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Girls Can’t Geek

Girls Can’t Geek

By Girls Can't Geek
It's ya fave Blerd girls! Bunny, SD Trinity, JigglySenpai3 and GokusGodCousin discuss fandom, current issues, events and all things girl/geek related. Thanks for listening, and please leave us a voice message for shoutouts!
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GIRLS CANT GEEK featuring Geek Salad Anime Hairlines and Alien Kewchie
In this episode we talk about all sorts of jacked up hairlines and Aliens. 
August 16, 2022
Senpai & Frennns #6 Sx Wrk
In this episode we chat with our Frennns about Sx Wrk. 
August 16, 2022
Goku's Counsel Culture ft Blerdover: How to get a Blerd- BlerdLove pt. 1
In this episode, we learn Goku's Pimp Origin story. We also learn techniques and tips on how to talk to and “pickup” other Nerds.  This episode features special guest Skip from the BlerdOver Podcast. Join us in discussing everything from using your special quirks to getting past rejection.
August 01, 2022
Senpai & Frennns #5 Sexy Nerds?
In this episode we talk about the existence of Sexy Nerds, unsexiness & the Sexynerdmovement. 
July 26, 2022
Blerdcon Recap: Panels, Pimps, and Men Magnets
The Ladies spill all the tea and shenanigans about  what went during Blerdcon 2022. Everything from hosting panels, to pimping, and the law of attraction. Also, welcoming a new member of the GCG Crew Ms. Sunshine and Georgia Rais!!! ( @sunshineandgerogiarais). 
July 14, 2022
The ladies of GCG discuss what they've been up too. Between being booked, twitch acting shady, and leaving a toxic workplace. The ladies all agree that the AUDACITY of people in the DMs has to stop.
May 23, 2022
Senpai & Frennns #4: Aries Szn!
In this episode, we talk about All things Aries, some of the myths and how Aries energy affects placements & planets during this szn. 
April 11, 2022
Senpai & Frennns #3: Oral Fixation (part 2)
In this episode, Jiggly Senpai chats with more Frennns about Head.
April 04, 2022
Senpai & Frennns #2: Aesthetics
Hatfishing, Wigs, Lacefront Beards & Makeup Transformations. Are they ok, or is it deception?
March 28, 2022
Senpai & Frennns #1: Oral Fixation (part 1)
Jiggly Senpai chats with SdTrinity and GokusGodCousin about Head.
March 02, 2022
Goku's Counsel Culture- "GOOD Grief"
How do we grieve? Goku takes a look at the grieving process thru different points of view.  Join the Girls Can't Geek hosts as they discuss Michael K. Williams' passing, along with many fandom characters passing.
October 14, 2021
Who U UWU #2 w/ CharanneLoves
GCG SZN 4 Episode 5  JigglySenpai3 coming at ya with her new content. "Who U Uwu" is a series all about giving people their flowers, honesty, and tons of good vibes! Listen in as your fave Blerd girls dive into this interview with CharanneLoves, CEO of Bastet x Loves brand. Comment below, and tell us who you'd like JigglySenpai to interview, next!
September 06, 2021
BEDx Talks w/ Bunny- Left on Read & Left for Dead
On this episode of GCG we navigate what it's like to have a guy who ghosts you decide he wanna spin da block one more time! (ie: basically new Bunny fu*kboy mess!) Listen in as,  GokusGodCousin gives moral support and encouragement SD Trinity tells us where to find soft pajamas for hentai & chill Bunny shares her recent experiences with 2 guys (no not a 3some lol)
August 31, 2021
GCG: SZN4 Episode 3- TRIN TALKS viral vaginerz
SD Trinity, BunnyMightGameU, JigglySenpai3, and GokusGodCousin talk giving up your seat on the plane- Would you give up your extra legroom seat on a 10 hour flight? Are you a good samaritan? Listen in (NSFW) as your Blerd girls chop it up on another TRIN TALKS episode of Girls Can't Geek.
