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girl with vision

girl with vision

By Debbie Merrick

girl with vision with host Debbie Merrick. Debbie is a multi-faceted girl who at the age of 49 has been in multiple careers including a designer, creator of an award winning furniture boutique in Scottsdale and now owner of a digital marketing company Internet Cocktail. Now telling other amazing people’s stories. Artistic entrepreneurs. She overcame her childhood trauma of having cataracts which included multiple surgeries by the age of 8 as well as handling bullying/rejection by tapping into her creativity & imagination while helping other people see what is possible in their own lives.
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"What is to Live Courageously as a Girl?", with author Jody Smith
"What is to Live Courageously as a Girl?", with author Jody Smith
 What does it mean to live courageously as a girl of any age? Embrace identity and walk away from things that don’t serve you and press in to things that can impact even just one other person.  Laugh and be inspired by my dear friend Author Jody Smith of Princess Monroe and Her Happily Ever After. She is an incredible wife and mother of two girls, who I had the pleasure of knowing while both of us owned furniture and design businesses in Scottsdale. It seems like a lifetime ago and it was so inspiring to know that someone who was technically a competitor is a FAN and vice versa.  I am more than happy to support her genius book on empowering girls to live courageously and authentically. Which is another movement she has created. Be prepared to laugh your butt off while sharing in this coffee talk. I encourage you to include your daughters to listen as well. An empowering conversation and book reading. So grab a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy. Book is available at and Amazon. Follow @courageousgirl on FB and IG
July 23, 2019
girl with vision interview with comedic author Amy Lyle
girl with vision interview with comedic author Amy Lyle
girl with vision interview with Amy Lyle comedic author and screenwriter. Her books - The Book of Failures and We’re All A Mess, It’s OK. And IG @authoramylyle.  Our interview includes: not being perfect, doing things anyway, Discussing her journey to writing a screenplay and getting it produced, as well as giving tips for self publishing a novel/story. And some fun stories sprinkled through out the episode. Enjoy!  Please let us know what you think. Thank you for listening. And please let us know how we can support you as a girl with vision. Books (click each for book details): The Book of Failures We’re All A Mess, It’s OK
July 18, 2019