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Girl Let’s Talk Atlanta

Girl Let’s Talk Atlanta

By Trina Bee
Open media conglomerate of professional women speaking life’s true virtue. Girl I like the way you talk! Based in Atlanta, GA with a Global impact.
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PopUp Talks with GLTA

Girl Let’s Talk Atlanta

PopUp Talks with GLTA

Girl Let’s Talk Atlanta

The Art of Reinvention
The Art of REinvention: Transforming Brushstrokes into a Living Masterpiece Contact: Coachtbankston/IG
March 20, 2022
Positive Mindset Despite Lifes Mishaps
Elijah witnessed the murder of his mother at the age of 2 years old. The church members were people that were supposed to save him, however, Elijah ended up being molested by church members. This journey has caused him to hate God. Losing his wife was the last straw but God saved his life. Contact: IG @Lcracademy Email: Life Coach Elijah Ammi
March 20, 2022
Your Self Worth is Enough
Trina Bee's Living a Healed Life Podcast kicks off with Ms. Tara Crew an influential woman in the fashion and business industry with a passion for connecting women with purpose through her network Girl Code. Listen in as Trina and Tara discuss what Self Worth is to them and how they achieved identifying their worthiness.  Guest Tara Crew (@iamtaracrew @girl_code) Hostess Trina Bee (@marketinggoddess360)
February 22, 2022
Jazzi B Introduces her Glam Essentials line and New Photo Booth Operations
Jazzi B is the owner of Glam Essentials a home decor line that introduces candles with an interesting twist, Listen in to learn what it is. She has introduced an entertainment component to her entrepreneurial role, the 360 photo booth which is trending yet lucrative business to start. IG 
December 12, 2021
Mark Your Destiny & Move Forward Virtual Summit
The Mark Your Destiny & Move Forward Virtual Summit features women from across the states speaking motivation and encouragement into others.  Enjoy this episode, share with others who may need a push or to hear words of encouragement. Visual available on our website Speaker Order: Deric Goode (@lifesgoode_), Dalnesha McNeill (@hurt2heal_coaching), Deshannon Celestine (@shadesofpowerandlove), Dr Kimberly Grace (@drkimberlygrace), Marci Millsap (@queensrx), Shirlean Whichard (@iamshirleanwhichard), Kiddada Grey (@asmaratransformed), Sadie Evan (@sadiemaeevans_coaching), Syncere Newman (@newmansyncere), Nesi Ewing (@trainernesi), Faith Desiree (@entreprenu_her), Michelle Massey Washington, Nathallia Clarke (@chefnathallia), Lady Jay (@j_sculptmeh), Meemi Hunter (@miraclesbymeemi), Roselynn Shepard (@theeerealqueenbee), Jasmine Johnson (@carmen_facts) Hostess Trina Bee (@marketinggoddess360 and @girlletstalkatlanta)
December 01, 2021
Tasha Diorr Multi-Talented Woman of Strength
After going through so much in life from trauma, too bad relationships, depression, suicide, it is very important that we all must heal to have a healthy relationship with ourselves and others. Tune in as Tasha talks about her journey and how she became this muli-talented woman who's fearless to new opportunities.  Link with Tasha Here:
November 17, 2021
Meet Dalneshia McNeill a woman of truth and value
Dalneshia McNeill delivers a powerful, motivational, transformational message that reaches women across the spectrum. Dalneshia’s work is grounded in helping women win by healing through one hurt at a time and tapping in to there true authentic self. Her speaking engagements lead women to act and give themselves permission to heal. Dalneshia McNeill is a dynamic Speaker, Motivator, a Spiritual/Transformational Life Coach, and the best at showing women ways to find, be and love their true authentic self.  Dalneshia is currently touring  with her Movement called Healing & Self Love For Women "Healing the Whole Women and Loving Thy WholeSelf.   Dalneshia's purpose is to plant seeds of healing, truth, love, and higher vibration in others by strengthening the mind, body, and spirit.
November 13, 2021
The Beauty & Wine Industry
