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Girl Talk With J.Belle

Girl Talk With J.Belle

By J.Belle
Talking with influential women of high power places on how their journey brought them there.
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Girl Talk with J. Belle is going on hiatus
This past year alone has been one hell of a  year to say the least for everyone but for me it's been especially rough. Trying to keep going without taking a break and then feeling bad for taking one has been insane. With that said, I wanted to focus more on "The Gossip Minute" and take a break from this podcast to give myself more energy to build that and my brand more.    Thank you to everyone who has watched, listened and shared my podcast or taking anything from it.
June 13, 2021
Girl Talk with J. Belle- Transgender activist/Radio vet Morgan Sherm
@morganlooks took some time to talk with me about her transitioning journey, working in radio and shows off some of her comedic skills in my favorite game. Plus we shoutout the OG @jrbang
May 26, 2021
Girl Talk With J. Belle- Syndicated "The Frank Ski Show" Co-Host Nina Brown
On this episode I talk with the co-host of the syndicated "The Frank Ski Show," Nina Brown about her journey from being a news reporter to being mentored under the wing of Frank Ski.
May 26, 2021
Girl Talk with J.Belle- Multi lingual VO Artist Issa Lopez
On this episode I talk with former radio personality and VO artist Issa Lopez about her journey from being a singer, coming from music royalty and how she's been able to navigate life as VO artist after radio.   Follow Issa Lopez on Social:  IG: Twitter: Facebook: Website:
March 26, 2021
Girl Talk With J.Belle- OWN's "Ready to Love's" Chef Shay
In the next episode of Girl Talk With J.Belle, I talk with season 3 castmember of OWN's "Ready to Love" and Celebrity chef Shay Atkins. We discuss love as single woman during the COVID pandemic and how the process of doing reality television. Follow J.Belle on Social:  IG: Twitter: Facebook: Tik Tok:  Follow Chef Shay on Social:  IG: Twitter: Facebook: Website:
March 19, 2021
Girl Talk With J. Belle season 4 premiere with Noelle Chesnut Whitmore
Happy season premiere! Girl Talk with J.Belle is back with a brand new season and we're kicking things off with the woman who produced record-breaking audio rendition of 'The Lion King' on the widely popular Clubhouse app. Noelle Chesnut Whitmore is my first guest and we talk her journey from being a music artist, being her own promoter and even working with Kanye West & his 2019 performance at Coachella with Sunday Service.   Follow J.Belle on Social:  IG:  Twitter:  Facebook:  Tik Tok:  Follow Noelle Chesnut Whitmore on Social:  IG:  Twitter:  Get more info about More in Music:
March 12, 2021
Girl Talk With J. Belle- Honey Pot CEO/Founder Beatrice Dixon
You ever want the breakdown on how an idea got started, where it started and how much work goes into making that idea successful? Honey Pot CEO and co-founder Beatrice Dixon breaks down her story and some really good entreprenuerial gems.
December 11, 2020
Girl Talk With J.Belle- Activist Armonee Jackson
Phoenix native and activist Armonee Jackson is a force within the Black community and she doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon. The 23 year old stood as one of the many faces fighting racial injustices this past Summer when the murders of George Floyd and locally Dion Jackson took ahold of the nation, she was there. Get her story here.
December 04, 2020
Girl Talk With J.Belle- Singer/Songwriter Lillian Blanche
I went back on home on this one. Lillian Blanche is a singer-songwriter slowly on the rise but what makes her tick, what's her songwriter process and she's a librarian. Find out more about this Charlotte, North Carolina.   Follow Lillian Blanche: IG:  Get a listen at her new single:  Follow J.Belle on Social: IG: Twitter: Facebook: Tik Tok:
November 20, 2020
Girl Talk With J.Belle- Syndicated radio host DeDe McGuire
Syndicated radio host DeDe McGuire gives all the tea from her upbringing in Texas, her career starting with former morning show host, the late Doug Banks & somehow I managed to make her cry.
November 13, 2020
Girl Talk With J.Belle- Radio Personality and philanthropist Sunni and the City
WPGC's Sunni and the City is more than just a radio personality, she's also an author, philanthropist, TV personality and a refugee camp survivor from Bosnia. This 20 year veteran in the radio industry shares her story and more in this episode. Follow J.Belle on Social:  Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Tik Tok: @thisisjbelle
October 30, 2020
Girl Talk With J.Belle- Deputy Editor of Dani Canada
The Deputy editor of, Dani Canada shares her story working from being an intern to becoming in charge of one of the top rated gossip sites among today's world. How do they come up with the headlines? And we talk about how Bossip really does deserve a Pulitzer prize for those headlines that catch fire on twitter everyday.