August 23, 2021
JigglySenpai3's "Who U Uwu" w/ BADWAIFU
GCG SZN 4 Episode 2   JigglySenpai3 coming at ya with her new content. "Who U Uwu" is a series all bout giving people their flowers, honesty, and tons of good vibes! Listen in as your fave Blerd girls dive into this interview with LINDA WALTON, CEO of BADWAIFU brand.  Comment below, and tell us who you'd like JigglySenpai to interview, next!
August 09, 2021
SZN 4: Ep. 1 w/Trin, Jigg, Goku, and Bunnz!
Well well well...look what SZN4 pulled up with-Four hosts!?   We're lit!   Listen in as your fave blerd girls catch up after the summer hiatus.   Mixtapes been droppin...Blerdcon was poppin...we on the Discord widdit,  but let's see what you missed while we were on 2021 summer vacay!
August 02, 2021
Trin Talks: Mental Health with RAD
Our previous episode for Trin Talks was so impactful, and your messages were heard loud & clear GCG FAMILY!  You needed access to more information on mental health care & coverage. Speaking on mental health care and diagnoses from our experiences, and from the media/tabloid narrative wasn't in- depth, enough.  Thankfully, the GCG Discord fam sought out Ms. Crystal Navarro, Clinical Director of RAD mental health organization, and were able to learn more about the resources available to all of us over at RAD.  Please reach out to the team at Rise Above The Disorder by visiting YOUARERAD.ORG by clicking the link:
April 19, 2021
Trin Talks: Mental Health- Umbrellas, baldies & royals gone viral
SD Trinity, JigglySenpai3 & the GCG discord family dive into viral mental health issues from 2007 Britney, all the way to the royal mess that has come across the pond with Prince Harry and Meghan. We dive into this subtle tip-toe conversation, as we learn how to help. When to help, and what types of support people in your life (and ppl we watch go viral lol), truly could use from you, while going thru THEIR UNIQUE journeys towards mental healthWhat happens to public figures when they reach out for help in the Mental Health areas of their lives?  What is is about asking for treatment resources or getting help that allows our family, friends and peers to side-eye us or want to hand-hold us even after our healing has arrived?  Brittany Spears' dad won't loosen his grips on the stewardship of her life, career, estate. Prince Harry & Meghan were denied any resources for mental health care and had to relinquish all privileges because of it. No residual handholding there, but at what cost?
March 15, 2021
GCG Ep.30- Moon Prism Pussy Power
Happy International Women's Day! Today SD Trinity, JigglySenpai3, and Bunny chat on Brazilian waxing versus Sugar waxing. Jiggly announces her new brand, and the way it was inspired by the age-old Goku versus Sailor Moon fanboy patriarchy! By the way Sailor Moon wins every time, in our book!
March 08, 2021
GCG Ep. 29- Die Before You Love Me w/ LEXY PANTERRA
SD Trinity, JigglySenpai3, and Bunny went HAM fangirling for this episode! LEXY PANTERRA is a Self made baddie from the Wild Wild West,  and she's pulled up to the GCG land to share her journey with us all!!! We learn how content creators can indeed be multifaceted & create multiple streams of income, all while maintaining a level of empowered sense of self! LEXY PANTERRA teaches us to turn a position as an influencer on socials, into your very own brand with so much more to offer! ~SD Trinity & JigglySenpai ask all the right questions, while LEXY PANTERRA throws them blue hunnit dolla billz at Bunny for her #LowCalorie #Twerk on camera! ~Put headsets on and don't get fired from your job for this one! We aint payin ya bills!!! ~visit: FOR MORE!!! ~Don't forget to LIKE, SUBSCRIBE & COMMENT BELOW!
March 01, 2021
GCG Ep28 - TRIN TALKS: Dating a Dead@ss Dumb@ss
"Trin Talks" has returned! This week Trin will get into dating faux pas with her co-host jigglySenpai & our fave Fantastic Fanboy Fighter, The one and only Fantastic Frankey!   How do you feel about bringing a friend along for the date? Comment below, we wannahear YOUR TAKE on this 'Dumb@ss Date'.