About Our Guest Totteanna Shanklin IG: @im.totte & @theswmeapp As a 15-year former stylist, who has previously worked in Atlanta, I would love to share with your platform how I went from working behind the chair as an cosmetologist to creating my own app (theSWMEapp) that will change the way salon owners do business. SWME is the first Black woman-owned salon suite property management solution tool created to make the suite life more efficient. I would love to share with your platform how I have transitioned throughout my entrepreneurial journey. SWME (Suites Workflow Made Easier) is a tech company that is the only software platform dedicated to streamlining backend operations and automating tasks for salon suite renters. This app serves as an online portal, allowing salon suite owners to submit maintenance requests, collect payments, accept bookings and provide a better salon experience. Shayla Varnado I want as many Black women as possible to have the luxury experiences they deserve and turn their dreams into thriving businesses and brands.
November 03, 2021
Breaking the Stigma of Mental Illness with Kimberly Clark
About Kimberly Victory Over Loss Serving women w mental health issues stomp out stigma and embrace self-love w courage & confidence 🦋 Advocate of Mental H Awareness 👉🏾 #StompOutStigma Follow on IG @thekimberlyclark
December 28, 2020
Chatting with the Milf Mobb Boss herself Stacey CEO of Milf Mobb
Getting to Milfs and how we can change the current narrative of Milf! Listen in as Stacey explains it to her. @themilfnextdoor
December 13, 2020
Interview w/ Anna Nyakana
Please check her out on IG @niyah_zuri
October 13, 2020
PopUp Talks with GLTA
Theme: Blue Jeans/Genes in honor of @momgenesfightppd Helping women bring awareness and find a cure for Postpartum Depression. @comfortinthestorm @mulahs_luxury_hair @freespirit_tiffany @janwaddell @dr.canary @legallylashonda @momckenziestyles @marketinggoddess360 #girlletstalkatl #atlanta #popuptalks
August 27, 2020
Interview | w/ Ber-Henda Williams Empath Coach
Trina Bee Interviews Empath Coach Ber-Henda Williams Ber-Henda is Visionary Empath Coach and she uses poetry, speaking, facilitating, to help her empathic clients succeed! Ber-Henda blends heart, sass, storytelling, and spirit to captivate audiences.   What is a Empath Coach?
July 19, 2020
Fashion Do's & Don'ts
In this episode the ladies discussed their fashion sense, this was a fun episode, If you agree to what was said drop comments and share. See you all next week. @kaynicole.m @gwenajayi @dr.canary @marketinggoddess360 @comfortinthestorm @janwaddell
July 16, 2020
Interview w/ Nicole Banks Fashion Stylist and Technology Professional
We're discussing female entrepreneurship, style, and technology. 
July 15, 2020
Interview with World Traveler, Educator and Author Dr. Denise Mose
When asked about her new book, Denise states "This book is for someone who wants a shift in their life. That person who is scared and feels like they don't have the answers they need at that very moment. I want them to know it's okay to go for something that seems crazy! Your inner voice and universe will come together for you!" While on this journey to China, Denise serves as the "Professor in Residence" for a year in Shanghai, China at the George English School in 2015 where she taught English, Western Culture, Etiquette, Traveling, and Communications. @denisemose #worldtravel #teacher #blackteacher #blackeducator #selfdiscovery #selflove #selfcare
July 14, 2020
Laws of Attraction To Success
Laws of Attraction to Success Pop Up Talks What arracts you to success? Let's talk about it!! @anashia_marie @porchalive @kaynicole.m @gwenajayi @dr.canary @marketinggoddess360 @comfortinthestorm #girlletstalkatl #girlletstalk #atlanta #atlantablogger #atlantabloggers #businessbabe #businessbabes #bossbabe #bossbabes #prettyhustle #blackgirlmagic #podsincolor #spelmancollege #trinabee #georgiatech #marketinggoddess #popuptalkshow #hbcupride #atlantapodcast #hbcu #popuptalkshow #millennials #millenials #blackmillenials #blackmillennials #millennialmoney #millennialentrepreneur #millennialblogger #millennialwomenentrepreneurs
July 10, 2020
Interview w/ Patrice D Evans Women's Wellness Dance & Beauty Ministry
Patrice D'Evans is an actress, dancer and public speaker - best known for her Women's Wellness, Dance & Beauty Ministry YouTube channel, with nearly 10K active subscribers. She is also the Founder / CEO of Saka Core Fit and Ayurveda Curls.  Patrice is building a buzz, speaking to people about unlocking self-joy in their mind, body and spirit. Uniquely, through belly dancing, she is passionate about teaching women how the movement of the body can make a person feel liberated and free! Her topics of choice include: empowerment, faith, self-love, positivity, community engagement and relationships.
July 09, 2020
