosher," no shell fish. Shellfish are the "Roaches of the Sea."  We also consider how the pyramids were built (Jewish, dinosaur-aliens, obviously). The conversation leads to a variety of topics including: newest web browser (Adreno-Chrome), fake snow in Georgia, stealing from bullies, the learning curve for giving the best blow jobs, yoga girls, satanic warship, the South Pole-butthole, penguins, the Denver airport, poor dudes, and boats. Check out my YouTube animations!  Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // More Stuff  Music:  - IamWheeel - Wallace And Gromit JORF  - Pinky and the Brain (DUBSTEP REMIX)
April 8, 2021
32. Sharon is a Cunt... In Bed [ft. JJ Whitehead]
Follow JJ Whitehead on Twitter... and Instagram... and YouTube. This week I’m giving you guys an extra long, super special!!! Why?! Because we have a super special guest, stand-up comedian and writer for the Jim Jeffery’s Show, JJ Whitehead! Whitehead is a pretty cool dude, I must say—and if it weren’t for this pandemic, I probably wouldn’t have had the opportunity to have this conversation with him (so at least there’s that). Our conversation covers a wide range of topics including: Wikipedia natzis, the appropriate etiquette for unpopular Tweets, Facebook birthdays, social media (platform preferences), vision problems, the awakening of my (sneaky) lazy eye, whiskey piss, the fall and rise of The Jim Jeffery’s Show (RIP), show biz, how to negotiate a contracted gig (on Comedy Central or whatever), effective ways to free up your time, unprofessional hobbies, borrowed pets, and self deprecation.  I share about why I got fired from stripping. We also discuss wifi names in our proximity (i.e., Sharons a CUNT, Dive N’ Surf Sucks, hide your kids, hide your wifi, SnoopDogg, Sweetie Darling, Back to Hollywood, Girls Gone Wireless). Whitehead opens up about his favorite letter of the alphabet, his insecurities about growing up as the least favorite child #metoo, and the evolution of his success.  Some of the other topics of conversation include: family obligations (or lack there of), the progression of life to death,  TikTok, Twitch, Twitter, YouTube, advertisements (are shit), and Bill Hicks.The letter below is to one of my reviewers, Chrissssssss with too many s's.  DEAR CHRISSSSSSSSSS,  It was brought to my attention that you went back and revised your review for my show on Apple Podcasts. I would like to publicly apologize for ghosting you. In my defense, I have an intolerance for people. I also spend 90% of my life editing as an attempt to make up for these character deficiencies.  I highly encourage you to reconsider your (false) accusations and--within a timely manner. Time is of the essence (as I am getting older, everyday). I wouldn't want you to feel bad if I die tomorrow. On the off chance you have not unsubscribed and you are reading this, props for getting my attention. As always, the BEST way to get ahold of me is through PayPal.   Love, Shayna P.S. My mother was my first fan.     Write me a review on Apple Podcasts.
April 1, 2021
31. Mansplaining with Orange the Orphan [ft. Ryan]
This weeks episode Ryan and I talk about the regulations and certifications required for adult entertainers that reside in San Diego County. Ryan opens up about getting fingerprinted for his sex offender registration and how he would bone his mom (I guess she’s a MILF). I share about my first lap dance (it was magical, for me at least).  We also discuss “fat shaming,” obesity, Facebook trolling #trollislife, and my fat kid tendencies. Ryan tries to get me to pay him and give him a live stripping show (I declined to both). The rest of our conversation covers a wide variety of topics including (but not limited to): visual impairments, jumping addiction, copy-write laws (can suck my dick), Tik-Tok’s creator fund (let me get some of that), Instagram reels, Youtube, Steve, cancel culture, verbal offenses, structuring a stand up routine, the perks of womanhood, honesty, tits, bra slang, open mics, Zoom, AOL, dick pics, AIM, high school, HAGS, BET schools, how property developers reinforce segregation, gang colors, and otter pops. Check out my YouTube animations! Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // More Stuff Music:  - Aleksey Prise - Royal Crown Revue - Hey Pachuco (Aleksey Prise remix) - Chad Hustle - Ski mask the slump god X XXXTENTACION type beat - Instant messenger ( AOL SAMPLE )  marcello  - Ill Phil & Lorenzo - Jump Around 2013 Remix 
March 25, 2021
