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By Girls Club
Come join Dija and Myself while we have interesting conversation about our life’s and experiences, some times as women we think we are alone, we would be surprised to know how most of us go through the same situations. Being able to lean on each other as women is one of the most effective remedies to staying sane. It is very important for us to create a safe and free of judgement space, where our focus is support and empower women to do what makes them happy.
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Alexa helped my kids go Christmas shopping

Alexa helped my kids go Christmas shopping

Having amazing friends who we are able to depend on when we need them and building a judgmental free support group where we get to support one another is a must in the women community. We need more women to love and support one another and it starts with us making the difference.
May 2, 2021
Quarantine Kicked my Butt
Welcome back to our new and improved Podcast station where we are now recording live on Stereo app download app for free and come listen to us live as we discuss many topics better yet participate live with us and share the recordings with your friends. We are now The Girls Club with Dija and Mary. Visit our page GirlsClub.Live for more updates and connect with us on FB and IG @GirlsClub.Live
April 4, 2021
Las Vegas Protests
In this episode I have another awesome group of people who have actively either participated or have planned Protests in the city of Las Vegas. We talk about the purpose of the protests, share details about the protests, as well as talk about what's next. Follow us @themaryshow on FB and @officialthemaryshow on IG
June 13, 2020
Police Brutality
This Podcast is dedicated to all the men and women how have lost their lives to Police Brutality. In this episode we talk about  how Police Brutality affects the African-American Community along with other minority communities. Our guests express their concern and share their personal experience with Police encounters. We all agree that Police brutality needs to stop and building the relationship between our communities and Police Officers is necessary. As we support the #BlackLivesMatter movement we all need to come together to make this world a better place. Please leave our voice feature on the anchor app to leave your opinions on this matter. Follow us on FB @themaryshow and on IG @officiathemaryshow
June 2, 2020
Black Hair Appropriation/Misappropriation
In this segment I have three strong and beautiful ladies who share with us not only their opinion but also their knowledge about Black Hair Appropriation or in some cases Misappropriation. With this podcast I want to pay respect and show love to our Beautiful Black Queens and their hair culture. One of my guest is Miche who has her own Salon Suite where she services women of all ethnicity and backgrounds. You can find her at VanColins The Salon & The Suite Blowout On FB and IG @TheSuiteBlowout or on her website  Dont forget to follow us on FB @themaryshow on IG @officialthemaryhow gives a like, leave us a comment and we would also appreciate a share.
May 24, 2020
OQP APPAREL COMPANY: Music, Business and Advocacy for the Reform of Marijuana Laws
In this episode we have Hip Hop Artist and business partner Nico Hayze, Music Producer, Creative Writer and entrepreneur Vizual Muzik (Vizzy) and Nicolia Stephens COO and business partner introducing their brand OQP Apparel Company and their contribution to music, business and advocacy as it applies to the reform of Marijuana Laws. You can find their apparel line at and on Instragram @Smokepotpokesmoton You can also find Nico @nico_hayze and Vizzy @atvizzy. #FREE CAMPAIGN LAUNCHING 02.02.2020!!!
February 19, 2020
Being Gay doesn't define me as person.
In today's show we have Jose Vielman sharing his personal experience as a gay man as well as sharing his advice for listener who are struggling with being themselves. For more of Jose you can follow him on Instagram at  We hope you guys enjoy for more podcasts make sure to subscribe to our channel feel free to send us voice mails and if you want to send any shout outs feel free to do so from the anchor app via voice message. you can find us on FB: IG:
February 2, 2020
Alexa helped my kids go Christmas shopping
In this episode we have Verona Estell who's home video about her kids using Alexa to do their Christmas Shoping without her knowledge went viral aside from all the positive vibes that she got form the millions of people who have viewed the video she also got a lot of backlash and some negative comments. She shares her experiences after this video as well as how involved she is in her community. You can reach her through email at On Instagram: breakingchainslife And her Blog site: you can follow my page at The Mary Show on FB and officialthemaryshow on IG
January 30, 2020
Not Allowing our Past Define our Future
New Year better us, 2019 might of been a rough year for many of us and a year of many changes. For some it was a very positive year but for many of us it was a rough year. Lets not allow any of that negativity in our lives and lets commit ourselves to making 2020 our year of prosperity both physically, mentally and why not financially. Join my self your host Mrs Mary and Dija in our talk to today, we share our experience as well as our goals and plans for this year. Please feel free to send us your thought and opinions on a voice message from your anchor app you can also email us at let us know if there are any topics you would like us to discuss. You can find Dija's business page on FB at and on IG at You can also find me on FB at and on IG at Thanks for listening. 
January 23, 2020
I am a Proud Native American
Today we had our beautiful and amazing friend Jacobi. Not only is she smart and beautiful but she is also a proud Native American Woman.
December 25, 2019
Marrying my Bestfriend
Our experience growing up in church, being a PK-(Pastors Kid). Dating, being engaged, marriage, having kids.
July 5, 2019
Domestic Violence Survivor Nicolia Stephens
Married to the Man I loved learning to live with his mental illness, drug abuse, anxiety. Surviving domestic violence and making the hard decision to leave him to save my life. Nicolia Stephens aka Coli
October 16, 2018