Interview w/ Jerica Richardson Candidate for Cobb Co Commissioner
From Jerica's Site I am my grandfather's greatest dream. I am my parents' greatest hopes. I am the child of America's complex history. I am the daughter of two loving parents, Valerie and Willie Richardson, and I come from a long legacy of educators and trailblazers who understood sacrifice and paved the way for generations to come. My history is littered with moments of American history- Tuskegee Airmen, sharecroppers, founders of schools, desegregationists, war heroes, and subjects of the syphilis study. My ancestors were not afraid to lead and live courageously. While not always welcomed, they were diplomatic and fair purveyors of their crafts. In me burns that same distinct fire. It sits atop a torch that is focused on progress and finding unique ways to collaborate with others. When resources are scarce, you learn how to be resourceful. When they tell you it's impossible, you fight to make the impossible possible. When tragedy strikes, you learn empathy- that injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere. When systemic issues arise, you learn that that inequity is the slippery slope to bondage, and freedom is bought with love. When corruption rears its head, you learn that representation is not about power, but empowerment. When criticism is aimed at you, you learn that servant leadership is about being all that you are, doing all that you can, with all that you know for all who you can. I stand on the laurels of the character developed over generations in my family. So when I see something, I say something. Today, I see the community is left out of the equation. Today I see a disconnected community. However, I also see that Cobb County is equipped with unique diversity, and we should be the example of everything good coming out of Georgia. I know I am my grandfather's greatest dream. Now, I am seeking to represent our community, and I intend to hold and propel your dreams of safety, stability, and significance. I am running to connect us where it matters. I am running to be your seat at the table.
July 06, 2020
Girl What's Going On? (Success stories & humble beginnings)
This episode is all about our stories and how we got to where we are at the moment. In order to move forward in a positive direction in your life, you have to make plans an action but first of all, know when to move forward hard.
July 02, 2020
Moms of Sons Partnered Virtual Panel
Trina Bee Panel guest of Moms of Sons hosted by Lakeisha Mosley 
July 01, 2020
Embracing Woman Hood & Sisterhood (BLM)
This episode is all about us just having the conversation, that needs to happen in the moment. Thank you in advance for tuning in. 
June 18, 2020
Millennial Motherhood
We’ll be exploring parenting and development trends in the new age of parenting. i.e. Millennials. We have some dope moms joining us as well. Our cohost is @mamazee_mommyblogger of Mama Zee and Her 3 LLC. Along with some of our favorite mommies. @kaywandalamb @singlemomsplanet @singlemom_legacy @dearsinglemommy @thesinglemomsuniversitee @singlemommotivator @singlemomconfessions
May 19, 2020
Walking in Confidence
Girl Let’s Talk Atlanta Presents Walking in Confidence Virtual Conference Sponsored by @blackgirlceoandco 🖤👑Wednesday April 22nd at 8PM 💜👑☕️Open Discussion: Feminism in Business, Corporate, Profession or Career. Girl Let’s Talk! 🙌🏾🖤☕️💜 Meet all of us virtually. 💜🖤 @girlletstalkatl @ladybond007ofrealestate @syreetashanee @elegantaffairsbydione @gwardatl @therealmiesha @iamforeverevolving @iamangiemcdonald @_thegreatfight #girlletstalkatl #atlanta #atlantaevents #networkingevents #atlantanetworking #professionalnetworking #atlantaprofessionalnetworking #atlantabusiness #business #businessprofessional #hbcu #bossbabes #blackgirlsrock #blackjournalist #blackmedia #blackmediamatters #naacpimageawards #naacp #naacpawards #womeninbusiness #blackwomen #blackfeminism #melaninpoppin
May 05, 2020
Pushing past your fears as an emerging Author.
Trina Bee interview Author Adriana Lafaye Author of Tryals & Trybulations
January 02, 2020
How To Self Heal from Trauma
Girl Let’s Talk Atlanta explores two Queens Trauma and Healing Process Dr. Sarepta and Loren @drsarepta @loren.atl
September 22, 2019
Sisterhood & Allowing God to Be in Your Relationships
Sisterhood & Allowing God to Be in Your Relationships. @alldayalidib @_thegreatfight
August 19, 2019
Body Image
Body Imagw
July 27, 2019
Living Purposely
June 30, 2019