30. Uncancelable [ft. Savage Genius]
This week's episode features Savage Genius. I remix our conversation with a fun flick from the 90s which would be completely inappropriate and publicly shamed if this movie was produced in 2021. Anyways, the conversation includes segments related to my new job (as a debt hero/Jew), tax return drama, what I'm going to do when I receive the rest of my tax return, Mexicans, "techno trading," unprofessional references, Dr. Seuss (is not a racist), Asian behavior protocol, rice, and gluten free rice (which is all rice). Google overshares about rice and HP Laoov Craft (?). We share our unsolicited perspectives about cancel culture. I have an heartwarming epiphany, I can't be canceled because I don't have a contract (suckas!). We also talk about the constitutional right that I, as an American, am entitled to which is saying whatever the fuck I want (a.k.a. freedom of speech and I'm never shutting up.) The bullshit that cancel culture brings to society. How about instead of hating on people, why don't you just find someone you like and give them a bunch of clout? Everyone wins! CANCEL, CANCEL CULTURE! IT'S MEAN! And somehow that ties into my childhood trauma of having to give away my beloved rabbit, Honey Bunny because my brother murdered his.  Check out my YouTube animations! Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // More Stuff Music: - Totally Sick - OFFICIAL - Quincy Jones - Soul Bossa Nova (Kick The Habit Vs. Totally Sick Remix) - Drake Nonstop Scorpion vs One Fish Two Fish Dr Seuss Rap
March 18, 2021
29. Blankey Trauma [ft. James Camacho]
Follow James Camacho on: YouTube, Instagram, and  Twitter Music: Papa Smurf (Lick My Ass) - Boys From The Bottom   On this week’s episode Comedian, James Camacho and I have a therapy sesh, reflecting upon our experiences as creative and irresponsible children. We discuss the ramifications of “blankey trauma” and how it has impacted our lives, today. Camacho opens up about his mother being a hoarder and its benefits when it comes to maintaining items that have sentimental value.  We discuss the complaint of the day: manipulative and unnecessary app notifications (Groupon, Lyft, GrubHub, Postmates), the progression of Camacho’s comedy career, adulting (and senior citizening), fame by association, internal dialects, Kim Kardashian’s ass, NYC comedy, passionate subjects, political (in)correctness, conflicting perspectives, cisgender, gender ambiguity, “sorry” culture, Jewish women, exotic breeds of human, the asian-black genetic advantage, Derek Jeeter, Jewish fetishes, Sarah, finances, income insecurities, and how to figure out if and when you’re going to be terminated  from your job.  Check out my YouTube animations! Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // More Stuff
March 11, 2021
28. Hang In There Fam [ft. Dylan Palladino]
Listen to Dylan's podcast TRIGGER WARNING: This weeks episode gets pretty dark (not racist but—finding the comical value in things that aren’t necessarily funny by nature). Comedian, Dylan Palladino, and I explore some of the ideas related to: suicide, trolls, negging, “daddy” issues, trauma, expectations, sexual assault victimization, coping mechanisms, online dating apps, DMs, bagel clout, “home” dating wardrobe protocol. Check out my YouTube animations! Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // More Stuff Music: - E Comte - Family Guy Theme - Family Guy Theme Song (Trap Remix) [Bass Boosted] - Xanman X Ski Mask Type Beat "Family Guy"  (Prod. Jamil4x)   - A.W.O.L. DJ's - RTB Big Sean Ft. E - 40 - IDFWU DIRTY (RTB O.P.P. Remix)
March 4, 2021
27. The Office... Chair [ft. Freddy G]
Subscribe to Freddy G's channel On this week’s episode, I’m schooled on Jewish holiday that I had no prior knowledge of (called Purm… Perm? Whatever—It’s Halloween for Jews). Freddy G shares about his journey to becoming a Tik Tok sensation and also gives us an update on New York’s Comedy Scene. We also discuss vaccines for comedians (they’re essential) and other pandemic shit. We dive deep into the topic of chairs—vegan chairs, recliners, and seats symbolic of professionalism and we give light to the hardships of “compact living.” We conclude that entryway restrictions can ultimately ruin your life. However, we’re Jews so we advise the appropriate legal steps that you can take.  Topics included but not limited to: Freddy's favorite shape #thirsttraps by comedians Supply and demand economics  Roommates who poop #Masturbation Check out my YouTube animations! Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // More Stuff Music: - Leo Fazan - The Office theme punk cover - Tyler Adams - The Office - Opening Theme (Metal Cover) 
