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‘The Idealistic Mind’ by Gitanjali Kalia

‘The Idealistic Mind’ by Gitanjali Kalia

By Gitanjali Kalia
This podcast highlights the insight into what is happening and what should happen. The poems in it are based on the life lessons and experiences that many of us have faced in situations and challenges life. I have tried to share my experiences in the form of poetry. I hope it turns out to be an inspiration to others and like-minded people can relate to it.
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‘Changing Times’ by Gitanjali Kalia

‘The Idealistic Mind’ by Gitanjali Kalia

‘Changing Times’ by Gitanjali Kalia

‘The Idealistic Mind’ by Gitanjali Kalia

‘Changing Times’ by Gitanjali Kalia
Change is the only inevitable thing in life. Everything changes over a period of time from geographic boundaries to civilisation, human beings and societies. So, let’s welcome change with open arms. Either we will win or we will learn.
March 31, 2020
‘Morals, do they still exist?’ by Gitanjali Kalia
We are in age where we are in constant tussle between what is ethical right and what is being done. We all have studied moral science that has build our moral values in schooling years. Here is poem specifying that difference.
March 24, 2020
‘Start With Yourself’ by Gitanjali Kalia
The episode titled ‘Start With Yourself’ emphasis on concept that any changes you want in your life starts with you. This poem consists of beautifully lines by some Anonymous writer which I felt worth sharing on the World Poetry Day. Hope by listening you might start changing yourself.
March 21, 2020