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A Girlfriends Guide to 2nd Acts in Life

A Girlfriends Guide to 2nd Acts in Life

By Audrey & Samantha
What’s your 2nd Act? Starting over. Who hasn't. It's scary, nauseating, glisten- inducing (we glisten not perspire), but with change comes strength, one you never knew you had in you. And that's your 2nd Act: Starting over... but with the lessons learned under your arm.
This podcast is about a lot of things. It's meant to be fun, thought provoking, inspiring, it's all woman and the foibles and highs and lows of what being a woman embarking on her 2nd act is all about.
Even if you don't know what that is ... just yet.
What women do best is inspire each other, lift each other up.
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A Girlfriends Guide to 2nd Acts in Life A conversation with Professor Ona Miller on Being Single
It was a wonderful and fun night discussing her book "I am Single" we  will soon be posting a discount code for listeners of Girlfriends Guide  where and how you can purchase directly from Ona this fabulous book.. So here it is. Thank you Ona for an enlightening and frank discussion  as women about being single, relationships and the residue that  sometimes we need to shake off to move forward and always remember that  the most important relationship you will have is the one you have with  yourself.
June 1, 2020
A Girlfriends Guide to 2nd Acts with Gabriella Van Rij
Meet Gabriella “G” Van Rij Dynamic speaker, creator of global “Dare to be Kind “ movement, author what has this woman not done? She offers an incredible story of resilience, pursuing your goals, laughter, joy in living and especially how to be kind especially to yourself.
April 21, 2020
Girlfriends Guide to 2nd Acts our Tribute to NYC and it's heart. We stand with you.
This great city that has given so much to so many that never says quit is going through hard times as is the rest of the world. But tonight we pay tribute, this group of New Yorker's at heart and native and in an improv conversation share stories of what this city has given to us and some great memories. On tonight's Podcast we are all NYC.  We love you big Apple. XO Audrey 
April 17, 2020
"Life and it's curve balls"
Join Sam and I as we discuss new hopes for a new year and what life can throw our way and how to swing for the fences. Because we can.  Love, Audrey 
April 17, 2020