February 15, 2021
GCG Ep. 27- Yerrr! Ayo, Frankey! What's Good??
SD Trinity, JigglySenpai, and Bunny send out an APB to the one and only Fanboy Fighter Fantastic Frankey! Listen in as they give their take on the most recent misogyny mishaps from their colleagues in podcasting. The girls clap back on the latest cosplay commentaries from "cool guy blerds" on the Devin Wade Show which was reposted by the 3 Ninjas Podcast!   Don't forget to like (or dislike) below & leave YOUR take & 2 cents on the matters discussed!  Share with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, and beyond!!!
February 08, 2021
GCG Ep26- Fardi B(S) & Our Dildo Dojos
SD Trinity, Jiggly Senpai3 , and Bunny are back this week with so much to discuss! The social media harassment that comes from SD Trinity's IG memes, and public Blerd scrutiny of Cardi B's blatant trollin' are discussed in full on detail. The girls also give you a first look at their lady-tech-for-lady-bits! Step into the DILDO DOJO, y'all!!! Grab a water! THIS ONE'S LONG!
January 25, 2021
GCG Ep25 - Trin Talks: Bunny & Buss It Challenge
This week we're back and gossiping with just the girls! SD Trinity & JigglySenpai3 are peer pressuring Bunny to join them on the quest to The Buss It Challenge. The episode navigates through the fondness and adoration that this viral social media challenge has caused for the internet and namely, the Blerd community. Will Bunny do it? Will she Buss it for the Blerd Gods? Find out how YOU CAN MAKE BUNNY BUSS IT, on THIS EPISODE of Girls Can't Geek!
January 18, 2021
Episode 24- SOUL Watch Party Chat
SD Trinity & JigglySenpai talk SOUL on Disney+ starring Jamie Foxx. Joined by the Discord fam, and a special guest, we listen to gems being dropped.  Spoiler alert- Enjoy!
January 11, 2021
Episode 23- Trin Talks: Happy New Year!
Episode 23- Trin Talks: Happy New Year! Dive in to listen to SD Trinity (as SD Sza lol) & JigglySenpai chat with the discord fam about their ANIME CRUSHES/ CELEB CRUSHES from childhood...but wait! THERE'S MORE! Trin also asks "What would YOUR EVIL New Years Resolution be?"  It definitely gets a little crazy, but it's totally worth it! Happy New Year, and don't forget to like and subscribe. We wanna hear from YOU- So, definitely comment below so we can learn more about YOUR Anime Crush and who you been crushing on since you were a kid!
January 04, 2021
BLERDS in Tech & Entertainment: Ownership Spotlight
This week Bunny is back for a special edition of GCG! Joined by Daimon of Ultimate Wireless & Letta Jaye of COEXIST Game House, they discuss the rise of blacks in tech and the necessary steps, THEY BELIEVE are necessary for bridging the current 'tech gap'.  Come & take a listen and comment below for your suggestions on how we can bridge the 'tech gap' in 2021!
December 28, 2020
GCG Ep21- Trin Talks: SD Trinity's Twitch Chat Shenanigans
This week SD Trinity is back w/ her co-host JigglyPuff, and they've brought the Discord fam along for the fun! Say hello to Ms.Jen Curly Waves; Lord N8MELESS; Shango Simms; and the very entertaining Mr Fizz! There's a lot of buzz going around about this video on world star lately, so 'Trin Talks' to the Discord fam about everything that's right (AND WRONG) about this controversial video gone viral. Enjoy!
December 21, 2020
Blerds with superpowers (GCG Episode20)
SD Trinity is back this week with JigglyPuffx3 and a couple of the Discord fam!  Shoutout to Lord N8meless & Shango Simms! Listen in as they chat about Blerds and the way they'd coexist in something like a DB universe.
