G!RO Podcast

G!RO Podcast

By Jordan Addison
Grab a coffee, grab a beer, & listen in as we delve long form into all things Cycling, Coffee & Community! G!RO Cycles is a Cafe in Esher UK.

Doors always open so stop in and grab a brew.
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Grab a coffee, grab a beer, & listen in as we delve long form into all things Cycling, Coffee & Community! G!RO Cycles is a Cafe in Esher UK.

Doors always open so stop in and grab a brew.

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G!RO talks Community & Being Human | Special Guest Dave Erasmus
In our busier and busier lives, the art of connecting on a human level with those around us is becoming somewhat of a lost art ... lost in the noise of our every day, our phones, our work and more distractions. Yet when we encounter real connection it is striking and significant yet it can be the far down our list of priorities. Host Jordan Addison sits down with close friend Dave Erasmus to discuss and delve into the importance of Community and the Significance of connecting with those around you on a real, authentic & human level. Dave has spent the last 3 years using a secluded woodland in the heart of Sussex to explore these very ideas and using nature as a vessel for human connection, creativity as well as personal and business growth.  So sit back, grab a brew and enjoy! G!RO: https://girocycles.com https://www.instagram.com/girocycles/ Jordan Addison: https://www.instagram.com/jordanaddison/ Dave Erasmus: https://www.instagram.com/daveerasmus1 Corcovado: https://www.corcova.do TED Talk: The power of vulnerability | Brené Brown https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCvmsMzlF7o
October 18, 2019
G!RO Talks Social Media | Special Guests Francis Cade & Steve Booker
Social Media seems to play an ever increasing role in our day to day lives! Whether it be posting a photo of your latest meal or cocktail, browsing the latest must-have fashion, watching your latest favourite vlog, or simply keeping up to date with friends and family, we cant escape social media and impact it has on our lives.  Host Jordan Addison sits down with two close friends of G!RO who have managed to turn their creative expression into a profession using social media as the vessel.  Francis Cade is now a full-time Film-Maker and You-Tube documenting his journey through the cycling world and the wider cycling culture. Steve Booker is a renowned Photographer and Film-Maker who journey started in Fashion blogging and has led him to travel the world for his Social Media & recently taken up cycling as a passion and hobby!  We discuss the ins and outs of what it is really like have Social Media as a centre point of your profession, the highs and lows, the impact of social media in cycling & we tackle the dreaded term 'influencer'!  We really enjoyed sitting down over this one, and hope you will too! So sit back, grab a brew and enjoy!  G!RO:  https://girocycles.com https://www.instagram.com/girocycles/ Jordan Addison:  https://www.instagram.com/jordanaddison/ Steve Booker :  https://www.stevebooker.co.uk https://www.instagram.com/stevebooker/ Francis Cade: https://www.youtube.com/user/franciscccccc https://www.instagram.com/francisccade/ Nick Frendo - Dawn til Dusk in the Dolomites. September 10 Worldwide Suicide Prevention Day : https://www.sommet.cc/at-it-again/
August 30, 2019
G!RO Talks Ultra | TCR Wrap Up With Matt Falconer
In this G!RO Podcast, Jordan Addison talks to special guest Matt Falconer. Having just completed his 4th Trans Continental Race, we took the opportunity on the ferry on route home to have a chat with him and debrief his race this year.  Matt was the 20th rider to finish TCRNo.7 with a time of 12 Days, 14 Hours and 53 Minutes, covering just over 4000km!  Join us as we hear his thoughts straight after the race.  _____ Matt Falconer : https://www.instagram.com/b1rdmn/  Curve : https://www.instagram.com/curvecycling/  TransContinental : https://www.instagram.com/thetranscontinental/  G!RO : https://www.instagram.com/girocycles/  Jordan Addison : https://www.instagram.com/jordanaddison/
August 10, 2019
G!RO Talks Ultra | Special Guests - Matt Falconer & Ryan Flinn
Jordan Addison hosts the first G!RO Podcast, and we talk all things Ultra, with Special Guest Ryan Flinn & Matt Falconer. In recent years Ultra Endurance cycling has seen a real boom in popularity and participation. Riders of all ability levels are taking on 2000km plus cycling challenges, completely unsupported, and at times crossing continents in one go! We delve into what makes these races so special, and hear some real insight from two established and globally respected riders. Really fascinating discussion, we hope you enjoy! Ryan Flinn : https://www.instagram.com/flinnryan/ Matt Falconer : https://www.instagram.com/b1rdmn/ Curve : https://www.instagram.com/curvecycling/ PanCeltic Race : https://www.instagram.com/pancelticrace2019/ TransContinental : https://www.instagram.com/thetranscontinental/ G!RO : https://www.instagram.com/girocycles/ Jordan Addison : https://www.instagram.com/jordanaddison/
July 26, 2019
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