February 25, 2021
26. The Viagra Cartel [ft. Ryan]
Brace yourselves for the dumbest conversation of a lifetime. Joining me today is Ryan Cuntingham (Cummingham? Oh well-- who gives a fuck?), self proclaimed comedian that fell into my DM’s late last year. Ryan's been featured on my podcast before so if you recognize the voice, that’s probably why… On this episode we discuss the rise and fall of my podcast (and even at its peak was never generating the kind of revenue I was anticipating. I'm honestly getting burnt on this and I need money to fuel better episodes, send it over. We also talk about the pros of erectile disfunction (symbolic of maturity), my super straight teeth, GHB, the Viagara cartel, DIY boner tricks, micro dicks, aging, pee pee (and poopie), cock trauma, dick pics (and videos), Valentines Day, cock ring (LIGHTS), and smelly people. I’m not liable if you lose brain cells listening to this. Check out my YouTube animations! Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // More Stuff Music: - THE JETSONS [Trap Remix!] - Remix Maniacs
February 18, 2021
25. Batshit [ft. Savage Genius]
Check out my YouTube animations! Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // More Stuff Music: - HEDEGAARD - Macklemore - Thrift Shop (Remix) - Jomekka - Batman Theme Song (Dubstep Remix) - SCNDL - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Thrift Shop (Remix)
February 4, 2021
24. The Shitsons [ft. Jack Moody & Josh]
This week I'm giving you BEHIND THE SCENES content from my first podcast 3 sum.... with 2 dudes. We discuss a variety of topics including: Joe Biden, verbal vomit, the appropriate platform to show your shit to the world (literally), Dr. Phil scandals, sexual harassment, ass tag, the key components of relevancy (free t-shirts and haters--gota have em'), social media platforms, negativity, Donald Trump, golden showers, anal, irritating marketing practices, and personality disorders. We also share our ideas on The Sarcastic Approach, a proven technique for conveying mysticism when you're really just indecisive and emotionally unavailable, deep down.  Music:  The Simpsons Theme Song Trap Remix - Lish Music Official   The Simpson ((Piano remix)) - M1nif 
January 28, 2021
23. Frienemies and Cake Farts [ft. Hinge]
Music: - Michael Rose - Friends Theme but you're all in Quarantine...   - Friends Theme Remix  
January 21, 2021
22. Nick... is not Natalie Portman [ft. Nick Deez]
Listen to Nick's podcasts: Broken Boys Podcast Comedy Build Ups & Breakdowns  Music:  Fairly Odd Parents (Electro Swing Remix) Lil CatDog (CatDog Beat & Song) TreyLouD Nickelodeon Theme Remix || 40th Anniversary Nickelodeon The Horah, The Horah Spongebob Theme Song | Remix - TemplePlays  
January 14, 2021
21. Survivor Retail [ft. Nick Deez]
Listen to Nick's podcasts: Broken Boys Podcast Comedy Build Ups & Breakdowns  Music:  Ranga - Survivor Theme Song [Trap Mix]   Survivor Borneo Ancient Voices Theme  Tribal Council Theme Song   Hero Challenge Music - [Survivor: Cambodia Unreleased Music]   llian Simeonow - Destiny's Child - Survivor ( Remix + Bass Boosted)   
January 7, 2021
20. Trigger Me Elmo [ft. Ryan]
Check out my YouTube animations! Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // More Stuff Music:  - Kool & The Gang - Celebrate [Manuel Sound Remix] - Manuel Ros   - Sesame Street - Theme Song [Trap Remix] - Reezy!  - Sesame Street - If You're Grouchy and You Know It  
December 31, 2020
19. A Christmas Karen [ft. Ryan & David Michael Burke]
Check out David Michael Burke on TikTok (he's TikTok famous!) Music:  Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree [Trap Remix] - Realystic  Mr. Grinch - [Emu3llz Xmas Remix] - Pink Yoke•sterz   Sleigh Ride Christmas Trap Remix Nutcracker [Merry Trapmas] - Ill Text   Ke$ha - Tik Tok [Club Remix] - Fredfalke 
December 25, 2020
18. Mouth Park [ft. Ryan]
I found Ryan in my DMs which is cool because he thinks I'm relevant (haha!). We discuss the social issues that have a major impact on our lives (i.e., aging, racism, sexism, Judaism, hot wings, and rape). If you liked this episode, check out Ryan's podcast (Ha Ha Horrible), available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts but make sure you subscribe to mine first because mines better. Check out my YouTube animations!  Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // More Stuff Music:  - Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel - The Broflofski's  - South Park Theme (Bootleg) - JFTH  