December 14, 2020
GCG Ep19 - Bunny's Blerd boys & girls club w/ Ms. Elie
Join BunnyMightGameU this week and meet her favorite teacher, Ms. Elie, NYC. Joined by: Alexis Jones (WNBA LA Sparks Champion) Dot Cromwell (Recording Artist; 2K21 Soundtrack) Talking growing up in the spaces between sports and esports culture; WNBA & NBA, 2K21 & More! 
December 10, 2020
GCG Ep18- Back 2 Da Fyōōchah Widdit
Last week's episode was received with such warm regards lol So we felt we needed to go back to the Origins of the Unsolicited Dick Pick with our guru of The Unsolicited DP & Colonized Pretty Tiddys... Our very own SD Trinity's extended personalities from her TWITCH STREAM: Professor Bitch & Branden!   Bunny & SD Trinity are joined this week by- StormCandy; JigglyPuff; Jab2Ez; iCNella; Lord N8meless; TheFizz; and Philharmonic!  Grab your headsets cause ya don't wanna get fired for the knowledge SD Trinity is kickin today, huntys!  COMMENT! LIKE! SUBSCRIBE BABYYYYY!!!  Enjoy!
November 30, 2020
GCG Ep17- The Unsolicited DP & Colonized Pretty Tiddys
We're back with Bunny & the Discord Squad!!! Bunnymightgameu is joined by co-host JigglyPuff3x this week, recurring guest host Jab2Ez,  GCG Discord Lord N8meless, and long time friend to the GCG brand, Mr. JDubya A.K.A. JWILL!!!  We chat and expand on topics we shared during our journeys gettin to know eachother as BLERDS in the GCG Discord.  Enjoy!
November 23, 2020
Queens Gaming Collective: for da people dem! Episode 16
BunnyMightGameU is joined this week by friend-to-the-GCG-show  BK: BlackKrystel of Sony/Columbia's Lost Rings; OS NYC Gaming  & Revenge of the Film Nerds Podcast... and now... Announcing their partnership with THE QUEENS GAMING COLLECTIVE (@Queensgg on all platforms) Queens Gaming Collective: building out the first established, women-led, gaming lifestyle organization growing opportunities for female representation in the gaming and content creation spaces. As royalty in the gaming community – a Queen – and her royal court can bring more fans into the fold and closer to their gaming heroes while simultaneously building awareness around gaming culture and partnering with brands and sponsorship campaigns all across the globe. Enjoy the episode! P.S. ***SD Trinity & Yeliz will be joining us next week for dope bonus content, as well!  Stay tuned, we love youuuuuu!
November 18, 2020
'Merica! 'Lections! VETERANS- Ohh My!
This week Bunny & SD Trinity are joined by newbie to the podcast (but a day 1 supporter, nonetheless) PHILLY CHEESESTEAK,  and our returning  podcast member, JAB2EZ !!! Listen in & share with ya friends in service! WE LOVE THE TROOPS IN GIRLS CAN'T GEEK LAND!!!
November 11, 2020
Watch Dis Party: Lovecraft Country Episode 14 GCG
We meet again- Discord Clique!!! ~Jiggly Puff ~Dre of ALL Trades ~iC Nella ~Daddy Sun Shyne  !!! Bunny is joined by the GCG Discord Clique, again, for this week's bomb-ass episode.  This week we chat about HBO's LOVECRAFT COUNTRY, along with how dope it is to be alive and kicking in this day & age.   Watch us discuss horror sci-fi geekdoms, and what it's like when technology allows us ALL to be great!    Like, Subscribe, drop a comment & ENJOY!
November 02, 2020
And Then There Were Three: Ice Cold Bihhh!!!
Bunny & SD Trinity and NOW....... YELIZ!!! This episode has been 2 years in the making! There's no way to describe it, except as...PRESS FUCKING PLAY! YOU'RE WELCOME! *Welcome your newest GCG Girl: YELIZ!*
October 26, 2020
But wait- THERE'S MORE!!!
You waited longer for this one, so Bunny & SD Trinity have a treat for you! Get into a bonus round with The GCG Gang, as they have lil more fun with the "Erryday Indigenous People" topic!