October 23, 2020
Girl Talk With J.Belle Season 3 premiere with Black Girl Podcast's Sapphira Em
Sapphira is Black creative powerhouse, 1/5 of the influential Black Girl Podcast and an entrepreneur. We get the tea on she balances her multiple businesses, her thoughts on getting justice for Breonna Taylor and creating her own table in the media industry.
October 09, 2020
Girl Talk With J.Belle- Author/Radio Personality Lil' D
In the season finale, I talk to someone who has become one of my closest friends over the past year, Lil' D. She started her journey in her hometown of Shreveport, Louisiana and landed herself a Midday gig in a Top 5 market in Dallas, Texas but it didn't come without a testimony. Learn more about the lil' firecracker.
August 07, 2020
Girl Talk With J.Belle- Filmmaker/Media Personality Just Latasha
In this episode, Just Latasha talks about her experience in the entertainment industry, the advice she has for the Gen Z'ers and the things she would tell her younger self.
August 06, 2020
Girl Talk With J.Belle- Filmmaker/Founder Made In Her Image Organization Malakai
On this episode, I speak with filmmaker and founder of the non-profit Made In her Image Malakai about how she navigates her way through Hollywood as a Black filmmaker and what her organization wants to teach other young girls that want to learn STEM, be in the media/film industry and more.
July 22, 2020
Girl Talk With J.Belle- Meteorologist Britney Hamilton
Britney Hamilton is one of the few Black women in meteorlogy and she does a damn good job at it. She's an AGGIE alum by the way of California but has definitely made her mark in the news industry. Here's her story on another throwback on season one of Girl Talk With J.Belle.
June 22, 2020
Girl Talk With J.Belle- CIAA Commissioner Jacqui McWilliams
Commissioner McWilliams talks about her likes on Netflix, what brought to the journey of being the CIAA commissioner and being a black woman in America.
June 22, 2020
Girl Talk With J.Belle- Charlotte Socialite Lorri Lofton
Lorri Lofton has been killing the social media influencer game all the while working a full time position with Wells Fargo. Here's another throwback episode of the first season of Girl Talk With J.Belle.
June 22, 2020
Girl Talk With J.Belle- Publicist Dana Sidberry
Dana Sidberry is a huge name in my hometown and she's doing big things. This is a throwback to my first season of Girl Talk With J.Belle.
June 22, 2020
Girl Talk With J.Belle- Producer extraordinaire Angel Livas
The first real Juneteenth celebration is happening Friday, June 19th and producer Angel Livas talks to me about her journey in the media industry and what brought her to create the documentary, "I Am Black" and the panel that proceeds afterwards. Livas also gives some words of encouragement for many entrepreneurs starting out.
June 18, 2020
Girl Talk With J.Belle Episode 6: Foodie Influencer/Social Marketer Melissa Anaya
With the major changes happening in the world right now, this episode comes right on time. Social media has changed the game in how to promote yourself and your brand. In this episode, Melissa Anaya known as @eatdrinkaz in the social media world, breaks down her daily routine of being an influencer and running her own social media marketing company for the Food/Beverage industry. This lovable chica also gives some free tips on how to run your social media properly. 
March 30, 2020
Girl Talk With J.Belle Episode 5: TV/Media Personality Charity Bailey
Happy Women's History Month! I sat down with TV personality Charity Bailey is one of the hosts of the highly successful viral video television show, 'Right This Minute.' We discuss her journey into the entertainment industry, how she almost lost faith during the recession and how she was able to shoot her shot back into her seat at 'Right This Minute.'
March 02, 2020
Girl Talk With J.Belle: Radio Host Dana Cortez speaks on why radio isn't dead
Nationally Syndicated morning show host Dana Cortez ( I call her a celebrity lol) talks about her humble beginnings, how she fell into radio and how her and husband/Executive Producer DJ Automatic balance their work/personal life.
February 10, 2020
Girl Talk With J.Belle: Artist Antoinette Cauley on how her love for the arts took her right on her path of purpose
Artist Antoinette Cauley is one of the rare fine arts of color but that doesn't stop her from making a difference in the world around her. Get to know more about her upbringing, being surrounding in diversity as a kid growing and her experience as a local in Phoenix.
January 28, 2020
Girl Talk With J.Belle: A&R Queen Neveen found her passion in music
She's an A&R Queen and has work with the masses, so I'm going by her first name only. Neveen has been in the music industry for a minute including a stint working in radio right here in Phoenix. I got to talk to her about how she turned her passion and purpose into money. We also talk about the music industry has changed drastically.
January 28, 2020
Girl Talk With J.Belle: Former Radio Personality Kali Kat finds out there's more to life after leaving radio
Fomer radio personality Kali Kat talks about her journey from her early start in radio, her move to Las Vegas and the impact it made o her life to start her own event company to moving back to the Valley.
January 28, 2020