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Girl, Get Your SWAG Back!

Girl, Get Your SWAG Back!

By Dr. DeYonne Parker
Life is like double dutch—if you’re outside the ropes, you need to strategize, find the right timing in the sway, and on a breath and a prayer, hop back in! Ladies, get set to make those leveled up leaps with critically-acclaimed women’s self-help author, life & leadership coach, international speaker and founder of The S.W.A.G. University, DeYonne Parker, PhD. Dr. DeYonne has lived and thrived past the spirals of tragedy, and has the scars to prove it! Join her for real talk on the mic with her spirited, influencing friends, as they help you lift up in this world, to a better you!
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Episode 7: What Has Comfort Cost You?
Hey Gorgeous ladies! Happy Women's History Month! In this episode, I'm sharing a truth moment about the lesson I learned from my Comfort Zone.  What has comfort cost you? If you're ready to shed the weight of your comfort zone and jump over into your COURAGE zone, then join me as I drop these gems and give you a reason to be more courageous. It's your time and you don't have to wait for everything to be perfectly aligned before you make bold moves. Jump in, sis, and start living more boldly and bravely. #Courage #TheCourageCatalyst #GirlGetYourSWAGBack #DrDeYonne
March 3, 2021
Episode 6: IT'S GALENTINE'S DAY! Show Your Sister Circle Some Love!
We're celebrating #GalentinesDay on the Girl, Get Your SWAG Back podcast! This is the day we love on ourselves and the incredible sisters in our circles. Join me, Dr. DeYonne Parker, as I drop some love on my sister circle and give you some ways to show love to your circle and other women that need some encouragement today.  Don't forget to visit my website,, to grab your FREE SWAG Bag! My Galentine's Day gift to you! 
February 13, 2021
Episode 5: Take Your Gifts & Talents Off The Shelf (ft. Coach Terra Gay)
It's a #SWAGLounge Take Over! Get your pen and notebook, put your headphones on, and turn up your volume! My special co-host, Coach Terra Gay, Principal Transformation Consultant from Change and Transformation Consulting, took on the "G" (Gifts and Talents) in “SWAG” and dropped a bag of GEMS on us in this episode! If you're currently stuck in one position or placed your gifts and talents on the shelf last year in 2020, this episode is for you! Coach Terra spills the tea on how to: assess the true value of our gifts and talents, attract brilliance, use rejection to take flight to our next level, and surround ourselves with amazing people! Follow/Contact Dr. Dee: Follow/Contact Coach Terra Gay: Podcast: The Weight of The Cape
February 9, 2021
Episode 4 - The SWAG Lounge: Just Some Girls With Goals
We're in The SWAG Lounge ya'll! This time I invited the beautiful, young ladies from Just A Podcast, Ma'lon Lane, Amara Rangwala and Kennedy Turner, to join me for a candid conversation about the twists and turns of life as a young woman under 20, lessons learned in quarantine, chasing your dreams and aspirations and advice they would give to their future selves and women 25 and up. These courageous young go getters dropped some gems that you definitely want to pick up and put in your treasure box! Tune in and share it with a friend. Host: Dr. DeYonne Parker. Guests: Amara Rangwala, Ma’lone Lane, Kennedy Turner. Follow/Contact Dr. Dee: Follow/Contact Amara, Ma’lone, Kennedy at Just A...Podcast:
February 2, 2021
Episode 3: Will You Be A Starter Or Finisher This Year?
Are you a starter or a finisher? I LOVE asking this question because it requires us all to be honest with ourselves and dig a little deeper for the answer. We all start out with great intentions but sometimes life just happens and disrupts our plans. Join, me as I give you a PUSH out of the starting blocks and help you find your way to the finish line.. Host: Dr. DeYonne Parker. Follow/Contact Dr. Dee:
January 25, 2021
Episode 2: The SWAG Lounge: What Do You Do When Your SWAG Gets Snatched?
Ladies, welcome to The SWAG Lounge!  What do you do when your SWAG gets snatched from you? Well, 2020 snatched our SWAG and left some of us SWAGLESS in these streets! Many of us are barreling into 2021 with low self-confidence tanks, dry spiritual walks, attitudes that are less than pleasing and our gifts & talents left on the shelf. I've invited my good girlfriends to share some of their truth on how their SWAG was snatched and what they have done and are doing to get it back. Get your notebooks, your tissue and join me, Evg. FaLisa Jones, Dr. Nicole Steele and Dr. Natoshia Anderson as we share our truth and help you get up again! Host: Dr. DeYonne Parker. Guests: Evg. FaLisa Jones, Dr. Nicole Steele, Dr. Natoshia Anderson. Follow/Contact Dr. Dee:
January 18, 2021
Episode 1: What is SWAG and how the heck do you get it back?
Happy New Year and welcome to the very first episode of Girl, Get Your SWAG back! During this episode Dr. DeYonne (Dr. Dee) breaks down SWAG, shares some of the secret sauce to getting it back and transparently shares her own heartbreaking story of how she lost her SWAG. Host: Dr. DeYonne Parker. Follow/Contact Dr. Dee:
January 11, 2021