October 20, 2020
Erryday Indigenous People
Bunny, SD Trinity & The GCG gang is back this week discussing the only Christopher they acknowledge...why we care more about indigenous people now more than ever, and why the Amazons Indigenous leader, Nemonte Nenquimo, is the hero we all didn't see coming to read TF outta the Western World's elite! It's a fun time! Get into it!
October 20, 2020
Episode 11: Trinity! Tell 'em what we won!
So happy to have this platform to share and pay it forward for real. This marks our first of many COLLABORATIVE episodes. Joined by fans-turned-fam, we discuss what it's like to join in and be a part of the GCG podcast. Learn more about your Baes BunnyMightGameU & SD Trinity, along with this week's crew: Jab2EZ, JigglyPuff, FreshPrinceSaiyan...   Laugh along with us as we show and tell you all exactly what it's like in GCG LAND!
October 05, 2020
PlayStation Showcase: Packin' or Cappin'?
Ya girls are back and this week they're a lil pissed off and a lil excited! Listen in on the pros and cons from the PlayStation showcase announcements!
September 22, 2020
Blerds on Fiye: Navigating Burnout as a Creative
Whew! Long week and so much has happened, wow! Easy to be overwhelmed, aint it?! Well ya faves are back this week, and the topic is LITERALLY LIT! Bunny & SD TRINITY chat about California's wildfires (or weaponized weather manipulation techniques), 2020 madness, and balancing work-life-balance in order to AVOID BURNOUT. Listen in- you might just learn something!
September 14, 2020
SD Squad & ¡Gamers U!
It's been a crazy week! SD Trinity made TWITCH affiliate.  BunnyMightGameU performed at GBX Black on OS NYC's TWITCH LIVE STREAM! Ya girls chat about how the FK they managed to get it all to work out and look easy. Tune's a good time!
September 08, 2020
Good Grief (Rest in Power Chadwick Boseman)
Bunny & SD Trinity are back for another episode. This week they're chatting about grief and how we grieve personal loved one's as well as our celebrity-loved-ones.  SD Trinity talks to us about her Black Panther/ Chadwick Boseman tattoo, as well as how it all started with HOW SHE ODDLY WON A TATTOO GIVEAWAY.  Bunny reflects on very her personal first-ever experience with grief.  We hear what it's like losing the most powerful black woman/man in our  lives. GRAB THE TISSUES! HUG YOUR PLUSHIES!!! We been making it through this 2020, day by day, everybody! Don't give up! ****Chadwick never did- DON'T GIVE UP (note to self as well lol) !!!
September 03, 2020
Dumb Offa FanDome
This week Bunny & SD Trinity are back, talkin DC FanDome; Netflix pedos; Samurai Jack and taking paid time off for this November's PS5 Release date!!! Listen in- its a good time...
August 24, 2020
Baraka NO OBAMA (Blerd Dating Therapy W/ Black Krystel)
This week we continue the Blerd Dating Therapy theme. Black Krystal fills in for SD Trinity while she's on vacation! We chat orientation and preferences, representation, and a little Agent F is in there too! Thanks for your listens to another week of Girls Can't Geek !!!
August 17, 2020
Morning-After 'National Orgasm Day' (Blerd Dating Therapy)
Bunny & SD Trinity are joined this week by their boy, Vlogger, GEEK LIFE MIKE. Listen in as the three of them dissect their experiences in dating and confess their ideal dating dynamic/situation.
August 10, 2020
Blerd Gurl How U Derrnn?!
Bunny & SD Trinity vent after making it halfway through 2020, as if being a blerd girl in the world ain't hard enough as is. Listen to SD Trinity explain her encounter with an undercover police officer who harassed her outside of her new home. Trigger warning! We love you guys!
July 27, 2020
Back Like Cooked Crackkk
After almost two years away from posting podcast content, Girls Can't Geek comes back! Better than ever with Bunny and SD Trinity, take a listen in on what the Blerd Girls had to say to the questions from their loyal fanbase!
July 13, 2020