December 17, 2020
17. Peter Pan-Sexual [ft. Vagina Bob & Alexandra]
Peter Pandemic brings you Peter Pan-Sexual!!! This week's episode features 2 of my friends (I want to set them up with each other).  We discuss captain ketchup, my 15 minutes of fame (it's over and I'm upset about it), how Bob defines "thic," LSD commitment issues, bath water fortune, Anthony Jeselnik (my boyfriend), Amy Schumer (my hero), and my sexual identification category. My last episode was better, sorry. Subscribe and send t-shirts.   Thank you, Alexandra and Vagina Bob for your participation.  Music:  - A Pirate's Life & The Elegant Captain Hook  - Peter Pan - Jud Conlon March of the Lost Boys - Bobby Driscoll & Paul Collins - The Legend of the Croc  - Peter Pan - Oliver Wallace You Can Fly (Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star)  - Peter Pan - You Can Fly! You Can Fly! You Can Fly!  - Peter Pan - Bobby Driscoll, Kathryn Beaumont, Paul Collins, Tommy Luske, The Jud Conlon Chorus 
December 10, 2020
16. The Jungle Buffet [ft. London]
I fixed the sound on this one so it's the Jungle Buffet.. REMASTERED. Buffets are WILD , VR Shay-na-na-gins, DIY scams, Free t-shirt fetishes, potato pancake pasties, The new NATO, Sneaky Instagram buttons Music:  Sim Gretina  -  I Wanna Be Like You [Electro Swing Remix]  The Jungle Book Bowling For Soup  - The Bare Necessities  - The Jungle Book  SDAlaca Music - Welcome to the Jungle - Guns N' Roses
December 3, 2020
15. Loony Tube [ft.London]
Please don't sue me for copywrite infringement. All I have is a piece of shit car. You can have it.
November 26, 2020
14. The Game [ft. Alexandra]
 I need to fix the sound quality but I don't really want to... Sorry.
November 19, 2020
13. Guilty Susan [ft. London]
Probably my favorite episode.
November 12, 2020
12. Tinderella [ft. Tinder]
Tinder felon chat.
November 5, 2020
11. The Seven Fuck-Ups... On Ice [ft. London]
Snow cracker
October 29, 2020
10. Cows on Playground [ft. London]
Check out my MooTube channel
October 22, 2020
9. AOLOL [ft. Savage Genius]
October 15, 2020
8. Toilet Babies & Bath Salts [ft. Internet Friend]
I like talking to strangers on the internet.
October 8, 2020
7. Adulting [ft. Israeli]
How to identify an adult, keeping up with the real kardashians, political correctness... in space, positive affirmations to live by, offending a feminist, and fun facts.
October 1, 2020
6. Pastashi-No Fucks [ft. London]
September 24, 2020
5. The Cemetery [ft. Ben]
September 17, 2020
4. Road Killin' It [ft. Savage Genius]
This one is dark.
September 10, 2020
3. Calm your Tits, Cubed [ft. London]
September 3, 2020
2. Carpenter Wars [ft. Savage Genius]
Unrealistic cupcake expectations and more dumb stuff.
August 27, 2020
1. Savage Genius
Check out my YouTube animations! Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // More Stuff
August 20, 2020
Music: Beethoven - Für Elise (Klutch Dubstep Trap Remix) YouTube // Facebook // Instagram // Twitter WELCOME! Girl Interrupter is a comedy podcast that launched its' first episode in August 2020. Since its' premier, the show has been featured on Apple Podcast's Top 250 (in Comedy and/or Comedy Interviews) in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Norway, Panama and China! Shayna Amster (Host, Producer, Marketer, Animator, Recruiter, etc.) started the project as a creative outlet and has elevated her craft into a full-blown obsession. The Goal: to redefine podcast standards (i.e., how we interpret, produce, and consume podcast content) while simultaneously provoking uncontrollable laughter. The Other Goal: To get rich (I don't really know how). The participants on this show are (in my opinion) talkative, entertaining, and open-minded. Those are the only prequals for this gig, if you're interested, hmu. I publish weekly (Wednesday or Thursday depending on how quickly I can edit). Each episode is approximately 15 minutes short, highlighting ONLY good shit (and nothing else). All bullshit aside... literally. From there, soundbites are strategically placed into the mix. It's a lot of work so if you appreciate it, please leave a review. If you're quick-witted and receptive to dark humor, this one's for you. If you're not--sucks. If you like the content in these episodes you'll for sure want to check out my animations on YouTube. Oh--and thank you for listening! Love, Shayna
July 22, 2020